The Hired “Jumping Jacks” of the Press and Their Corporate and Deep State Overlords – By Tim Keating (

There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press. ~ Mark Twain

Today’s news cycle is such that we are bombarded with information, much of it fake news and most of it echo and spin. There are excellent journalists, bloggers and academics out there, but too often they go unheard in the electronic haze of hysteria that passes for ‘news’. The mainstream media has few journalists worthy of the name on the payroll, but plenty of those willing to compromise themselves for ‘the inside scoop’. The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird exposed collusion between government and media decades ago. And today, when some journalists routinely submit their drafts to powerful interests before publication, getting ‘the right people’ who will ‘stick to the script’ into media is a relatively easy job.

Publicare et Propagare

Acta Diurna

The Acta Diurna Populi Romani: The “Daily Acts of the People of Rome”

Journalism is as old as civilization. Ptah-hotep, vizier to Egyptian pharaoh Djedkare Isesi, wrote sometime around 2,200 BCE of the need for “communicating truthfully, addressing audience interests, and acting in a manner consistent with what is being said.”

Julius Caesar launched the Acta Diurna, a daily gazette “posted in prominent places in Rome and in the provinces with the intention of feeding the populace official information.”

The Acta Diurna introduced the expression ‘publicare et propagare’, which means “make public and propagate,” and was typically written as a footnote to texts published in the Diurna. The practice of recording Senate deliberations was kept up after Caesar, though his successor refused to publish them, and thereafter they were often only published in censored form.

Dangerous Medium

Then as now, information is a craft. Who crafts the information, controls the message and therefore what the population believes. As much as purveyors of information may wish to convey that the information they are reporting has objective value, free from bias and constituting simply ‘the news’, everything that is packaged as such is laden with assumptions, all of them ultimately geared towards ensuring ‘continuity of narrative’ and thus the status quo.

Serena Shim

Serena Shim (born USA 1985 – died Turkey 2014)

But good journalism, while respecting the ‘rules of the game’, will challenge official narratives. Journalism isn’t always a cushy profession; in fact, it can be downright dangerous. The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) reports that “more than 1,000 journalists have been killed in the past nine years.”

In 2013, 129 journalists were killed. In 2014, 128 were killed. In Ukraine alone during the US-backed coup d’etat in 2014, 9 were killed, including Andrei Stenin, snuffed out by Western-backed Kiev fascists. In Gaza, 16 journalists were killed by Israeli forces during Operation Protective Edge. In Syria in 2017, 13 were killed, including Serena Shim (see photo at left), killed just over the border in Turkey.

These were not ’embedded’ journalists, or journalists masquerading as truth-tellers, but reporters and photojournalists risking their lives to tell stories that the mainstream refuses to.

Creeds and Oaths

monkey see no evil,etc

The serious journalist is supposed to uphold the “Journalist’s Creed“, which contains this statement:

“I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.”

Of course, the task of deciding what is in the “welfare of society” does not fall to the average hack, but on his bosses, who in turn often are connected to political and corporate bosses. So if we ever end up in a situation where a culture of corruption and cronyism defines politics and business, with this definition of ‘journalistic ethics’, there is literally no chance that the corrupt will ever be called to account by the mainstream media. They are “society” and their welfare is at risk.

There are other ethical declarations for the modern day journalist, such as from the Society of Professional Journalists. Without citing all their ‘codes’, their prime directive is:

“Never deliberately distort facts.”

Distorting facts is the purposeful ‘twisting’ in different ways of the realities that face people each and every day. In this respect, when distortions of facts are broadcast ad infinitum people begin to believe half-truths and outright lies. History and the news are pregnant with this approach to deliberately mislead, whether it is allowing space for advertisers to manipulate people for their money or rallying readers behind political leaders, or pushing for war. This is no accident. Media moguls well understand that people are subject to ‘confirmation bias’. This bias, essentially, roots itself in the distortion of believing what you want to believe rather than what reality is.

At the end of the day, the journalists within the MSM surely must know whether or not they are practicing their creed, ‘deliberately distorting facts’ or simply embellishing them. Either that, or they have the self-awareness of a walnut. Why would they violate their creed? Most need a paycheck, and almost all crave recognition. And it’s much easier to follow the herd than to stick out one’s neck with an inconvenient truth.

US Media

The Conglomerates

Today the media in increasingly a single conglomerate that purveys a single message to the people: ‘trust us, no matter what we say’. This is not new. In the 1930s, the Krupp dynasty were famous for their production of steel, artillery, ammunition, and other armaments. They also owned newspapers. In their book the Merchants of Death published in 1934, H.C. Engelbrecht and F.C Hanighen observed:

“No modern business methods were unknown to Krupp. The power of the press was understood and appreciated. Krupp owned or controlled three great newspapers, the Rheinisch-Westphaelische Zeitung, the Berlin Taegliche Rundschau, and the Neuests Nachrichten. It was a simple matter to rouse public opinion to a patriotic frenzy at any time by war scares or by giving prominent space to the armament activities of other countries, especially during the feverish years before the War.”

