DAMASCUS:  Only a few minutes went by before the rats in Yaldaa, Babeelaa and Bayt Sahm decided to accept all the Syrian government’s terms for surrender, unconditionally!  What was the principal event that triggered this change of heart, you ask?  When the SAA liberated Al-Qadam, Al-‘Assaali and Al-Jawra, that’s what was the triggering event.  The losses the cockroaches suffered at Al-Qadam exceed 2,200 between killed and wounded.  They did not want that to happen to them. 

All terrorist hyenas were offered amnesty and many opted for it.  The others decided they would ride the green bus with their families to their own private oblivion in Idlib or northern Aleppo.

In the meantime, preparations are underway to invade the ISIS and Al-Qaeda bastion in the Palestinian refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk.  According to my sources, the SAA has been ordered to make a lot of noise while doing so to get the terrorist cannibals on edge.  Many Palestinian units will be on hand for the action such as the Syrian-based Al-Saa’iqa, the PFLP-GC, PLA Yarmouk Division and the PFLP itself.  In addition to these forces and the SAA will be Afghan volunteers.  The orders are to give no quarter and to expedite the terrorist voyage to the abyss.

الجيش يتقدم في الحجر الأسود ويسيطر على شبكات أنفاق وكتل أبنية بمنطقة المعامل

As you all know by now, 2 Tomahawk cruise missiles landed inside Syria intact and unexploded.  Syria gave one to Russia and one to Iran for study and possible reverse engineering, although the performance of this particular type of missile has been anything but inspiring.


AL-HASAKA:  We all know that the French and British presence in Syria is nothing but a fig leaf for the growing American presence in the northeast of Syria.  The French are so inept militarily that not one single missile fired at the Barza facility this month actually reached any target.  I am told that when Macron was informed about the failure, he became livid and ordered an investigation into the incidents.

But, more bad news for the French naif:  yesterday, a French battalion was flown from Northern Iraq to Rumaylaan in northern Syria ostensibly to make its way to areas recently occupied by Jaysh Al-Islam.  This was at the request of the Saudi Arabians who are becoming increasingly friendly with Paris.  The idea was to offer protection to their favorite terrorist savages and to provide especial security for Muhammad ‘Alloosh.

When the French troops arrived at Duwwaar Zoori, outside Qaamishly,  they found themselves surrounded by militiamen loyal to Damascus.  These militias harbored a peculiar hostility to the French and started to fire on them.  It is reported that one French soldier wet his pants while coming under fire.  Eventually, the French officer in charge was able to negotiate a withdrawal from the area and the militiamen agreed as long as they withdrew to the East.  Vive La France!.  


DAYR EL-ZOR:   We can confirm the liberation of 5 villages on the eastern side of the Euphrates River by the Syrian Arab Army.  The villages are:  Al-Junayna, Al-Jee’ah, Shafra, Al-Hissaan, Huwayqat Al-Ma’eeshiyya.

More menacing is the fact that the United States military has established a new base near the Al-‘Umar Oil Field, the largest one in east Syria.  There is no question that there will be a bloody battle fought there pitting the Syrian Army and its allies against the U.S. Army and its Kurdish allies.  It is expected that Assyrians, Syriacs and Armenians will not fight against the SAA and may, in fact, conduct sabotage operations against the U.S.

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