Turkey is not the only country to invade Syria.  The United States has arrogated to itself the right to empower Kurds in what appears to be a plan to establish a Kurd state in the northeast that will include Al-Raqqa, Qaamishli and Al-Hasaka – not to mention the Tabqa Dam.  American actions are designed to give the Kurdish future state the attributes of statehood and this must be accomplished before Trump leaves office.  The Syrian government has declared that any Kurd or Syrian who is complicit in this Yankee plan is a “traitor” and will be “dealt with accordingly.”  That’s serious talk.  In Syria, you are hanged for treason if you are a non-military civilian and are shot if you are in the military.

The fact that the U.S. is violating most of the sacrosanct international agreements on sovereignty should surprise no one.  The U.S. has been doing this for the last 100 years and, largely, with impunity.  The United States is exploiting the needs of the largely terrorized and unemployed young men in the northeast to create, (mostly Kurds and non-Arab Christians), to maintain the fiction that “real Syrians” have approved the American presence in Syria.  This is an argument Nikki Haley (WOG of the Year recipient) is expected to use when Russia finally brings a resolution to a vote at the Security Council.

Enter France.  Macron has ordered his diplomats to convene an emergency security council meeting to discuss the situation in northern Syria.  Do you believe the French are going to address the American outrage?  Absolutely not.  The French want to address Turkey’s invasion backed by hundreds of fanatical jihadists who are described as “Free Syrian Army” allies of Ankara – (“moderate and secular forces”).  And, the French want to discuss the Syrian government’s bombings of Idlib where Paris aimed to establish its own rump state with which they could do business and prosecute their terrorism against the people of Syria.

True to his word, Erdoghan has ordered the invasion of Afreen on the border with Turkey.  It is under the control of a Kurd group notorious for its decades-old war to gain rights for the Kurdish people who have the had the misfortune of being ruled by Seljuk invaders from Central Asia.  Erdoghan has vowed to eradicate their presence.  He has also vowed to turn his attention later to the “border force’ being contrived by the Americans in the northeast to, ostensibly, guard the border with Turkey. (After all, ISIS came out of Turkey with American blessing. Remember?).   Ankara will have none of that.  The Turks have already figured out that a new Kurd state is on the drawing boards, and, that Kurd state is going to be Turkey’s replacement in NATO when the U.S. formally recognizes it in about 2 years.

This is old-time politics.  This is the sort of activity that used to be a British and French specialty; a time when European powers delighted in bisecting and dissecting nations as a precursor to devouring them.  This is why the Syrian government must take immediate action to convince the Kurds that they are headed straight into the void. If they don’t take heed, then so be it.  According to one Kurdish spokesperson, the Syrian government offered the Kurds in the northeast a way out:  Let the Syrian Army take over Afreen and spare the people the inevitable misery which is coming. The offer was rejected outright.  However, just today, January 25, 2018, a Kurdish spokesman declared that the Syrian Army would be welcome in Afreen since it is not viewed as an “enemy force”.  Go figure.

It appears that Turkey secured Russian acquiescence for the invasion.  Putin, who is very legalistic, doubtlessly discussed this with the Syrian ambassador to Moscow who relayed the contents of the discussion with Putin to Damascus.  So far, despite Syria’s announced opposition to the invasion, no action has been taken by Damascus to interdict Turkey’s violation of Syrian air space or territory.  The Turkish invasion appears to be going according to a plan which Moscow, Teheran and Damascus understand in all detail.  What this might mean is that the Tripartite Alliance views the Turkish move as helpful to the effort to frustrate American plans to set up a Kurdish state in northeastern Syria. If that is the case, it behooves us all to support Turkey even if we might chafe at the very thought of applauding anything Erdoghan might do.

In the meantime, Turkey has ruffled a lot of feathers in both Europe and the U.S.  The Germans are livid that Ankara is using German-manufactured Lepard tanks in the invasion.  There is discussion now at high levels of discontinuing sales of German hardware to the Turkish military.  The British are unhappy because they, too, wanted to see the Kurdish state set up in the north.  At the same time, the British are wary of scratching too hard at Erdoghan’s skin lest he turn even more surly and boot them out of Incirlik.  The French are left holding the bag in Idlib as Russia and the Syrian military make mincemeat of their enemies.  Just a few days ago, as you all heard, the Syrian Army gained complete control over the Abu Dhuhoor AB whose only real value to the terrorists was for bragging rights.  I have received one report which says that the base is being quickly repaired for future use.

Erdoghan is intent on wiping out the PKK presence in the Afreen region.  He is also intent on smashing the border forces the U.S.is developing in the northeast of Syria.  This will bring the Turk Army directly into contact with hundreds of U.S. special operations troops embedded with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces.  Watch carefully how this unfolds because Turkey’s own future, be it with NATO or the EU, will depend on what happens.  If Erdoghan is looking to the East, it will mean he has given up on his European and American allies for good and has satisfied himself with a solid relationship with China, Russia and possibly, India.

Syria is watching these events carefully and is relying on Russia and Iran to control Erdoghan’s machinations.  If Russia is emboldening Turkey with this new invasion, it would not be wise for Dr. Al-Ja’afari to push the issue in the United Nations.  Instead, as the Turks approach Manbij, which is an area occupied by the SDF and the U.S.S.F., it might be wise for both Russia and Syria to demand the ouster of the American forces from Syria entirely.  I wonder how Britian and France will vote on such a resolution?

In the meantime, as the Damascus government turns a blind eye to Turkey’s invasion, the Syrian Army and Russian Air Force continue to pound terrorist bases in Idlib Province.  Our forces are now at peak strength awaiting improved weather to conduct a spring offensive that will shake the terrorist groups to the marrow.  Of interest to me is the fate of that bloviating degenerate from Saudi Arabia, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, who, according to Wael, is being monitored imploring his Saudi contacts to make it possible for him to return to Arabia without incident.  Evidently, there is an order to arrest him if he sets foot on Saudi soil.  But, the fact that he’s trying to arrange a smooth departure for himself and his wives indicates where his morale is presently hovering.

This U.S. plan to create a new state is a Zionist one, as I’ve written before.  It is very poorly thought out and did not take into consideration Turkey’s oft-stated opposition to any Kurdish enclave, statelet or entity on Turkey’s southern border with Syria.  The U.S. can try to assuage hurt feelings all it likes, but, the fact remains that a Kurdish state is a core security issue for Ankara.  There will be no compromise on this issue and the Turks will dash any hopes the U.S. might be entertaining of a permanent base in Syria.  You are watching a tragedy taking place as scripted by utter morons.  ZAF