As a time-period exposé, the authors highlight many more examples covering the period between WWI and WWII. Post 1945, the arms makers and press were interlocked once more – the examples could fill volumes. Since that time, the same corporate forces have further consolidated their alliance and power in an attempt to completely dominate the market for your mind.


Fortunately, there are some excellent journalists who try to honor their creed. Some may have developed their careers working for the MSM and learned of its pitfalls, manipulations, and lack of overall integrity. Those who have made these observations and decided instead to opt-out, who have set their own paths based on conscience and responsibility to provide facts, are sadly few and far between.

But this rare breed of journalist has objectively reported on the Gulf of Tonkin (Bắc Kỳ) the Vietnam war; the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK; Iraq 1.0 and 9/11,Iraq 2.0 and Libya; Syria’s moderate rebels and the White Helmets; the Ukraine coup and the scapegoating of Russia, the recent American election and the fallout therein. Unfortunately, real journalism rarely makes it to the mainstream. Instead, we have companies that act as media gatekeepers such as Google and Facebook.

The ‘Constitution Society‘ writes of an event alleged to have occurred at the New York Press Club in the year 1880. A toast was offered to the esteemed press gathered around New York journalist John Swinton. Swinton responded with this:

‘We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

With the current leftist hysteria dominating the news, perhaps some words on the press by someone who knew how to weaponize it – Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda – might bring the message home:

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

And play it they do.


Tim Keating (Profile) reader!

‘Mass sex assaults by refugees’ in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve… never happened – by RT

Hystericizing Westerners against Muslims:

Fake news: An example of the ‘reporting’ done by media outlets across Europe in the wake of ‘mass rapefugee-gate’ in Germany on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Reports of mass sexual assaults on women in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve allegedly committed by dozens of drunken refugees, and which initially appeared in Germany’s Bild newspaper, were made up and are “completely baseless,” police said.

The story about mass sexual assaults by refugees in the Fressgass Street area in downtown Frankfurt was reported by Bild earlier in February. The article has since been taken down.

One of the victims, Irina A., 27, told Bild: “They [the migrants] grabbed me under the skirt, between my legs, my breasts, everywhere….More and more of these guys came. Their hands were everywhere,” the Express said, quoting the original report.

Her words were supported by Jan Mai, a local pub owner, who said that a mob of Arabs was “highly aggressive, there was shouting and hand gestures.”

“When I came in, the whole place was full with a group of around 50 Arabs. They did not speak German, drank our guests’ drinks and danced towards them. The women asked me for help because they were being attacked. The mood changed completely,” he told Bild, as cited by the Express.

It was claimed the migrants came from a refugee center in Hesse state, where Frankfurt is located, the Local said, citing the original report.

Police started an investigation into the alleged incidents and on Tuesday released a report stating that the allegations of mass sexual assaults had been invented.

“There were no massive mob-like attacks by masses of refugees in Fressgass [Street]. The allegations were groundless,” police said.

In the article several people “reported about sexual assaults, bodily injuries, thefts and extremely aggressive behavior of masses of refugees. Media interest in these descriptions was very high. The police were not aware of these circumstances,” the statement said.

According to police, “interviews with alleged witnesses, guests and employees led to major doubts with the version of events that had been presented.

“One of the alleged victims was not even in Frankfurt at the time the allegations are said to have taken place,” the report said.

The Bild editorial team quickly apologizedfor this inaccurate reporting and the accusations against those concerned.”

“This reporting does not correspond in any way to the journalistic standards of Bild,” the newspaper said in a statement.

Comment: Actually, it does. Bild, like other Fake News outlets, the British Express included, is one of the key tabloids the ‘reality-creators’ have routinely used since 9/11 to hystericize the population in western Europe against Muslims.

Bild said that the alleged witnesses – the pub owner and his staff – talked of mass sexual assaults to other media outlets.

“We apologize for our own work. I’ll shortly announce what Bild will do about it,” online editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt tweeted.

Comment: Too late; mission accomplished. There’s no way this genie is going back in the bottle. It appears at this point that a majority in western Europe has been ‘bitten’ by The Big Lie: for them, Muslims are inherently evil and the phony ‘clash of civilizations’ is reality.

The Bild story appeared to prompt comparisons with the Cologne attacks committed on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Back then, groups of North African men sexually assaulted hundreds of women in the city.

A German police report from November revealed the latest figures on the crimes committed on New Year’s Eve 2015 across Germany: 881 sexual offenses involving over 1,231 women. The victims were almost all young women.

Apart from Germany, similar sex attacks allegedly took place on New Year’s Eve that year in Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

Comment: That first round of ‘mass rape-fugee’ in 2015 was likely also fake news:

Fact Check: Daily Express Publishes Fake Cologne Assault Video

Cologne sex assaults: Muslim rape myths fit a neo-Nazi agenda

The Truth About The New Years Eve Refugee Attacks On Women In Germany

Fake photos flood Internet after sexual assaults in Germany

Yes, assaults took place… and they’ve been taking place on an increasing basis in cities across the West for years. These assaults are being carried out NOT primarily by newly-arrived immigrants, but by nationals and longer-term residents of European countries (ie, by people already living in Europe’s ghettos before the waves of arrivals after NATO destroyed Libya and Syria) – a fact that has everything to do with the West’s internal economic, political and moral collapse, and little to do with ‘outsiders coming for our wimmins’.

