Israel takes its last breath in southern Syria as Hezbollah and Iran join Syrians in confrontation with ISIS on Golan border – By Elijah J. Magnier ( (SOTT)

daraa map

The Syrian army and the allies of Hezbollah and Iran are preparing to finish off the last pockets of militants and jihadists in the city of Daraa (the western part of it), as well as the Quneitra governorate, where the “Islamic State-Welayat Houran” (ISIS in Quneitra) militants are in control of 18 km along the 1974-line separating Syria from the occupied Golan. The presence of these terrorist groups has been tolerated and even supported by Israel in the last years of the Syrian war.

The next battle will be decisive in ending all pockets outside the authority of the Damascus government. Despite this fact Israel is still trying to intervene in the Syrian south, resisting any acceptance of the status quo: the years of war are over on its borders, and Syria is regaining the control of its territory. Actually, it is also the Israeli officials who are breathing their last in the Syrian war, which is nearing its end. What will remain to be liberated is the US & Turkish occupied North of Syria.

But the failure of the regime change is not hitting only Israel but the entire assembly of pundits in Arab and western countries. Daraa al Balad (the place where the first the slogan was raised in 2011 “Allawites to the coffin and Christians to Beirut” (Alawi ila al-Tabut wal Masihi ila Beirut)), has capitulated to the Syrian Army, who are in control of 85% of the province of Daraa. The Syrian Army is also advancing in ISIS & Huran controlled territory and is taking control of the high ground in order to pound the terrorist group’s position. The sound of bombardment is heard in the occupied Golan Heights, under the nose of the Israeli Army – which is incapable of changing the course of this next battle.

Sources in the Syrian capital say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow will only weaken Israel’s position, revealing not only President Putin’s intention not to meet the demands of his Israeli guest, but also that Israel’s reference in Syria, as it has not resorted to its traditional ally (the United States), has become Moscow, not Washington.

Netanyahu’s presence in the Russian capital – in parallel with the presence of the envoy and adviser of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Akbar Velayati in Moscow – will only bring him back empty handed to Tel Aviv. Instead of presenting himself as a prestigious political leader “trying to score points in his favour”, Netanyahu is looking extremely weak, and also politically impotent. Trying to compensate for his diplomatic failure with Moscow by bombing the three abandoned positions of the Syrian army in Quneitra will achieve nothing. Netanyahu has only managed to appear feebler: he does not dare hit the Syrians and their allied forces (Hezbollah and Iran), in the presence of the hundreds of special units who are in the process of liberating the south.

Several days ago, Netanyahu bombed positions at the T4 military airport, sending his jets deep into the desert of al-Badiyah and towards Homs province. It is clear that he is aided by the American forces occupying northern Syria, who allowed Israel to use its military airports built in al-Hasaka province.

However, the first response Israel got came from the Lebanese “Hezbollah” which sent more special forces to confront ISIS in the Quneitra province. The Syrian Army and its allies are preparing for this forthcoming important battle once the 18km enclave occupied by ISIS is completely besieged. Therefore, before beginning the last battle in the south, the evacuation of all Jabhat al-Nusra (aka Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) and other jihadists and militants is necessary.

The second response came from Iran, sending a drone to penetrate 10 km into Israel. This act constituted a blow to the Israeli defences, showing their slow reaction and intelligence and military defence weaknesses – even if the plane was later shot down by a Patriot missile.

The bottom line: Israel has pushed Iran to violate all the “red lines” that existed (even if these were not announced and agreed by the parties concerned). Instead of the Iranian-Israeli conflict taking place outside the borders of Israel, the military bras-de-fer has moved into Israeli airspace. The Iranian and Hezbollah violation of Israeli airspace – unthinkable to any country or organisation in the Middle East – has become a regular promenade.

Netanyahu is begging the Russian leader – this is the third visit in 6 months – to prevent Iran and Hezbollah’s presence on the Syrian border. It is obvious that he has failed in his attempt, due to Hezbollah and Iran’s manifest presence in the southern battle of Syria. The Israeli Prime Minister will also ask Donald Trump to raise the same topic at the upcoming summit between the Russian and the US leaders in the coming days. But no great achievement in this regard is expected for the following simple reasons:

