Russian military details contribution in retaking Palmyra, music plays there once again – By RT

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A military vehicle drives near ruins in the historic city of Palmyra, Syria March 4, 2017.

Russia’s Air Force and special op’s units were part of the operation to liberate the iconic Syrian city of Palmyra from Islamic State terrorists earlier this week, Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov, commander of the Russian forces in Syria, has said

“I’d like to highlight the actions of our Aerospace Forces, which deprived the enemy of the ability to maneuver and timely deliver reinforcements, [as well as] the actions of the subdivisions of the Special Forces of the Russian military, which conducted reconnaissance and hit the most important objects,” Kartapolov told reporters on Sunday.

“We spent a lot of time preparing it, taking into account all the special factors that were revealed during the previous retaking of Palmyra, which allowed us to carry out the task within a short time and with minimal losses,” he explained.

Kartapolov also praised the bravery and self-sacrifice of Syrian soldiers, officers, and militiamen. “I think the most important thing is that the Syrian soldiers and officers believed in themselves, they believed that they can return what they had lost,” he said.

Syrian army Brigadier General, Fuwaz Mustafa, told reporters that victory in Palmyra would’ve been impossible without Russian involvement. The Syrian general expressed confidence that the iconic city will be quickly rebuilt.

“Palmyra is our history and our heritage. With the help of our friends well restore it. Everything is going to be like before the conflict here and we’ll show that we live for peace and humanity,” he stressed.

Musicians perform in Palmyra’s theater ruins once again

On Sunday, music once again filled the famed Palmyra theater as SUB musicians performed amongst the ruins.

“A little destruction won’t stop us from coming here to play and sing on this stage, despite what happened to it,” teenage musician Angel Dayoub playing there told AFP.

“I want to play music and sing everywhere that has seen the expulsion of IS, which hates singing and banned playing instruments,” she said. “Everyone will rebuild in their own way. We want to rebuild it with music and singing.”

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, used to be one of the most important centers of the Roman Empire. It fell under IS control in 2015, with the terrorists blowing up historic monuments.

The city was liberated in last March after a two-week operation by the Syrian Army, with the backing of Russian aviation. In May, a Russian symphony orchestra titled Praying for Palmyra – Music revives ancient ruins led by maestro Valery Gergiev, delivered a poignant performance on the site of the ancient ruins.

However, Palmyra was retaken by IS in a counter-offensive in December 2016, which forced the Syrian Army to retreat, evacuating 80 percent of the population. The jihadists resumed their assault on the historic heritage site, destroying Palmyra’s Roman Theater and the legendary Tetrapylon.

The new operation to liberate the city was launched shortly afterward, with government forces, in tandem with Russian planes and helicopters, successfully driving IS (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists out of the renowned city.

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Al-Rasheeda Village:  Spotters delivered coordinates to the SAA’s vaunted artillery corps who took action immediately to pulverize ISIS groupings around 4 tanker trucks hauling oil and gas to other terrorist gangs for use in their vehicles of death.  4 tanker trucks arriving from Homs Province were struck dead on by lethal mortar, Howitzer and rocket fire killing a confirmed 16 ISIS rats and destroying all the trucks and their payloads.  This area is 38 kms east of the capital of Suwaydaa` City.  Many ISIS vermin were seen leaving the area driving banshee-like into the open desert.  SAAF helicopters continued to follow them.  No details are available.


Al-Qassr Village:  Yesterday, northeast of Suwaydaa`, the SAA nearly surrounded a nest of ISIS maggots and forced them to flee leaving whole boxes of ammunition and light weapons which will be distributed to our militias in order to kill Wahhabists.




The Arabian lie machines of Al-Jazeera, Al-‘Arabiyya and other repugnant sources of disinformation claimed falsely that the ISIS terrorists had managed to retake Khanaasser Town and, thus, block the movement of vehicles to and from Aleppo City.  As I wrote, it is completely and utterly false.  Traffic is moving very normally according to all reliable sources in Aleppo.




Kassaaraat Al-Manqoora:  In the East Qalamoon area, the SAA wiped out fortifications built by the ISIS rodents managing, in the process, to target a pickup with 23mm cannon aboard, killing 2 occupants.  Also, the army confirmed the destruction of a heavy bus used to transport the filth.


Qarn Al-Kabsh:  (Ram’s Horn) 14 IEDs dismantled after the SAA captured several Nusra/Alqaeda rodents who confessed very quickly to the locations of the bombs.


Al-Naassiriya-Palmyra Road:  Way to the farthest reaches of Damascus Governorate, the SAA engineers found 3 IEDs and dismantled them.


West Qalamoon:  A perfectly executed ambush caught a pack of ISIS rodents unawares killing 5 of them.  The rest escaped leaving weapons and ammunition.


Khaan Al-Manqoora-Palmyra Triangle Road:  ISIS took a big hit here losing 17 rodents and 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.




Image result for tulsi gabbardWhen Tulsi Gabbard finally admitted that she met Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus, we were free to discuss what we knew about her trip.  At first, we respected her deliberate efforts to obscure the fact that she met with the Prez.  But, she also met with President-elect Trump who told her that he wanted her to deliver a message.  The first message was that Dr. Assad had nothing to fear from the United States.  The U.S. will not truck with any party out to change governments.  This is why Boris Johnson, the U.K.’s foreign minister, has just declared that the U.K. had no objections to Dr. Assad running again for the office of the president.  Leave aside the fact that we don’t care about the opinions of some limey aristocrat or elitist, we do care about the U.K.’s constant violations of international law by its facilitating terrorism.  In any case, Donald Trump has delivered his message successfully to Dr. Assad.

The second message has to do with Trump’s willingness to help the Syrian government to control the out-flux of refugees by establishing a “safe zone” for Syrians in areas controlled by either the Syrian Army or the Russian Air Force.  I have been informed that Dr. Assad has accepted this kind of benign interference as long as it was coordinated with the Syrian government.

The third message she carried to Dr. Assad was that the U.S. is intent upon wiping out every vestige of ISIS and Alqaeda, and, that it would do so in coordination with Russia and the Syrian government.

The Zionist Khazars, whose DNA is inevitably Ukrainian, Polish, German or Russian, have gone berserk over this issue. While never condemning John McCain – the drunken mass-murdering pilot who killed Vietnamese civilians in the thousands – for his trespass on Syrian soil without so much as a visa – Tulsi Gabbard took the trouble to secure Syrian permission to enter the SAR and, thus, entered legally and properly.  Only Zionist child molesters and drug addicts attack a woman so courageous and, yet, so punctilious in the way she conducts her affairs.