See Also:





The Supreme Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces has just announced a comprehensive cease fire all across Syrian land effective at zero hour (12:00 a.m.) on December 30, 2016.  The cease fire will not, however, include ISIS, Nusra/Alqaeda or any affiliates (e.g. Ahraar Al-Shaarm) of these two terrorist groups.

I wrote yesterday about Waadi Baradaa and the terrorist move to cut off water to the citizens of the capital.  Today, the Syrian Army High Command gave the terrorists an option which will not be held out for very long:  agree to remove yourself from the area of Waadi Baradaa, turn over all medium to heavy weapons and get on green buses for Idlib.  If they do not do this, the army has promised to exterminate them.  As of right now, water reserves have proved sufficient for the population and, therefore, the acts of these savages will have little impact on anything.




Al-Sa’an Al-Aswad:  A Nusra/Alqaeda C&C center was annihilated by SAA artillery today killing 7 rodents:

Muhammad Al-Dhaheek (Abu ‘Ubayda)

‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Afandi

The other 5 were reportedly foreigners.


Jabal Al-Kinn:  Another Nusra/Alqaeda base near Al-Rastan 20kms north of the Homs City was destroyed with 11 vehicles and numerous casualties reported. I have no further details.


Tal Al-‘Awaameed:  In the area of Al-Qaryatayn in East Homs, ISIS took the blow this time.  An armored APC with 6 rodents was incinerated by a Kornet rocket.


Shareefa Village:  In a major operation by the SAA against ISIS to extirpate the terrorist group from the area as a prelude to the assault on Palmyra, the SAA advanced remarkably in that direction today destroying over 20 vehicles, and countless weapons and ammo, and killing an estimated 70 vultures.


Tayfoor AB (T-4): 53 ISIS vermin were killed in this area.  The SAA confirms destroying 3 tanks, 1 armored car, 2 cannons and 5 pickups with 23mm cannons.


NOTE TO READERS:  Elements of the Tiger Force are reportedly rushing to the Palmyra area from Aleppo on the backs of trucks.    



Tafass:  This area is infested with terrorists from the group called “Jaysh Al-Mu’tazz” (The Army of Al-Mu’tazz) .  To show you how ignorant people are in this area of Syria we need to give you a little background into history.  The 14th Caliph of the Abbasid Empire was Al-Mu’tazz.  He took the throne after his brother lost it earlier due to Turkish machinations.  He took the throne at the age of only 19 years and ruled for only 4 after which he was assassinated by unpaid, disgruntled Turk soldiers.  This is the Al-Mu’tazz the terrorist group wants to emulate.  Yawn.

Today the Syrian Army killed a group of their main field commanders destroying an armed, remotely-controlled aerial drone provided by the Zionist Settlers and a C&C which was, conveniently, surrounded by 4 pickups with 23mm cannons.  They were collateral damage.


Der’ah City:  Southwest of the Sayda Carpet Factory, the SAA found and killed these rodents:

‘Aatallaah Qutayfaan

Meelaad Hamdaan

Faadi Muhaymeed (I suspect his name is really “Mahaameed”) 


Also, the SAA destroyed a transport truck south of the steel factory.


In addition to all this fun, the SAA also monitored an area near the Post Office where Nusra/Alqaeda was preparing another drone for use against the citizens of Syria.  The army destroyed the gadget without harming any civilians.  No other details.


Al-Ghaariyya Bridge:  SAA struck Nusra/Alqaeda and killed several rodents.



Alex Kharegi sends us this insightful article exposing the MSM lies about Aleppo:

Patrick Henningsen takes us on a video-tour of Aleppo with a poem read in the background by a Syrian citizen:

John Esq. sends me this interview with Aleppo’s children.  I think its Vanessa Beeley:




Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, suit and text






PALMYRA (TADMUR):  Russian satellite intelligence and Syrian “humint” has confirmed that ISIS has sent close to 5,000 terrorist rats from Mosul to Dayr El-Zor and Al-Raqqa.  This is significant because it shows the amount of coordination between Obama and the terrorist Takfiri group.  Desperate for any kind of victory for his terrorist heroes after the debacle in Aleppo, Obama has lightened the pressure on ISIS in Mosul allowing the group to provide additional reinforcements to the campaign to take back historically rich Palmyra.  But, it appears the reinforcements have made no difference in the outcome.  Yesterday and today, former officers in Saddam’s army who command the ISIS horde, were heard on radio talking to one another using terminology only trained Iraqi officers could use.  It is now an open secret that ISIS was created by the United States, Britain, Turkey and the Zionist Apartheid State in an effort to destabilize both Iraq and Syria.  Former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army were cashiered by L. Paul Bremer when he dismantled the Iraqi army, and they, in turn were recruited by the CIA, MI6, MIT and the Mossad in order to give the new terrorist organization the kind of depth only professional soldiers could give.


The Western Press is equally desperate to say something positive about the terrorists operating in Syria.  Some reports were spreading the false news that ISIS actually entered the city of Palmyra.  That is wholly untrue.  They never reached the city.  They only managed to get to the silos to the east.  There is heavy combat going on today in the Palmyra area with most terrorist attacks aiming at the eastern areas of the city.  The terrorists also attacked the industrial sector without any progress made and there was a ferocious attack by the rodents on Al-‘Aamiriyya Hill which failed.


Russian and Syrian air forces are in the air at all times targeting ISIS supply trucks, armored cars and pickups.  My source tells me that over 100 vehicles have been destroyed as of today by both the SAAF and RuAF combined with the Syrian Army’s artillery corps who are pouring into the area from Homs City.


الدفاع الروسية: الجيش السوري تمكن من صد هجوم إرهابيي

The titanic defeat in Aleppo and this new attack on Palmyra should not come as a shock to anyone.  From the beginning we all knew the CIA and MI6 were handling these terrorists on both sides of the tracks.  Whether it was Nusra/Alqaeda or ISIS, it made no real difference. All were creations of the CIA, MI6, MIT terrorist enablers.  Today, they are desperate to take the pressure off their heroes in east Aleppo.  They actually thought troops would be sent from Aleppo to Palmyra.  As it turned out, their intelligence was faulty.  Syria had thousands of additional troops and militias in Homs who were ready for immediate transfer to the front in Palmyra.


ALEPPO:  Reuters is one of the world’s least reliable news sources.  It wrote today that there was no advance by the SAA in Aleppo.

Tal Ayyoob:  The Syrian Army has killed 10 ISIS hyenas here and destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.   I have no other details.


Al-Asseela Quarter:  Just totally liberated to the southeast of the Citadel.  We have a reported 22 rodents killed or wounded.


Karm Al-Da’da’:  Mostly liberated at the southeast with the SAA now pursuing remnant rodents and combing the area for IEDs and mines.


Confirmed:  2,600 citizens have left East Aleppo on Sunday.



Watch Eva Bartlett demolish a Norwegian journalist and professional nincompoop with her answer to his idiotic question:  (thanks, Walid)



The Western propaganda machine – how it works – By Nikolai Starikov


1. Its key core principle is fragmentation. This may sound strange, but fragmentation is the ultimate foundation for Western brainwashing.

It’s no secret that the education system in “advanced democracies” is designed to artificially create a very narrow view of the world. On the contrary, the Soviet school system tries to create a holistic view of the world even among the laziest of underachievers, filling their reluctant heads with higher mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy, however unlikely that they would use all this knowledge. Understanding the way our world is connected, cause and effect, and the ability to put together and analyze various facts is called “analytical thinking”. It is the first step in creativity. All those things are suppressed in the Western system of education.

Our country has tried to adopt this system as part of “education reform”, which has one clear goal: the fragmentation of society, not simply into classes, but into castes. The ruling caste receives a classical education in privileged schools, the Cambridges and Eatons, where a holistic view of the world is taught and where future leaders and the elites of the Western world are forged. Everyone else gets an “advanced educational system”, which has virtually abolished homework, leaving students barely able to read. Anyone who went to school in the USSR and is also familiar with Western schools will tell you how much stronger the program in the Soviet Union was. Our high school students solved problems that Westerners studied in college.

The emphasis on this education system in the West is no accident.

The fragmentation of consciousness and lack of a holistic world view are characteristics of a child’s perception of reality. Children, after all, live in their own world, a world of games, fairy tales, and dreams. They eventually develop an adult worldview based on experience, seeing their surroundings for what they truly are.

2. The goal of the Western education system is to raise children. Grown-up children. The only adults in the system are graduates of elite universities who receive a real education. Hence the startling naiveté of Westerners who easily fall for all kinds of nonsense, if it is repeated to them on TV. For example, the idea that the US is a beacon of freedom and democracy for the entire world which, rather than pursuing its own interests only seeks to disseminate a rather nebulous “freedom”.

A child is easy to convince of anything – the key is to keep telling the story persuasively and vividly. The Western information machine is convincing because the same point of view is regurgitated everywhere: no other view is presented. A similar effect is achieved when a little boy poses the same question first to his mom, then to his dad, and finally to his grandmother. Having received the same answer, he decides that it must be so.

3. Children love to play and have fun, and modern Western civilization extends play and fun forever. There are thousands of games, and hundred of apps for games. There are movies, books, entire networks and special places to play. Everything is done to make sure that adults can play as much as they want. Is it important for society and humanity as a whole for individuals to play so much? What is the purpose of play for the human species? There is no conceivable benefit. But it is convenient to be able to manage individuals who only want to have fun, like a little child. This trend leads to immaturity. People do not want to have children — not surprising, since children do not create families or give birth. It’s unnecessary for them. Having families and raising children of your own generally leaves little time for games and ‘fun’.

These three features of Western civilization are behind the strategy used to manipulate “Joe Sixpack”.

Colorful, fragmented thoughts are successfully placed in his head. This man-child, the average Western Joe, has no real understanding of what is happening, and is perfectly willing to believe a tall tale if it is colorful enough and repeated often enough.

So how do you tell a manipulation from an honest presentation of the facts?

  1. Manipulators will appeal to your emotions, using feelings – and a bare minimum of facts – to create a false impression.
  2. Manipulators will present facts in the wrong sequence, in violation of logic, flipping cause and effect. They will invariably show a fragment of what is happening, but never the complete picture.

Notice how Western media campaigns, as well as those of our pro-Western liberals, who are attached to the West by an invisible umbilical cord, are always fragmented and emotional.

In August 2008, “they were all Georgians”. Another time, they were fighting against the “tyranny of Saddam Hussein”. A few years later “freedom reigned supreme in Ukraine” when they burned and stoned the unarmed “Berkut” police force. Then, all of a sudden, they are overcome by concern for the fate of Aleppo, although just yesterday, they couldn’t care less about the fate of Donetsk or Damascus and Homs. Then they will wring their hands over “Putin poisoning Litvinenko with polonium”, and nobody cares that had this been true, the method would have certainly poisoned more than one person, possibly the entire city of London.

They put a small fragment of information into the Western man-child Joe Sixpack’s mouth and wrap it in a beautiful television picture. The picture shows burned trucks, but a total absence of shell craters. Everyone watching believes that the picture shows the result of a Russian air force attack on a humanitarian convoy. Nobody reports the fact that had the convoy really been hit by aerial bombs, the trucks would not just catch fire, they would have been pulverized. But the picture is in vivid color, and oh-so-convincing.

Who is to blame for the deluge of refugees in Europe? Obviously, the European leaders who opened the floodgates of the continent to a million refugees, mainly from Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East. But what does the Western propaganda machine say? The inundation of refugees is Russia’s fault, because she makes it so difficult to overthrow Assad. Had Russia not interfered, the war would have been over by now and no one would have had to flee to Europe. The lie is not just obvious, it’s a double-header: If you yearn for peace in Syria, don’t support those who violated it – the “opposition” that is. Six years ago, there were no Syrian refugees heading to Europe, even though Bashar al-Assad was alive and well as their leader. Russia’s actions are aimed at restoring that pre-war status quo. Instead, Russia is being blamed for the bloodshed and destruction in Syria, and also, for the fact that some 100,000 refugees ended up in Germany.

When the Pentagon or the State Department, in all seriousness, point out “evidence from Facebook”, they are not kidding or being dishonest. They, too, were brought up OVER THERE. And that’s why some of them genuinely believe this information to be true. Surely, the adults, Mom and Dad, could never lie to their little boy, could they? So the child genuinely believes that if he refuses to eat his breakfast, a scary Jabberwocky will pay him a visit, displeased with his lack of appetite – with all the consequences. The child cannot even conceive of the idea that a Jabberwocky does not exist and that his mother made him up to achieve her practical objective (feed the petulant child). A Westerner cannot believe that the film about “Russian attacks on a humanitarian convoy” may have been fabricated, or that MI-6 could have poisoned Litvinenko with thallium salts, or that the Western media could sink so low as to show “riots in Moscow” with palm trees in the background (because this was actually the footage of the riots in Athens). Surely, a “civilized country” would never stoop to such fakery?

So today, the West and the Fifth Column in Russia “are residents of Aleppo” (“Je suis Aleppo!”), even though neither of them give a damn about Syria in general and Aleppo in particular. It’s just that today, the spotlight of the Western info-circus is directed that way. So everybody is obediently staring in that direction, discussing only what they are shown.

But fear not, in almost no time at all, they will forget all about Aleppo. They will be shown and told a brand new scary tale, and the infantile Joe Six-packs will believe it. They will begin to worry about someone or something… up until the moment the propaganda machine highlights other facts in another country, still failing to notice the tragedy of the Donbas or the various cities in Syria, or Yemen, or hundreds of other places on the planet whose daily tragedies are given the cold shoulder by the Western media.

Comment: The West is eliminating critical thought, solid educations, work opportunities…a culling of the minds and masses in prep for NWO. Fortunately, for humanity, the whole world doesn’t agree. By subjecting its citizens to unrelenting propaganda and methodical control, the US/West is in jeopardy of a self-fulfilled demise. It has forgotten that people, able to access untampered truth and seek higher standards for all, are its most important resource.


America’s war-talk is all bluster, Putin has slammed it with a geopolitical judo swing – By Finian Cunningham


© AP Photo/Amanda Voisard
In this Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, photo, provided by the United Nations, US President Barack Obama, left, and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin toast during a luncheon hosted during the 70th annual United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters.

With a swift, determined twist, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has wrong-footed his American adversary, pinning him to the ground over the Syrian crisis.

Writhing and flustered, the American opponent is protesting at being upended. First, in the form of a contorted media campaign smearing Russia’s military operations as somehow criminal.

Second, the Americans are breathlessly claiming that Russia’s “outrageous” support for Syrian state forces is scuppering peace efforts.

Third, the Americans have tried to intimidate Russia by cutting off diplomatic contact over Syria, which is a veiled attempt to threaten Russia militarily, either from direct US intervention in Syria or indirectly by upping supply of anti-aircraft missiles to the proxy terror groups.