  1. Syria is determined to regain full control of its southern territories. Actually, the battle was imposed during the Russian-Israeli negotiations and President Assad is determined not to give up any inch of territory. Therefore, he has not succumbed to the Israeli threats.
  2. Israel lowered its ceiling of demands when President Bashar al-Assad helped remove Prime Minister Netanyahu from the tree he climbed by ordering his forces to begin the battle, imposing his own tempo and asking his allies to participate in the battle against Jihadists.
  3. Damascus does not meet all Russian demands, despite their joint military collaboration across Syrian geography. This difference has emerged in more than one battle in recent years, without necessarily causing any fundamental clash of interest between the two parties.
  4. Assad meets his Iranian ally’s goals and objectives: the two agreed on their common hostility to Israel without interfering with the good Russian-Israeli relationship.
  5. Assad will not abandon the “axis of resistance,” which has proved itself by its fulfilment of its obligations, supporting Syria with men and weapons. This “Axis” has always been, and still is, confident in the cause of the Syrian president, even though he almost lost the country in 2013. The advocates in this axis defended the Levant without imposing their faith or making demands on Assad in exchange for their intervention. Moreover, the members of the “Axis” gave complete freedom of decision to Assad to decide what he considered his priorities and objectives. They did not interfere in his internal policies and – unlike Russia on several occasions – did not stake a claim to the day when the Syrian President must step down from office (apparently to appease the West and the Arabs).

Israel is expected to strike again and to bomb in Syria, pretending to be relaxed and comfortable. In fact, Israel looks like a wounded bird hit by a hunter: it is dancing from the pain of leaving Syria.

Israel pulled out from Lebanon in 2000 unconditionally, and today it is abandoning its allies in the Syrian south, leaving these – as it did with the South Lebanon Army – without any support.

Israel contributed to the rise of the resistance in Lebanon in 1982 which gave birth to Hezbollah, the most powerful organisation in the Middle East, which now competes with many regular armies in the Middle East. Israel erred in supporting the jihadists in Syria and assisting the plan to overthrow Assad: it managed only to create a “Hezbollah-Syria”.

Syria has downed more than one Israeli jet; drones flew over Israel and rockets and missiles were fired at its soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights. Today, Israel is reduced to threatening any force violating the 1974 line – which has never been violated for the last 40 years.

Following 2006, Israel has once more been defeated, and in Syria. The aggressive stance it has used when claiming to “defend itself” will no longer be successful with an “axis” which is determined to liberate all Syria’s occupied territories… and in the Lebanon. It is now no longer be possible for Israel to use “the right to defend itself” as an excuse to do just what it wants.

Proof read by: Maurice Brasher

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Comment: Yesterday the Syrians completely liberated the city of Daraa. All that remains are the pockets of FSA/al-Qaeda/ISIS along the border with occupied Golan. See: Where it all began: Syrian Army liberates Daraa from western-backed terrorists

Assad vows to free all of Syria, no matter who controls its territories – By Sputnik

Bashar al-Assad

© SANA / Reuters
Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad greets his supporters during Eid al-Adha prayers on September 1, 2017, Syria.

The Syrian president held a meeting at the Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday discussing the internal, regional and international political situation and Syria’s foreign and domestic policy objectives.

Damascus will “liberate the territories of all Syrian provinces, no matter whose control they are under,” Assad said, as cited by the Syrian Arab News Agency.

“The process of Syria’s post-war reconstruction is our biggest priority, and we will engage in the restoration of the national economy alongside the ongoing anti-terrorist operations,” Assad added.

“The President #الأسد conducts an open dialogue with diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates on internal, regional and international political situations, diplomatic work and the political and social future #سورية. “

Assad pointed to the return of refugees who left the country during the war as another urgent problem.

The president emphasized the need for “dialogue between Syrians at all levels,” which he emphasized should lead to a “pact of national accord.” Assad accused the Western powers and the US specifically of “obstructing the activation of the political process” in the war-torn country.

The seven year war in Syria has had a severe impact on the country’s economy. In May, Assad estimated that the country may need up to $400 billion and over a decade to rebuild. In an interview with Russian media last month, Assad emphasized that notwithstanding Syria’s difficulties, Damascus ‘does not need the West’ to rebuild if the latter is unwilling, because they are prone to acting in a predatory manner.




The Western propaganda media is in full gear describing the surrender of the terrorist forces, once funded and abetted by the United States and its NATO allies, as a “deal” brokered by the Russian National Reconciliation Delegation where, the terrorists “agreed” to remove themselves from towns they once controlled and cede them over to the legitimate Syrian government.  Hooey!  The terrorist groups, including Jaysh Al-Islam, had become so terrified of the citizens they were tormenting that they simply surrendered all their heavy and medium weapons to the SAA.  Simple as that. No agreement. The ones who want to take advantage of the Amnesty Program or want to have their status “adjusted” can do exactly that.  Those who have a sour grape taste in their mouth can go to Idlib in the same way the British say:  “Go to Coventry!”  Or as I say:  “Go to Hell!”.

