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IDLIB:  And it’s coming to a theater near you.  And sooner than you think. You see, the so-called White Helmets farce has to have a series of sequels in order for the franchise to continue producing profits for the monsters in Britain.  While it is true that Belgium has stopped giving them any support because of allegations many of their members are card-carrying jihadists, Britain, the Empire of Pure Evil, sees no such connection. British agents have conspired with Qatar to have an entire complement of media professionals intervene to produce another hilarious black comedy.

A leaked video has been released for viewing showing the very naive White Helmets terrorists setting up the usual scenes.  Only, this time, the viewer can watch as victims, magically, turn into rescuers with the flick of an editors finger.  That’s right, folks, there is an actual scene where you see the victims being washed down with water only to reappear later in the tape as the rescuers.  Talk about versatility!  I mean, even Johnny Depp, couldn’t possibly to that.

Other scenes, like the one at the top, show victims laying down only to be rescued by the heroic terrorists of Alqaeda pretending to be White Helmet civil protection units.  Scenes of others being, literally, engulfed in water were so incompetently directed that the viewers can hardly control himself or herself without an airline sickness bag.

There are scenes of on-lookers, who were presumably watching a vacuum cleaner demonstration with absolutely no look of horror or empathy.  It was like women at a TupperWare party looking on as someone demonstrated how tuna fish could last for more than 2 months in a container.  The scene is, reportedly, hilarious.

I am told that the White Helmet farce has percolated into the minds of the citizens of Idlib such that they are not so willing to participate in these wretched productions. And so, no problem, the terrorists simply assume the roles of victim and protagonist.  Watch for the appearance of this video and enjoy its professional quality standards.

I’m so looking forward to the next outrage.



Image result for apache helicopters in Syria and Iraq

Golly, those Yanks will stoop to anything to help ISIS.  I wonder if that comatose president in the White House even knows that his soldiers are promoting the interests of the Islamic State?  I don’t think so, unless, he is more cunning and devious than anyone had ever thought.

In any case, yesterday, multiple sources on the ground all confirmed that a wing of American Apache helicopters swooped down on the town of Maraashida where nervous-looking ISIS commanders were awaiting rescue.  No joke, my friends.  These ISIS leaders were taken from harm’s way to an unknown destination by a CIA-led group of arrogant toads.  There is little shame left in this world.

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