Syrian MiG-29 salutes soldiers in stunning low-altitude flyover (VIDEO) – By RT

Syrian MiG-29 salutes soldiers in stunning low-altitude flyover (VIDEO)
A Syrian pilot greeted troops in a daring low-altitude maneuver, flying meters above the cheering servicemen in breathtaking footage.

An undated video showing the stunning flyover was published by the Syrian website Muraselon. A Syrian MiG-29 fighter jet can be seen flying just a few meters above the ground over the positions of government forces.

The troops cheer as the plane passes above their heads. Following the maneuver, the plane rapidly gains altitude.

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While the jet has no visible weaponry attached, the flyover is definitely not for the faint-hearted, both on the ground and in the cockpit. The stunning yet dangerous move shows the skill of the Syrian pilot, as well as the excellent flying capabilities of the MiG-29, which is one of the most modern planes in the Syrian Airforce.

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