My source in Damascus tells me he heard that Muhammad ‘Alloosh and several high ranking members of the “Army of Islam” (yawn) or Jaysh Al-Islam have left Syria for parts unknown.  My own suspicion is he stealthily crossed into Jordan and then into Saudi Arabia where he can practice his paedophilia to his heart’s content.

  1. A photo of just one of the armored vehicles commandeered by the SAA at Naseeb.

Here’s a photo from SANA of a field hospital where terrorist quacks treated injured terrorist rodents.  This is from the town of Nu’ayma which was liberated yesterday by the SAA.



We at SyrPer extend our sincerest condolences to the Al-Zu’bi family upon hearing of the untimely passing of Syria’s former Minister of Information, ‘Umraan Al-Zu’bi.  ‘Umraan was born in Damascus in 1959 to a family originally from Der’ah.  He subsequently went to law school at the University of Damascus.  He passed away after having been named Vice President of the National Progressive Front in 2016, a position he retained until his death.  He became Minister of Information in 2012 and was known for his very liberal approach to certain press freedoms.  I personally used to relish his interviews because of his unabashed contempt for the Saudis, Qataris and the rest of that bedounized trash he used to call ‘Irbaan or عربان .

We join the Regional Command of the Ba’ath Party, The National Progressive Front, Lawyers’ Union and the Ministry of Information in expressing our sadness over this fine man’s passing.  He died at the hospital after a very sudden cardiac arrest.  He was only 58 years old.

He will be remembered today at the Badr Al-Maaliki Mosque and interred at the Al-Sagheer Cemetery in Damascus.

In Pace Requiescat.  



Al-Ba’ath City:  It’s all out of the bag now.  Jabhat Al-Nusra is part and parcel of the Zionist plan for the Golan Heights.  Oh, these Ashkenazi Hebrew-impersonators probably shudder at the idea of aiding Takfeeri cannibals, but, have to swallow a bitter pill for the sake of their tin-pot settler state.

Yesterday, with Zionist connivance, (Monzer says SAA-MI intercepted a Druze communicating with a JN terrorist over known Zionist lines), a unit of about 14 cockroaches attacked SAA soldiers entrenched in a well-fortified base just south of Al-Ba’ath City.  A pilot-less drone was deployed for surveillance and sent back images of the rodents moving in a row of Toyota flatbeds festooned with 23mm cannons.  The terrorists also unleashed a barrage of mortar fire from rear positions inside Zionist lines.  No problem.

The captain in charge order an immediate frontal assault on the convoy with a Kornet operator accompanying all SAA units.  The convoy of rodents was annihilated to the tune of 12 killed and another two or three crawling back to the hole out of which they emerged.  Monzer says the carcasses of the terrorists were picked up by villagers who did not want to breathe downwind from the stink of the putrescent, decaying rats.

Oh, and by the way….. the drone returned unscathed.

Khaan Arnaba: Zionist aircraft and terrorist artillery bombed innocent villagers at this sleepy little town.  Only one citizen was injured because the SAA had warned the inhabitants of the attack and they all left for outlying areas.  The damage can be seen in the above photo.



Tony Gratrex sent me this article which will make Chris feel that much more vindicated.  Chris has been telling me about Genie for months.  Here it is:

Syrian War Report – July 6, 2018: Syrian Army Retakes Multiple Points On Border With Jordan – By South Front (VT)


…from SouthFront

The military operation of government forces in southern Syria was once again resumed after the Damascus government and local militants groups had failed to reach any kind of fully-fledged reconciliation agreement that would allow to settle the situation in the area via a peaceful way.

On July 5, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies liberated the town of Saida and the nearby abandoned air defense base in the province of Daraa. Additionally, the SAA advanced along the border with Jordan liberating over 10 villages between the border points of 71 and 79.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA faced a little resistance during their operation along the border. Russian troops were spotted there.

The operation is also supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Nonetheless, the number of airstrikes is limited. Currently, government forces are developing their operation in the direction of the Nassib border crossing.

Clashes between Turkish-backed militants, reportedly members of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, and government troops have taken place in the village of Tadef in the province of Aleppo. Turkish-backed forces captured some positions, but were forced to withdraw from them later. According to pro-government sources, the withdrawal was ordered by the Turkish military to de-escalated the situation.

