When the inmates take over the asylum, you know you have a world out of touch with reality.  It’s call “Koyaanisqaatsi”, a world out of balance. The United States of America, arguably the most powerful single empire in history, is now led by a reality tv show host, impresario of schlock and rabble-rousing narcissist. Donald Trump has come into office at the White House with a model wife from Eastern Europe (Melania), a brunette, to off-set the other blondie (Ivana) from the Czech Republic;  a daughter (Ivanka), a purveyor of purses, with zero political experience and her lanky, awkward-looking conservative Jewish husband, Jared Kushner, who uses his own naivete in politics as a shield against accusations of impropriety.  Trump, who likes to look aggressive in photo-ops, snarls, grimaces and roars like a lion, his golden mane fluttering in the wind as he promises his supporters to implement immediately his agenda which would strip millions of their health insurance, their immigration status and/or their hard-earned dollars, represents the same watershed moment that Rome had to experience when it began to find its emperors in the outlying provinces of the empire.

But, the world is filled with Trumps.  There is Duterte of the Philippines who proudly boasted of having single-handedly executed scores of drug dealers and addicts. We read daily reports about fresh atrocities committed by his minions as the State Department blanches openly over his crude denials; as the Soros-propaganda agencies, like HRW and AI,  wring their pointed fingers like slovenly brats to snitch on a hated class bully; or as the media pumps more toxic catsup on the cold hot dog the public isn’t buying – whatever the case- he’s just another bizarre entry in the 21st Century Book of  Nutsos.

And don’t forget Kim Jong Un, the baby-faced, adipose tissue calendar-boy of the East Asian Kimche Kookookuchoo.  When his missiles take off successfully, he can be seen laughing ecstatically as though to drive his chubby thumb into the eyes of the American Deep State.  To the happy sounds of “Baby Face, You got the cutest little baby face…”, he regularly snorts at the raised eyebrows of the MSM pedants, mooning them as they display shock and horror at his audacity.

And there’s Nicholas Maduro.  Look folks, Maduro is on our side.  No doubt about it.  We can never forget Venezuela’s unrelenting support for the Syrian people.  However, his governance of the very richly endowed country of Venezuela has resulted in its bankruptcy.  He has single-handedly appointed every mismanaging varlet to the most important positions in a dysfunctional government occupied by a clan of orangutans.  When he finally gets his senses back, and maybe, his authority, he might right the wrongs committed against the people of Venezuela and bring it back to its original wealth without over-enriching the entrenched oligarchs and plutocrats.  Don’t forget, Chavez’s movement was about spreading the wealth.  It wasn’t about squandering it.

Then, there is “Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan”, the Master of Disaster, Conqueror of the Empty Quarter, Prince of Pedophiles.  You have to go a long way to find someone as deranged as this Blunderkind.  Uncleverly catapulted into heir apparent status by his senile, illiterate father, he has managed to further enlarge his horizons as “war criminal” by purchasing every rocket and missile in the American arsenal to fire at the people of Yemen.  He has worried his own cabal of hypocrites by accusing Qatar of “supporting terrorism” even though his own country, Saudi Arabia, is regarded as the chief state sponsor of such activities in the world – outstripping even the United States for that laureled position.

These lunatics rule their countries with various forms of authoritarianism.  Even Trump, “Leader of the Free World”, seems to lean in the direction of tyrannical behavior whenever given half a chance.  But, none of these weirdos can match the utter kookiness, the infinite imbecility and rank retardedness of Turkey’s Sultan of Swine – the illustrious and “magnificent”, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan.who has pushed Turkey to its lowest rung since the sorry day when the Seljuq Turks invaded Asia Minor to bring ignorance and vapidity to the richest and most fecund soil of Christianity.

Not content with the second largest army in the NATO alliance, he has sacked almost every officer leaving his military with no experienced, battle-tested leaders.  He rails, rants and raves about a “deep state” in his own country run by a clergyman who lives in Pennsylvania and who issues his orders by a secret means of telepathy.  He calls all Kurds who reject him, terrorists, while giving weapons, training bases and logistics to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  He claims to run a secular state, all the while flaunting his Muslim Brotherhood credentials. He wants to be a part of Europe despite the ugly and inconvenient fact that his brains were wrought on the hot steppes of Central Asia.  It could be said of Erdoghan that his only European trait might be his natural support for terrorists.

The world is getting stranger by the minute.  But, in Syria, it’s finally getting better.


The Syrian Army has advanced substantially toward Al-Raqqa where we will have the chance to see how Trump blinks when his “advisors” come within range of the army’s artillery.  The SAA has reached the villages of Shannaan, Al-Ruhbi, Al-Rutba and Al-Sabkha, all in the eastern rural areas near Al-Raqqa City.

In the meantime, it’s curtains for Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, as the SAA advances in the environs of ‘Ayn Turma with its destruction of the Al-Khansaa` School that was used as an hq and weapons warehouse for the terrorist group.

In Dayr El-Zor, the SAA has annihilated a large warehouse for weapons stored by the ISIS group.  At Al-Soosa Village, east of DZ, inhabitants killed the leader of a “Hisba” office run by ISIS in the area around Al-Bu-Kamaal.  The entire building was then destroyed.

Al-Tanf saw the largest defection of terrorists from the U.S. base 3 days ago when all members of a group styled: “Maghaaweer Al-Thawra” left the base to join ISIS.  The name means “Commandos of the Revolution”.  What will the U.S. do now?  Te hee hee.

Fighting is intensifying in Hama as Turk-supported cannibals mount a new offensive against the successful campaign launched by the SAA.  On August 2, 2017, the SAA confirmed killing 4 foreign savages in fighting east of Al-Salamiyya.



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