With Marine LePen slated to trounce the cowardly vipers of Paris in the next elections, expect a great year for Syria and its people.  Expect that kraut schlampe, Merkel, to go down the sewer straight into the cesspool of history this time around.



Diana Barahona sent me this shockeroo about Trump calling Dr. Assad brave in a conversation with President Sisi:

“Presidential sources in Cairo have said that U.S. President Trump, when he phoned Egyptian President Sisi, told him that he supported the fight against terrorism, and that the United States will fight terrorism in the Middle East. Washington will also carry out military operations against terrorism in Iraq and Syria in coordination with Russia. He supports the congressional decision that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

When the two leaders spoke about the situation in Iraq, Trump said that the United States will support the Iraqi army with aerial bombing and warplanes to end terrorism in Iraq.

As for Syria, the president told President Sisi: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a brave man who stood firm in the face of terrorism, but the circumstances do not allow me access to him.

Trump added: I’ll be in touch with Russian President Vladimir Putin together to coordinate military action in Syria against terrorism and terrorists and the Daesh organization.

Egyptian presidential sources concluded that President Trump told President Sisi that Assad was brave, because Sisi conveyed the words of the American president in a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

And from Dimitri Porfyris this article in French:

And from Afraa Dagher the reason why the USA is helping ISIS to take Dayr El-Zor.  However, Donald Trump has put an end to that:

Waf sends this article and video showing our army ambushing and killing 10 ISIS rodents in DZ at the Panorama Axis:

Patrick Henningsen sends more to us about the disgraced MSM:

Want to know more about Tusa Gabbard’s trip to Syria?  (Thanks, Patrick Henningsen)

You’re going to love this article from Syrianews about illegal terrorist aliens and even mentions McCain:

Brandon attacks Trump’s “safe zone” policy in Syria and analyzes it.  I think we will deal with this subject soon in a post by Ziad. Not to worry. It’ Trump now:




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الجعفري يكشف بالأسماء.. ضباط أجانب بينهم اسرائيلي حاولوا تسلق حافلات اجلاء المسلحين في حلب

Didn’t we tell you that all the hubbub at the U.N. over Aleppo had to do with extracting foreign terrorists working for the CIA, MIT, MI6, Saudi “intelligence”, Jordanian “intelligence” and others?  Didn’t we?  Now Dr. Ja’afari, Syria’s permanent delegate to the U.N. has even announced some of the names of the rodent foreign agents inside the city – unable to escape despite every stratagem imaginable.  Kerry’s hilarious posturing, France’s hard-to-endure buffoonery, England’s self-important ostracisms, Al-Jubayr’s nonsensical pretentions – all meant to somehow embarrass Damascus into dropping its guard to allow these stinking perverts to escape justice.  Well, not so fast!  Dr. Ja’fari listed some of the foreigners already at the U.N.  But, that’s not all.

Mu’tazz Oghlikaan-Oghlu  (Turk rodent working for MIT-Turk intelligence)

David Scott Winner (American CIA special ops contractor)

David Shlomo Aram (Zionist Mossad agent provocateur)

Muhammad Shaykh Al-Islaami Al-Tameemi  (Qatari terrorist)

Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sibyaan (His name says it all: “the little boys”.  Saudi Arabian “intelligence” agent)

‘Abdul-Mun’im Fahd Al-Hurayj (Saudi intelligence agent)

Ahmad bin Nawfal Al-Durayj (Saudi intelligence agent)

Muhammad Hassan Al-Subay’iy (Saudi intelligence agent)

Qaasim Sa’ad Al-Shammari (Saudi intelligence agent)

Ayman Qaasim Al-Tha’aalibi (Saudi intelligence agent)

Ahmad Al-Tayaraawi (Jordanian intelligence agent)

Muhammad Al-Shaafi’iy Al-Idreesi  (Moroccan intelligence agent)


But, that’s not all folks.  There are still another 10+ Americans in there.  There are 2 limeys.  There are some French rodents of Moroccan descent still in there.  All will be captured and paraded before the cameras in a short time.  It’s over.  It’s curtains.  Obama’s legacy will be seen soon on television all over the world.



Turk imbecile and terrorist, Mevlut Mert Altintas, after having killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.  This was no accident.  This is an extension of Erdoghan’s war against the world.  Amusingly, Erdoghan is trying to blame Fethullah Gulen arguing that Altintas worked for the Turkish renegade cleric who lives in Pennsylvania.  That begs the question:  if you arrested everybody linked to Gulen, why did you leave this terrorist cop in the security forces, specifically the anti-riot police?  What nonsense.  

Image result for andrey karlov

It is with a heavy heart that we at SyrPer bid farewell to a career champion of diplomacy and human rights.  To his family, friends and compatriots, we express our deepest sympathy for his passing at the hands of a maniac Turk freak of nature.  Andreij Karlov will be remembered for his loyalty and his commitment to the profession of diplomacy.  Farewell.  In pace requiescat.



Brandon sends 2 articles he wrote after finishing his 600+ page book on the Syrian conflict:




“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama



Map credited to @PetoLucem


After ISIS captured the ancient city of Palmyra and some gas fields in central Homs, the battle gravitated naturally to the Tiyaas Airbase (T4), a vital airbase that is a jumping-off point for air attacks and close air support (CAS) operations against ISIS in eastern Homs, Al-Raqqa and Deir El-Zor. The airbase is adequately staffed and enjoys up-to-date infra-structure and its location is strategically ideal for plans to eradicate ISIS in all the eastern part of Syria.

ISIS and its NATO allies understand the Tiyas airbase’s (T4) importance very well and it was, most likely, their main target on this latest offensive toward Palmyra.

The whole ISIS offensive strategy relied on bad weather (dense fog) and huge numbers of VBIEDs. Under better meteorological conditions, close air support (CAS) would have prevented the  blitzkrieg-type of attack from 3 directions which cut off the Homs-Palmyra road in multiple areas disrupting any kind of reinforcements and counter-action by the SAA and its allies. In other words, ISIS and its allies’ plan had precious little time to make it all happen.

Another component of ISIS’s blitzkrieg plan was to use large numbers of heavy armored vehicles, estimated at 100+ tanks, BMPs and Howitzers, which guaranteed quick movement and swift exploitation of breakthroughs through defensive lines. ISIS had also a 4×1 advantage in ground forces, some 4,000 terrorists vs 1,000 defenders who were primarily made up of NDF, Iraq militia, about 100 SAA soldiers from the11th Tank Division and the same amount from the Tiger Forces.

Their plan succeeded in taking most of the northern sector of the airbase and Palmyra (gas fields and hills). It also managed to take Palmyra City and all villages around it guaranteeing the eastern flank toward the Tiyaas Airbase, while further south it managed to control the key roads and villages south of the airbase. For a brief moment ISIS was very close to isolating the Tiyaas Airbase and cutting it off from ground reinforcements.

The ISIS advance was so fast that many SAA Commandos and NDF soldiers found themselves, suddenly, behind enemy lines.  During the past few days over 50 soldiers arrived safely to the Syrian side of the front line after retreating mostly at night and under severe weather conditions. They were mostly from the checkpoints defending the gas fields northeast of Tiyaas Airbase. There are possibly more soldiers behind the lines at the moment.

The situation was very risky at one point and the airport was closed due to the dangerous ISIS presence at the airbase perimeter within shooting distance using American TOWs and artillery.

Finally, after the initial regrouping and front line stabilization, the forces defending the Tiyaas Airbase survived the toughest days.  They were local airbase security personnel plus the ubiquitous Tiger Forces (100+ soldiers) and the 11th Tank Division (100+ hundreds) from Palmyra. They gained enough time for the first batch of reinforcements to arrive at Tiyaas Airbase. They were several hundreds Hezbollah fighters, the 800th battalion from the Republican Guards and the Golan Regiment.


Map credited to edmaps

When ISIS forces were stopped cold around Tiyaas Airbase, the front line was finally stabilized and defined. After several waves of fierce attacks by ISIS, the SAA and allies made their first moves to regain some of the vital sites to improve the airbase defensive perimeter. In very effective and coordinated moves, the SAA and allies managed to regain the northern hills that overlook T4, the small village of Tiyaas and the air defense battalion (Muhajarah). A short time later,  the abandoned armored battalion was also secured.

Once  the northern perimeter was stabilized, then came the operations on the southern perimeter of the airbase – a quick SAA attack from the direction of Qaryatayn found ISIS unprepared on the road to Tiyaas Airbase and fierce fighting occurred near and at the critical Tiyaas Crossing, thus placing the ISIS front line at the village of Shareefa in a very risky position.  ISIS had to either retreat or gamble on holding the Tiyaas Crossing in the face of a vigorous SAA attack. The fight continued for 2 days. ISIS terrorists knew that if they still wanted to cut off the Homs-Palmyra Road and reach their main objective in taking the Tiyaas Airbase they had to hold the Tiyaas Crossing and Shareefa Village. It was a futile attempt. The determination of the SAA and allied forces was much stronger than the terrorists had anticipated and with adequate CAS and reinforcements, the Tiyaas Crossing was secured and the village of Shareefa liberated.


At the moment, the weather is very inclement in all Homs Province what with freezing temperature and snow storms which are delaying most of the battle plans from both sides. As soon as the weather improves, the most likely activity will be seen at the  Shareefa-Tiyaas Crossing-Qasr Al-Hayr Al-Gharbi Triangle to secure all the southern perimeter of the Tiyaas Airbase including important alternative roads to advance toward Palmyra. While some counter- attacks are expected toward the closest oil and gas fields at Al-Mahr and Jihar.

Meanwhile, large SAA reinforcements continue to arrive in the direction of the front line in preparation for a large and well- planned offensive to regain the lost ground and possibly to break  the siege of Deir El-Zor.




Former Reagan Secretary Paul Craig Roberts: Oligarchs Are True Purveyors Of Fake News – By Michael Nevradakis


‘That’s not a democracy, when three two-bit punk judges who don’t amount to anything overrule the majority vote of the British people! … There are not any democracies in the West,’ Roberts tells Michael Nevradakis in this wide-ranging interview.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Vladivostok, Russia in 2012.

ATHENS, Greece — The post-election climate in the United States has been nothing short of bizarre. Recount efforts in several states are being championed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, accusations have repeatedly been made that the “Russian menace” influenced the presidential elections and the victory of Donald Trump, and that Russia is also behind an online disinformation campaign which the mainstream media describes as “fake news.”

One of the websites accused of delivering “fake news” is that of former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts. An author and analyst and former Wall Street Journal editor, Roberts has become a vocal critic of neoliberalism, austerity, and those who seek confrontation with Russia and China.

In this interview, originally aired on Dec. 8 on Dialogos Radio, Roberts discusses Trump’s electoral victory and Hillary Clinton’s defeat, what interests may be behind the electoral recount efforts, the “Brexit” vote and recent Italian referendum result, and the conflict in Syria. He also shares his reaction to the accusations of delivering “fake news.”


MintPress News (MPN): Why did Donald Trump win the election, and what does a Trump presidency mean for the United States and for the world?

Paul Craig Roberts (PCR): We don’t know yet what it will mean. We know what we hope it will mean. Trump won because he spoke directly to the people in a way that they haven’t experienced in my lifetime. He told them that the ruling oligarchy did not and would not have their interests in mind, that they had been sold out with the oligarchy moving their jobs offshore to where labor is cheaper while still expecting from the unemployed American workforce to buy the products that are brought in from China and Indonesia and India and elsewhere. This resonated with people, as they have been experiencing this now for roughly a quarter of a century. There’s been no growth in real median family income in decades. Young people can’t find jobs to support an independent existence. The value of a university education is collapsing because there is no employment for that type of an education, and people realize that the economic policy of the country has been captured by the oligarchs and serves only a very few interests. The consequence has been a massive change in the distribution of income inside the United States. The United States now has one of the worst income distributions in the world. In fact, it’s worse than income distributions in many Third World gangster states.

[Trump] spoke directly to these things. He also said that he would not see the point of conflict with Russia, which no one sees in an era of thermonuclear weapons, and he also said that he didn’t understand the function of NATO, 25 years after the Soviet collapse. This also resonated with the public, because they understand that all of these supposed threats are bleeding them in order to put hundreds of billions of dollars into armaments industries. That’s the reason why he won the election, and the reason we are hopeful is that we assume he is sincere about this. We assume he’s sincere because of the fierce opposition he has from the ruling oligarchy and from their media “presstitutes,” who did anything they could to demonize Trump, to turn him into a “Putin agent,” and so forth. But the public ignored them, or at least enough of the public ignored them for Trump to carry almost all of the states except for a few really large cities on the coast.


MPN: Do you believe President-elect Trump will keep his campaign promises, and what do you make of his Cabinet selections thus far?

PCR: We don’t know if he will be able to. The oligarchy’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost, so the oligarchy lost the election, but they did not lose it by such a great margin that they’ve given up. They’re still in the fight, they’re still there. Trump has a billion dollars but they have trillions. They’re well-established. They have many, many servants and think tanks and university faculty and the media [on their side], and of course, the neoconservatives, who have dominated American foreign policy since the Clinton regime. So they’re still there, and Trump is in combat with these people.

Trump’s appointments, we don’t know whether they will support what he wants to do or not. If they support him, they are the type of people he needs. They are well-to-do, they’re self-confident, they don’t need money from the oligarchs, they don’t have to worry about their careers when they leave government. So he does have the kind of person you’ve got to have if you’re president, to bring about any change. So the real question is, will they support him or will they go with the oligarchs? We don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. We can’t judge them based on their past associations. I don’t think any of them are actual representatives of an oligarch’s agenda. So there’s a chance they will support him and that they will be strong enough people that he’ll have the government that will actually do something. But you can’t take it for granted, because as I said, the oligarchs lost but they weren’t routed. They’re still there.


MPN: What would a Hillary Clinton victory have meant for the United States and the world, particularly in terms of foreign policy?

PCR: It would have meant war with Russia and China and the end of life on Earth. She’s an insane warmonger, she demonizes Russia and the president of Russia, calling him the “new Hitler.” She said that the South China Sea is an area of the United States’ national interest. You can’t be more provocative than this, and if you have a president who convinces Russia and China that they’re going to be attacked, they’re not going to sit there and wait. So we really have escaped Armageddon by the defeat of Hillary Clinton. This would have been the worst possible outcome imaginable. Of course, it would have been bad on the other score — jobs, I mean, she’s the agent of the big banks, they made her rich! She and her husband have a personal fortune of $120 million, given to them by the oligarchs, and their foundation has $1.6 billion, also given to them but not just by domestic oligarchs, but by oligarchs abroad. [The Clintons] sold influence for money.


MPN: What is your reaction to the recount effort being led by Jill Stein? Who do you believe is behind all of these efforts?

PCR: The oligarchs, obviously. I mean, Jill Stein couldn’t get any funding for her presidential campaign, but she instantly got something like five or six or seven times the amount of funding she got for her entire campaign, for the recount! Where did that money come from? Not her supporters. And what this is about … the oligarchs were positioned to steal the election for Hillary. But they got deceived by their own propaganda, that she was the shoo-in winner, The New York Times telling them that it was 94 percent certain that she would be elected. They didn’t bother to steal the election, because they didn’t think they needed to. And they were shocked, everyone was shocked — that is, not the people voting for him, but the media, the oligarchs, the established interests. They were shocked by the election results, and so they’ve used Jill Stein, who really has no standing in this issue, since it doesn’t involve her campaign, she has no chance of benefiting from a vote recount. So they’re using this corrupt woman, who sold out the Green Party, to try and throw a monkey wrench into the Electoral College. The only states being recounted are the three that he won which he wasn’t expected to win [Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin], and his margin in these three states is not very great. They’re not recounting votes in states that he lost by small margins, only where he won by small margins. This is an effort to steal the election from the working class who elected him, and Jill Stein is part of it.


MPN: One of the reactions of the mainstream media has been to attack online news outlets which they claim are delivering so-called “fake news.” Your website was included on this list of alleged “fake news sites.” What’s your response to these claims, and who do you believe are the true purveyors of fake news?

PCR: We know the true purveyors are the media, the press prostitutes. We call them “presstitutes.” The mainstream media throughout the West is totally corrupt and has no integrity. What you see happening is that the independent internet media is taking away the oligarchy’s control over the explanations that people receive. So everywhere you see the subscription rates of newspapers falling dramatically, the viewers of TV programs falling dramatically, and internet readership rising. And so this is an effort to try to discredit the people who actually tell the truth by identifying them with Russia. They are hoping that all the demonization of Russia during Obama’s second term has aroused fears that the “Russian menace” is back, and they’re hoping this fear is substantial and that by associating those of us who challenge their lies, with Russia, they will discredit us.

Who’s funding it? We don’t know, because the people who prepared this list, no one knows who they are. When the Washington Post gave it [the group PropOrNot] all that publicity, they very carefully did not say who these people are. It is a new internet site that didn’t exist before a couple of months ago. Who is funding it? I would say the National Endowment for Democracy, which is a U.S. State Department-funded [organization]. It could be the CIA. It could be George Soros. But it is an oligarch operation, which, of course, involves the military-security complex, because they are the greatest beneficiaries, in terms of money and power, of all the threats, all the wars. They want a Russian threat, for their budgets and for their police state powers. Those are the people who are most likely funding it, but it hasn’t worked! All it did was to provide people with 200 sites they could go to, to find out what the truth is!

I think it’s failed, but it shows the desperation of the oligarchs, and what they will do now is, they will use the people they still control, in the House and the Senate — the oligarchs will get some type of legislation passed that will put pressure on people who dissent from official lines of the oligarchy, that dissent from stories they plant in the “presstitute” media. And so it’s going to be perhaps harder to express dissent or tell the truth in the United States, but we’ll just have to see what they do to Trump. Some people say that he was always a fake, but that doesn’t make sense to me because the oligarchs didn’t need him when they had Hillary. And they clearly didn’t want Trump in the election. They tried to deny him the Republican nomination, and then they used the media against him in very vicious ways during the presidential campaign. Trump said once that he believes in revenge, and I hope he does. I hope he exacts revenge on the oligarchs.


MPN: What has been the aftermath of the Brexit vote for Britain, and have the doom-and-gloom scenarios regarding the impact on the British economy come to fruition?

PCR: No, of course not. The opposite! What’s happened with Brexit is, I think it’s been overturned. The United States is not going to permit Brexit, Washington won’t permit it. Now, this may change with Trump, but under Obama, you may remember he traveled to London to tell the British prime minister to forget all about leaving the EU. The EU is a creation of the CIA. It was created so that the United States could more easily maintain control of Europe. It’s easier to control the EU Commission than to control 20-something different governments. What has happened is, the United States government used three corrupt British judges that decided, “Well, the people may have voted, but you did not really have to pay attention to them, it’s all up to Parliament and Parliament can decide that we’re not [leaving].” And, of course, Washington is now lobbying the Parliament very hard, with promises and money and, no doubt, threats.

So I don’t think Brexit will happen, it’s being overturned. The notion that it would take two years to get out — when that came out, instantly I said, “They’ll never get out.” Two years is all Washington needs to overturn it. I think it’s already overturned with that court ruling. So we had three two-bit punk judges overruling the majority vote of the British people, and they call it democracy! What kind of democracy is it? That’s not a democracy, when three two-bit punk judges who don’t amount to anything overrule the majority vote of the British people! And they call it democracy, oh boy! What a joke! There are not any democracies in the West. Europe is a collection of American vassals. It’s been that way since World War II.


MPN: Italian voters recently voted no in a referendum on amendments to the nation’s constitution. What does this vote, in your estimation, mean for Italy and for Europe?

