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DAYR EL-ZOR:  I had a beautiful photo showing the devastation wrought by a series of Russian Air Force sorties over a large convoy of ISIS vultures heading from Al-Mayaadeen to Dayr El-Zor City, but, as always, technical problems prevented me from pasting it.  In any case, the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced what amounts to an aerial ambush sprung by the RuAF killing a minimum of 200 ISIS weasels with hundreds reportedly wounded and 20 pickups armed with 23mm cannons destroyed and one lowly tank turned into so much base metal.  This could be the turning point for the doomed Caliphate as more and more of its members sneak out of positions or defect to other groups.  How the mighty have fallen.

The ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists must sense today that God does not support them or he would have turned the tide against their enemies a long time ago.  They must also know that their leaders were just mini-Hitlers who, having swept away the Iraqi Army early on in the war to establish their counterfeit Caliphate, wound up turning their every fortified citadel into one Berlin after another.  Without allies to pay salaries – their allies having nearly gone broke – the average terrorist thug despairs at his future and the utopian world he dreamed of inhabiting with his noisome, shabby family.  It’s over now – completely over.

As Canthama wrote in the Comments section the day before yesterday, the ISIS position in Lebanon is becoming increasingly desperate.  Nobody is resupplying.  Nobody is paying salaries.  Supporters in Lebanon among the militant Sunnis of Tripoli or Sidon have all figured out that God is not on the side of the jihadists.  That was a fantasy.  And there is no sensible way to resupply the besieged vultures anyways since all roads have been closed by the Lebanese Army.

All that’s left are American dreams of a foothold in Syria.  The dream of two rump states blocking Iranian projections of power has fizzled.  All that’s left is an unsatisfying Kurdish state north of the Baghdad-Damascus Highway.  The army the U.S. was training at Al-Tanf has started to dissolve – no more salaries, no more guns……back to the camps.







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