I can scarcely contain my glee at the prospect of watching the mass-murdering criminal, John McCain, dying from a glioma found over his left eye attached to a clot no doubt planted by some avenging angel from Syria.  May God roast him forever in the unquenchable fires of Hades.  To his stinking family of rodents, we extend a proud middle finger to express our contempt for this derelict.  He is no hero to us.

President Trump, as I wrote earlier, is putting an end to American support for the criminals in Syria.  If you remember, in my last post, I mentioned Americans reportedly stuffing their baggage with gifts, worry-beads and trays of Baklava.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  On the other side, however, reports are becoming increasingly loud about convoys of American equipment pouring into Syria from Iraq.  The equipment is mostly armored and designed to detect and avoid landmines.  The size of this operation, ostensibly linked to the push for Al-Raqqa, could not have been ignored by the Iraqi Army or its intelligence services.  I am also impressed by the fact that the Russians have satellite Intel covering the area and that they are not making a big stink out of this.  It is quite possible that this new attitude was the result of the meeting between Messrs. Trump and Putin.

However, the Syrian Army and its allies are edging closer to both Dayr El-Zor and Al-Raqqa.  What kind of possible coordination might exist between the 2 forces is anybody’s guess.

In the meantime, a huge operation launched by the Syrian Army, the Lebanese Army and Hizbollah, to eject all terrorists from the border area of Faleeta/’Arsaal has begun.  Eyewitness accounts depict all groups firing rockets and artillery at ISIS and Alqaeda bases with escaping rodents being shot at like ducks in a Coney Island arcade.  The army and its allies have now taken over the Tallat Burkaan area and more is expected to be liberated within the next 24 hours as terrorist communications indicate a complete breakdown in command structure.

I am leaving for our family cottage now and will have a much more detailed report for you on Sunday.  I hope Danny gets the message about some of the problems with the platform we use.  It would be nice to post photos and maps again. Ziad







More debunking of the Bana Alabed myth by Vanessa: (Thanks, Patrick Henningsen)