The fighting on the border between Syria and Lebanon has intensified with reports of hundreds of Nusra/Alqaeda terrorists surrendering to the Lebanese army, HZB and the SAA.  With no hope of resupply, (see below) these supposed “jihadists” have finally figured out that God is not on their side after all.  It appears their god has abandoned them, sending them a hint that their cause may not have been as worthy as they thought.  With that in mind and their wretched families screaming for some modicum of peace, the rodents are breaking with their own tradition and raising white flags everywhere in the ‘Arsaal Area.

On the Syrian side, at Faleeta, it looks very grim for Alqaeda.  The Syrian government is not as forgiving as the one in Beirut.  Moreover, Syria has something Lebanon doesn’t have:  an air force.  And Syrian bombers have been flying night and day firing missiles at ever-compromised fortifications built up by the nearly-starving rodents.  My source in Damascus writes that there will be a serious hygiene issue once all terrorist defenses collapse with rotting carcasses dotting the mountainous area.  Such conditions sometimes result in contagion.  He has informed me that Syria’s medical  establishment is preparing for this eventuality.


DAMASCUS:  July 25, 2017.  A huge shipment of arms and ammunition was seized in the Damascus rural east by elements of the SAA’s Military Intelligence anti-terrorism units.  A truck was spotted with tell-tale depression of its suspension system and was ordered to pull to the side of the road.  The driver remained inside, no doubt aware of what was going to happen.  The agents found cases containing hundreds of thousands of bullets, CG cannons manufactured in the U.S., C-57 anti-tank rockets made in France, Belgian sniper rifles (NATO), telescopic lenses and rockets for RPGs.  Upon interrogation, the driver admitted to being assigned the job of delivering the load to Alqaeda in the Western Qalamoon where the rodents are being suffocated by HZB and SAA.  That battle is about to end.


MOSCOW:  I have a problem with Russia Today.  It’s my favorite news channel and I watch it every day religiously.  And so I was watching Oksana Boyko’s program last Saturday (“Worlds Apart”)  which was devoted to interviewing a former Pentagon agent named Matthew Kroenig whose demeanor and method of speech reminded me of Robocop.  He is now a “senior” scholar at the Atlantic Institute, a stink tank employing scores of failed diplomats and providing haven for neo-cons traitors and professional cowards.

Oksana’s problem in this instance was, in effect,  not jumping on the howling mistakes this Kroenig made on the air.  For example, she could have easily pounced on him when he admitted to supporting the ouster of Dr. Assad when he was at the Pentagon.  She could have mentioned that such an effort was in violation of international law and continued to probe into whether or not this Kroenig believed that such violations were acceptable.  She did not jump on that point even though I was trying to coach her by sending mental messages across the airwaves.

This Kroenig is symptomatic of what is wrong with the U.S.. Completely and utterly ignorant to a fault, he presented on her program with a stiff-upper-lip robot-like mien designed to project superiority.  What happened instead was the observer getting the feeling this imbecile was manufactured out of wax; he was incapable of demonstrating any of his ideas with supportive evidence relegating himself to the tiresome label of “talking head”.  Oksana did not exploit the opportunity to destroy this macabre creep.

He said ridiculous things on the air.  With a totally straight face, he denigrated Russia to the status of a “regional” troublemaker no different from North Korea or Iran.  This, despite the fact that Russia has a global naval presence and the ability, like the U.S., to destroy this earth many times over.  Russia is also challenging the U.S. in so many regions that his statements should have been used effectively to cast doubt on his credibility.

For example, he stated that the Russian economy was the size of Italy’s.  Oksana should have answered that the Italians don’t control the natural gas flow to Europe and that if Russia wanted to strangle the Italian economy, it could do so by tightening the spigot over at Gazprom.  Neither Italy nor the U.S. had that kind of power.

Oksana is quite adventurous.  She invites all kinds of cretins on her program like Charles Kupchan who desperately tried to ostracize Russia.  Kupchan talked a lot like Robert Ford with his nasal tone virtually announcing unctuousness and sleaze.  But, her one major obstacle might be that English is a second language for her.  I bet that if she was thinking in her native Russian, she would have smashed Kroenig with rapier-like debating points.  Well, Kroenig can’t even speak English well enough so let’s forget about this improbable scenario.

In any case, Kroenig was a sitting duck who should have been targeted for humiliation.  To her credit, Oksana got the last bite in when she concluded her show by mentioning the guest’s complete lack of credibility.  She said that with a smile.  That was very nice coming from a pretty Russian lady.