With SyrPer having identified clearly the way the Saudi “hit-team” dispatched poor Islamist warthog, Jamaal Khashoggi, the Saudi government is now trying to adopt our narrative to blame the botched operation on rogue elements inside the security services for the death of what King Salmaan called: “our Saudi citizen”.  You see, I have a wide smirk on my face as I’m writing this for the reason that the Saudi excuse for this mess is now an “overzealous” security agent, anxious to impress MBS with his “expertise” who was bent on capturing and repatriating Khashoggi so that MBS could torture him to death personally in the privacy of his own palace (in the style of Saddaam Hussayn).  And can you guess who the lamb of sacrifice is going to be?  His name was mentioned in our post yesterday.  Te hee hee.

Image result for ahmad asiri deputy director of Saudi Arabia general intelligence

Major General Ahmad ‘Aseeri appears, from his phenotype,  to be of mixed blood: probably African and Arabian.  His last name suggests he is from the Western coastal area of ‘Aseer which extends down into Yemen.  He also has no bloodlines to connect him to the “royal” family of Sa’ood thus making him thoroughly dispensable.  Don’t be surprised if the Clown Prince doesn’t have him beheaded for the killing of Jamaal Khashoggi.  Stalin would be proud.  If you’ve read “A Tale of Two Cities”, you know it’s going to be somebody else.  Poor Sidney Carton.

But, really, can anybody believe a rogue security agent led a group of assassins to Istanbul to bring home a personality so abhorred by the reigning Clown Prince that a successful conclusion would result in his being immortalized or promoted to head of his department?  Maybe, ‘Aseeri might yearn to be chief of the General Intelligence Service and this could have been his chance, you can never know.  Anyways, you’re going to hear this nonsense soon from the Arabian fake news media.

Look, folks, we know the consulate in Istanbul told all non-Saudi employees not to show up to work on October 2, 2018, the same day Khashoggi was killed, either intentionally or accidentally in a botched interrogation during which, as I suggested, he succumbed to a cardiac infarction. Well, somebody must have told the staff at the consulate that the Turkish workers were to be given a day off on October 2, 2018.  Who would have the authority to do that?

The natural answer is the General Consul.  But, who would alert him to the need for that?  And, why?  Clearly, the General Consul would have queried as to the purpose of this day off during a non-holiday.  And who had the authority to tell him to do exactly that?  Surely, if it were the Saudi ambassador to Ankara, he too would have to ask for what purpose “are we giving the day off to our Turk employees in Istanbul, but, not to our Turk employees in Ankara?”

To be sure, the Deputy Director of Saudi General Intelligence (talk about oxymorons) could order such an event and the General Consul would be wise to obey it.  With all Turk employees given the day off, it had to be assumed that the Saudi workers would have to remain silent about the screams they were hearing as Khashoggi was being tortured.  They would also have to be relied upon to keep their mouths shut as a squad of killers, including a well-known professional butcher/coroner, made its way into the consulate with no Turks allowed on the premises.

But, the Saudis know full well that the Turkish government keeps security agents around all diplomatic facilities in Istanbul.  They would have to suspect, even a little, that the Turks also have cameras around the consulate for security reasons, especially with a country like Saudi Arabia, so heavily involved in terrorism and systemic creepiness.

No.  This was no rogue operation.  The very presence of the forensic “expert”, Salaah Al-Tubayji, indicates planning in Saudi Arabia by a known nincompoop who fancies himself a real “systematic” genius.  Can you guess who that is?

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Photo courtesy of Pars Today

Korrekt!!  Can anybody believe Al-Tubayji, whose life has been devoted to the swift dismemberment of cadavers, the rapid analysis of deaths during the Pilgrimage at Mecca and hiding evidence from do-gooders, would simply go with ‘Aseeri to Istanbul without knowing for what reason?  Here is my impression of the mythical conversation preceding Al-Tubayji’s packing up his collection of bone saws:

‘Aseeri:  “My dear doctor.  This is ‘Aseeri.  You know, of course, who I am.”

Al-Tubayji:  “Yeah. Sure. You’re the guy who was the spokesman for the disaster in Yemen.  You’re the guy who was fired and made Deputy Director of Intelligence.  Right?”

‘Aseeri:  “Something like that…….Look, pack up your kit, or whatever you use to make carcasses itsy bitsy, and teeny weeny.  We’re going to Istanbul.  You know, (sings) Istanbul is Constantinople.  Got it?”

Al-Tubayji:  “Anybody I know?”

‘Aseeri:  “Khashoggi.”

Al-Tubayji:  “Big guy.  Lotsa work.  I might need some Gatorade for this.”

‘Aseeri:  “I’ll make sure they have some in the consulate.”

Al-Tubayji:  “Thanks, very thoughtful.  Are you going to bury him there or take him out in pieces?”

‘Aseeri:  “I thought we’d bring some freezer bags with us.”

Al-Tubayji:  “You’re going to have a lot of bags for this.  I’d say you’ll need about 13 young men.”

‘Aseeri:  “You’ve got it.  I’ll draw some from the king’s Royal Guard and some from our department.”

Al-Tubayji:  “Hey, sounds like a party.  But, does MBS know about this?”

‘Aseeri:  “Shshhhhhhhh.  It’s going to be a surprise.”


In truth, MBS was only surprised that his maniacal plot blew up in his face with planning so inept it makes the French tactics at Dien Bien Phu seem inspired.  But, don’t you be surprised if the Saudis try to unload this schlock on a gullible public.  I can see the CIA spooks, and the even more malignant spooks in England, working overtime to make this gangrenous narrative more palatable.



في سوريا: إنشاء نظام يوازي أفضل نظام دفاع جوي في العالم

My sources are telling me the S-300 system has been delivered and has been installed.  Syria can now electronically jam radar and other methods of target acquisition with the new equipment.  Enjoy.