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Donald Trump is obsessed with Iran and North Korea.  Because he doesn’t read anything historical, or even political, he relies on late night Fox programming and the National Enquirer.  This is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth who has access to daily intelligence summaries prepared by his “highly trained professionals”.  Leave aside the fact that all American intelligence agencies have been penetrated by Zionist sympathizers, it remains puzzling why the president chooses to rely on the “fake media” instead of his own American, ultra-professional lie factories.

I cannot tell you who has got Trump’s ear on Iran, but, it must be someone linked to the Zionist Apartheid State.  I write this because of Mileikowski’s (“Netanyahu’s) own personal crusade during Obama’s tenure in office to scotch the Iran Nuclear Deal.  No one party was as active and rabid as the Zionist Entity when it came to speaking before Congress about the dangers of letting Iran off the hook.  Luckily for everyone, Mileikowski did not succeed and the deal continues despite cryptic tweets from Trump about scuppering the whole protocol.

Trump is a 5-time deferred draftee.  He never served in the military and that makes him doubly dangerous.  Like other Republicans – think of G.W. – he envisions himself a warrior and war-time president although he never got to taste the glories of war – the screams of the injured or the pleasant aroma of burned human flesh – the sounds of babies under bricks or collapsed buildings or the uplifting sight of human limbs spread out around a bomb crater.  He missed all the good times.  But, he persists in flailing at enemies, most of whom are arming themselves to the teeth because they perceive there’s a bully on the block.

Who is the bully, you ask?  Well, aw shucks, you know, it’s that bully who runs around the globe invading other countries, destroying infrastructure – assassinating leaders – murdering hundreds of thousands of people. And who could that be?  It couldn’t be a country as democratic as the United States, could it?  Could it be a country that pretends to support democracy by enveloping other nations in a shroud of cordite, napalm and Agent Orange, a minor deficiency sufficient to keep that civilized country voluntarily off the list of nations who have signed on to the International Criminal Court?  I mean, why wouldn’t the bully be a part of the ICC?  Because, it’s just a bully?  That’s it?

From Vietnam, where the U.S. gleefully slaughtered over one million Vietnamese civilians to Iraq where the figures are somewhere between 400,000 to 800,000; to Panama where the U.S. extracted a whole government with whom it was not at war to a little island, called Grenada, whose only sin was having Cuban engineers building a runway for it; to Rwanda where Clinton could have done something (like lifting a finger) to prevent a genocide – but, didn’t because: who in the Hell cares about a bunch of black people? ……..all the way to Syria where a media blitzkrieg attempted to convince a war-weary American public that the U.S. should invade a member state of the United Nations even though Syria had never done anything to damage the U.S…..all the way to Syria where American support and training for cannibals, savages, jihadists and other forms of parasite were tasked with bringing down a secular government which protected all sectors of society and which was on the verge of departing the Third World.

And don’t forget Libya.  That’s where the Russians got snookered by the foul-smelling English and their French skunk cousins into supporting a U.N.S.C. resolution aimed clearly at protecting civilians from the rampaging Qaddafi forces, a fig leaf for “regime change” when it appeared that the Bad Boy of Benghazi wasn’t going out the easy way.  This one act of perfidy, so vile it makes the hair follicles on my otherwise bald head quiver, resulted in the death of Libya’s leader at the hands of a child, watched ostensibly by adult “revolutionaries”, who then shoved the leader’s own pistol between his haunches to fire one bullet that would insure the strongman’s death.  This monstrous act was filmed.  And so was Hillary Clinton’s reaction in front of a camera:  “We came. We saw. He died!”)  This was followed by the scag caterwauling with delight as onlookers rolled their eyeballs in disbelief.  So much for American diplomacy.  Class?

Libya is in ruins and irreversible decay.  Trump would like to bring the same to Iran and North Korea.  Obama wanted to bring this to Syria.  Bush did bring that to Iraq. Obama and Trump are bringing it to Venezuela, too.  Land of liberty and the home of the brave.


DAYR EL-ZOR:  Syrian Army Republican Guard forces almost totally surrounded by ISIS vultures are about to see relief after 4 years of snuffing out every effort by the American/Zionist-created terrorists to penetrate their Air Base and the areas they control inside the city.  Their efforts were not for naught.  The resilience of their worshiped commander, Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen, his perfunctory reliance on the professionalism of his officers and the impavid obstinacy of his core fighters, turned every British plan to overrun the base into one disaster after another with hundreds, if not thousands, of putrefying terrorist carcasses oozing into the soil providing the rural countryside with more organic nutrients than any volcanic eruption before or after Krakatoa.

The SAAF has been running continuous patterns of sorties over the areas of Panorama, the Airbase and Base 137.  Yesterday, a major ISIS leader usually infesting Mu-Hassan, was turned into so much hamburger meat by a bomb that landed a few yards from his cringing carcass.  His name was “Mu’aawiya Al-Faraj”, a Jordanteezian pedophile and drug dealer.

Yesterday, the SAAF destroyed all fortifications at Panorama, Base 137, the Al-Raqqa Bridge, ‘Ayn Abu Jum’ah Police Station and at the Conoco Desert Oil Field.  This was in preparation for the arrival of the Tiger Forces who will play the most instrumental role in exterminating the rodents presence in the city.

In East rural D.Z., we can confirm the death of “Abu Ghosn Al-Albaani”, obviously some Albanian derelict who couldn’t get enough Slivovitza at home.

We are delighted to report the deaths of 2 corrupt ISIS degenerates at the hands of local women in Al-Saalihiyya who set a trap for the naive morons by offering fresh bread.  When the cannibals laid down their rifles in order to fill their pockets with the tasty muffins, the women clobbered the rodents with clubs and then, as the wretches were squirming, the women calmly clobbered them again until some young men came and beheaded the shivering swine.

In Al-Husayniyya Village, the leader of ISIS’s Security Bureau, Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Tunisi (Tunisian foot fetishist and committed child molester), Abu Haarith Shaqra and Abu Al-Mu’tassim Al-Dayri were all found dead at the Tourist Oasis Rest Stop snuggled around an Ottoman-style toilet.

With morale at an all time high, leaders of ISIS have been conspicuously preparing to abandon ship.  Just yesterday, one of ISIS’s main communications officers disappeared from sight in a red BMW sedan.  ‘Issa Al-Humaydi simply decided that the promise of 72 belly dancers was too remote a possibility and opted for parts unknown.  And so did a formerly fanatical field commander, Hishaam Ramadhaan perform a splendid disappearing act hauling his brood of scum out of north Al-Sukhna to the safety of Al-Mayaadeen.

For more local events of importance, at Al-Hirri Village, members of the Shu’aytaat tribe halted a car carrying 4 rodents.  Before they could get off one shot, the young men exterminated them in a hail of lead. Boo hoo hoo.


HOMS:  But, the big news is Al-Sukhna.  It is now under complete fire control because the SAA has taken over all ISIS positions at the hilltops of Tal Umm Khassm and Qulaylaat Mountain.

East of Al-Salamiyya in Hama Province, the SAAF is flying continuous sorties to principally block any attempt to resupply ISIS rodents anywhere near Al-Sukhna.  At ‘Uqayrabaat, Al-Sooha, Jurooh, North Qastal and Qulayb Al-Thawr, the SAAF has not only destroyed whole convoys of trucks carrying arms and ammo, it has also laid waste to supportive vehicles like flatbeds armed with 23mm cannons.

At Al-Zakiyya Village, two days ago, the SAA arrested scores of Nusra/Alqaeda and ISIS terrorists seizing all their equipment, armaments and ammunition.



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