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The Kitos War (115–117; Hebrew: מרד הגלויות‎: mered ha’galuyot or mered ha’tfutzot [מרד התפוצות]; translation: rebellion of the diaspora. Latin: Tumultus Iudaicus) occurred during the period of the Jewish–Roman wars, 66–136. While the majority of the Roman armies were fighting Trajan’s Parthian War on the eastern border of the Roman Empire, major uprisings by ethnic Judeans in Cyrenaica, Cyprus and Egypt spiraled out of control, resulting in a widespread slaughter of left behind Roman garrisons and Roman citizens by Jewish rebels. Some of the areas with the heaviest massacres were left so utterly annihilated that others were made to settle these areas to prevent the absence of any remaining presence. The rebellions were finally crushed by Roman legionary forces, chiefly by the Roman general Lusius Quietus, whose nomen later gave the conflict its title, as “Kitos” is a later corruption of Quietus


Tension between the Jewish population of the Roman Empire and the Greek and Roman populations mounted over the course of the 1st century CE, gradually escalating with various violent events, mainly throughout Judea (Iudaea), where parts of the Judean population occasionally erupted into violent insurrections against the Roman Empire. Several incidents also occurred in other parts of the Roman Empire, most notable the Alexandria pogroms, targeting the large Jewish community of Alexandria in the province of Egypt.

The escalation of tensions finally erupted as the Great Revolt of Judea, which began in the year 66 CE. It erupted initially due to Greek and Jewish religious tensions, but later escalated due to anti-taxation protests and attacks upon Roman citizens.[1] The Roman military garrison of Judea was quickly overrun by rebels and the pro-Roman king Herod Agrippa II fled Jerusalem, together with Roman officials to Galilee. Cestius Gallus, the legate of Syria, brought the Syrian army, based on XII Fulminata, reinforced by auxiliary troops, to restore order and quell the revolt. The legion, however, was ambushed and defeated by Jewish rebels at the Battle of Beth Horon, a result that shocked the Roman leadership.

The Roman command of the revolt’s suppression was then handed to general Vespasian and his son Titus, who assembled four legions and began advancing through the country, starting with Galilee, in the year 67 CE. The revolt ended when legions under Titus besieged and destroyed the center of rebel resistance in Jerusalem in the year 70 CE, and defeated the remaining Jewish strongholds later on.

Revolt and warfare[edit]

In 115, the emperor Trajan was in command of the eastern campaign against the Parthian Empire. The Roman invasion had been prompted by the imposition of a pro-Parthian king on the throne of Armenia after a Parthian invasion of that land. This encroachment on the traditional sphere of influence of the Roman Empire — the two empires had shared hegemony over Armenia since the time of Nero some 50 years earlier — could only lead to war.

As Trajan’s army advanced victoriously through Mesopotamia, Jewish rebels in its rear began attacking the small garrisons left behind. A revolt in far off Cyrenaica soon spread to Egypt and then Cyprus, inciting revolt in Judea. A widespread uprising centered at Lydda threatened grain supplies from Egypt to the front. The Jewish insurrection swiftly spread to the recently conquered provinces. Cities with substantial Jewish populations – Nisibis, Edessa, Seleucia, Arbela – joined the rebellion and slaughtered their small Roman garrisons.


In Cyrenaica, the rebels were led by one Lukuas or Andreas, who called himself “king” (according to Eusebius of Caesarea). His group destroyed many temples, including those to Hecate, Jupiter, Apollo, Artemis, and Isis, as well as the civil structures that were symbols of Rome, including the Caesareum, the basilica, and the public baths.

The 4th century Christian historian Orosius records that the violence so depopulated the province of Cyrenaica that new colonies had to be established by Hadrian:

“The Jews … waged war on the inhabitants throughout Libya in the most savage fashion, and to such an extent was the country wasted that, its cultivators having been slain, its land would have remained utterly depopulated, had not the Emperor Hadrian gathered settlers from other places and sent them thither, for the inhabitants had been wiped out.”[2]

Dio Cassius states of Jewish insurrectionaries:

“‘Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”[3]

The original 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia cited this about the Cyrene massacres:

“By this outbreak Libya was depopulated to such an extent that a few years later new colonies had to be established there (Eusebius, “Chronicle” from the Armenian, fourteenth year of Hadrian). Bishop Synesius, a native of Cyrene in the beginning of the fifth century, speaks of the devastations wrought by the Jews (“Do Regno,” p. 2).”[4]

The Jewish Encyclopedia acknowledges Dio Cassius’s importance as a source, though believes his accounts of the actions at Cyrene and on Cyprus may have been embellished:

“For an account of the Jewish war under Trajan and Hadrian Dion is the most important source (lxviii. 32, lxix. 12–14), though his descriptions of the cruelties perpetrated by the Jews at Cyrene and on the island of Cyprus are probably exaggerated.”[5]


Then Lukuas, leader of rebel Jews, moved towards Alexandria, entered the city, which had been abandoned by the Roman troops in Egypt under the leadership of governor Marcus Rutilius Lupus, and set fire to the city. The Egyptian temples and the tomb of Pompey were destroyed. Jewish rebels reportedly also prevailed in a battle at Hermopolis in 116, as indicated in a papyrus.[6]

Trajan sent new troops under the praefectus praetorio Marcius Turbo, but Egypt and Cyrenaica were pacified only in autumn 117.


In Cyprus a Jewish band under a leader named Artemion took control of the island, killing tens of thousands of Cypriot Greek civilians. The Cypriot Jews participated in the great uprising against the Romans under Trajan (117), and massacred 240,000 Greeks.[3][7] A Roman army was dispatched to the island, soon reconquering the capital. After the revolt had been fully defeated, laws were created forbidding any Jews to live on the island.


A new revolt sprang up in Mesopotamia, while Trajan was in the Persian Gulf. Trajan reconquered Nisibis (Nusaybin in Turkey), the capital of Osroene Edessa, and Seleucia (Iraq), each of which housed large Jewish communities.

A pro-Roman son of the Parthian king Osroes I, named Parthamaspatas, had been brought on the expedition as part of the emperor’s entourage. Trajan had him crowned in Ctesiphon as king of the Parthians. “Trajan, fearing that the Parthians, too, might begin a revolt, desired to give them a king of their own. Accordingly, when he came to Ctesiphon, he called together in a great plain all the Romans and likewise all the Parthians that were there at the time; then he mounted a lofty platform, and after describing in grandiloquent language what he had accomplished, he appointed Parthamaspates king over the Parthians and set the diadem upon his head.” (Dio Cassius). With this done, Trajan moved north to take personal command of the ongoing siege of Hatra.

The siege continued throughout the summer of 117, but the years of constant campaigning in the baking eastern heat had taken their toll on Trajan, who suffered a heatstroke. He decided to begin the long journey back to Rome in order to recover. Sailing from Seleucia, the emperor’s health deteriorated rapidly. He was taken ashore at Selinus in Cilicia, where he died, and his successor, Hadrian, assumed the reins of government in 118.


Jewish leader Lukuas fled to Judea.[8] Marcius Turbo pursued him and sentenced to death the brothers Julian and Pappus, who had been key leaders in the rebellion. Lusius Quietus, the conqueror of the Jews of Mesopotamia, was now in command of the Roman army in Judea, and laid siege to Lydda, where the rebel Jews had gathered under the leadership of Julian and Pappus. The distress became so great that the patriarch Rabban Gamaliel II, who was shut up there and died soon afterwards, permitted fasting even on Ḥanukkah. Other rabbis condemned this measure.[9] Lydda was next taken and many of the rebellious Jews were executed; the “slain of Lydda” are often mentioned in words of reverential praise in the Talmud.[10] Rebel leaders Pappus and Julian were among those executed by the Romans in the same year.[11]

Lusius Quietus, whom the Emperor Trajan had held in high regard and who had served Rome so well, was quietly stripped of his command once Hadrian had secured the Imperial title. He was murdered in unknown circumstances in the summer of 118, possibly by the orders of Hadrian.

Hadrian took the unpopular, but far-sighted, decision to end the war, abandoning much of Trajan’s eastern conquests and stabilising the eastern borders. Although he abandoned the erstwhile province of Mesopotamia, he installed Parthamaspates – who had been ejected from Ctesiphon by the returning Osroes – as king of a restored Osroene. For a century Osroene would retain a precarious independence as a buffer state, sandwiched between the two empires.

The situation in Judea remained tense for the Romans, who were obliged under Hadrian to permanently move the Legio VI Ferrata into Caesarea Maritima in Judea.


Further developments occurred in Judea Province in the year 130, when Emperor Hadrian visited the Eastern Mediterranean and, according to Cassius Dio, made the decision to rebuild the city of Jerusalem as the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina, derived from his own name. The decision, together with Hadrian’s other sanctions against the Jews, was allegedly one of the reasons for the eruption of the 132 Bar Kokhba revolt — an extremely violent uprising. The rebellion ended with a ban upon the Jewish faith across the Roman Empire, which was lifted in 138, upon Hadrian’s death.

Manufacturing Dissent – The New Culture War – By Chris Kanthan (

antifa poster

Noam Chomsky famously talked about manufacturing consent, a propaganda tool of the elites to control people. However, another equally potent way to control people is by manufacturing dissent. This is otherwise known as ‘divide and rule’, a strategy usually restricted to foreign policy, but now being directed at the American people by the American elites. Neo-Nazis, Alt Right, Antifa, destruction of statues, and Americans assaulting one another are all signs of a divided nation that’s in the throes of a manufactured ‘culture war’. While the ruling class is laughing it up, the middle and working classes are ensnared in what I would call a Societal Autoimmune Disorder (S.A.D.). Between 2008 and now, we have been cleverly steered away from ‘Occupy Wall Street’ to ‘Occupy One Another’.

In a united America, people would be focusing on the economy of reverse Robin Hood that has left 78% of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck; the unsustainable debt that shackles college students and the whole nation; the theft by Wall Street, banksters and the Federal Reserve Bank; the endless, maniacal wars that the military-industrial complex demands; the erosion of civil liberty and privacy; the unhealthy, fake food made from GMO and toxic chemicals; the rise in numerous chronic diseases; and the inexorable rise in healthcare costs, to name a few.

