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‘Alloosh’s Wahhabist army, once the pride of the Saudi Kingdom, is now in tatters.  Both crucial allies, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, have gone off into exile in Idlib.  His citizens in Dumaa are imploring him to leave the area – get on those green buses or else.  Maj. Gen. Suhayl Al-Hassan is champing at the bit to enter Dumaa so he can personally dispatch the obstinate terrorist leader.  However, based on reports coming in, it appears that ‘Alloosh is leaning toward departing his little enclave and heading toward the northwest to certain death.  His efforts to finagle a retreat in the other direction to Der’ah was rejected outright by the Syrian government.

On March 25, 2018, the SAA opened a new humanitarian corridor for fleeing terrorists who did not accept amnesty at Harastaa.  By doing this, the SAA is able to separate the criminals from the innocent civilians most of whom used the Waafideen corridor.  Harastaa is now completely clean and rodent-free.  However, it should be noted that the Saudi-supported murderers actually killed all former terrorists who accepted amnesty.  They were all shot in the head while in a kneeling position.  All they wanted was to stay at home and go back to a normal life.

Besides Harastaa, ‘Irbeen, saw the last terrorists leave in 15 buses whose safety was guaranteed by the Russian armed forces.  With Faylaq and Ahraar gone, only Jaysh Al-Islam is left to negotiate its own dissolution.  JI has not been receiving the usual financial support from KSA due to MBS’s own suspicions about how to deal with this group as he tries to impose cosmetic change on Wahhabist Arabia.  It is common knowledge, that Muhammad ‘Alloosh’s father, a Syrian cleric living in KSA, has a not-too-happy view of the upstart crown prince.  MBS knows that.

In any case, a French, an American, a British and a Zionist special operations unit has been captured in a tunnel inside ‘Ayn Turma.  This is quite an embarrassment for the West seeing that they were there among fanatical jihadists giving them advice and, even, directing defensive operations.  They were detected when a British-accented agent was intercepted giving instructions to an inarticulate Faylaq thug which resulted in a triangulation of the transmission by the SAA-MI folks.  I sure hope they don’t let these criminals just go.

Something weird just took place in Washington D.C.  President Trump sent shock waves through the Pentagon and State Department by telling the media the U.S. would be out of Syria very soon.  I remember Mattis, Secretary of Defense, telling the world that the U.S. would be in Syria indefinitely.  Something must have happened between that statement by Mattis and the day before yesterday when Trump, characteristically, pulled the rug out from underneath Foggy Bottom and Pentagon.  It might be that the new faces coming into the administration, or who are being shifted to different posts have an alternate view of the world.  Perhaps the Skribal case which resulted in a catastrophic diplomatic shakeup has unnerved the West.  Certainly, Turkey’s recent threat to France about its campaign in Syria might have cooled the heels of Macron who seems to think his one aircraft carrier could travel unmolested in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Western/NATO plan for Syria is an unmitigated disaster.  I can think of no strategy in recent history which has given back so little, except, maybe, GW’s absurd design on Iraq.  Certainly, we are talking about some real fiascos here.  In Afghanistan, the U.S. is entering its 18th year, the longest in American history – and there is no end in sight.  But, in Syria, where the West invested billions on cultivating an English garden of venomous takfeeri terrorists, combined with the world’s most intricate disinformation campaign – their efforts came a cropper, essentially handing over whole swathes of the Middle East to a resurgent and resilient Russia and an Iran whose true power has yet to be tested.  There is no going back anymore.  You don’t survive disasters like these. ZAF.



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