Such incidents show the real sentiments among the so-called moderate opposition groups backed by Turkey and limitations of Ankara’s control of these groups.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that on July 4 ISIS fighters had ambushed a convoy of the US-led coalition in the village of Namliyah in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor province. According to Amaq, ISIS employed 18 IEDs against the convoy killing four US troops. Other sources say that only two US servicemen were killed. The US-led coalition has not commented on these reports so far.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured the villages of Madinah and Qabr Taha from ISIS in the southern part of Hasakah province. The SDF is continuing it operation in the direction of the Tuwaymin area.




The Naseeb Crossing between Jordan and Syria has been liberated although the Syrian government has not officially announced this yet.  As we related to our readers two days ago, the refusal of the terrorists to accept all Russian conditions for surrender resulted in a devastating air and ground campaign aimed at breaking the morale of the Zionist-supported cockroaches.  With no party prepared to assist these cowering slugs, the SAA and its allies are moving straight into the town of Naseeb and its extremely important border crossing; an event which will have very salubrious effects on both Jordan’s and Syria’s economies.

In the meantime, the SAA is moving against Nusra on the Golan Heights supported by HZB and other allies whom the Zionists prefer not to mention.  I will have more on all that when I receive more reports from sources.



Patrick Lawrence shows us how the Western Press is changing its tune on Syria.  This is a must-read article with a spectacularly lucid analysis of what is happening:

Read this superb article by Brandon chronicling the American plot to unseat the government of Syria.  This time, the author has both documents and articles to buttress his position.  Another must-read:

Some of you might find this study of how Chemical Weapons (CW) work fascinating.  Since the West has made a big fuss about it, it’s worth publishing here:



A picture posted by AMAQ believed to be of the Caliph’s son, Hudhayfa Albadri Al-Saamirraa`iy, all tarted up in Islamist commando garb and getting ready for the big voyage to the afterlife where 72 Virginians await him.  My source reports he was killed by a Syrian Army sniper.


The 15-year old son of the Great Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, Hudhayfa Al-Badri Al-Saamirraa`iy, was killed during an operation at the Homs Thermal Power Plant.  He was reportedly attacking Syrian Army troops and Russian advisors in an operation which would have resulted in his total victory or martyrdom.  The exact date of his death was not revealed in the communique issued by a pro-terrorist website (AMAQ) known to have strong links to the Islamic State.

ضبط أسلحة ثقيلة في ريف درعا والعثور على شبكة أنفاق للارهابيين بريف حمص

A SANA photo of the huge cache of arms discovered at Hawsh Hajju and Al-Sa’an by Syrian Security Services which were stored inside a complex network of tunnels.  IEDs, mines and a mind-numbing assortment of automatic weapons were put on display.  Note the large numbers of Doschkas manufactured in Croatia which were simply awaiting the requisite Toyota trucks.  Well, as it turned out, all these terrorists relocated to Idlib leaving behind this beautiful arsenal for distribution to the fighters who will eventually liberate Saudi Arabia from the troglodytes who infest the government.



Well, I’m pleased to tell you that the priceless Roman amphitheater at Busra Al-Shaam is almost 100% damage-free.  With that town and Ibta’ now liberated, it was hoped that other terrorists would follow the lead of many others and call it quits.  But, we just received word that the talks organized by the Russians have failed with the terrorists rejecting a Russian demand that they turn over all heavy equipment immediately.  Just as the talks collapsed, the SAAF and RuAF took to the skies to pummel the obdurate rodents in their lairs as a fitting reward for their lack of foresight.  Needless to say, their cities will be reduced to rubble almost as completely as the city of Nawaa.

At this point, I’d like to shift gears and discuss an email from my friend Canthama which he sent to me today.  In his missive, Canthama asked if I had any details about talks between the SDF and the government over the areas under Kurd control in the northeast.  I actually have no such details.  However, it is of interest that Canthama’s query concerned a Kurdish withdrawal from all areas under control of the YPG/SDF and a transfer of control to the Syrian government- dams, power stations and oil fields.

This makes a great deal of sense.  The Kurds are no strangers to betrayal and disappointment.  Last month, Muhammad ‘Awda, leader of the Shabbab Al-Sunna group, told some reporters that Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, outlined a policy position in Washington that the terrorists in the south should expect no help from the U.S.  In fact, the letter stated clearly that the terrorists should not plan their future operations with an eye to pulling the U.S. in for a military intervention.  That is not going to happen.  And, that is consistent with what we know about Trump’s own attitudes about American forces in Syria and his NSA advisor, John Bolton, whose opinion is openly averse to keeping American troops in what he believes to be a “sideshow”.

Much of this is consistent with the fact that Americans are disconnecting at Al-Tanf where the British are playing a more active role in training and financing terrorism on Syrian soil.  Of interest also is the increasing role of French troops in Northern Syria.  Just as Trump believes the NATO allies are not coughing up enough for their individual defenses, he also appears to believe that they are on some kind of free ride in Syria – just as Obama himself once quipped.

All in all, Canthama’s information, appears plausible.  The Kurds know that without American aid, they cannot survive the onslaught once the SAA does away with the terrorists in the South.  They also know that the U.S. is disengaging in the South despite the fact that their departure will affect negatively their Jordanian and Zionist allies.  The French and British do not have the depth to continue supporting an insurgency and are viewed as temporary partners.  The Kurds need a long-lasting solution.  They have been patient so far – they will need an even greater dose of that for the near future.

If what Canthama says is true, the Kurdish problem in Syria may go away with much less pain than that of other areas where agreements saw the removal of entrenched terrorists uploaded on to green buses for eventual internment in the fertile killing fields of Idlib.






Israel bows to Russia’s will: Battle of South Syria coming to an end – By Elijah J. Magnier (

Vanessa Beeley: ‘Dehumanized, discounted, marginalized’ Syria’s victors defying airbrushed US narrative – By Vanessa Beeley (RT) (SOTT)

war in Syria

© Omar Sanadiki / Reuters

The war in Syria has lasted more than seven years, bringing with it a devastation and bloodshed which has thrown a prosperous and stable Middle Eastern nation into chaos and uncertainty.

In the West we are used to reading a history of such conflicts written by the victor. The imperialist narrative is the dominant one. History is distorted to preserve the perceived moral prowess of the conqueror.

The reality is this: A proud nation is brought to its knees by sanctions, hostile media attention and the inevitable military campaign waged directly or indirectly via proxy forces chosen from viable opposition elements. Power is multiplied by the US and her partners in the UK and France with assorted NATO-member vassal states hanging onto their coat tails.

Crimes against humanity are glorified in Hollywood. The dirty underbelly of these lawless, vigilante military campaigns is concealed beneath the mantra of “democracy.” What does it matter if Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized and murdered, publicly torn apart, if it was done to make the world a “better place”?

History will omit the fact that Libya is now a den of iniquity, a failed state battling slavery, mass migration, prostitution, drug cartels and the inevitable sectarian, extremist warlords who rule mafia-style over the vanquished nation. Hell, this is “Democracy”!

I guess, for the American exceptionalist nation, bombing to bring peace has its downsides after all, but history will put that right when it’s written by the perpetrators who heaped universal misery on the Libyan people in the sacrosanct name of “democracy.”

Syria is another story. The Syrians have confounded the US and its allies. At every turn, every plan B, Syria has responded with unity, resistance and pride in its independence and territorial integrity. Syria has upheld international law, it has called upon its historical allies and they have responded, to the consternation of the Western policy designers. The multitude of aligned narrative-pushers and history-writers cut their Syrian cloth long ago, but they failed to incorporate the rich tapestry of Syrian society which has survived centuries of foreign invasion and influence and emerged victorious.

While history-writers in the West have been poised to sketch the fall of the Syrian government – torn asunder by the prefabricated ‘Arab Spring’ uprising – the Syrian people have pushed back against the stream of invective that threatened their secular existence, their right to determine their own future. They have refused to succumb to the narrative concocted for them by the war hawks and the neocons in Congress. The Syrian people have fought back and sacrificed everything to make their history their own.

What we see now is a desperate scramble by the policy-makers in the US, aided and abetted by their aligned media, think tanks and policy institutions, to respond to the truth expansion that is stealing their lies and burying them beneath an awakened public consensus. What can they do to regain the moral high ground? They built their foreign policy hopes on a morass of extremist and terrorist groups which have converted Syria’s landscape into a shattered, craggy lunar warscape, littered with reminders of the US coalition’s failure to bring this proud nation to her knees.

The history-writers are floundering, their ability to respond is flailing under fire from quarters they never expected to have ammunition. Comments have been selectively removed from the ‘Comment is Free’ Guardian – in some cases comments are not allowed at all. The history-writers don’t like their version of events being corrected and contradicted by a Western ‘Media Spring’ uprising that is not funded by the state but is a genuine expression of disgust at the lies being marketed as “truth.”

Recently, a number of the history-writers have attempted a counter coup to suppress the ‘Media Spring’ storm which threatens to engulf them. Kristyan Benedict, Amnesty International UK’s campaign manager battled furiously against logic and rational debate on Twitter with little support or success:

Benedict retreated into the corner these history-writers have drawn onto their “humanitarian” road map to war, and from there he tried to fling the default ad hominem, narrative-defense missiles – “conspiracy theorist, Assadist, Putinist,” any kind of “ist” that reduces a logical examination of fact down to the lowest form of bias, even when arguments are being made by Syrians against the prevailing narrative. They are, after all, the ‘wrong kind of Syrian.’