However, many Americans are oblivious to all of that and are busy fighting each other, if not physically then in their own heads and on social media. Whites against blacks, men against women, straight against gay, citizens against immigrants, Christians against Muslims, right against left and so on. There is no logical, mature discussion. Two groups meet to see who can yell louder and nastier. When the police are successful in separating the groups, the mobs content themselves with a cacophony of nonsense. When the police step away, caveman instincts arise and people beat each other up. Whatever happened to “Love Trumps Hate”?

In Syria, after a city was liberated from jihadists, a person observed, “Syria was the most secular, the most comfortable country in the Arab world. It was embarrassing if someone asked whether you were a Muslim or a Christian.” This was the case before March 2011. Within a year, Sunni extremists were killing Shiite Muslims and Christians. Muslim neighbors who had been wonderful friends for generations turned against Yazidi Christians when the madness of ISIS infected their souls; churches that had been around for centuries were destroyed; and thousands of Christians were killed and 1 million were expelled from their homes.

Igniting sectarianism and turning one group against another is all too easy for the elites it seems, whether it’s 500 BC or 2000 AD; whether it’s a third-world country or a developed nation.

Multiculturalism is hard, but it’s made infinitely more difficult when people are taught to focus on their differences, dig up old wounds, demonize entire groups of people, and embrace victimhood. Many Americans are now programmed to be acutely aware of race, gender, ‘identity’ etc. In addition, people are being actively encouraged to get ‘triggered’ by other people’s opinions, words, expressions, and even emotions.

In spirituality and psychology, from Buddha to the most successful people of the 21st century, collective wisdom teaches us that if you want to be happy, you should learn to ignore other people’s opinions and judgments, the things you can’t change and, in general, the trivial events that occur all around you every day.

Instead, we have a new generation of social engineers who tell people to be hyper-vigilant, constantly on the lookout for every conceivable way they could possibly take offense, the wrong words, wrong phrases and wrong opinions expressed in the wrong tones.

Antifa- clashes

The elites are also manufacturing dissent by highlighting selective statistics and assigning evil intentions to them. For example, if only 20% of computer scientists are women, we’re told it must be because of sexism. We can’t engineer a society that has perfect representation in all careers for all groups in the demographic. 98% of auto-mechanics are men and 94% of nurses are women. Are we going to ‘fix’ those too? If the radical leftists have their way, we’ll be forced to. What they fail to recognize, or do recognize but studiously ignore, is that broad scale social and cultural changes, if they are even appropriate, have to occur naturally. A society is not an inanimate mathematical model on a computer that can be tweaked at will and ‘rebooted’.

Similarly, every country and ethnicity has a dark history where the powerful took advantage of the relatively weaker groups. But you know what? It’s still going on. Only that the elite ‘social engineers’ use far more sophisticated tactics today. They devalue the currency and tell you that you got a raise. They feed you poison and then bankrupt you with expensive treatments that only cure the symptoms. They destroy Syria and Libya and tell you that they are “humanitarian wars”; they pulverize the homes of 20 million people, accept 1 million as refugees, and tell you how compassionate the system is and that you must respect it. They enslave people with debt and mass media, and tell you that slavery was eradicated long time ago.

To distract us from the misery of the totalitarian system run by oligarchs – the 1% that own half the global wealth – are busy conjuring up ways to create a civil war so that we fight each other and not them.

Autoimmune disorders happen when the human immune system becomes extremely sensitive and resorts to attacking harmless things – say, pollen. In some cases, the immune system is so ‘paranoid’ that it starts destroying other organs in the body. The end result is that the entire body becomes ‘inflamed’. And so it is with society.

The elites are inducing Societal Autoimmune Disorder (S.A.D.) in America.

Let’s not succumb to this perilous disease that is ultimately self-inflicted. Let’s not get manipulated into fighting one another. Take some time out, tune out mainstream media for a while, get out of your bubble, and reach out to your neighbor, colleague, family and friends. America as a nation is at a crossroads, and the next decade might very well bring unprecedented changes and challenges. The only way forward is for Americans to come together, set aside ideologies, discuss and debate issues in a logical and constructive manner, and synthesize the foundation for a prosperous future. If we don’t make these efforts, the best case scenario is that Americans in 2100 may find themselves demanding the destruction of statues built in 2017. The worst case scenario… well, you probably don’t want to contemplate that, although it might be very useful for you to do so.


Chris Kanthan (Profile)

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Syria – War of Deception. It’s available in a condensed as well as a longer version. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to 35 countries, and writes about world affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto. Folow him on Twitter: @GMOChannel

The Lunatic Technocracy to Introduce Truth Algorithms for Us – By Phil Butler



The lunatics are set loose. Nobody is watching the asylum. And soon the sanitarium gates will burst open into the world population. Yes, I am talking about America the lunatic pen. Google, the disorderly orderly of the digital wing of the nut house, now has free reign. Read to the end, and the disjointed chaos caused when natural selection goes wrong.

When I read the news Google’s Eric Schmidt had announced the Mountain View company would “create” algorithm to de-rank Russia’s RT and Sputnik, I instantly thought, “Here we go into the last phased of Orwell’s 1984.” First, there is no algorithm to create to take RT and Sputnik out of the public view. Google execs just make everything sound technical to appease weak minds. And they love to be able to blame things on “the machine” if things go wrong. For the novice in how Google really works it is probably best to just consider worst cases of corporate monopolization. If you ever saw the film “The Devil’s Advocate”, then understanding how people get roped into the Mountain View, California manipulation machine will be easier. But that’s a story for the former Editor in Chief of Search Engine Journal (me) to tell. For now, let’s return to the Google search machine and Eric Schmidt.

Sure, Google uses math to propagate intelligent search. And the last couple of years have seen millions of media outlets, bloggers, and companies virtually destroyed by algorithm updates; Caffeine, Panda and Penguin. But Google’s most devastating weapon against publishers is the ability and inclination to manually reduce the ranking of any site. Interestingly, this “manual” aspect of Google was hidden by the company when the Penguin anti-SPAM algorithm came under heavy scrutiny. You can read here where Google finally came and created procedures for the millions they destroyed, but it took some doing to get Schmidt’s company to come clean about taking out people’s sites. My company lost a half a million-dollar bid to buy our Everything PR News when the site was de-ranked over a corporate complaint because of our investigative reporting. Caught in the fervor of the “Panda” moment, fate shined the light onto former Google evangelists. We learned that manipulative ranking was the company’s goal all along. And now two big platforms for independent voices have fallen prey to Big Brother. Make no mistake, those of us who have been presented on RT and Sputnik found a listening post that will now be silenced.

What the none of the readers of this report will know, is that the Google and its dark SEO community underneath, collaborated to rule and monetize everything you see, read, and hear on the internet years ago. Don’t freak out when you learn (recent RT story) Eric Schmidt is in bed with the deep state, the NSA, the Pentagon, Barack Obama the Clintons or whoever. Please freak out when you learn how truly evil the people behind Google really are. They will stop at nothing, as the saying goes.

Since Schmidt’s comments before the Halifax International Security Forum Google has backtracked slightly in reaction to Russian communications agency Roskomnadzor suggesting there may be recriminations against Google should RT and Sputnik be unranked nefariously. However, no matter which way Google’s politics, PR, and lobbying go, the company’s march onward toward an Orwellian finale continues. In this CNBC article the former software engineer transformed into billionaire (magically) tries to convince readers Google is Israel’s King Solomon, an entity which needs to decide for users either A or B ideology is better. If you read between the lines you can detect the arrogance and insane intentions of these people. THEY WANT TO DECIDE FOR US. Get it? Read from the story in reference to Schmidt’s “algorithmic” adjudication of the truth:

“Let’s say that this group believes Fact A and this group believes Fact B and you passionately disagree with each other and you are all publishing and writing about it and so forth and so on. It is very difficult for us to understand truth.”

Google and the other technocrat controlled worlds are becoming more and more like Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. If you think America has been dumbed down educationally, inundated with ultra-consumerist ideals, and brainwashed with ongoing morality advertising, then the pinpoint of light being beamed in by RT and other independent media being shut off will be a significant milestone. I cannot get over MSNBC’s headline on Schmidt: “Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: It can be ‘very difficult’ for Google’s search algorithm to understand truth.” It’s as if they are introducing “the machine” that is to rule us.

Somehow, in some fantastical metamorphosis and cosmic realignment of neutrons, software engineers (Schmidt), former Wall Street wannabees (Bezos), and programmers turned entrepreneur (Gates) riding the genius of people like Tim Paterson end up advising the world on everything including truth. It is in the traits and personalities of these “technocrats” that we find the seed that has become our collective insanity in almost everything. A good example of what I mean is what I call the “geek” mentality, which is better described as a “gamer” point of view. The people who now advise presidents, parliaments, the military, and academia have a real “hacker” mentality. Anyone who has dabbled in coding and the geek culture knows what I am talking about. The Bill Gates or Steve Jobs (rest his narcissist soul) type personality is smartass – winner takes all – and anything goes to core. In this hacker world underneath Google and the other tech entities, there is no such thing as cheating. A lie to these people is something funny, if it gets past its target that is. Hard core geeks, when all is said and done, are the nastiest bunch of sociopaths you can imagine. Look at how Gates stabbed Apple’s Jobs in the back. And at how Jobs and Gates pirated former colleagues. Stealing to this generation of pencil neck brats is just part of a big digital board game. You know I am telling the truth, every time one of them laughs in your face. Sneaky, nasty, and bursting with their physical frailty. Connivers.

Eric Schmidt is a poster boy for screwed up natural selection processes that took a detour when Rome fell. Many of my colleagues are asking; “Just who in hell made these people experts on truth or geopolitics?” We have to face the fact that influence of any kind bears more weight than truth. Look at Lady Gaga, Madonna, Meryl Streep and Eric Schmidt cited as authorities on how we should X, Y, or Z? We are in this mess of censorship for one reason – we allowed them to go too far. They’re empowered by our inaction just like the schoolyard bullies who beat them up back when. This is what geek culture taught. It taught the Eric Schmidt’s of the world to get back at us all incrementally, one inch at a time, like those bad boys back in grade school. The sum of their vast intellectual gift is to become what they hated. Winners by the definition of a nasty trollism world in which they live. The moves against Russia and RT are not just an instance of Russophobic overreaction – these people want to know the limits of your apathy.

Some readers will scoff at my vociferous opposition to this billionaire geeks, but I know of that which I speak. When an old friend, founder of Search Engine Journal, made me editor in chief of his media site back in 2012 I had every intention of leveling the SEO playing field and search. Baker knew my intentions at transparency and a return to search engine parity from the onset, only he had no idea how far Google’s under culture was prepared to go to destroy anybody speaking of such. That story is a subject for a future report, but suffice it to say I have the goods on how Google came to dominance. The instant I introduced alternative voices to Google culture at SEJ, the dogs of hell were unleashed to destroy me and my business. Like I said, you have no idea how nasty these people are. You have no inkling how far they will take this game once the information bubble is fully domed over you. The end reality is something out of a Hollywood apocalyptic vision. This has nothing whatsoever to do with whether RT and Sputnik are 50% or 100% truth. This Google move is about selling you a 100% lie.

In a coming report, I’ll give you more evidence their rankings have zero to do with truth.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



Wilder and woollier indeed. We have already discussed, in a separate piece,  the rampant dysfunctional ism infecting so many governments today. The U.S., arguably the world’s greatest power, is led by a functioning maniac who lives in a cocoon of self-deceit and delusion.  Prideful and addicted to braggadocio, he is hell-bent on proving that he differs from other leaders whom he calls “politicians” in that he “does what he says he is going to do’.  Today’s scandal du jour is his threat to move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  World leaders normally take these kinds of American threats as a form of posturing, but, with Trump, who is universally viewed as a loose cannon, the threat has a certain resonance. Trump’s administration is geared to serve up Rabelaisian abominations.  The American ambassador to the Zionist Entity is a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist.  The president’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been revealed to be a founder of an organization supporting illegal settlements on the West Bank, and is, by all accounts, a raving Zionist psycho with Russian DNA.

Now that the U.S. is out of the peace-making business, thanks to Mr. Trump’s gesture to the Zionist settlers, he can begin preparing for a new kind of Middle East where he doesn’t have to worry about humanitarian issues or matters of conscience.  No, he’s just going to do what is in the best interests of America, to wit: occupy lands belonging to other countries with or without their governments’ consent; sell vast amounts of weapons to his tyrannical allies; muscle in on anything that smacks of natural assets needed by the U.S.; kill any self-respect the Arabs still have; and, to his surprise, watch his plans for domination sink in the historic swamp of misdeeds along with the Zionist Abomination which controls his regime and his nation.

Besides selling billions of dollars of missiles and ordnance to the crackpot Saudi Arabian pedophiles so they can continue their illegal and genocidal war against the Yemenis, Trump is hankering for new wars against North Korea and Iran, both powerful nations with the ability to sink American ships, not to mention defend their own lands with fanatical tenacity.  Trump is trying to deflect attention from the probe conducted by Robert Mueller and he might actually open up new wars to accomplish exactly that end.  He promised no new foreign wars as he was campaigning for the White House.  That campaign promise has turned out to be a flagrant lie.

My new source, Chris, now tells me that the U.S. has been building a massive underground military complex just north of the Jordanian capital of Amman.  Chris has tied this monstrous base to the Halliburton company which used to be run by historical coward, draft dodger and war-monger, Dick Cheney.  When the people of Jordan find out about this base whose purpose is to enshrine American occupation of the Arab World, they might finally go berserk and depose the Tom Thumb tyrant who is calmly frittering away what dignity they might still have.

The base just north of the Jordanian capital is an attestation to the unwillingness of the CIA, the Mossad and the Saudi “Intelligence” service to accept defeat in Syria. It’s that pesky Iranian plan to extend a gas pipeline across Iraq to the Syrian littoral that is fueling this rampant obstinacy.  But, there’s more to it than that, Chris says.

Chris insists that much of the planning aimed at deposing Dr. Assad was related to the vast oil reserves discovered below the ground of the Golan Heights which the Zionists are keen on exploiting in their own cupiditous and malicious way.  They have granted an American company, Genie Energy (based in New Jersey), the rights to extract the oil.  Genie Energy is owned by Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch, all major shareholders.  According to an article, written by Michael B. Kelley for the Business Insider periodical, they were granted a 153 square mile area in the southern part of the Heights.  The transfer of the oil, via pipeline, will inevitably involve Halliburton, the company once headed by Dick Cheney.

So, what will Jordanians do when Trump announces today, Wednesday, December 6, that he intends to recognize Zionism’s claim to Jerusalem and move the U.S. embassy there?  What will they do knowing that their own miserable king has tried to dissuade the indissuadable Trump from this incredible mockery of international law and U.N. agreements?  Gee, I don’t know.  But, what I do know is that this so-called king, his father before him and his grandfather were all traitors to the Arab people.  And a leopard cannot change his spots.

The decision has been made to forcibly oust Dr. Assad using non-proxy forces.  The past reliance on proxies has resulted in abject failure. In order for the ouster to happen, several ducks have to be placed in a row.

The first segment of this plan is to keep American forces, at all costs, on the ground in Iraq and Syria.  As many of you have heard, the Pentagon has recklessly averred that it intends to keep American troops in Syria for as long as it takes to support American interests, whatever that means.  It is our belief that the U.S. is building up its forces in Syria to offset the expected loss of the Turkish base at Incirlik where the Americans, British and French hatched their plans to enslave the Arab people.  Not only that, the new underground base Chris pointed to in Jordan is, evidently,  being developed to offset the expected loss of the American base at ‘Udeid in Qatar as Doha continues to expand its ties to Iran while downsizing its interest in its Persian Gulf alliances.  King Abdullah II of Jordan is privy to all this treachery.  But, he is a good actor, like his father.

The U.S. has to stay in Syria too because the Kurds are vulnerable to the Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish armies.  The Americans think that by merely being there, no combination of forces would dare to challenge the ostentatious pretensions of the American military.  Oh, yeah?  The Taliban have been fighting the U.S. for going on 16 years with no end in sight.  Just wait until Afghan and Iraqi militias start an insurgency against the U.S. in Syria with attendant body bags piling up on the tarmacs of runways.  So much for Trump’s promises of no more foreign entanglements.

The Kurds have a deeper and more significant role to play in Syria than what meets the eye.  You see, the Kurds who are mostly Syrian, can give the U.S. the fig leaf of legitimacy it needs to justify its presence in Syria.  The Kurds, for their part can be employed to claw away at Iranian power at the corridor Tehran plans to use for both the pipeline and the avenue to arm HZB.  With the U.S. enmeshed and embedded with the Kurds, it is believed at the Pentagon that no effort will be made to destabilize this preposterous plan without triggering an American military response.  This is how foreign wars get started and Trump doesn’t have a clue.

According to Chris, the Deep State involves many actors, all of whom have an interest in the ouster of Dr. Assad and the Ba’ath Party.  Companies like Halliburton, Monsanto, Blackwater (Academi), Lockheed-Martin, Wackenhut and DynCorp are all part of the same vast interlocking network of Cabalists determined to greedily secure all the wealth of the Middle East for the sake of the Zionist Entity.  They don’t care about ISIS or Al-Qaeda.  Those are merely the pawns they employ to encircle their prey before devouring it. The leader of ISIS for that matter, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, was programmed in Tel Aviv by Mossad and CIA psycho-neurologists after he was released from prison in Iraq.  I wrote extensively about this matter in a previous post but few picked up on it even though I was the writer who disclosed to the world that the leadership of ISIS was top heavy with former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army before they were cashiered by L. Paul Bremer.

For the ducks to be in row, the Saudi operations HQ has to be in sync with both the Jordanian and Zionists ones.  While Jordan has had much experience coordinating with the Mossad, the Saudis are still relative neophytes in this kind of world.  For the Saudis to be able to play their part effectively, Mossad agents, now reportedly in Amman, have started a virtual university course for spooks aimed at the Saudi traitors.  They are being taught communications and spotting, handling agents and assassination techniques.  I have received some reports that the coursework is not going well due to the utter emptiness of the Wahhabist mind.  Yet, down the road, a decision will be made to pursue the goals of the American Deep State with or without KSA.

The Yemen crisis has to be resolved.  It is eating up too much of KSA’s time and assets.  This is why the Saudi government has decided to participate in what is essentially a war of extermination to bring the Zaydi’s to their knees.  However, if history teaches anything about Arabia Felix, it’s that the people there in Yemen are as obstinate as their rocks.  The Saudis will kill many children, but, they will eventually have to concede defeat, a concession that will not augur well for the Saudi-Jordanian-Zionist alliance.

The Saudis have to resolve their differences with Qatar.  To be candid, I have wondered aloud about why this conflict even exists.  If the entire matter has something to do with financing and organizing terrorism in Syria, the record is replete with Saudi complicity in precisely that king of activity.  Why would KSA, now under the heel of MBS, create a new crisis based on a falsehood?  It might be that the Saudis were concerned about a war crimes charge or were fearful that the Syrians would take the effort to unseat Dr. Assad very hard.  These are mere possibilities to explain the aberrant political behavior of the Saudis. But, if they fail to end this conflict with Qatar, the shadow of Iran will once again fall on the gulf with one key member firmly in the Iranian camp.

As I have written before, Qatar has, evidently,mended relations with Tehran by securing access to that infamous pipeline.  If that is so, it may be that such collusion with a sworn enemy is driving the Saudis to point an accusatory finger at Doha when that finger may just as well be pointed back at them.  Ironic, isn’t it?

The plan also calls for a Zionist army at the very top of its game.  Recent maneuvers in the Golan and the Galilee are demonstrating that the enemy is planning an multi-pronged attack on Hizbollah and the Syrian army.  If that is so, the Zionist high command has to take into consideration the probability that both HZB and the SAA are going to fire a vast arsenal of missiles at the cities of Occupied Palestine.  The Iron Dome is simply not geared to intercept 100 missiles every minute which is exactly what both HZB and the SAA are going to do.  The Iron Dome will be overwhelmed. And if Iran begins to fire missiles at the Zionist Apartheid State, that’s all the merrier.  And, yet, that is precisely what the Saudis are hoping for: a massive, possibly nuclear, reaction from Mileikowski’s military.  That may be the only scenario which would give KSA and its fledgling nincompoop, MBS, a victory over Iran.

That the Zionist Settler State would involve itself in an apocalyptic scenario like the one described is difficult to believe.  However, unless the Zionists can find a better methodology to rid the Fertile Crescent of Iranian ambitions, this is all they have.  To be sure, they might try an attack focused on HZB only as a way to avoid creating an inferno which would engulf them also and lead to the destruction of their state.  But, it is hard to see how an attack on HZB would not spiral out of control and bring in actors like the Syrian Army, Iran’s IRGC or, even, Russia.

With Americans, Saudis and Zionists working together with the hapless Jordanians, one can see where this is all going to lead.



Wanna know who killed ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh of Yemen?  Read this critically important article about collusion between the ragheaded Ayraabs of the Gulf and the Zionist Apartheid State:

Good article from John Esq. about why the Syrian Army has remained loyal to the central government.  There are some errors such as ascribing to Muhammad Al-Khawli a Sunni identity.  Of course, he was a fellow Alawite during President Hafiz Al-Assad’s days but was dumped after the Nizaar Hindaawi Affair:

Want to read the details of the great American-backed victory in Al-Raqqa?  Get it all here while it’s hot:

Sharmine’s article about why U.S.brokered talks are inevitably farcical:

Hamas Announces Beginning of Third ‘Intifada’ Against US Decision on Jerusalem – By © REUTERS/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa Middle East

© REUTERS/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa
Middle East

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The previous intifadas in 1987-1991 and 2000-2005 left hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians dead.

Hamas has announced the beginning of the third “intifada” six days after US President Donald Trump announced the controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

According to the Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization, which governs the Gaza Strip, it expects the “day of rage” protests against the US move, which claimed two lives and left over 1,000 injured on Friday, to continue.

“Protests will continue in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. Because we protest against the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as we consider it the capital of Palestine. We hope that the protests will develop further and further,” the movement’s press secretary told RIA Novosti.

READ MORE: Israel Strikes Targets in Gaza as Hamas Calls for ‘Intifada’

A day after Trump’s announcement, which has been condemned by Muslim states and countries backing a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the leader of the political bureau of Hamas called for a third “intifada” uprising “against the US and Zionist plans to Judaize Jerusalem.” Amid tense clashes between Palestinians and police over the US decision on Jerusalem, the Israeli army has intensified its operations against Hamas, particularly, targeting its tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

Most recently, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Wasel Abu Yousef, told Sputnik that the Palestinian movements of Hamas and Fatah, formerly rivals, are united over Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. Following a new round of reconciliation talks under the mediation of Egyptian authorities held in October, Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement with both sides promising it would usher in a new era of Palestinian unity.The previous intifada uprisings in 1987-1991 and 2000-2005 left hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians dead. The first Palestinian intifada was a Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation of the territories conquered during the 1967 Six-Day War, while the second uprising was provoked by visits of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and a group of his supporters of the Temple Mount. While the second intifada had declined, the situation still has remained tense.

The First Intifada

Strictly 50 years ago, the wider world was stunned as Israel occupied the remaining Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and even the Golan Heights in Syria in merely six days.

READ MORE: Israel’s Army Reports About Rocket Fired From Syria at Golan Heights

In the following 20 years the Palestinians did not put up with Israeli dominance, which is when the uprising, otherwise dubbed the first intifada, started.

Amidst numerous Israeli settlements increasingly rising up on the historically Palestinian land, November 1987 saw the first revolt. The Palestinians were struggling, basically unarmed, throwing rocks at the Israeli troops.

The State of Palestine was proclaimed on November 15, 1988, in a session of the Palestinian National Council, the supreme PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] governing body, which also recognized both the Arab and Jewish parts of Palestine providing Israel gave up claims over all territories it had occupied since 1967 and freed the land from its settlements. Back then, the PLO condemned terrorism in all its forms, thus paving the way for negotiating peace with Israel.

One of the landmark political events during the first intifada was the Madrid Conference (October 30-November 1, 1991), which involved peace talks hosted by Spain and mediated by the US and the Soviet Union.Early 1993 saw another round of talks held in secret in Oslo. The parties arrived at an agreement that was expected to end the PLO-Israel conflict. The 1993 agreement also stipulated the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and proclaimed a limited Palestinian National Authority. This time, the Palestinians withdrew their demand that the State of Israel should cease to exist.

The agreement was signed the same year in Washington, by Yasser Arafat, the then head of the PLO Executive Committee, and Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli prime minister at the time. Israel and the PLO also signed an additional agreement, which recognized both entitiesas full-fledged negotiators.

The Second Intifada

No sooner had the Oslo agreement come into effect and Israeli withdrawals started, a number of hardline Israelis and Palestinians spoke out against it, pegging it a “sellout.”

This is where Hamas and the notion of the suicide bomber came in, leaving an estimated 1,000 Israelis dead in public places due to terrorist attacks and gunfire. Israel retaliated with airstrikes, causing approximately 3,000 deaths among the Palestinian civilians.

In July 2000, Bill Clinton summoned Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, but the contested status of Jerusalem and Palestine refugees brought the talks to a standstill.

Brought about by Sharon’s controversial visit to the historic Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem on September 28, 2000, illegally occupied by the Israelis by then, the second intifada quickly grew into an open, deadly war. Its other name, Al-Aqsa Intifada, virtually refers to the original name of the Temple Mount, where the “shaking off,” or the intifada, started – Al-Aqsa Mosque.

READ MORE: Erdogan: Israel Seeks to Take Over Al-Aqsa Mosque Under Security Pretext

Yasser Arafat, an all-time Palestinian leader, died in a Paris hospital in November 2004. Earlier the Israeli Air Force eliminated Hamas leaders, including sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his successor Rantisi. Having lost its most high-profile figures, Hamas became demoralized to some extent and started operating locally.

The Sharm el-Sheikh Summit on February 8, 2005, is traditionally associated with the end of the second intifada, as Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon concluded bilaterally that both parties would agree to a cease-fire. The upcoming Roadmap for Peace, initiated by the so-called Quartet on the Middle East – comprising the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations – reiterated the aforementioned commitment, but with little effect, as violence still persisted.

In the wake of the second intifada, Israel, Canada, the United States and Japan condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization, while Australia and Britain slammed solely the military wing of Hamas. The movement is banned outright in Jordan. On December 17, 2014, the European General Court, a branch of the European Union’s Court of Justice, ticked the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya) off its list of terrorist organizations.

It Begins: YouTube Censors Christians, Bans ‘Russian Faith’ – US Creator Vows Fight – Sign Petition – By David Curry

We’re going to fight this.

Please sign our petition (see end of article) and join our Facebook group. Let’s get this channel back and put a stop to YouTube’s anti-Christian bias!

Really YouTube?

Skip to petition below – the petition reads: ‘Youtube – Stop Censoring Christianity!’

Two weeks ago, I was summarily informed in a brief email from YouTube that our Russian Faith channel—on which we had spent hundreds of hours of hard work and which complements the Russian Faith website, which I own, had been ‘terminated.’ No reason was given other than a very general one which could mean anything.

Russian Faith is a new media project I started in September:  a website, YouTube channel (now banned), Facebook, and Twitter – to cover Christian issues in general, and the huge story of the renaissance of Christianity in Russia.

This dramatic turn by both government and society in Russia is very important not just for Christians, but for the whole world, regardless of their religious views, because it has so many ramifications important to us Americans.

It should affect our foreign policy, and it contrasts with the hostility to Christian values in our own Western societies. It is a fact that Russia has emerged as the leading defender of world Christianity, and it is a disgrace that liberal forces in the US elites and the government are among Christianity’s most hostile foes – both at home and abroad.

Millions of Russians now routinely march for Christianity

Observing the Christian renaissance in Russia first hand while living there, I realized that this story is being badly misunderstood, misrepresented, and under-reported – another massive fail by the mainstream media. No surprises here.

When we launched, we received glowing reviews, enthusiastic support and encouragement from the public, and raised over $10,000 from hundreds of small donors in an initial crowdfund.

The videos which were banned were of the most positive character – videos about love, sacrifice and charity, about honor and respect. YouTube banned them ALL – and most incredibly – refuses to explain why!


You can view all of the videos in question below. See for yourself, they are admirable, to say the least.

A deliberate attack on free speech

I have started and managed successful YouTube channels and understand the environment very well, and it is obvious to me that this is deliberate censorship. Blocking monetization, suppression of views, and manipulation of statistics, is a huge, persistent problem, and there has been a dramatic increase over the past two months across all the big tech platforms.

I have been monitoring this with increasing alarm. If you think this is un-American, then please sign our petition below, and follow my personal pages on Facebook or Twitter. I will be talking more about these encroachments on our rights in the coming weeks and months.

I and the Russian Faith team feel violated – our constitutional rights have been trampled on, our hard work trashed. Our ability to fund this site, which we started on a shoestring thanks to hundreds of small donations from people all across America and the world, has been attacked.

Russian Faith is a labor of love – everyone involved has given and sacrificed to share good things with the world. Here is our initial crowdfund video explaining why we started this (and yes, this one was banned by YouTube too):

We’ve decided to fight back – and have started a petition (sign below) and other measures. If you agree that it is time for Christians of all denominations to speak up against the hostility coming from the elites who control our media and big tech platforms, please join us (see below).

Our views are socially conservative, reflecting the views of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, which includes being critical of the LGBT movement – and I suspect that is where the problem lies (see below).

The facts:

Here is the Orwellian email:


Here is what our readers see when they visit our YouTube channel:


The censorship wreaked havoc on our website because we had embedded the videos in dozens of articles, all of which were now showing empty grey boxes where videos used to be. Many of those articles were about the videos, rendering the articles meaningless.

In many cases, we had spent hundreds of hours painstakingly translating videos which were in Russian into English, embedding the subtitles. All this was swept away with a keystroke from a nameless YouTube censor who won’t even condescend to explain what his reasons were.

We will have to spend hundreds of hours fixing it all at considerable expense.

A Russian ‘face blessing’ with Holy Water

Most importantly, we had our crowdfunding video on that channel, and it had been embedded on many websites across the internet – all of this was also crippled by YouTube’s arbitrary decision. And we depend on the crowdfunding to survive.

Currently, we are still unable to publish our usual volume of content because our small team has to repair all this gratuitous and unnecessary damage.

This is deliberate censorship

I am very familiar with YouTube’s rules and guidelines, and I can say with absolute certainty that they discriminated against us, and treated us unfairly as if they were deliberately looking for a reason to shut us down.

The way it usually works is that if you do make a mistake, YouTube gives you a warning, which you can dispute – and only if you accumulate a certain number of these ‘strikes’, and are unable to disprove them, and refuse to take the videos down, does YouTube take the drastic measure of banning your channel.

We got no such warning and had not been notified of any ‘strikes’. The ban came out of the blue.

If there were some violations on any of the videos, why didn’t YouTube notify us? Why did they not give us a chance to take down the videos? Why didn’t they give us a chance to dispute any complaints, if there were any? Why do they refuse to answer questions about this? Obviously, they wanted to ban the whole channel, and to stop it altogether. But why?

The banned videos:

Here are four videos which are entirely typical of everything that was banned. Links, titles, and descriptions of ALL the other videos that were on the channel are listed at the end of this article.

What is remarkable is not just that there was nothing offensive in these videos, rather that they were overwhelmingly positive – promoting ideas and values that one could only describe as admirable, regardless of your religious beliefs.

That YouTube would so zealously seek to ban them is beyond strange.

The importance of paying special attention to Jesus’ words in the Bible:

How strong marriages require sacrifice:

How Russian priests during the revolution preferred death rather than renounce their faith:

Were we banned for criticism of LGBT?

The only video which I guess might have triggered YouTube was this one, an excerpt on ‘gay theology’ from a Russian documentary film critical of the LGBT movement. In my opinion, it is fair and balanced.

The leftist social activism of YouTube and their pushing of the LGBT agenda on Americans who want nothing of it is notorious. But if it was that clip that upset them, why didn’t they just ban that individual video? And why didn’t they ask us to take it down first? And why do they refuse to answer our queries?

The hypocrisy of YouTube is appalling – while pouncing on videos like these, they allow an enormous amount of moral filth. Type in any term related to the human anatomy in YouTube search, and you will get an avalanche of what is essentially pornography. Obscenity, obscene lyrics and bizarre calls to violence in songs are all over YouTube. Here is an excellent article describing YouTube’s weird double-standard.

A Christian procession in honor of a popular saint (Alexander Nevsky) in St. Petersburg

Regulate the big tech companies – it’s time

There are now thousands of reports of similar heavy-handed censorship coming from the major tech platforms in what appears to be a crack-down on dissent in any form, on the left and the right, but more on the right, including some big names, like Roger Stone, Paul Joseph Watson, Syrian Girl, Alex Jones, SouthFront, Gab, much of the Alt-Right, and now even the Russian channels RT and Sputnik.

The big tech companies tipped the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016, and now they are becoming even more blatant in their meddling.

Here is Tucker Carlson in August demanding that Google (which owns YouTube) be regulated, because it cannot be trusted. I completely agree with him.

There is talk that Trump is planning to push for regulation of the tech giants before the midterm election campaigns get underway in mid 2018. If so, it comes none-too-soon.

My message to the elites who own Youtube:

Dear Sergey Brin and Larry Page (founders and owners of Google, and controlling shareholders of YouTube), you are immigrants from the USSR. You should have more respect for the freedoms and morals of the country that took you in.

Eric Schmidt and YouTube shareholders – I hope you are reading this.

This is the digital equivalent of tyranny. It is the same as breaking and entering, and smashing equipment and property that represents hundreds of hours of hard work by honest, hard-working Americans – all to push your left-wing so-called ‘values’ on people who reject them.

You have failed in your obligation to America to provide free and fair access to the views of all Americans.

You have failed in your obligation to keep smut and lechery away from our children.

It is you who have meddled in our democracy. Your behavior is un-American and harmful to our values and beliefs.

Break-up the big tech companies:

For these reasons, I call upon Washington to bring you to heel, to:

  • nationalize you and break up your companies with antitrust legislation,
  • prosecute you for violating the constitution, and
  • sue you for damages – which for me and the hundreds of people who sacrificed and donated to make Russian Faith happen are now all too real.

Trust me, this will happen. You curtail our freedom of speech at your own peril!

We’re fighting back – join us!

I am still thinking about how to respond to all this. One thing is for sure, I would go to war for my country (I did – I am a vet), and the right that keeps us all free – the right to say openly what we believe to be true – so you better believe I’m going to fight back.

I’ve already begun: I’ve started a petition, a Facebook group, and a financial support page on a platform which supports content creators (Patreon), to help fund the creation of more and better videos and articles about Christianity in general, and the Christian revolution in Russia.

If you want to support my fight against anti-Christian censorship, then please sign the petition right here and now, join the Facebook group, and if possible make a small contribution.

Here’s the petition:

The best way to get others to join us is to share this article with your friends and family by email and on social media.

If we get a good response with this initial petition sign-up, we will launch similar ones on the major online petition sites, like, Stand United, and CitizenGo.

If you don’t want to sign the petition, but want to be kept informed by email:

Facebook Group: Stop Censoring Christianity!      JOIN   

Monthly pledge platform: (Patreon)       DONATE    

Paypal:      DONATE  

Please also follow my personal pages on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Other things I am doing:

I’m looking into legal action, reaching out to Christian activist groups across the country, and considering doing a crowdfund to raise money to create more and better videos and articles about Christianity.

What I do depends very much on how you, the readers, respond. If you think I’m on the right track – or not, please let me know. 

If you can help with any of these initiatives, for example, with legal advice, or how to launch successful online petitions, please contact me directly. We have to raise the alarm about what is happening to our country and our values.

Please speak up in the comments section below. Let’s get a serious discussion going right here about what we can do to push back against this thuggish behavior.

By far, the most effective way to help: share this article and encourage friends and family to sign up.

Because we are the 99%.


David Curry
Founder, publisher and owner
Russian Faith

David & Elizabeth Curry

Here is a list of ALL the other videos which were on the channel – ALL of them banned along with the whole channel:

(I put them on my channel because I think they are wonderful videos, I think you might find them fun to watch. I’ve either reloaded them onto my personal YouTube account or found them elsewhere on YouTube.)

  1. How the horrors of war led a man to faith:  From Afghan veteran to Christian priest  – WATCH
  2. The story of a beautiful 500 year old monastery in the Russian far North (Solovki)  – WATCH
  3. Political correctness is a tool of Western Godless elites to persecute Christians – Head of Russian Church  – WATCH
  4. Addicted to your Smartphone? What if you felt the same way about your Bible?  – WATCH
  5. Putin talks about his baptism  – WATCH
  6. Putin: ‘It is impossible to imagine Russia without Christianity’  – WATCH
  7. Russian priest explains why westerners are converting to Orthodox Christianity  – WATCH
  8. ‘Russian Amish’, Old Believers, return from South America to Russia  – WATCH
  9. Russian priest debunks ‘Why I Never Go to Church’ excuses  – WATCH
  10. Man builds snow church in Siberian village that didn’t have one  – WATCH
  11. Why Russian women cover their heads in church  – WATCH
  12. Why Russians pray in front of icons  – WATCH

The end times may be here for ISIS, but the Deep State still has plans for Syria and Iran – By Mike Whitney (Counterpunch)

ISIS destroyed

“There can be no doubt about it, the ISIS of just two years ago was the most powerful, well-led, generously-armed and resource-efficient paramilitary force in modern history, having carved out for itself an empire between two sovereign states and devastating their armies in the process. However, this is no longer so. The days of the Islamic State consuming Syria like a cancer are over.” The Defeat of ISIS, Andrew Illingworth, Almasdar News

Russia and its allies have expelled ISIS from its last urban stronghold in Syria. Now the Syrian coalition will turn its attention to the numerous hotspots around the country where al Qaida-linked groups have dug in waiting for the Syrian Army to make its final push.

On Monday, Lebanese media reported that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), joined by combat troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah, recaptured the city of Abu Kamal in Deir Ezzor province. The city was the last bastion for the terrorist group, ISIS, which, at one time, controlled a vast swathe of land stretching from northern Iraq to central Syria. Now the group has been chased from its last urban hideaway and scattered across the arid wastelands like a nomadic tribe wandering the dessert. Abu Kamal was ISIS’s “last stand”, the final chance to fend off the advancing loyalist forces and reverse the course of the war. But the three-pronged attack proved to be too much for the demoralized jihadists who fled the city northward or surrendered to Syrian troops on the perimeter. Thus, ISIS no longer occupies any of the major towns or cities that once comprised the emerging Wahhabi proto-state. The group has been soundly defeated, its leadership is in tatters and the star-crossed Caliphate has met its end.

What happens next in Syria is of critical importance. Although large parts of the country remain under the control of al-Qaida-linked groups and the other Sunni militias, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the combat part of the war is nearing its end and wants to begin preparations for a political settlement. This view is shared by the entire Putin administration including Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov. On Monday, Gerasimov said:

“The active phase of the military operation in Syria is nearly over. Thanks to our joint efforts, terrorists are being wiped out in the Al-Bukamal area in eastern Syria and along the Syrian-Iraqi border. It will only be a matter of time before the other militant groups are completely eradicated which will allow us to move on to a post-conflict settlement.”

It’s worth noting, that the western media has entirely ignored the defeat of ISIS at Abu Kamal mainly because it was the Russian-led coalition that delivered the final blow. In the current climate in the US, any facts that fail to support the anti-Russia hysteria that has swept the country, are scrubbed from publication. So while the headlines at the New York Times should have read: “Russia Crushes ISIS in Syria”, they instead focused on the trivial details of the latest sex scandal.

Post-ISIS Meetings Begin

On Monday, Putin met with Bashar al Assad in the Russian resort city of Sochi to discuss the winding down of military operations and the next phase of the 7 year-long war. The Syrian President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the man who, by any measure, saved Syria from a fate similar to that of Libya or Iraq.

“I have conveyed to Mr. Putin and to the Russian people, our gratitude for their efforts to save our country. In the name of the Syrian people, I greet you and thank you all, every Russian officer, fighter and pilot that took part in this war.”

Putin thinks the defeat of ISIS at Abu Kamal creates an opportunity for the warring parties to hash out their differences and reach an agreement that will put an end to the fighting. There’s no doubt that Assad will be asked to make concessions he wouldn’t otherwise make to satisfy the objectives of his Russian allies. But Putin does not want Syria to become his Vietnam, he has no intention of using the Russian airforce to recapture every square inch of sovereign Syrian territory. As he’s said from the very beginning, his plans involve the annihilation of the terrorist forces operating in the country; nothing more and nothing less. This is why the outcome at Abu Kamal is so important in shaping the agenda. ISIS has been vanquished and the enclaves where the other insurgent groups are currently located, will be part of a wide-ranging mop-up operation that will end the terrorist threat in Syria for good. Security will eventually be reestablished and the government will move on to the arduous task of rebuilding its decimated cities and infrastructure. But first a settlement must be reached.

Later in the week, Putin will meet with leaders from Iran, Turkey and (maybe) Saudi Arabia. The geopolitical interests of all the parties are vastly different but not necessarily irreconcilable. Turkey, for example, might agree to withdraw its troops from Northern Syria if they are given assurances by Putin that the Kurds will not be allowed to set up an independent state on Turkey’s southern border. The Kurds might also be willing to settle for something less than “full statehood” if they are allowed sufficient autonomy to operate as a culturally independent entity. The main problem is the United States and its Israeli-Saudi allies who still want to topple Assad, partition the country, and transform Syria into another US garrison state at the heart of the world’s largest energy reserves. The defeat of ISIS has not changed Washington’s strategic ambitions or its determination to occupy Syria even after the hostilities have ended.

Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis has already stated that the US will not leave Syria after ISIS is crushed. Here’s what Mattis said at a recent press briefing on November 13:

“We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has cracked…We’re going to make sure we set the conditions for a diplomatic solution…We have to get the UN-brokered effort in Geneva to take this thing forward.”

When Mattis was asked to provide the legal justification for the ongoing US occupation of east Syria, he said: “You know, the UN said that ISIS – basically we can go after ISIS. And we’re there to take them out.”

The United Nations never approved US intervention in Syria, but that’s probably a moot point given Washington’s abysmal record of shrugging off international law. From the look of things, the US is planning to stay in Syria for a long time, and that’s going to dampen the prospects for peace. Check this out from NPR:

“A rising number of Syrians who fled are returning to their homes, with more than 600,000 going back in the first seven months of this year, according to the International Organization for Migration.

The U.N. migration agency says that number is comparable to the number of returns spanning the entire year in 2016.

The Syrian government has been stressing that people are coming home, NPR’s Ruth Sherlock reports, and state media have been posting photos and accounts of such returns…

Most of those going home – 84 percent – were displaced within Syria. “The next highest number of people … returned from Turkey, followed by Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq,” the IOM adds.” (U.N.: More Than 600,000 Syrians Have Returned Home In 2017″, NPR)

The fact that Syrian refugees are returning home in droves further underscores the positive impact Russia’s intervention has had on restoring security across the country. The Russian president and his generals have prevented another country in the Middle East from being senselessly ravaged and plunged into fratricidal warfare. But while Putin has achieved much of what he set out to do when he launched his campaign in September 2015, US proxies in the mostly-Kurdish SDF have seized nearly all the territory east of the Euphrates creating the de facto partition that Putin hoped to avoid. How can this situation be resolved without a clash between Washington and Moscow?

It can’t be. There can be no political settlement unless the US relinquishes control over Syrian territory and abandons its misguided project to redraw the map of the Middle East. But is that really going to happen?

It all depends on Donald Trump. If Trump really wants to end the conflict, then the Saudis and Israelis will probably comply. But if Trump is convinced that Syria is merely a skirmish in a much broader war with Iran, then he might opt to double-down by establishing bases east of the Euphrates while escalating tensions in other parts of the region. Is this what the recent flare-up in Saudi Arabia was all about? Did the Crown Prince collude with Trump’s people in detaining Saad Hariri? Is the administration trying to throw more gas on the ME fire hoping to shift the attention to Tehran?

It’s possible. Trump has never tried to conceal his hatred for Iran, but how far is he willing to take it? Is he willing to take the country to war? Here’s a clip from an article by Josh Rogin at the Washington Post which helps to illustrate how members of the media (and their think tank colleagues?) are using events in Syria to make their case against Iran. He says:

“…the Assad regime and Iran are preparing for the next phase of the long-running war, in which they will attempt to conquer the rest of the country. Whether Iran succeeds depends largely on whether the United States acknowledges and then counters that strategy.

Tehran is pouring thousands of fighters into newly acquired territories and building military bases. Although U.S.-supported forces hold territories east of the Euphrates River in Syria’s southeast, as well as along the borders of Israel and Jordan in the southwest, Iran has stated its intention to help Bashar al-Assad retake all of Syria….” (“The U.S. must prepare for Iran’s next move in Syria”, Washington Post)

Does Trump believe this nonsense? Iran has not “conquered Syria”. It was invited to help support the sovereign government in its fight against jihadist outsiders who destroyed the country and killed tens of thousands of its people. Rogin’s analysis is completely divorced from reality.

Here’s more from the same article:

“[A] task force of senior former U.S. diplomatic and military officials has come up with suggestions for how Trump could prevent Iran from taking over what’s left of liberated Syria and fulfill his own promise to contain Iranian influence in the region.”

By “liberated Syria”, Rogin is presumably referring to the territory in east Syria that is currently occupied by US Special Forces and their Kurdish proxies. Here’s more:

“Most urgently . . . the United States must impose real obstacles to Tehran’s pursuit of total victory by the Assad regime in Syria,”…. the Trump administration must increase its assistance to Sunni communities lucky enough to live outside Assad’s rule and help U.S.-supported local groups hold valuable territory in Syria’s southeast…” (WA Post)

Escalate the conflict? Is that what Rogin wants: More war? And, on what grounds?

On the basis that the enemies of the Syrian government must be given carte blanche in their battle for regime change. Isn’t that the gist of what he’s saying?

Rogin again;

“… the United States should work with regional allies to stop Iran from moving weapons and troops into Syria. That would require interdicting shipments by sea and ensuring that U.S.-supported forces control key border towns in Syria and Iraq. Such moves could check Iranian aggression without triggering armed conflict with Tehran.” (“The U.S. must prepare for Iran’s next move in Syria”, Washington Post)

Rogin’s analysis reads like a science fiction novel. He wants the United States to engage in clearly illegal acts of piracy to prevent a sovereign government from assisting a neighbor in its fight against foreign terrorists. He also wants Trump to block critical land-routes that connect Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran, effectively imposing a military cordon around the country. Rogin thinks the US has the right to arbitrarily decide these matters without United Nations approval.

This is lunacy, and yet, this is the neocon rationale for expanding the war beyond Syria’s borders. More than anything, the neocons want to drag the United States into a war with Iran. That is their Number 1 priority.

But what about Trump? What does Trump want? Does he want to be the “exalted” leader who plunges the country into another bloody world war or does he want to implement the non-interventionist policies he supported during his campaign?

Which is it?

Comment: Or another question may be: How committed to mass death and destruction is the U.S. Deep State? Because, make no mistake, for all of Trump’s bluff and bluster, it’s not him calling the ultimate shots.

The end of the US petro-dollar is nigh: China offers a much better deal – Nick Giambruno (The International Man)

As Doug Casey has correctly noted, the prime directive of any organism-whether it’s an amoeba or a person or a corporation or a government-is to survive.

That’s why the US government protects the petrodollar so zealously. It needs the system to survive.

World leaders who have challenged the petrodollar recently have ended up dead…

Why Everyone Uses the US Dollar… for Now

In the 1970s, the US government struck a series of deals with Saudi Arabia, creating the petrodollar system. The US promised to coddle and protect the Saudi kingdom. And, in exchange, Saudi Arabia would use its dominant position in OPEC to ensure that all oil transactions happened in US dollars.

Until recently, virtually anyone who wanted to import oil from any country needed US dollars to pay for it.

The dollar is just a middleman here. But countries and businesses use it in countless transactions amounting to trillions of dollars that have nothing to do with US products or services.

Plus, if foreign countries are already using dollars for oil, it’s just easier to use the dollar for other international trade. That’s why, in addition to oil sales, the US dollar is used for about 80% of all international transactions

Take Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, for example. Each led a large oil-producing country-Iraq and Libya, respectively. And both tried to sell their oil for something other than US dollars, before US military interventions led to their deaths.

In October 2000, Saddam had started to sell Iraqi oil for euros only. Iraq said it would no longer accept dollars for oil because it did not want to deal “in the currency of the enemy.”

A little over two years later, the US invaded. Immediately after Baghdad fell to US forces, all Iraqi oil sales were switched back to dollars.

Thanks to WikiLeaks’ release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, we know that protecting the petrodollar-not humanitarian concerns-was a primary reason for overthrowing Libya’s Gaddafi.

According to her leaked emails, the US (and France) feared that Gaddafi would use Libya’s vast gold reserves to back a pan-African currency. This gold-backed currency would have been used to buy and sell oil in global markets. Also, it would have likely displaced a version of the French franc that’s used in Central and Western Africa.

The US and France backed a rebellion, both militarily and financially, that overthrew Gaddafi in 2011.

After Gaddafi’s death, plans for the gold-backed currency-along with Libya’s 4.6 million ounces of gold-vanished.

Of course there were other reasons the US toppled Saddam and Gaddafi. But protecting the petrodollar was a serious consideration, at the very least.

Putin Is a Tougher Adversary

The dollar’s special status gives Uncle Sam tremendous leverage. So it’s no surprise that Russia wants to undermine the petrodollar system.

Russian President Vladimir Putin summed it up this way:

Russia shares the BRICS countries’ concerns over the unfairness of the global financial and economic architecture, which does not give due regard to the growing weight of the emerging economies. We are ready to work together with our partners to promote international financial regulation reforms and to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies.

Essentially, Putin is saying they all want to ditch the dollar.

That’s largely because the US uses the dollar as a political weapon. For example, the US tried to sanction Russia for its actions in Crimea and Ukraine. These sanctions made it harder for Russia to access the US dollar-based financial system. So of course Russia is going to push for an alternative.

Shortly after the sanctions, Russia struck a massive deal to sell oil and gas to China for yuan. The deal totally bypassed the US financial system… and any sanctions.

China’s Permanent Bypass Around the US Dollar

Russia is the world’s largest energy producer. China is the world’s largest energy importer. Normally, they would trade with each other exclusively in US dollars.

But, as I’ve told you in recent weeks, China is now introducing a more permanent way around that.

I call it China’s “Golden Alternative” to the petrodollar. It’s a streamlined way for Russia and everyone else to sell oil to China for yuan-or effectively gold.

China’s “Golden Alternative” to the Petrodollar

China is launching a practical and attractive alternative to the petrodollar system. It will allow anyone in the world to trade oil for gold. It will also totally bypass the US dollar.

Here’s how it will work…

The Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) is introducing a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan. It will allow oil producers to sell their oil for yuan.

Of course, China knows most oil producers don’t want a large reserve of yuan. So producers will be able to efficiently convert it into physical gold through gold exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Bottom line, two of the biggest players in the global energy market are totally bypassing the petrodollar system.

Informed observers say Russia is already converting a large portion of its yuan earnings to gold.

Of course, other countries are interested in sidestepping the US financial system and US sanctions, too. China’s Golden Alternative will give anyone the option to do just that.

This will make the US dollar a much less effective political weapon.

Other countries on Washington’s naughty list are enthusiastically signing up. Iran, another major oil producer, is accepting yuan as payment. So is Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves.

I think others will soon follow. From the perspective of an oil producer, it’s a no-brainer.

With China’s Golden Alternative, an oil producer can participate in the world’s largest market and try to capture more market share. It can also easily convert and repatriate its proceeds into gold, an international form of money with no political risk.

But this doesn’t apply to one critical holdout… Saudi Arabia.

Twisting the Saudis’ Arm

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter. A lot of that oil goes to China, the world’s largest importer.

Beijing still reluctantly pays for Saudi crude in US dollars. The Saudis won’t have it any other way, at least for now.

This bothers China. It can only import Saudi crude by obtaining and then using US dollars. And that, of course, means it has to stay in Washington’s good graces.

Trump’s Treasury secretary really drove this point home recently. He threatened to kick China out of the US dollar system if it didn’t crack down on North Korea.

China would rather not depend on an adversary like this. This is one of the main reasons it’s launching the Golden Alternative.

Saudi Arabia, however, refuses to participate. It won’t sell its oil in anything but US dollars because that would break its longstanding petrodollar agreement with the US.

When China, Russia, and others trade oil for yuan, it’s a significant blow to the petrodollar. But if Saudi Arabia switched to yuan, it would take out the petrodollar… and cause an immediate financial panic in the US.

The truth is selling oil for yuan would cost Saudi Arabia a whole lot.

It would immediately lose American diplomatic and military protection. Then the media and think tanks would quickly start pounding the table for the US military to force democracy on Riyadh.

Last year Trump said, “If Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection, I don’t think it would be around.”

He’s absolutely correct.

Of course, the Saudis know all of this. So they’ve been on a short leash… until recently.

In a surprise move, Saudi King Salman recently became the first sitting Saudi monarch to ever visit Russia.

Until recently, the visit would have been unthinkable. Saudi Arabia has been one of the US’ closest allies since the petrodollar system started in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, Russia and Saudi Arabia have been enemies for decades. Most recently, the Saudis and Russians have been on opposite sides of the Syrian Civil War.

That’s why King Salman’s historic visit to Moscow is so remarkable. The Saudis are clearly hedging their bets against the US and the petrodollar system.

Saudi Arabia is now drifting closer to Russia.

The Saudis have committed to invest up to $10 billion in various Russian sectors. But, even more significantly, they’ve agreed to buy the S-400 missile system, Russia’s top line air defense system, as part of a $3 billion weapons purchase.

This deal signals a geopolitical earthquake. The Saudis have never bought Russian military equipment before.

Ever since the birth of the petrodollar, the Saudis have depended on American military protection. After all, it’s what they get in return for pricing their oil in dollars.

The S-400 system deal suggests the Saudis are hedging their bets. First, they’re not buying an American system. Second, they’re buying a Russian system that’s capable of deterring an American attack.

Saudi Arabia is making significant moves to give itself alternatives to American protection.

At the same time, China is cutting back on Saudi crude.

A few years ago, Saudi oil made up over 25% of Chinese oil imports. They were Beijing’s No. 1 supplier. Today, the Saudis’ market share has dropped below 15%.

In other words, the Saudis are losing massive market share and getting pushed out of the biggest oil market in the world. This is mainly because they refuse to sell oil to China in yuan.

China has made itself clear. It’s willing to expand business with anyone who will accept yuan as payment.

Today, Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s top supplier. Its share of the lucrative Chinese market has grown from 5% to over 15%.

Russia’s enthusiastic acceptance of yuan as payment is the main reason for this shift.

In the meantime, Angola, an African oil producer, has also come on board. The country now accepts yuan as payment for its oil exports to China. It even made the Chinese yuan its second legal currency in 2015.

Chinese imports from Angola have shot up since. It’s now China’s No. 2 supplier, after Russia.

None of this bodes well for the petrodollar system.

The Saudis have two choices… rip up the petrodollar or get shut out of the world’s most lucrative oil market.

One way or another-and probably soon-the Chinese will find a way to compel the Saudis to accept yuan. The sheer size of the Chinese market makes it impossible for Saudi Arabia to ignore China’s demands indefinitely.

What to Watch For

China might not convince the Saudis to ditch the petrodollar system tomorrow. But it’s making significant progress.

A few months ago, Saudi Arabia announced it was willing to issue Panda bonds to finance its government spending deficit. (Panda bonds are yuan-denominated bonds from non-Chinese issuers that are sold in China.)

This is remarkable. The Saudis’ currency is pegged to the US dollar. Up until this point, they’ve exclusively used US dollars for all of their major financial initiatives.

Issuing debt in yuan-instead of US dollars-is a significant move. It means Saudi Arabia is drifting closer to China.

Also, the Saudis recently inaugurated the massive Yasref refinery in the Saudi city of Yanbu. The refinery is an $8.5 billion joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China’s Sinopec.

These are noticeable steps. But the Saudis still haven’t given China what it really wants-oil for yuan.

However, it could happen soon…

The Largest IPO in History

In the coming months, the Saudis plan to float a 5% stake in Saudi Aramco, the state oil company.

Saudi Aramco is the most valuable company in the world. It will likely be the biggest equity offering ever. It could triple, or even quadruple, Alibaba’s current record initial public offering (IPO) of $25 billion.

The IPO’s success will depend on Saudi Arabia recruiting big cornerstone investors. But so far, Western investors haven’t shown a lot of enthusiasm.

For China, however, it could be the perfect opportunity to buy political influence in Saudi Arabia.

If China bought a large stake in the Aramco IPO, it would help cement its relationship with Saudi Arabia. It would also put more distance between the Saudis and the Americans.

And critically, it would give the Chinese more leverage to compel the Saudis to accept yuan for oil.

China is in the process of negotiating not just a 5% stake, but potentially a larger one.

Bottom line…the Saudis haven’t made a clean break with the US yet. However, they are drifting toward China financially and Russia militarily.

The Saudis are clearly setting up the option to dump the petrodollar.

If the Saudis sell oil to China in yuan, it would kill the petrodollar overnight. However, short of that, things still look very dire for the petrodollar.

The petrodollar system is facing serious erosion, thanks in large part to China’s Golden Alternative. That’s already baked into the cake.

And with that, severe inflation in the US is a certainty.

This will likely be the tipping point…

After the collapse of the petrodollar, the US government will be desperate enough to implement capital controls, people controls, nationalization of retirement savings, and other forms of wealth confiscation.

I urge you to prepare for the economic and sociopolitical fallout while you still can. Expect bigger government, less freedom, shrinking prosperity… and possibly worse.

It’s probably not going to happen tomorrow. But we know where this trend is headed.

It’s possible that one day soon, Americans will wake up to a new reality. Once the petrodollar kicks the bucket and the dollar loses its status as the world’s premier reserve currency, you will have few, if any, options.

The sad truth is, most people have no idea how bad things could get, let alone how to prepare…

Yet there are straightforward steps you can start taking today to protect your savings and yourself from the financial and sociopolitical effects of the collapse of the petrodollar.

We recently released a special Guide to Surviving and Thriving During an Economic Collapse. Click here to download the PDF now.

Comment: A well put together analysis which pretty much agrees with our own. The US empire won’t go down without a fight, and that fight is likely to include attempts to ‘flip the chessboard’ and ruin the game for everyone else, most especially their own citizens.

Assad visits Putin in Sochi, expresses heartfelt thanks to Russia for saving Syria – By Alexander Mercouris

© Sputnik/ Mikhail Klimentyev

President Assad of Syria has come unexpected to the Russian resort city of Sochi, where he is having high level talks with Russia’s President Putin and with Russia’s senior military leadership.

This is the second trip President Assad is known to have made to Russia since Russia intervened militarily in Syria in September 2015. The first trip came in late October 2015, shortly after the Russian military intervention began. Of course there may have been – and probably have been – other secret Assad trips to Russia, which have not been announced.

At the time of Assad’s first trip to Moscow the situation in Syria remained very fraught. The Jihadi rebels still held eastern Aleppo and had effectively surrounded the rest of the city and were pressing on the remaining territories the Syrian government still controlled along the coast. Further east the whole of central and eastern Syria had fallen under the control of ISIS, which had recently captured Palmyra. The Syrian military was over-stretched and exhausted, and in urgent need of time and help to sort itself out.

In summary, President Assad came to Moscow in October 2015 a drowning man to whom the Russians had just thrown a lifeline.

The situation is totally transformed today.

Not only has eastern Aleppo been liberated and the whole of Aleppo secured, but the authority of the Syrian government has been restored along the whole of Syria’s western coast with only the province of Idlib and a few pockets of territory still under Jihadi control.

In central and eastern Syria ISIS has been broken. Palmyra is now conclusively liberated, the siege of Deir Ezzor has been broken and the city cleared of ISIS, and following the liberation of Albukamal ISIS no longer controls any large or important towns in Syria, and has been reduced to a rural insurgency.

In the meantime the Syrian army has been expanded, retrained and re-equipped into a far more formidable force than it was before.

Though there are different estimates of the precise extent of the territory controlled by the Syrian government, when Assad came to Moscow in October 2015 the territories under the Syrian government’s control consisted of a small belt of territory along Syria’s western coastline, whereas now the greater part of Syria is once more indisputably under the Syrian government’s control.

In summary, Putin was fully justified in saying to Assad at the start of the summit today that

……the Syrian people, despite a very difficult ordeal, are gradually moving towards the final and inevitable defeat of the terrorists.

Why then is President Assad in Russia today?