PCR: It’ll end up being overturned, like the Brexit vote. Just like they are trying to overturn Trump’s election! I mean, that’s what this vote recount is about. It’s the oligarchy trying to overturn the people’s will, just like the three judges in Britain, like what happened in Greece [in the July 2015 referendum]. The vote, in itself, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Brexit hasn’t happened, I don’t think it ever will. We don’t even know if Trump is going to be president. But that’s the whole purpose of the vote recount, to block it. They wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. They’ve got all kinds of agents to use, all kinds of things to do.

One of our best journalists, Chris Hedges, who has had to go independent because the prostitute media no longer will publish his work … he’s concluded that elections can’t change anything, only revolution can change things. I think that’s what the oligarchy is proving. They are proving that you can’t change things with elections, because it’s really not a democracy, it’s a facade, and when the people vote, in come the oligarchs and they overturn it one way or the other. How will they overturn the vote in Italy? I don’t know, but they’ll overturn it, or they’ll ignore it, or some judge will rule that Italian law is subject to EU law, that EU law is supreme. They can do all kinds of things.


MPN: Do you believe that we are heading toward that revolution that Chris Hedges spoke of?

PCR: I don’t know. It depends on the people. They don’t seem to be nearly as feisty as they used to be. In previous times in the United States, when we reached this kind of situation, the government was scared of the people and had to make concessions. I don’t see the government afraid of the people today. They’ve got a police state established, they’ve got internment camps built, they’ve militarized the police, the police are as well armed as the military, the police routinely shoot people down the streets. I just don’t know how hard the people have to be pressed. Maybe they just simply will cease to have any gain in their living standards and some slight declines over time but won’t actually be facing starvation and homelessness, as they have in the past. So who knows? I don’t know. But I don’t think they will succeed in changing anything with elections. Possibly, Trump being the kind of very strong-willed, determined, ego-type person that he is, that’s the kind of person you need for a leader if things are going to be changed. You can’t have some conciliatory, shrinking violet who wants to get along with everybody. You can’t get change out of that.

It could well be that Trump is already rich, he doesn’t need any more money, he has a big ego, and he wants to go down in history as the man who saved America, “Trump the Great.” So if he has that kind of a goal, then the oligarchs are up against a real formidable president. If he can find other people to back him, we can get some change. But it remains to be seen. We can’t know that in advance. That’s the hope. What the result is, we don’t know, but that’s the hope. The hope is … Trump has a huge ego, wants to be “Trump the Great,” wants to save America, and that that’s more important than having a few more billion dollars, that he doesn’t care about all these people, these oligarchs, they haven’t supported him. So maybe something will happen, we’ll just have to see. Maybe they’ll prove Chris Hedges wrong. But it’s hard to bet one way or another.


MPN: What’s your take on recent developments in Syria, including the attempted invasion of Syria by Turkish troops, and what do you believe we’ll see in Syria going forward in light of a Trump presidency?

PCR: As far as I can tell, the Russians and Syrians have won that war. They’ve defeated the Washington-supported ISIS. The Obama regime sent ISIS to Syria to overthrow [Syrian President Bashar] Assad when the Russians prevented our involvement. So that way we can pretend we don’t have anything to do with it. But I think the Russians, as I said, defeated ISIS. I think it could have happened much sooner, but [Russian President Vladimir] Putin kept pulling out, kept trying to appease the Europeans, hoping they would see they didn’t need to be American puppet states, but he seems now to have finished the job, more or less. I don’t think the Turks would be permitted to invade Syria, the Russians would just tell them no. And, I don’t think the Turks think they are a match for Russia or that the Turks are stupid enough to think Europe and the United States are going to come to their aid if they get in a war with Russia.

These nuclear weapons are very, very powerful. Russia can wipe out all of Europe in a few minutes. For these itty-bitty European politicians to be running around fomenting trouble with Russia, they’ve got to be insane. There’s no way Europe can come out of this. The same with the United States. Here we are demonizing Russia and China. These are powerful nuclear powers. We can’t possibly survive a conflict with them, no one can. It’s all insanity, it’s nonsense. Europe is unable to produce leadership that’s intelligent. Putin, he’s intelligent. For some reason the Chinese can produce intelligent leadership. Who in Europe has intelligent leadership? Nobody. Maybe we finally have it with Trump, we don’t know yet. But there’s not any intelligent leadership, none in Europe.


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NORTHERN IDLIB:  Despite an agreement to facilitate more evacuations from East Aleppo in exchange for a serious lifting of the terrorist siege around the two Shi’i Towns  of Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa, which anticipates the transportation of 4,000 citizens in need of medical treatment, the terrorist atheist devil-worshipers opened fire on a bus leaving Faw’ah destroying it before it could reach those in need.  This is the 5th bus destroyed by the British-supported terrorist savages.   So much for Wahhabism and the British.

Children in Faw’ah gather around a makeshift heat source in the dead of a Syrian winter thanks to Obama and his limey trash friends. (Photo credit: Alalam)


ALEPPO:  Even the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments are not talking about the fact that over 11 American special forces operatives working for the CIA, and 2 retired British SAS terrorists functioning as “independent contractors” originally injected during war criminal Cameron’s tenure, along with over 30 Turkish military elements, are still stuck in East Aleppo with no credible opportunity to leave.  There was an earlier attempt to sneak them out of the city when they were dressed up as civilians and mingled with earlier groups of evacuees.  That failed when the SAA-MI people checked everyone’s identification and spoke to many of the citizens in Arabic, a language most or all of the American buffoons never mastered.  Now, the evacuation is taking on a more mysterious, nay, critical character:  how to engineer the foreign agents’ withdrawal without handing the Syrian government a public relations triumph.  Another fear is that the agents will be lumped together with the remaining foreign rodents inside East Aleppo where their fate will be sealed as the army is planning a final push in to Sukkari to eradicate every trace of the Chechen, Albanian and Uigher vultures still inside.

The evacuation is proceeding fairly smoothly with hundreds of citizens asking to remain in exchange for amnesty, which, by the way, is being granted quite liberally at present.  Young men of military age are being separated from their families to determine several facts:  Are they draft dodgers, in which case, they are offered a chance to complete military service or face jail;  are they knowledgeable about terrorists inside the city?  Are they wanted criminals?  Once they have passed their test, all are sent to their families without further discomfiture.  This is the reason why the propaganda outlets in the West are carping about young men “disappearing”.

 استكمال خروج المسلحين وعائلاتهم من شرق حلب مقابل الحالات الانسانية في كفريا والفوعة



Yesterday and today, the SAAF took to the skies to strike groupings of ISIS buzzards east of Palmyra and north of the Abu Killa Dam west of Palmyra.  We can confirm the destruction of 2 Fozdeka armored cars, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and 2 cannons  including an undisclosed number of field casualties.



Umm Walad:  This town in Western Der’ah saw a column of Alqaeda/Nusra terrorists depart in order to attack the Syrian Army at the Tha’ala Airbase in Suwaydaa`.  The rodents were monitored by SAA spotters and rangers all the way on the road during the night.  As they crossed the border into Suwaydaa` Province, the opened rocket fire on the column and killed most of the rodents.  I have no other details.


NEW YORK CITY:  Donald Trump has now guaranteed us the start of the new, and Third Intifaadha in the Occupied Territories.  We are delighted to announce the appointment by Mr. Trump of Zionist trash extraordinary, DAVID FRIEDMAN, an orthodox Jew whose very presence is toxic enough to start the revolt against the Ukrainian, Polish, German, Hungarian snakes who practice their apartheid against the Palestinian people.

Image result for Trump appointment US ambassador to Israel

Many Palestinians are probably tickled pink that the slovenly and naturally compradorist nature of the Palestinian people will be transformed into one raging arc of fire thanks to the appointment of a slime-bag like this Mikva-drinking pederast and gorp who does not view the occupation as an occupation; and wants to move the US embassy to the City of Jerusalem.  I just can’t wait to see him approved by the Republican-controlled American Congress so that we can get on with the business of annihilating Zionism once and for all.



Silvia Iranova sent us this photo via email of General Qassem Solaymaani strolling through the streets of liberated Aleppo.



Maytham Al-Ashkar proves Bana Al-Abed is a fake in this article with Sputnik:

Want to see the SAA destroy ISIS tanks near Palmyra, see this one from Silvia:

Watch Eva Bartlett annihilate this subcontinental and subhuman, Dilly Hussein, on RT:






(Thanks, Stella Matt)

The rats started to collect in Al-‘Aamiriyya where buses were shipped in to carry their oily skins out of the city once and for all.  They are to be transported out of the city through a 21 km-long corridor through Al-Raamoosa all the way to southwestern Aleppo Province and, then, to Idlib or Turkey.

خروج الدفعة الأولى من المسلحين وعائلاتهم عبر معبر الراموسة شرق حلب

The operation is under the supervision of the Syrian Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross.   According to our sources, citizens could hear the sounds of violent explosions in the areas being abandoned by the rodents.  Evidently, American terrorism enablers in Turkey managed to convince their horde of rats to destroy all weapons left behind to erase the identity of the murderers who provided them with their guns and ammunition.


شروط الجيش السوري لاخراج المسلحين من حلب!

The rodents are being collected from the following areas:  Salaahuddeen, Al-Ansaari, Al-Mash-had, Al-Zaydiyya.  Almost all the rodents belong to Nusra/Alqaeda.  One of my sources described they and their families as “pure scum”.


But, there was glitch due to the naturally dishonest nature of rodents.  The Syrian High Command was under the impression that there were only 5,000 rodents being evacuated with 2000 of those being terrorists and the rest described as “family” members.  When it became obvious that the actual number was 15,000 with 4,000 counted as terrorists and the rest as “family”, the SAA blocked the agreement until new conditions were met.

First of all, the rodents could only leave with their personal side-arms.  They had to leave all heavy and automatic weapons behind which probably explains the explosions we mentioned herein-before.  The other conditions were that the sieges of Al-Faw’ah, Kafarayyaa and Dayr El-Zor be lifted.   The United States terrorist-enablers, who control Alqaeda in Syria, were heard over the telephones telling their favorite rats to accede to the demands.  And so they did.


The governor of Hama, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hazzoori, immediately called in 29 ambulances and buses to carry out the sick and wounded from the two sister cities of Al-Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa after the terrorists reluctantly agreed to the government’s terms of surrender.  Doctors are being brought in to effectuate the evacuation of people who are in need of medical attention.


In an effort to steal the thunder from the government’s astounding victory in Aleppo, a crackpot commander in the group called “Jaysh Al-Fath” which is now leaderless thanks to the departure of the Saudi necrophiliac, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, ordered an attack on Syrian Army formations close to the Air Defense Battalion in the area of the Al-Hikma School and the 1070 Apartment Complex.  The army is very well entrenched here and handled the attack competently killing scores of rodents and destroying their weapons.  I have received a report that 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were either destroyed or disabled by the SAA.



Buoyed up by their unpleasant return to the empty city of Palmyra, the ISIS vultures got a taste of SAAF firepower today at the axis of Qasr Al-Hayr/Al-Baarida southwest of Palmyra City.  It has been confirmed by monitoring the buzzard communications that 46 rats were killed in a precise attack by the SAAF aircraft with a  large number of wounded.  Along with that, the SAAF has confirmed the destruction of 7 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons, 5 suicide bomber trucks prepare for use, no doubt, against the SAA and a trucks carrying more Doschka anti-aircraft cannons.


At the Tayfoor Airbase (T-4), a suicide truck belonging to ISIS was pulverized yesterday as it was making its way toward an SAA outpost.


At Dayr-Fool, a command-control center operated by Nusra/Alqaeda was destroyed completely with all rodents inside fried like bacon.


Al-Rastan:  Another C&C was destroyed here by the SAA artillery units killing these:

Baraa` Abu Mus’ab (Id pending)

‘Abdul-Kareem Hassan

Iyaad Kallaa

Mansoor ‘Ali Kurd

Tayseer Sa’ad

Ya’rub ‘Ubayd

Muhammad Sammoor

The rest of the 17 killed were foreigners.


In addition to these vultures, the SAA destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and a truck loaded with TNT.




الجيش نحو فصل الغوطة الشرقية إلى

Filla:  4 Nusra/Alqaeda rodents killed here near the Turk border and 10 wounded after the SAAF dumped some ordnance on them destroying 2 pickup trucks with the usual Croatian-manufactured Doschkas.

Abu Muhaahid” (Id pending)


DAMASCUS:  The SAA is on the verge of dividing the East Ghoutaa into a north and south area.  After liberating Hawsh Al-Zhawaahira, the army is poised top move in on Al-Zurayqiyya between Utaayaa, Marj Al-Sultaan, Bayt Naayim.  This will prevent any further interaction between the rodents of Jaysh Al-Islam in Doumaa and their southern litter-mates.



Silvia Iranova shows Kirby insisting he hasn’t seen any dancing in the streets in Aleppo:

Mark Taliano sends us this fascinating analysis of the MSM with a list provided by Eva Bartlett.  Anything with Eva in it is a must-read:

Watch this tribute to the martyrs of the Al-Kindi Hospital in 2013.  Very touching: From the Lemniscat:

Nakle Awad sent me this RT report which shows an orphan whose family was murdered by Obama:

And now this new book about Syria from Mr. Taliano:






PALMYRA (TADMUR):  Russian satellite intelligence and Syrian “humint” has confirmed that ISIS has sent close to 5,000 terrorist rats from Mosul to Dayr El-Zor and Al-Raqqa.  This is significant because it shows the amount of coordination between Obama and the terrorist Takfiri group.  Desperate for any kind of victory for his terrorist heroes after the debacle in Aleppo, Obama has lightened the pressure on ISIS in Mosul allowing the group to provide additional reinforcements to the campaign to take back historically rich Palmyra.  But, it appears the reinforcements have made no difference in the outcome.  Yesterday and today, former officers in Saddam’s army who command the ISIS horde, were heard on radio talking to one another using terminology only trained Iraqi officers could use.  It is now an open secret that ISIS was created by the United States, Britain, Turkey and the Zionist Apartheid State in an effort to destabilize both Iraq and Syria.  Former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army were cashiered by L. Paul Bremer when he dismantled the Iraqi army, and they, in turn were recruited by the CIA, MI6, MIT and the Mossad in order to give the new terrorist organization the kind of depth only professional soldiers could give.


The Western Press is equally desperate to say something positive about the terrorists operating in Syria.  Some reports were spreading the false news that ISIS actually entered the city of Palmyra.  That is wholly untrue.  They never reached the city.  They only managed to get to the silos to the east.  There is heavy combat going on today in the Palmyra area with most terrorist attacks aiming at the eastern areas of the city.  The terrorists also attacked the industrial sector without any progress made and there was a ferocious attack by the rodents on Al-‘Aamiriyya Hill which failed.


Russian and Syrian air forces are in the air at all times targeting ISIS supply trucks, armored cars and pickups.  My source tells me that over 100 vehicles have been destroyed as of today by both the SAAF and RuAF combined with the Syrian Army’s artillery corps who are pouring into the area from Homs City.


الدفاع الروسية: الجيش السوري تمكن من صد هجوم إرهابيي

The titanic defeat in Aleppo and this new attack on Palmyra should not come as a shock to anyone.  From the beginning we all knew the CIA and MI6 were handling these terrorists on both sides of the tracks.  Whether it was Nusra/Alqaeda or ISIS, it made no real difference. All were creations of the CIA, MI6, MIT terrorist enablers.  Today, they are desperate to take the pressure off their heroes in east Aleppo.  They actually thought troops would be sent from Aleppo to Palmyra.  As it turned out, their intelligence was faulty.  Syria had thousands of additional troops and militias in Homs who were ready for immediate transfer to the front in Palmyra.


ALEPPO:  Reuters is one of the world’s least reliable news sources.  It wrote today that there was no advance by the SAA in Aleppo.

Tal Ayyoob:  The Syrian Army has killed 10 ISIS hyenas here and destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.   I have no other details.


Al-Asseela Quarter:  Just totally liberated to the southeast of the Citadel.  We have a reported 22 rodents killed or wounded.


Karm Al-Da’da’:  Mostly liberated at the southeast with the SAA now pursuing remnant rodents and combing the area for IEDs and mines.


Confirmed:  2,600 citizens have left East Aleppo on Sunday.



Watch Eva Bartlett demolish a Norwegian journalist and professional nincompoop with her answer to his idiotic question:  (thanks, Walid)






ALEPPO:  Whole blocks of Al-Shaykh Sa’eed District are being liberated as we write.  Tanks, APCs, special forces and our militiamen are pushing deeper into the havens used by the disease-carrying rodents to terrify the population.  Knowing they are about to be exterminated, the rodents fired GRAD rockets into areas controlled by the government in the Western sector trying to kill a many civilians as they can before their inevitable descent into Hell.  There is no cease fire in East Aleppo.  The Syrian government has rejected any effort to save the terrorists’ necks.  No Canadian resolution passed by the bought-and-paid-for General Assembly will deter the army from its task of killing every rodent inside Aleppo.

Rat defense lines are non-existent.  They have been destroyed by the SAA and its allies.  The army is moving toward Al-Shaykh Lutfi to link up with another SAA force, thus, tightening the noose around the throats of the cringing foreign rats.  There is little terrorist reaction.  The fact is the rats are without much ammunition and the West, the Saudi monkeys, the Qatari cockroaches and the inbred Erodoghani Turks cannot resupply them with anything because the entire city is now completely surrounded by the legitimate forces of the Syrian nation.  This is why the Canadians were pressured into proposing their ridiculous motion in the GA.  It makes no difference, in any case,  we are too close to total victory today to stop.


HOMS:  The news is all about Palmyra.  During the last 48 hours, a dense, almost impenetrable fog enveloped the area of Palmyra in eastern Homs Province.  The ISIS rodents used the opportunity to launch a last-ditch offensive against the army in order to reclaim the oil and gas fields in the area which they must have in order to financially support much of their activities.  The loss of these fields was a disaster for a criminal organization dependent upon its confederates in Turkey.


ISIS mustered 3,800 rodents, mostly from Iraq who were themselves desert dwellers.  Three (3) trucks were loaded with sufficient TNT and C-4 to blow holes in the firmament.  All suicide drivers were reportedly foreigners.  Another 11 foreigners were given suicide belts for use once the trucks blew a hole in the SAA’s defensive lines.  The number of vehicles used in the attack numbered in the hundreds most of which were Toyota trucks provided by Saudi Arabia and armored cars brought to Turkey by the British weasels.

I have been told that ISIS was alerted to the meteorological situation by agents of the CIA and MI6 who planned the operation.   ISIS has no technology capable of predicting weather conditions.

As Syrian troops sat behind their fortifications amidst the layers of mist, all they could do was listen to suspicious sounds.  The SAAF was essentially grounded during this natural phenomenon.  It was reported also that ISIS did not disclose its location or plans by using cellphones.  Therefore, it could be said that the operation was planned months before its implementation awaiting the green light from terrorism’s greatest advocate, the rodent in the White House.

In the initial phase of the operation, the 3 trucks were vectored toward SAA positions at Al-Hayyaal Mountain, the Palmyra grain silos, and Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora perilously close to the important airbase at Tayfoor.  The trucks got close to the perimeters of the SAA’s positions but were detected by spotters who could hear the tell-tale chugging of unauthorized heavy vehicles.  I was also told that SAA officers anticipated terrorist exploitation of the fog and doubled the number of rangers and spotters around the various strongpoints, thus, at the very least, preparing a response to a phantom army coming out of the desert.

