Erdoghan has ordered the arrest of over 300 Turks because they had the temerity to question his campaign against the Kurds of Northern Syria and their chief benefactor, the United States.  Railing against a group of medical doctors who were summarily arrested four evenings ago by his thugs, Erdoghan blasted their treason.  They are now lounging in jail awaiting indictments.

Trump, who probably doesn’t know where Turkey is, much less what is going on, supposedly called Erdoghan to urge him to be “cautious”.  That Erdoghan has threatened to move his military campaign to the town of Manbij where American Special Forces and Marines are situated helping the Kurds to establish their mini-state in northeastern Syria, only underlines the unlimited nature of both his and Trump’s boorishness.  Both nations are members of NATO and are bound together by a covenant of fraternity and friendship.  Well, not any more, apparently, as Turkey is about to commit the abomination of the century by booting out the American troops from a position they occupy illegally anyways.  That Turkey is also in Syria illegally while challenging the U.S.’ illegal presence there represents a classic analytical essay for a course in international law.

Dr. Assad, the typical physician, doesn’t lose his cool.  His Russian friends are encouraging him to stay out of the fracas to permit the enemies of his government to rumble it out.  I mean, who cares who wins or loses?  I certainly don’t.  If the Turks kick the U.S. out, then, hurray for the Turks.  If the U.S. kicks the Turks out, then, hurray for the Yanks.  And if the Kurds are kicked out, then, hurray for the side which did that.  You can’t lose with a set-up like this. See, you can have your cake and eat it too.

The U.S. is trying to save face by pretending not to have any interest in the ‘Afreen area.  However, a red line will be crossed if the Turks engage Kurd forces in Manbij.  With a claimed 1700 to 2000 American troops there, what will be the American strategy?  It’s certainly not enough of a force to take on the Turk army.  Instead, what seems to be looming is a Vietnam-like quagmire for Erdoghan.  If Ankara persists in annihilating the Kurds of northern Syria, it will mean a long-term presence with attendant morbid statistics.  In the meanwhile, Syria’s army will continue to pummel the terrorist rodents of Idlib until they crack, collapse and disappear.  The same will happen in the East Ghouta.  Once Syria’s goals are achieved, Dr. Assad will then turn to the Turk and Kurd problem in the north and northeast.

We here at SyrPer believe that it is in Syria’s best interest to ally with Turkey and help it to eradicate the Kurdish menace.  This will test Erdoghan’s stated policy of simply fighting terrorism and not occupying another nation’s territory.  The Kurds, who have proven to be quite treacherous will have to be destroyed.  In any case, fighting alongside the Turks to rid the country of the Kurdish plague will leave a weaker Turk army to fight if and when Damascus sees no other alternative than to go to war against Ankara.  It is amazing how the Kurds have fallen into this trap when they know from past experience how reliable the Yanks are when it comes to alliances with minorities in the Middle East.

Syria and Russia are successfully degrading the terrorist presence in Idlib.  You can tell this is happening from the voluminous waves of concocted CW stories all blaming the Assad government.  I wish I could have a nickel for every use of the word “regime” in the muddled Western Press. I would be quite rich.  In any case, the terrorist media is claiming heavy bombardment of the town of Saraaqib in Idlib.  As always, the terrorist media tried to stir up emotions by only discussing civilian casualties while ignoring the effectiveness of the warplanes’ savaging terrorist positions and weapons storage facilities.  Judging from readers’ comments after some of these articles, nobody is being fooled by any of this.

The Syrian Army is now only 9 kms from Saraaqib which would free up the highway between Aleppo and Damascus, not to mention Aleppo and Idlib.  Yesterday, the SAA freed the following towns and villages in Idlib Province:  Al-Mushayrifa, Al-Tuwayhina, Tal Al-Sultaan, Al-Husayniyya, Mas’ada, Tal Khaarita, Jabal Al-Taweel and Tal Kalba.  This has placed the forward SAA units at the distance mentioned herein-above.  We predict a full assault on Saraaqib this week as both the SAAF and RuAF continue to bombard Saraaqib with heretofore unparalleled  intensity.  This is why the terrorist media is going berserk.

It’s also why the Saudi terrorist supremo, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, was intercepted speaking to some of his commanders. He told them that “morale is collapsing” after the “catastrophes of Aleppo and Idlib”. He also railed against the internal strife within the terrorist ranks which has prevented the establishment of a joint terrorist command center.

In southeast Aleppo yesterday, right ton the border with Idlib, the SAA wiped out whole nests of terrorist cockroaches at Kafr Haddaad, Ziyaarat Al-Matkh, Wareeda, Zamaar, Tallat Wareeda, Tal ‘Alloosh.  The towns were cleared of mines and IEDs by SAA sappers.  I was informed that 16 rodents belonging to Nusra were killed with scores wounded escaping to nearby villages.

It is obvious that anarchy is now reigning amongst the terrorists in Idlib. With no place to go, some are disappearing into the local scenery in an effort to escape certain death.  The handwriting is on the wall.

As a note, the newest Russian Early Warning AWAC-type plane, the A-50, has been seen in the skies over Syria marking a new chapter in Moscow’s support of the Syrian people.  This plane reportedly can detect the presence of stealth aircraft.