Russia is having none of this American menacing. It has proceeded to ramp up the military offensive along with Syrian forces to defeat the Western-backed terror groups in their last redoubt in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. If the anti-government mercenaries are vanquished there, then the six-year foreign-fueled war for regime change in Syria is all but over.

In the diplomatic sphere, US Secretary of State John Kerry had engaged with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov for months. In diplomatic jargon, the two sides referred to each other as “partners”. But in supporting opposing sides in the war and having diametric objectives, the real relationship between Washington and Moscow is clear: they are adversaries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, an aficionado of judo martial arts, once revealed part of his pugilist philosophy learned from growing up on the mean streets of postwar St Petersburg: if a fight is looming, then don’t hesitate to strike first.

Something of this philosophy has just played out in Syria. The ceasefire plan worked out by Kerry and Lavrov was never feasible. Both Russia and its Syrian ally can be commended for giving peace a chance by initially abiding by the cessation of violence declared on September 12.

But with the various foreign-backed insurgent groups continuing violence with hundreds of violations of the truce, it was evident that there was no chance of any kind of peaceful resolution. Furthermore, the much-vaunted American appeals for separation between so-called “moderate rebels” and proscribed terrorist brigades was shown to be a fallacy. The Americans, their NATO allies and regional client regimes have been all along supporting an array of illegally armed insurgents – terrorists. There is no separation.

The deadly US airstrike on a Syrian army base in Deir ez-Zor on September 17 was the final proof that the Americans were never serious about calling a ceasefire. It was always about exploiting a much-needed relief for the foreign-backed terror proxies, which Russia and Syrian forces had been hammering for the past year.

Russia and Syria are now entitled to resume their defeat of the terror brigades with even more vengeance because the failed ceasefire proved the fraudulence of Washington’s position on Syria – as not the backer of moderate rebels, but the sponsor of terrorists, the same brand of terrorists who allegedly carried out the 9/11 attacks in New York which supposedly justified the past 15 years of US foreign wars.

Now here’s where Russia’s move in Syria becomes even more profound.

Last weekend, after Western media blitzing propaganda about humanitarian suffering in Aleppo, Moscow issued a pointed statement warning that if the US-led military coalition, which is illegally operating in Syria in the first place, were to attack Syrian government forces again then that would entail a “tectonic shift” for the region.

The statement from Moscow was an unmistakable warning that any further US-led military action in Syria would mean all-out war.

Comment: Not necessarily. It’s certainly both pointed and vague enough for it to include that interpretation though.

This line in the sand has since been followed up this week with the Russian ministry of defense disclosing that it has installed the fearsome anti-aircraft, anti-missile S-300 defense system in Syria.

Notably, too, the installation of the S-300 system came two days after Washington said that it was cutting off diplomatic talks with Russia over Syria. In other words, if Washington’s diplomatic snub was meant to intimidate Russia, then it clearly didn’t work.

The stakes are much higher than just the conflict in Syria. For at least five years since Washington jettisoned its putative “reset policy” with Moscow, the US-led NATO military alliance has been pursuing what can only be described as a policy of hostility towards Russia, a policy whose tacit logic is eventual war.

Washington wants Russia to capitulate to its global hegemony, to revert to its pathetic vassal status as was seen under the weak post-Soviet leadership of Boris Yeltsin. When Putin assumed power 16 years ago, Russia stopped being an American shoeshine boy. The country recovered its independence and national pride, as well as, crucially, its military prowess.

It is because of this independence that Washington and its European lackeys have embarked on a geopolitical strategy of undermining Russia in every conceivable way, through NATO intimidation, political and media demonization, and economic sanctions.

This week, however, it appears that Putin has finally had enough of the relentless bullying by an American tyrant that is so out of line it has found itself hopelessly wrong-footed.

When Putin announced the end of the bilateral accord with Washington to dispose of nuclear-weapon-grade plutonium, he said with, correct assessment, that it was because the Americans had failed to keep their side of that bargain, and, moreover, because of the wider US hostility towards Russia on a raft of international issues, including Syria.

Significantly, Russia is demanding that if the US wants to resume the plutonium accord, then it must fulfill several conditions. They include scaling back NATO forces on Russia’s borders, ending political harassment, scrapping economic sanctions and compensating Russia for all financial losses. The BBC described Russia’s demands as an “astonishing list of conditions”.

The point is that Russia knows that it has gained the upper-hand over its American adversary. The Russian bear has patiently tolerated unremitting provocations from the arrogant Americans for years.

Even the ultimate US provocation of threatening Russia with war has failed to deter Moscow from pursuing what it knows is right: to be treated with respect as an equal.

The past year has demonstrated that Russia has the military capability to face down any American threat, including the abominable threat of nuclear war, which the Americans have repeatedly menaced through sly comments issued by its Pentagon chiefs.

It seems not a coincidence this week that Russia announced defense drills involving 40 million of its citizens. In effect, Russia appears to be saying to the US: we are not afraid of anything, we are ready to defend our nation with even better capability than you have, so don’t even think about going to war.

Washington can bluster all it wants about mulling military options in Syria, as it does in Ukraine and elsewhere. But it’s futile bluster. Because Washington knows now that Russia has slammed it with a geopolitical judo swing.

The worst thing an adversary can do is underestimate an opponent. And the arrogant, ignorant Americans have certainly done that with regard to Russia.

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Zakharova slams US State Department for threat to ‘send Russians home in body bags’ – by Alexander Christoforou

US State Department Spokesman, John Kirby says, ‘Russia will continue to send troops home [from Syria] in body bags.’

John Kirby warned Russia that terrorist attacks may take place in Russia if the war in Syria continues.

Maria Zakharova responded to Kirby’s veiled threat by turning to her Facebook page to note that the statement sounds like a call to “get ’em”.

US State Department spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing…

“Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft.”

Kirby then warned Russia, if the war in Syria continues “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

“We are working through steps that we might have to take to begin to suspend our engagement with Russia on Syria. We haven’t taken those steps yet.”

“The message to the [Russian] Foreign Minister today was that we are perfectly willing and able to move forward on those steps that would end with the suspension of US-Russia bi-lateral engagement in Syria.”

Pressed by RT reporter Gayane Chichakyan…Kirby said the US has “influence over some of the [rebel] groups but not all.”

“There are other nations that have influence. We have admitted that not all opposition groups on every single day have abided by it, and we have continued to work with them on that.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova took to Facebook…

“And those [acts of terrorism] will be perpetrated by ‘moderate’ [Syrian opposition groups]?”

“Just the ones that Washington has been unable to separate from Al-Nusra for as long as six months?”

“[What about] Terrorist attacks in France, America and other countries; the beheadings of people of all nationalities by Islamic State militants in Syria – is this all kind of a different paradigm? Perhaps another ‘parallel reality?’

“Don’t you think that such ventriloquism about ‘body bags,’ ‘terrorist attacks in Russian cities’ and ‘loss of aircraft,’ sounds more like a ‘get ’em’ command, rather than a diplomatic comment?”

RT reports….

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Thursday that the US statements on the suspension of cooperation with Russia on Syria amount to blackmail.

“It’s a policy of threats and blackmail, aimed at imposing solutions favorable to US and its clients,” Ryabkov told RIA Novosti. “It’s impossible to reach a settlement and stabilization on such basis. But there’s no winning love by force. We have our own approach and principles,” he added.

Lavrov told Kerry that the US has long promised to separate the rebels from terrorists, citing a recent interview of an Al-Nusra commander, revealing how the group is receiving outside support, including American weapons. He also told Kerry that a number of US-backed groups are working side by side with the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front.

Russia is fully ready to continue the dialogue with the US regarding joint actions to combat terrorists in Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defense has said. It stressed, however, that this is only possible if Washington abstains from “any hints of threats to Russia’s military and citizens.”


Comment: Further reading: US condemnation against phantom Syria and Russian “humanitarian crimes” – prelude to NATO-style invasion?

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ABC, NBC Censor Largest Native Mobilization In Decades Against Dakota Access Pipeline – By Joe Catron

Native nations across the continent sign a new treaty opposing oilsands expansion as anthropologists, historians and museums condemn destruction of Sioux sites, but you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media.

Supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe rally in opposition of the Dakota Access oil pipeline in front of the White House, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Washington.

NEW YORK — As thousands of supporters around the world have joined demonstrations in solidarity with Native land and water defenders blocking the planned Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota, the largest Native mobilization in decades remains absent from some of the biggest news media in the United States.

Jim Naureckas, editor of the media watchdog site, released a report on Thursday which noted that “to this day, ABC News and NBC News have yet to broadcast a word about the pipeline struggle.”

Among the “Big Three” television networks, CBS first broached the story on Sept. 5, in “a lone report on CBS Morning News (9/5/16), amounting to 48 words read at 4 o’clock in the morning,” although Naureckas found the channel has since “returned to the story repeatedly.”

While other news channels, including MSNBC, CNN, PBS, and even Fox News, have reported the standoff, none have mentioned Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman’s threatened arrest for “criminal trespass” while covering attacks on protesters by Dakota Access-contracted security guards using dogs and pepper spray on Sept. 3.

In earlier analysis, released on Sept. 15, Naureckas noted the media’s broad lack of attention to the State of North Dakota’s “extraordinary action” against a fellow journalist.

“[M]ost national corporate media outlets—the ones who complain about not getting a seat on a candidate’s plane—breathed not a word on North Dakota’s assault on the press’s ability to cover a major story of the moment,” he wrote.


‘This movement came together to #StandWithStandingRock’

Hundreds rally Washington Square Park in New York to support Native land and water defenders opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock, North Dakota on Friday. September 9, 2016.

But even as some of the largest news outlets in the United States continue to ignore the Native and solidarity protesters blocking the pipeline’s construction, hundreds of protests in solidarity with them have united thousands of supporters around the world.

On Sept. 13 alone, over 200 actions occurred, according to

“From banner-drops in California to main-street rallies in small Midwest towns, to actions as far afield as London and Hawaii — this movement truly came together to #StandWithStandingRock,” the climate activist network said in an email to supporters.

It added that the “week’s largest rally, in Washington, DC, had over 3,000 people calling on President Obama to stop the pipeline.”


‘Keep fossil fuels in the ground’

Members of the Ponca, Santee, Winnebago and Omaha Tribes in Nebraska and Iowa along with others participate gather during a rally on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, in front of the Army Corps of Engineers offices in Omaha, Neb., to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in the Dakotas and Iowa.

The day of protests fell during several weeks of global action coordinated by Red Warrior Camp, one of the encampments standing in the pipeline’s path.

“It’s important that the world understands this fight is about much more than stopping just one oil pipeline,” Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network, an organizer of the #NoDAPL movement, said in a statement emailed to MintPress News.

“It’s about all of us standing together from the North to the South and around the world to keep fossil fuels in the ground and create a just transition to a renewable energy economy.”

Hundreds more protests coordinated by the campaign took place globally between Sept. 3 and 17. Many targeted three of the banks–Citigroup, Mizuho and TD–financing the pipeline’s construction, while others, in Los Angeles and New York, focused on British-Danish security giant G4S, one of the companies contracted by Dakota Access to guard the pipeline.

Activists rallied outside of the Manhattan, New York office of British-Danish security conglomerate G4S, before marching twice through the building's lobby, to protest the company's services to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Israel's prison system on Friday, September 16, 2016.


‘Indigenous people are often made invisible’

Angela Miracle Gladue, center, a member of the Frog Lake First Nations, a Cree community in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, attends a rally in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and in opposition of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, in Lafayette Park near the White House, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Washington.

Hundreds gathered in New York’s Union Square on Sept. 9, many carrying donations for Red Warrior Camp and another nearby gathering site, the Camp of the Sacred Stones.

“We collected ten bins of supplies to send to Standing Rock,” Anne Spice, a Tlingit member of Kwanlin Dun First Nation and doctoral student in anthropology at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center, told MintPress.

Spice, originally from Treaty 7 territory in Alberta, Canada, launched NYC Stands with Standing Rock, the group which organized the demonstration.

“Indigenous people are often made invisible in New York City, and so claiming space to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock was a really powerful statement,” she said.

“The atmosphere of the rally really reflected this.”


‘Every means necessary’

Native Americans protest the Dakota Access oil pipeline on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016 near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in southern North Dakota.

As demonstrations continue globally, many organizations have also sent delegations to Standing Rock in solidarity with its ongoing encampments.

“There are people there who have flown in from Ecuador, there are people from Massachusetts — all over,” Imani Henry, a Brooklyn resident and founder of Equality for Flatbush, a neighborhood group opposing gentrification and police violence, told MintPress.

Imani, who had just returned from Standing Rock, spoke with MintPress during a break in a meeting of the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network on September 13.

“They’re going to use every means necessary, from civil disobedience to prayer, to stop this pipeline,” he said.

‘A struggle for future generations’

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Other supporters have travelled much further, with one of the most notable delegations, a group of three indigenous leaders, hailing from the Ecuadorian Amazon.Franco Viteri, Nina Gualinga, and Eriberto Gualinga, of the Kichwa community of Sarayaku, whose visit was coordinated by the support group Amazon Watch, arrived on Sept. 12.

“This is the struggle of the Sioux, as it is the struggle of other peoples on other continents: defending life and water,” Viteri, a former president of Confeniae (Federation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon), said in a statement emailed to MintPress.

“It is also a struggle for future generations against those who want to destroy life on this earth.”


‘Irreplaceable losses’

A line of protesters against the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota head to a unity rally on the west steps of the State Capitol late Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, in Denver.

In the aftermath of a federal appeals court ruling which froze the pipeline’s construction near Standing Rock on Sept. 19, two new developments highlight the surging opposition to the project.

On Wednesday, more than 1,200 anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and museum workers released a statement denouncing Dakota Access, LLC’s destruction of Standing Rock Sioux burial grounds and sacred sites.

“The construction crews, flanked by private security and canine squads, arrived just hours after the Standing Rock Sioux tribal lawyers disclosed the location of the recently discovered site in federal court filings,” they wrote.

“We stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and affirm their treaty rights, tribal sovereignty, and the protection of their lands, waters, cultural and sacred sites, and we stand with all those attempting to prevent further irreparable losses.”


‘Unity and solidarity’

Activists in New York's Union Square rally in support of Native-Americans battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

On Thursday, over 50 indigenous nations from across North America, including the Standing Rock Sioux, formalized a new treaty against oilsands expansion.

“Based on our sovereign, inherent right to self-determination, we have collectively decided that we will pick up our sacred responsibilities to the land, waters, and people,” Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs said.

“We will come together in unity and solidarity to protect our territory from the predations of big oil interests, industry, and everything that represents.”

The Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion, signed at simultaneous gatherings in Montreal and Vancouver, obligates its members “to work in collaboration with all peoples and all governments in building a more equitable and sustainable future, one that will produce healthier and more prosperous communities across Turtle Island and beyond, as well as preserve and protect our peoples’ way of life.”

The signatories hope “to develop a sustainable economy that does not marginalize our people,” Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs said.

“This is a time of great spiritual awakening for our peoples as we reinvigorate our Nations and ensure a better tomorrow for all.”

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