The photo (above) shows the funeral procession bearing the general’s coffin with pallbearers representing all branches of the Syrian Armed Forces. 

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On Friday, September 14, 2018, Brig. General Yousif Raaghib Shakkoor, passed away at the Yousif Al-‘Azhma Hospital.  His coffin was then carried to the Orthodox Church of the Cross where several eloquent eulogies were delivered by Lt. General Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Shawwaa (ret) who is Deputy Defense Minister speaking on behalf of the Syrian Army General Staff and his daughter, the Ambassador to France, Lamia Shakkour.  Ambassador Shakkour was one of many Syrian diplomats ordered to close their embassies in the wake of the NATO and Qatari/Saudi-supported conspiracy against the Syrian people in 2011.

Lt. Gen. Shawwaa discussed the deceased’s exploits as former Chief of the Syrian General Staff during the 1973 October War.  His daughter, Ambassador Lamia Shakkour, discussed the affectionate nature of her father and his love for country, family and his close friends.

Afterward, the procession headed to the St. George Orthodox Cemetery in Baab Sharqi where the general was laid down in his final abode.  The coffin was draped in the flag of the republic with the words “Syrian Arab Army” emblazoned on it along with two (2) wreaths of roses, as is the tradition of the SAA.

In attendance were Mansour ‘Azzaam representing the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, Dr. Bashshaar Al-Assad, Dr. Faysal Miqdaad, Deputy Foreign Minister and Dr. Ayman Soosaan, Assistant Foreign Minister.

Brig. General Shakkour commanded the Syrian Armed Forces during the famed 1973 October War during which both Syria and Egypt initiated a coordinated attack on the Golan Heights and, Sinai respectively.  While the Sinai campaign got bogged down with Zionist forces after the Apartheid State mobilized its army and crossed the Suez to strangle the Egyptian Third Army (a campaign led by dead Russian-Zionist slob, Ariel Sharon, real name “Ariel Scheinermann”), the Syrian Army was forced to retreat to defensible positions and commenced a very effective “War of Attrition”, blunting the Zionist attack at Sa’sa’.  The success of the Syrian effort was due to the planning and resoluteness of General Shakkour and former defense minister, Lt. General Mustafa Tlaas who should have been in attendance at the funeral.  I have received a message explaining that General Tlaas has health issues.

Brig. General Shakkour is one of two (2) Christian Orthodox men to occupy the post of Chief of the General Staff.  If some will remember, the second, Lt. General Daawood ‘Abdullah Raajiha, was murdered in an American/Zionist/Saudi plot that failed to decapitate the Syrian Army command in July of 2012.

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Mary Woodward and Tim Anderson sent me this enlightening article about Reuters and its addiction to lying: