Wonderful news abounding.  The town of Al-Dhumayr is now rodent free as the last vestiges of the Saudi-financed Jaysh Al-Islam boarded a green bus and left for Jaraablus on the Syrian-Turk border.  Al-Dhumayr is the site of one of Syria’s most important airbases which had come under attack by the Saudi terrorists there.  We can look forward today to our runways acting properly as the platforms for defending Syria from the Zionist Apartheid State, inter alia.

More great news.  The Syrian government has accepted an offer of surrender by terrorists in the West Ghouta, specifically in the towns of Yalda, Babeela and Bayt Sahm.  However, combat will not cease until Damascus is convinced that the terrorists have, indeed stopped all violent acts.  The negotiations are still underway with the terrorists agreeing to leave for the Eastern Syrian Desert and some to Idlib Governorate.  Most of the criminals are trying to arrange an amnesty and remain in their home towns.

Yesterday, in the East Qalamoon, 1,694 rats and their families left on buses to Jaraablus.  They turned over all heavy armaments to the SAA which included 1 tank, 1 BMB armored vehicle and 3 pickups with 23mm cannons.  They left in 31 buses and were all members of Jaysh Al-Islam, a group doomed to oblivion.

As part of the spoils of war, Syria turned over 2 unexploded Tomahawn cruise missiles to their Russian allies.

The SAA has embarked on a new campaign to the south of Damascus at Al-Hajar Al-Aswad.  This area is under the temporary control of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  These two groups have indicated no desire to leave or submit to Syrian governance.  Accordingly, the Tiger Force will now begin the process of killing them all in the Yarmook Camp and Hajar Al-Aswad.

Dr. Assad has, reportedly, returned the Legion D’Honneur medal to France after it was revoked by the present French government.  Yawn.  The medal was returned via the Romanian Embassy which handles French affairs for Paris in the absence of a diplomatic staff.  The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the French that the president, “is not honored to have this medal bestowed upon him by a nation of slaves who attack other countries that are member states of the United Nations and by a nation which supports terrorism.”  It was first awarded to the president by former French president, Jacques Chirac in 2001 when Dr. Assad paid a visit to Paris. Good show, Dr. Assad.


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