During this skirmish, @JJScott made a very important point that was utterly ignored by Benedict because it would mean diverting history into an area where the mainstream narrative is deprived of oxygen. Scott mentioned that prior to 2009 it was almost impossible to find negative criticism of President Bashar Assad.

I also responded with the supporting argument that, in 2003, Tony Blair had communicated to George Bush – the hope that perhaps Iran and Syria could avoid the fate of Iraq by accepting a “different relationship,” a relationship that was soured when President Assad proved he was no stooge for the West and said “no” to a variety of the deals the West considered to be slam-dunk.

One of those deals was acceptance of the Qatar-Turkey oil pipeline over the Iranian (Russian preferred) pipeline. President Assad refused. What? “We don’t offer knighthoods to independent thinkers & visionaries, we crush them,” would have been the thought-bubble hovering above Blair’s knitted brow at that point.

Despite all evidence of the Syrian ‘Arab Spring’ being fomented and incubated well before its emergence in 2011, a couple more history-writers have even tried to float the concept that the invasion of Syria was never in the top drawer of the ‘intervention filing cabinet’ in the US.

Ex-Guardian history-writer Brian Whitaker, who had a good innings rewriting Libya’s tragic history according to the Western guidelines, has done his utmost to repeat the exercise on Syria. One of his most recent forays into the Twitter public sphere entailed the claim that “regime change” was never a plan for the neocons in Congress, or the Tories and Blairites in the UK Parliament.

It was just one of those uprisings that emerged organically from grassroots unrest and dissatisfaction, and the uprisers conveniently happened to have a couple of TOW missiles under their beds for just that kind of occasion. Like so many history-writers, Whitaker stuck to his guns but was seen running for cover under a barrage of fact and evidence from an increasingly dismayed and disillusioned public.

Another pro “Syrian revolution” history-writer at Mother Jones, Shane Bauer, attempted a similar tactic of denial of imperialist designs on Syria, but he retreated more rapidly under a hail of derision and deleted the tweet, we believe.

Screenshot of deleted tweet

Screenshot of deleted tweet

The infamous, multi-million-dollar propaganda construct, the White Helmets were fashioned by NATO member states and Qatar to revise Syrian history in the image of their creators. The White Helmet’s Oscar nominated ‘Last Men in Aleppo‘ movie, erased Al-Nusra Front, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and more than 50 splinter factions of sectarian, extremist armed-to-the-teeth militants in East Aleppo and replaced them with the ‘fire-breathing dragons’ of Syria and Russia who ‘consumed Syrian civilians’ in their rampage towards “retaking Syria” – for Syrians, as it turns out.

More than 120,000 civilians from East Aleppo fled the White Helmets and Al Qaeda-led occupation for the safety of the Syrian government in secure West Aleppo during the liberation in December 2016. But Hollywood has airbrushed this inconvenient truth along with a plethora of others in favour of a sanitized history freed from a reality of US criminal intent in the region.

In 2006 an article appeared in TIME entitled ‘Syria in Bush’s Crosshairs.’ “The Bush Administration has been quietly nurturing individuals and parties opposed to the Syrian government in an effort to undermine the regime of President Bashar Assad. Parts of the scheme are outlined in a classified, two-page document that says that the US already is ‘supporting regular meetings of internal and diaspora Syrian activists'” in Europe. The document bluntly expresses the hope that “these meetings will facilitate a more coherent strategy and plan of actions for all anti-Assad activists.”

The sources of evidence of a planned regime change in Syria are undeniable and overwhelming: The redacted DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) documents, WikiLeaks, Roland Dumas exposing a British plot to back the “rebels” before 2011, the Chilcot report, Bush-Blair communiqués, General Wesley Clark, released CIA documents (Bringing Real Muscle to Bear Against Syria 1983), Professor Jeffrey Sachs discussing operation Timber-Sycamore on NBC

“We know they sent in the CIA, to overthrow Assad.”

There is a history of CIA interventions in Syria stretching back into the last century. If any of these history-rewriters actually bothered to read history they might find it rich in source material but it goes against the grain to consider historical fact when their version of “history” depends upon it being relegated to conspiracy theorism.

The current geopolitical somersault being executed by the history-writers in the US is Donald Trump’s apparent willingness to “cut a deal” with President Vladimir Putin in Syria in what appears to be an attempt to weaken Iranian influence in the cradle of resistance against to Western meddling.

The regime change project is a failure and now we see the damage-limitation teams being deployed. History must not register a defeat, it must be recalibrated for the US alliance to maintain a veneer of respectability. The “glorious, upstanding” US coalition must not be seen limping from the battlefield.

The history-writers are effectively feeling the impact of having the pen wrested from their grip by those who will reveal the hidden facts, context and diverging views. History is being rewritten by the people who denied the history-shapers their victory, it is being written by those that US ‘history’ would have us dehumanize, discount, marginalize. It is being written by the true conquerors in Syria who will ensure a kinder history for humanity in the future.

Vanessa Beeley is an independent investigative journalist and photographer. She is associate editor at 21st Century Wire.

Syria and the major turn of events in the south – By Willy B (Sic Semper Tyrannis) (SOTT)

Jihadi surrender

Jihadi surrender

Whoever’s making US policy in Syria, it’s certainly not Nikki Haley. Despite her rabid statement of Friday, in which she declared that “Russia will ultimately bear responsibility for any further escalations in Syria,” Russian war planes joined the battle for Daraa overnight, last night, after having been “conspicuously absent” as Reuters put it earlier on Saturday.

At the same time, the US government informed the southern rebel groups via a letter seen by Reuters that it could expect no US military intervention on their behalf. This may have been the motivation for more units of the FSA to defect to the side of the Syrian army in order to fight against Hayat Tahrir al Sham, the latest incarnation of Al Qaeda in Syria. Were the Russian and US actions coordinated?

Though the evidence is only circumstantial, it would appear that, despite Haley’s threats, the Trump Administration is actually in support of the Syrian strategy to pressure any jihadi elements that don’t change sides to surrender and evacuate, as was done in Douma in April. No one on either the U.S. or Russian sides has said anything to such effect, of course. There hasn’t even been any acknowledgement on the Russian side, as of yet, that Russian warplanes are carrying out air strikes in support of Syrian forces in Daraa.

The time line of events over the past 24 hours or so is generally as follows:

Al Masdar first broke the news that Russian aircraft had joined the campaign at 12:20 AM local time last night. A military source said that Russian aircraft had launched some 20 air strikes across northeastern Daraa starting at about 11 PM local time but that the majority of them hit the town of Busra Al-Harir, which practically divides the jihadi-held area in half. Within 40 minutes the number of air strikes was up to 30. About the same time, Reuters reported that while Syrian government forces had so far made heavy use of artillery and rockets in the current assault, Russian warplanes had not been deployed until now.

“Throwing in Russia’s full military weight in the campaign to regain southern Syria will weaken the ability of mainstream Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel groups to withstand relentless bombing on civilian areas that forced their compatriots in other areas to submit to surrender deals,” the news agency further noted.

The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement at mid-day Moscow time today reporting that FSA formations in eleven settlements had joined with the Syrian army to fight against ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra. “By the end of June 23 these settlements were fully under control of the legitimate Syrian authorities,” the Center said. The statement comes just a day after the Syrian army and the FSA jointly repelled an attack by over a thousand of al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Syrian southern de-escalation zone, Sputnik adds.

At the same time, Reuters reported that the United States has told Syrian rebel factions they should not expect military support to help them resist a Russian-backed government offensive to regain opposition-held parts of Syria bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. A copy of a message sent by Washington to heads of Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, which was seen by Reuters, said the U.S. government wanted to make clear that “you should not base your decisions on the assumption or expectation of a military intervention by us.” The U.S. message also told the rebels, according to Reuters, that it was left to them alone to make the right decision on how to face the Syrian army’s military campaign based on what they saw was best for themselves and their people.

It’s quite possible, it seems to me, that what we’ll be seeing over the next several days, is the implementation of the same reconciliation strategy that we saw in Eastern Ghouta, Aleppo and other areas where some so-called rebel fighters will lay down their arms and settle their status with the government, others will be evacuated to Idlib and those that refuse, most likely ISIS, will be destroyed. Iran’s Fars News Agency reported yesterday that some opposition (“terrorist”) groups are demanding exactly that. Fars cites local sources reporting that the army’s rapid advances in Dara’a province caused the terrorist groups to lay down their arms in the villages and towns of al-Lajah region (which according to the Al Masdar reports cited above was a major objective of the Syrian assault) and agree to the army’s terms and conditions, calling for implementation of the reconciliation plan.

Comment: Will the US keep its word, not engage and let Russia and Syria handle the reconciliation plan?

‘Aleppo Earthquake’: Russian Documentary Tells Real Story of Four Year Siege – By RT

aleppo ruins drone

Aleppo, once Syria’s thriving industrial hub, is now trying to rebuild itself from rubble. How did it happen, and why? A Russian documentary seeks answers to those questions, and tells stories of life during the siege.

