The Tiger Forces, backed by HZB and other militias approved by the Syrian government, are poised to finish their work in the East Ghouta in a mere 5 days.  Muhammad ‘Alloosh, the gangster-like boss of Jaysh Al-Islam, can see the writing on the wall.  It is hard enough to keep his savages in a state of acceptable morale when the Ghouta has been cleft in twain, but much harder when Saudi money is not coming, tunnels are all destroyed, civilians are in open revolt and the Saraab 2 anti-anti-tank system has been working superbly.  Nothing in the terrorist arsenal is effective against the Saraab once installed on a T-72 tank.  They might as well use spitballs.

‘Alloosh has reportedly been inundated with demands that he end the torture by negotiating a withdrawal from the Ghouta.  My source in Damascus informs me that the Russian government has a negotiating team on the ground in the capital tasked with ridding the area of these parasites.  The offer is the same as all others:  the terrorists will board buses provided by the Syrian government and the safety of those withdrawing with their families is guaranteed by Moscow.  It has worked splendidly in the past.  They will be redirected to Idlib where they can bask in the glory and resplendence of ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini.

UPDATE:  Thirteen terrorists have left on green buses this morning in Damascus with their families and carrying only light weapons.  They would first pass through the Al-Waafideen Crossing on their way to Idlib.

We can also confirm the total delousing of Bayt Sawwaa.

Once the Ghouta was divided in half by the Tiger Forces, the terrorists had no ability to communicate with one another.  They had no ability to reinforce.  Moreover, the ferocity of the attack by seasoned soldiers bristling with new arms dashed any hopes these cannibals may have had to blunt the operation.  Forget the incessant bombings; it was the appearance of inevitable defeat which caused the terrorist ranks to collapse.  If any of these cockroaches believed that God was on their side, they have been thoroughly disabused of that fantasy by the facts on the ground and the unstoppable momentum of the Tiger Force juggernaut.

Already, right-wing German politicians are counting the days before Syrian refugees go back to their homeland.  A delegation from the AfP arrived and departed Damascus after meeting with Syrian officials.  Needless to say, they were vilified by terrorist-supporting Merkel-rodents, but, it appears the German people see a bright side to the trip and to its results. It’s a different world today than it was 7 years ago.

Still, the lying Western Media persists in repeating the self-same mantras about the Syrian government.  And the people in the West continue to reject the narrative coming from Washington, Berlin, Paris, London and Tel Aviv.  Despite the overwhelming hostility being shown by ordinary citizens in the West to the MSM’s blatantly propagandistic story line, the editorial boards of the NYT, WP, ABC, NBC, BBC, CBS, Der Spiegel, inter alia, continue the programmatic lies about the government and the army of Syria.  But, it’s just not working.

The Turk invasion, which caught the MSM by surprise, is a challenge for these purveyors of yellow reportage.  They just don’t know what to do about NATO member Turkey attacking the “heroic” Kurdish forces.  But, the Turks are not doing very well.  They have had to purchase equipment from the Ukraine, of all places, to protect their armored vehicles.  According to Wael, (based on anecdotal evidence), the Kurdish forces have been hitting Turk armored units very hard, causing a great deal of damage to their main battle tanks.  What has slowed down the Turk onslaught is not the care and concern Ankara has for civilians, it is the disturbing intelligence coming in that is portraying a final battle in which Turkey may lose up to 50% of its equipment.  And with close to 2,000 reinforcements coming in from Eastern Syria, the Turks must know there are many more losses to come.

In the northern battle near ‘Afreen, Kurdish and Syrian forces killed one of the main leaders of the White Helmets, one Jamaal Haafizh, an actual member of the Nusra criminal organization.  He was put to death in Dayr Sawwaan while fighting for Turkey against the Kurdish and Syrian forces.  May he burn in an eternal Hell.

In any case, the voices from the West are becoming shriller.  Without any ability to change the course of events today, the evil British regime, and the clueless Trump administration, have to simply plan for a future in the Middle East devoid of their influence and power.  All this began when Vlad decided to send in the troops in September 2015, a moment of signal importance in the history of the world.

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