1. الجيش يستأنف عملياته العسكرية في الحجر الاسود.. وأنباء عن تحرير مخيم اليرموك كاملاً!

A Syrian Army NCO communicates with higher-ups as the SAA continues the onslaught against terrorist pockets

I have received confirmation from one source and from Syrian media that the Yarmouk Camp has been liberated from the stench of foreign jihadist cannibals.  However, this is not the end of it.  Many of the terrorists snuck out of the camp only to relocate to the Al-Hajar Al-Aswad suburb and to Al-Tadhaamun.  One of the reasons for their pull-out was the effective use of the Saraab anti-missile defense system developed domestically by Syria’s Military Research Institute.  The terrorists who were armed with TOWs and Kornets, not to mention the ubiquitous Russian-made RPGs, found that the weapons had been rendered useless by the deployment of the Saraab on most Syrian Army tanks.

The remaining terrorists are expected to fight to the death.  They are mostly foreigners who have no expectation of survival and believe strongly in a pleasant conclusion to their lives on earth.  In the detestable rubble of their domains, they hide in crevices, tunnels and the shade of concrete slabs creating salients from which they can spring out to shoot at Syrian Army soldiers.  It will take time to clear these areas out to the satisfaction of the local population.



I thought you might like this view of weapons discovered in the Talbeesa area of Homs Province after it was liberated by the Syrian Army.  All the weapons are from NATO countries.



“Gee, you sure don’t look Jewish!”  What does that mean, anyways?  According to the article I posted below which was sent to me by John Esq., the president of Egypt, Abdul-Fattaah Al-Sisi was born of a Moroccan Jewish mother. The Jewish faith is matriarchal (not like the Arabs, patriarchal), and so, Al-Sisi could claim and receive citizenship in the Zionist Settler State. By the way, the word Al-Sisi means a “young rat” or a “pony” in the Egyptian dialect. A rat, you say?  Hmmmm.

On his forehead is a “zbeebeh”, (raisin)  a sign that he prays often as he beats his skull against a prayer rug usually thrown over hard tiles.  Some Palestinians are suggesting that he gets this bruise from praying at Herod’s Wall in Jerusalem along with his fellow Yids.

Enjoy the article and tell me what you think about this Egyptian president who cooperates with the Zionist Entity in suffocating the Palestinian people.

John Esq. sent me this article identifying the president of Egypt as a Jew and Mossad agent:

Canthama sent me this stunning explanation by Prof. Noura Erakat of what is happening to the Palestinians and their aspirations:

Christopher Harrison sent me this outstanding expose of the White Helmets in a format that leaves you breathless.  I hope Vanessa reads my posts and gets a look at this fabulous article:

Canthama sent this article from Moon of Alabama discussing the new realities of liberated highways and the muddled debate on the S-300’s.  While I disagree with some aspects of the article, it remains enlightened and worthwhile to read.  For example, I have seen with my own eyes an S-300 system on a Bastion platform during my visit to coastal Syria in June 2000: