دفاعاتنا الجوية تتصدى لعدوان إسرائيلي بالصواريخ وتسقط العشرات منها

We have all been sickened by the somewhat lackluster way Syria has reacted to past violations of its airspace by the Zionist Apartheid State.  We have heard, ad nauseam, the repeated promises to retaliate “at the time and place we choose”.  Well, this time it was quite different.

I waited a few days to let the dust settle so I could get a more detailed image of what happened exactly.  My source in Damascus, Monzer, sent me some information he was able to glean from his contacts.  The Zionist statements appear to be just a lot of hooey right now.  As usual, they don’t provide accurate information about their losses and they don’t permit coverage of funerals of their soldiers killed in action.

On our side, we can confirm the deaths of 3 soldiers, 2 of whom were non-Syrian.  Another 2 were wounded.  A radar installation was struck and destroyed.  A warehouse filled with weapons was also hit with minor damage to about 4 air defense positions.

According to both Russian news sources quoting the Ministry of Defense, over one-half of the 60 rockets fired from 28 F-15 and F-16 bombers and 10 tactical ground-based missiles were intercepted and destroyed.  According to Monzer, most of the rockets that were not intercepted did not hit their targets.

موسكو: الدفاعات السورية اسقطت أكثر من نصف الصواريخ الإسرائيلية

We were all disappointed to read that Russian President Vladimir Putin has delayed the delivery of the S-300 air defense system to Syria after meeting with the Zionist gangster, Benny Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu).  I cannot speculate on what is in Mr. Putin’s head or what the neo-Nazi slug told him.  I can tell you that the upgraded air defense systems in Syria are working very well.

It is obvious to all of us that Iran’s reaction to the airstrike on the Tiyaas Airbase which killed about 7 of its military advisors last week was a test of Tehran’s resolve.  We were not disappointed.  Iran and Syria fired over 20 ground-based rockets at Zionist positions on the Golan Heights.  The rockets hit a surveillance facility killing all 4 Zionist terrorists inside with 2 being from the Zionist Druze community in northern Palestine.  The rockets also hit directly an early detection radar station with no data on casualties.  Other missiles were aimed at a tank battalion.  There were many killed or wounded in the Syrian rocket attack.

We know this from reports coming from villagers on the Golan who saw and heard over 50 ambulances rushing to the scenes of destruction and the whirs of helicopters medvac-ing the casualties out of the area.  Unlike what the MSM reports here in the West, the Zionists took a big hit in this one when they were least expecting it.  They appear to be genuinely surprised that the Syrian government permitted the armed forces of Iran and their own to retaliate for the attack on the T-4 base in Homs.  It is quite possible that Mileikowski was assured by Mr. Putin that no such retaliation would take place.



At Al-Rastan and Al-Kafaat, 50 buses, some green and some white, picked up the 4th tranche of terrorist cockroaches to transport them to northern rat-infested Syria.  The same is happening at Talbeesa.  Homs is about to be declared terrorist-free. We hope they all make it to Europe.



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