Aleppo was Syria’s most populous city and a vibrant industrial hub before the war. Its residents were relatively well-off, with small businesses and tourists keeping most people afloat. None of this is the case anymore.

A 2011 rebel uprising and a terrorist invasion of Aleppo brought as much damage and death as the powerful earthquake that struck the ancient Syrian city back in the 12th century, according to a thought-provoking documentary by Russian ANNA-News outlet.

Entitled Aleppo Earthquake, the film features real-life stories heard by ANNA-News war correspondents from ordinary Syrians who lived in the city during the terrorist occupation, and those who joined the Syrian army and took up arms against foreign jihadists.

Comment: Instead of actual footage and actual reports from actual journalists on the ground speaking with actual people living there, Western media projected a myth about what was happening there via props like Bana al-Abed, a child of one of the ‘rebels’: Eva Bartlett: The Exploitation of Bana al-Abed in Aleppo

To this day, the Western media refuses to accept that its narratives have been blown away by real reports and documentaries like the above one.


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Reader Comments

Xerox · 3 days ago

Ebla was one of the earliest kingdoms in Syria. Its remains constitute a tell located about 55 km (34 mi) southwest of Aleppo near the village of Mardikh. Ebla was an important center throughout the 3rd millennium BC and in the first half of the 2nd millennium BC. Its discovery proved the Levant was a center of ancient, centralized civilization equal to Egypt and Mesopotamia and ruled out the view that the latter two were the only important centers in the Near East during the early Bronze Age. The first Eblaite kingdom has been described as the first recorded world power.

Ebla Tablets: No Biblical Claims. By Thomas O’Toole December 9, 1979. When 11,000 clay tablets dating from 23 centuries before Christ were unearthed in northern Syria three years ago, biblical scholars around the world rejoiced that ancient proof had been found for the Old Testament.

The Ebla people elected rulers from the merchant class to one term only and this appears to be the first known democracy.

This claim, that Ebla was first democracy is not right. Look at Sumerian ruller Hammurabi alias Ham-mu-rabi. Ham was his name and it show up in bible. It was also archetype of law on stones as biblical Moses presented. Mu is that he was not hereditary ruller of commune and he was elected. And Rabi means he was also head of religion-church. Judaism took all of him. It was common in ancient world. Unfortuantely. Democracy DO NOT originate in Greece as eurocentrists presents.

See Aleppo Codex

Eventualy. Jesus originate in Aram Damascus

All linx goes to Israel aka Israhell

parallax · 3 days ago

My comment is on the documentary, nothing biblical.

Having come to read and catch up on the news tonight, and having tried to pay attention to this great horror is Syria that was helped along by western backed powers since 2011, it was indeed a sobering hour and a half.

Thank you SOTT for featuring the ‘Aleppo Earthquake’ by Anna News. There is much in this documentary noted and I don’t know where to begin. There was the absolute destruction, the pounding into rubble of the city itself and the shear loss of it’s citizens and those who tried to free her. And this made me think that friends, cousins, colleagues; especially our so called leaders etc. who to this day have ignored the reality there, only to echo the words of regime change that mimics the script on the MSM. This is nothing short of a great saddens, like the broken bones of the city. But the city’s backbone is not broken, and the spirit of her remains – the militant proxy thugs are either dead or have moved on to the next vile job. There is nothing much one can do about the programmed ignorance that still exists other than to wait and see if there is a break.

Couple of words in the documentary among many:

Older man;

…they cut off heads and shouted “Allah Akbar” for what is “Allah Akbar”?

This is not the place for these words – you cut off the head and say “Allah Akbar”?!

In Islam people say this only when they slaughter a ram chicken

You can’t do this with people!

He is our brother, our relative!

Near the end, the Syrian Christian Jesuit talked about the fear under the name of western ‘democracy’ coming with free elections (example Egypt), and in Syria the fear would be that it will come, being pushed by the west, with fundamentalists taking power – democracy will have to be discovered by Syrian’s in their own way.

Unseen man speaking;

…sooner or later the Syrian people will find a way to reconcile and years later many will look back and do not understand how they allowed this madness. Only cemeteries in the city squares like scars on the body will serve as a reminder of of how easy it is to break a delicate balance for the sake of imaginary freedom to roll into bloody chaos .

HashAttack2 · 2 days ago

parallax many will look back and do not understand how they allowed this madness

I have a Yugoslav friend who often say the same thing about her own country

Joyly · 3 days ago
Allah Akbar – God is good; everything good is from God, man has done the rest.
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