The obviously very carefully prepared and pre-scripted comments Putin and Assad made to each other at the start of their meeting shows that with the war winding down the Russians want to consult with Assad about the political negotiations to achieve a Syrian settlement which are about to restart. Putin in fact said as much

Mr President, as you know, I will meet with my colleagues – the presidents of Turkey and Iran – here in Sochi the day after tomorrow. We have agreed to hold additional consultations with you during our meeting. Of course, the main subject on the agenda is a peaceful and lasting political settlement in Syria after the routing of the terrorists.

As you know, in addition to the partners I have mentioned we are also working closely together with other countries, such as Iraq, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We maintain constant contact with these partners.

I would like to talk with you about the basic principles of the political process and the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, the idea of which you have supported. I would like to hear your opinions on the current situation and development prospects and your views on the political process, which should ultimately be implemented under the UN auspices. We also hope that the UN will join the [political] process at its final stage. (bold italics added)

Here it is necessary to make some comments about the speech President Assad made recently, which was discussed at length by my colleague Adam Garrie.

In the speech President Assad spoke of an ideology of Arabism, which as my colleague Adam Garrie correctly says is consistent with the Baathist ideology of Syria’s ruling party.

As Adam Garrie correctly says, what President Assad was doing in his speech was charting a future course for Syria and potentially for the whole Arab world which whilst in no sense opposed to Islam nonetheless looks to transcend sectarian and confessional differences on behalf of a united Arab nation.

It was in other words an emphatic restatement of the ideology of Arabism which has been around in the Arab world since the 1950s and which remains the prevailing ideology in Syria to this day.

President Assad is not however an ideologist but a practical politician, and the primary audience for his speech was not in my opinion Arab public opinion – which is already very familiar with all these arguments – but the Russians, with whom he currently must deal.

Briefly, what President Assad was saying in his speech was that Syria should retain its Arab identity, and should not make excessive concessions to the Kurds and to Syria’s various confessional groups.

He specifically ruled out changes to the official names of the country and the army, and said they should continue to be called the ‘Syrian Arab Republic’ and the ‘Syrian Arab Army’ and not become the ‘Syrian Republic’ and the ‘Syrian Army’.

The Russians – or at least some of them – have by contrast tentatively floated ideas of Syria doing precisely those things – of creating some sort of federal structure that would grant some form of political or cultural autonomy to the Kurds and to the country’s confessional groups, with the names of the country and the army being changed to the “Syrian Republic” and the “Syrian Army” – which President Assad said in his speech would be wrong and appeared to rule out.

The meeting between Assad and Putin appears to be intended to argue out these points, in preparation for the negotiations for the final settlement of the Syrian conflict which are about to start.

The meeting in Sochi also however has a military dimension. Putin often uses his Sochi residence as a venue for the large-scale conferences of top experts to discuss national policies which form an essential part of his governing style.

On 17th November 2017 – shortly before Assad arrived in Sochi – a major conference began there bringing together Russia’s senior military and the leaders of its defence industries to discuss the State Armaments Programme, which will shape the development of Russia’s armed forces up to 2025. The Kremlin’s website has published Putin’s introductory comments to the conference, which is apparently still continuing.

The Kremlin website shows that Putin arranged for Assad to participate in this conference

Meeting with senior officials of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces

Vladimir Putin: I have asked the President of Syria to attend our meeting.

I want him to see those who have played the key role in saving Syria.

Of course, Mr Assad knows some of you personally. He told me at our talks today that the Russian Army has saved Syria as a state. Much has been done to stabilise the situation in Syria. I hope that we will close the chapter on the fight against terrorism in Syria, although some seats of tension will remain or will flare up again…… (bold highlighting in the original)

At one level this is an extraordinary honour to the Syrian President. However there are obviously practical dimensions as well.

Firstly, there is the obvious wish to have President Assad give his personal thanks to the Russian military which saved him and Syria from destruction. However it is a certainty that future military cooperation was also discussed.

This will obviously include discussions on the ongoing military operations to bring the Syrian war to a final end. However it is a certainty that Syrian-Russian military cooperation beyond the war’s end will be discussed as well.

With Syria set to host a very large complex of Russian military bases, and with the Syrian military needing to be reconfigured and re-equipped to face the challenges of ‘peace’ (which in the Middle East is never truly peace) there will be much to talk about.

Comment: President Assad’s words to the participants of the military conference:

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and I have just held talks. I have conveyed to him, and on his behalf to the Russian people, our gratitude for Russia’s efforts to save our country.

I would like to highlight the contribution of the Russian Armed Forces and the sacrifices they have made to achieve this goal. I was very glad to learn that you, those of you who were directly involved in the operation [in Syria] and who commanded the activities of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria will be present here today.

The operation barely started when I met with President Putin in Moscow two years ago. In the two years since then we can see the success that has been achieved thanks to cooperation between the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Army. Nobody can deny this success in the fight against terrorism now. Thanks to your actions, as well as the actions of the Syrian Army and our allies, many Syrians have returned home.

Speaking on behalf of the Syrian people, I would like to express our gratitude for what you have accomplished. We will never forget this. Also, I would like to thank personally President Vladimir Putin, [Defence Minister] Sergei Shoigu and [Chief of the General Staff] Valery Gerasimov for their direct involvement in this operation.

Thank you very much.

What Putin and Russia did for Syria is by no exaggeration an act of true heroism. While the U.S. and NATO have brought nothing but chaos and destruction to the region, Russia has saved Syria from that fate. It’s amazing that this fact is not widely recognized. Instead, Russia is demonized in the west. But that is okay. Heroes don’t need praise. They just get the job done, and fight the monster of chaos.



With ISIS on the ropes, their leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, probably dead from a Syrian Air Force strike last June in AlMayaadeen, and the plans to slice up Syria in shreds themselves, the Damascus government and the Kremlin have sent clear messages to the U.S. to get out of Syria, or else.  There are approximately 4,000+ American troops in combat missions supporting the all-Kurd (and some Syriacs/Assyrians) militias claiming to fight ISIS.  It is the American plan to remain in Syria indefinitely in order to coordinate the fight against Iranian-backed guerilla forces buttressing the Syrian Arab Army. This is being done to keep the Zionists in both Occupied Palestine and New York City/D.C. happy.  There is no other conceivable reason for this violation of another country’s sovereignty.

The U.S. is expected to argue that its presence in Syria is for its own self-defense.  Expect WOG OF THE YEAR, Nikki “Rhandawa” Haley,  to deploy that same argument when confronted with the ugly truth of the U.S.’s  neo-colonialist presence in Syria.  And what will the British say?  Oh, I suspect they will side with the rule of law seeing that all member states, excepting the Zionist Apartheid Entity, will take that same position.  After all, the Brits have run out of patience and fig leaves for their unlawful assault on the government of a member state of the U.N.

If the U.S. chooses to remain despite Syrian demands, the only option left for Damascus after Dr. Al-Ja’afari wags his finger at Ms. Haley, is to attack American forces with Iranian-trained militia-men, including Hizbollah.  Besides self-creating another cesspool for U.S. troops, it might even bring on Zionist intervention to help the Yankee ally at his time of need – after all, the Zionist Prime Minister, Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu), has vowed to continue his attacks on Syria in order to prevent Iran from establishing a foothold near the Golan Heights.

Mileikowski, who is facing a multiplicity of indictments related to corruption and defalcation, needs something to divert attention;  and what better way than to bring on the Apocalypse?  No, my readers, we are heading into a Trumpian disaster of the first magnitude.  And if, as Trump trumpets, he is intent on turning North Korea into a parking lot for Hyundai cars, it will be that much worse for the American people.  And (yawn), if Trump decides to decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, then, we are in for an even bigger catastrophe.  And all this for the Zionist cockroaches.

Russia and China are rubbing their palms with excitement because this is going to herald their inexorable rise to the pinnacles of global power. They know the U.S. cannot fight a 3-front war.  Such a scenario will bring on a coup d’etat in Washington (forget impeachment) and will result in the final dumbing down of the United States of America.  It’s going to be “Seven Days in May” redux.  Unless the American public starts getting involved, American soldiers are going to start coming back in plastics bags in numbers which would humble the war in Vietnam.

Of particular interest is Turkey’s new attitude toward the U.S.  It requires no genius to figure out that the Turk army is preparing to move in on the so-called SDF as soon as they have themselves figured out how to do it without killing American soldiers.  But, they must tread carefully in this diplomatic minefield.  An invasion of Syria is exactly that and the repercussions internationally could be quite shrill.  Unless he receives some assurances from Russia and China at the U.N., he will be most circumspect.  This is one chapter we have to read with genuine interest.

DAMASCUS:  The terrorists in the East Ghoutaa are reading events differently.  They believe the U.S. has to pull out of both Syria and Jordan.  The debacle at Al-Tanf is proof positive that the U.S. doesn’t have the belly for staying the course.  What the rodents don’t understand is that the U.S. was never interested in transferring power to them.  The U.S. was only interested in ousting Dr. Assad so as to prevent the gas pipeline from reaching the Syrian littoral which would bring on a precipitous decline in American influence throughout Europe.  If the Americans stay in northeast Syria, it’s only because it wants to block the extension of the pipeline, not to embolden the terrorist rodents or the gentrified opposition whom Washington has given up on.

And so, reading the writing on the wall, the rodents in the East Ghoutaa mounted a ferocious attack on the Syrian Army’s Military Vehicles Administration Base in government-controlled Harastaa.  On Tuesday, the group calling itself Ahraar Al-Shaam, mounted the attack using cleverly dug tunnels to surprise the defenders. What happened instead was the Syrian Army’s own reaction which was sudden and even more ferocious blunting the attack and killing close to 36 rodents.  The Russian Air Force took to the skies immediately and dropped a barrage of munitions on the quivering terrorist vultures


HAMA:  The main “tank” sniper in the terrorist group calling itself the “Jaysh Al-‘Izza” was liquidated the day before yesterday in northern Hama.  He was said to be the reigning master of the TOW missile system designed to take out armored cars and tanks.  Well, the Syrian-developed Saraab 1 put an end to his “glorious” career when the tank’s captain deployed the Saraab and “toppled” the advancing projectile.  Since the terrorist was seated in a trench and was watching the events unfold, he was an easy target for the T-72’s gunner who laid waste to the offending vermin.  The terrorist’s name?  Hamdu Ahmad Al-Hammood.


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