SAA reaction to the attack at multiple locations was ferocious.  All SAA strongpoints are defended by tanks some of which use thermal detection making it easier to spot targets in a fog.  The terrorist snakes were able to initially take over the following positions because the SAA commanders pulled forces back tactically:

Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora (close to Tayfoor AB)

Al-Hayyaal Mountain

Palmyra grain silos

Al-Hallaabaat Palace    

‘Antar Mountain north of Palmyra

Araak Village


Al-Mahr Oil Field


All engineers and technical employees were pulled out of the Al-Mahr oil field so they would not be forced into working for ISIS.  As the SAA retreated to more defensible positions, the fog lifted on Friday opening up the skies for the Syrian air force and the RuAF.  They did not disappoint us.  The number of ISIS vehicles destroyed as of this Saturday is 66 with more to come as the ISIS force is now largely exposed.  Another report I received by telephone from a friend whose brother lives in Homs provides that the Russian navy fired cruise missiles at the rodents killing a large number.  (Not confirmed).  As of today, a major counterattack has been launched by the Syrian Army and PDC after reinforcements arrived from Homs.  The terrorists are being ejected from all the positions they occupied at the beginning of this operation.  The ISIS plan is a major flop.  The SAA sustained very minor casualties. Do not believe the Western narrative concocted by the lying British.



Afraa Dagher is interviewed on Sputnik Radio about Aleppo:

This video taken from Alalam shows a German thug kicking a Muslim woman down a stairs after she gets off the subway:




Russian FM Lavrov furious at US for sudden refusal to withdraw jihadis from Aleppo – By Alexander Mercouris

© Alchetron
“Our initial impression…the new document is an attempt to buy time for the militants…”

Days after proposing withdrawal of all Jihadis in Aleppo, to Russian fury the US backtracks and withdraws its proposal, setting the stage for a fight in Aleppo to the finish. To the utter bemusement of the Russians, just four days after appearing to agree to withdraw all the Jihadis from Aleppo, the US has backtracked on its agreement.

Foreign Minister Lavrov’s comments could not be more scathing:

“They have withdrawn their document and have a new one. Our initial impression is that this new document backtracks, and is an attempt to buy time for the militants, allow them to catch their breath and resupply. The same thing happened with our agreement of September 9 (NB: Lavrov is here referring to the Kerry-Lavrov agreement – AM). The thing that the Americans offered on paper and what we backed is now somehow not OK for them. It’s difficult to understand who makes decisions there, but apparently there are plenty of those who want to undermine the authority and practical steps by John Kerry.”

In other words the divisions within the Obama administration – even now in the last weeks of its life – are unresolved. It still cannot decide between the realists led by US Secretary of State Kerry, who want to save the Jihadis in eastern Aleppo by withdrawing them from the city, and the hardliners of whom probably the most important is US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter.

Lavrov spoke about these divisions even before the Kerry-Lavrov agreement was signed in September. To get a sense of his exasperation with Kerry’s inability to come to an agreement that will stick, consider his quiet comments to the media on 10th September 2016, as the Obama administration agonised for hours over whether or not to sign off to the Kerry-Lavrov agreement. These are so extraordinary, and convey Lavrov’s frustrations so well, that they deserve to be reproduced in full.

“Sergey Lavrov: How are you? Exhausted?

Question: Yes.

Sergey Lavrov: Me too.

Question: But heartened?

Sergey Lavrov: It’s a very tough vertical of power in the democratic system of the US.

Question: It is. So what is happening? Aren’t you getting responses from the White House?

Sergey Lavrov: I don’t know. We are thinking of possible meeting next week. What do you think? Is it worth it?

Question: I bet that you guys want to get home too. What’s holding it up? Is it the timing or cooperation?

Sergey Lavrov: I don’t know. It takes 5 hours for our friends to check with Washington. I’m sorry for you.

Question: We are sorry for us too.

Question: Has Russia cleared whatever document you’ve agreed to? Your capital is on board with whatever this piece of paper you’ve agreed to?

Sergey Lavrov: You have an excellent crystal ball!

Question: Does it mean “Yes”?

Question: Where are you on the text?

Sergey Lavrov: We are there. I don’t know where our friends are. But I believe it’s important for them to check with Washington. That’s why I apologise for the delay. We cannot help it.

Question: Is the agreement being finalised than? Have you and Secretary Kerry finalised the agreement or set of proposals? What is it exactly?

Sergey Lavrov: I think everyone except you understood what I said.

Question: Well, spell it out for unintelligible.

Sergey Lavrov: No. I believe it’s not important, it’s important to make sure that you are waiting for us, because we want you to know the truth.

Question: Which is what?

Sergey Lavrov: Which is going to be announced very soon, I hope. Because I hope before Washington goes to sleep we can get some news. My appeal to you is to be patient.

Question: We weren’t be in this job if we were not patient.

Sergey Lavrov: Same with me.”

Lavrov’s comment about the “vertical of power” in Washington were bitterly ironic, since the “vertical of power” is how neocon analysts like to describe the political structure in Russia.

In reality Russia’s power structure is carefully structured so that Lavrov at all times knows what sort of agreement his government will accept, whereas the power structure in Washington under the Obama administration has become so chaotic that no agreement Kerry makes has much chance of surviving even if it is eventually signed off.

The sequel to Lavrov’s comments to the media on 10th September 2016 was that after many more hours of discussion the Obama administration did eventually sign off the Kerry-Lavrov agreement. However the hardliners in Washington immediately undermined it, launching an air attack on Syrian troops defending the eastern desert city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS, and launching a relentless media campaign against Russia even as the US’s Jihadi proxies in Syria refused to abide by it.

None of this of course ever gets reported in the Western media, just as Kerry’s proposal of four days ago to withdraw the Jihadis from eastern Aleppo has not been reported.

The reality is that the military situation in Aleppo is now such that the total military defeat and suppression of the Jihadis in their pocket in eastern Aleppo is now just days or at most weeks away. It is highly debatable whether the diplomacy can now catch up with the events on the ground.

Since the final defeat of the Jihadis in eastern Aleppo is now just a matter of time, and since this must be obvious to everyone, it seems the hardliners in the US would rather see them die than come to an agreement with Russia that might save their lives – and the lives of any civilians who are trapped in eastern Aleppo with them.

Anyone at all impressed by the predictable Western media storm when the Jihadi pocket in eastern Aleppo approaches its final collapse should bear this fact in mind, and remember who actually is prolonging the fighting in Aleppo and the deaths it causes.

Comment: Is it the jihadists who refuse to leave or has the US decided to ‘continue the fight’ and sacrifice its proxy for ‘strategic’ reasons? A sucker-punch to Russia? There will be no turning back, no do-overs, no sudden change of strategy, no reversal of fortune.

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