قائد ميداني يروي تفاصيل عملية تحرير مختطفي السويداء

All eight terrorist slugs lie awaiting the hungry vultures who will devour their carcasses and leave their droppings to dry in the sun awaiting the inevitable dung beetles who shall further process their toxic atoms.

الجيش السوري يحرر جميع المختطفات من مدينة السويداء

Here is a snapshot of the rescued civilians who were subject to an infinity of horror amidst the psychopathic tormentors of ISIS.

Just in case one photograph of the eight rodents did not satisfy your blood lust, here’s another from a different angle. Stop salivating.   Let the buzzards do that for you.  

Some of the weapons seized from the dead rodents after liberating the hostages.

On Thursday, November 8, in the dark of night, a team of Syrian Army commandos landed outside the lazy ghost town of Hameema which, due to its abandonment, hardly appears on any map.  It is, however, close to an artesian well called Artuwaaziyat Al-Naqsh northeast of the city of Palmyra.  Their mission was to free 19 Druze women and children who were abducted by the ISIS hyenas 3 months ago.  There was a genuine fear that the terrorists were going to kill them due to a stalemate in negotiations between the Russian Reconciliation Group operating out of Humaymeem Airbase and representatives of ISIS.

The intelligence was crucial to this operation which, if it had failed, would have resulted in the mass execution of all the civilian hostages.  As a note, my source in Damascus told me that their deaths would have been particularly dreadful since the spokes-rat for the terrorists made it very clear to the Russians that the terrorist group considered the Druze a hostile and impious population who deserved nothing better than being burned to death.

Overhead, Russian surveillance aircraft hovered over Hameema collecting information which was relayed quickly to the Syrian Army commandos below.  All the commandos were trained in Semferopol by Speznaz Special Forces and all spoke Russian.  One of the difficulties in tracking the hostages was the exasperating habit of the terrorists in moving them frequently between Iraqi territory and Syrian territory.  The terrorists knew that one of these days, the Syrian Army was going to go for broke.

Nine (9) rodents were assigned to the hostages.  Each was armed with either M-16 or Kalashnikovs.  Some also carried RPGs along with Turkish communications equipment.  The plan was to first surround the terrorists and try to pick them off using night-vision equipment provided by the Russian military.  Once the terrorists heard gunfire, it was expected that they would try to kill the hostages.  To prevent that, several Syrian commandos were dispatched into the center of the area where the hostages were held at the artesian well where they mixed with the hostages, encouraging them to leave in a northwesterly direction on foot.  This was a very dangerous undertaking because bullets were flying everywhere.

Wael tells me that the operation went surprisingly well.  Much of that had to do with the fact that the terrorists had no night-vision equipment and were essentially sitting ducks.  The Syrian Special Forces unit showed no mercy and killed 8 tarantulas leaving only, the youngest, who cried deliriously in an effort to save his miserable skin.  He was taken prisoner and is now warbling like a Homs as a guest of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate.  Most of the terrorists had code names indicating origins in Idlib.  Two of the dead terrorists were foreigners who have yet to identified.  But, my source tells me that the foreigners were fluent in Arabic.

The SAA has to be credited with the superhuman ability to patiently collect Intel and use it with remarkable precision.  It was not easy to constantly follow the movements of these rats back and forth from Iraq to Syria.

The SAA commandos seized 3 flatbeds containing a mother lode of information about the ISIS criminal organization.

This morning, on Saturday, the hostages were repatriated to a tumultuous reception during which all the attendees expressed their gratitude to the great Syrian Army.



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