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Undated photo of a terrorist-made rocket loaded with some frightful chemical being fired at some unseen target.

The Reconciliation Center managed by the Russians at Humaymeem Airbase in Latakia have announced that the terrorists have now moved their containers of chlorine gas to the forested hills of Hirsh Basanqool.  I believe the load is on its way to Jisr Al-Shughoor where my sources tell me the plan is to blow it up as worshipers are leaving the central mosque on a Friday in order to have the most ghastly and provocative scenes possible.  I have also been told that because of the amount of coverage of the meeting in Idlib City, to which your editor devoted an entire post, the plan has changed with greater precautions taken regarding security, a demand made by, evidently, one of the British rodents accompanying the crew of mischief-making liars.

I also just learned yesterday that the Qataris are paying the salaries of the crew, British, American and Zionist.


Some of our readers are puzzled by the lull in aerial bombardment on the part of both Russia and Syria.  As I wrote before, there is a dispute concerning how best to expose the false flag operation as a staged event.




Hasraayaa: (Yesterday)  In Idlib.  This is an area controlled by Kataa`ib Al-‘Izza.  However, the alliance of Wahhabist terrorist organizations admits of legal trespass by groups such as Nusra and the Turkistaan Party.  As those 2 groups were planting booby-traps for the SAA in abandoned homes and utilities, the SAA was monitoring their every move.  The operational commander then ordered a precision artillery strike on the offending cockroaches resulting in the deaths of several of them.  The sudden escape of the terrorists in their Japanese vans also indicated a large number of wounded.

Al-Lataamina Area:  (Today) In Northern Hama.  SAA was pursuing 2 terrorist groups one of which was a Turkman unit out of Jisr Al-Shughoor heading for the Al-Lataamina area.  The SAA opened fire with a variety of machine guns and light artillery.  No accurate field estimates of rat casualties.

Jisr Al-Shughoor Today:  The SAA killed or wounded 11 rodents west of this bigoted town killing a confirmed 5:

Jameel Muhammad Dandashli

Iyaad Kassaar Rumoodh

Ahmad Faarooq Al-Reehaani


Al-Lataamina (Today):  SAA artillery based in Zilleen struck at Nusra moving targets.  No other details.




Igor Bundy reported alot about this incident in our previous post.  Well, it was just another dull event in the miserable lives of these mostly Slavic Zionists who just can’t come to grips with the fact that they are not related to any mythical figures in the Old Testament.  Most Zionist missiles were intercepted and destroyed before they could reach their targets.  Some managed to get through and caused material damage to some crates.  However, all in all, their operation failed and numerous trucks carrying the desired payload were seen radiating out to various locations where the weapons will be used to extract the settlers from the land of Palestine once and for all.


THE GREAT EXODUS:  Uighers, Uzbekis, Chechens, Daghestaanis and a few Albanians are heading north with their families to the Turk border to avoid what they know to be the inevitable push to exterminate them.  They are moving their families out of harm’s way.  The actual number is not known, but, the Turks are allowing them in as long as they leave the country permanently.

Another wave of emigration is also taking place, except, this one is heading south to the areas controlled by the SAA.  These are the actual citizens of Idlib who want nothing to do with the terrorists who are planning their own Masada in Idlib.  Some are successfully using the Russian humanitarian corridors to escape despite repeated threats of retaliation from the terrorist grubs.



Tony Gratrex sent me this Moon of Alabama article about the Dutch volte-face regarding the White Helmet terrorists: