Many of my readers were disappointed with the pattern of truces emerging after the Syrian Army had successfully laid sieges to towns and cities occupied by the terrorist groups supported by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.K. and NATO.  As these cease-fires started to proliferate, ordinary citizens began to return to their homes and to celebrate the expulsion of these nihilist devil worshipers.  Today, the U.N. confirms that over half a million refugees from Lebanon have returned to their homes in Al-Zabadaani, Madhaayaa, Al-Qusayr and Al-Wa’er, to name but a few areas liberated through cease-fire agreements.  But, these truces have an underlying logic not lost on many of us.  Let’s discuss the logic.

Cease-fires and the willingness to enter into them prove where the enemy is from the standpoint of resupply,morale, and planning.  When jihadists agree to cease operations and relocate to an area (like Idlib), the message is that supplies are running out, morale is low and there are no plans for any more operations.  The last one is important because it indicates the enemy is fearful of losing more of its fighters and fears an inability to recruit more and, then, to train the new recruits.  When the rodents in Al-Wa’er agreed, finally, to depart the city for Idlib or northern Aleppo Province, everyone knew that their chances had gone from slight to very grim.  Most importantly, they knew that!

Their willingness to leave for Idlib, for example, also demonstrated how committed they still were to a jihadist ideology.  Once they agreed to save their own skins, the Syrian Army’s Military Intelligence Bureau was assured that these terrorists were not interested in dying for any cause.  This is why so many of them agreed to sign up for the Amnesty Program.  Clearly, they were psychologically beaten and frustrated with the death and destruction they had brought upon their own country and misery they foisted on their own children who had to now catch on 5 years of education.

The willingness to engage in negotiations also demonstrates how much the opinions and tirades of propagandists can affect the minds of the terrorists now contemplating a withdrawal from a key area.  Take the example of Aleppo where the entire eastern half was infested with these murdering cockroaches.  The groups involved were die-hard jihadists like Al-Nusra and the Nooreddeen Al-Zangi terrorists famous for beheading children.  Despite the rants and ravings of Saudi terrorist leader, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini from Idlib, the terrorists agreed to a cease-fire and withdrawal.  The Saudi “daa’iya” even promised those who stood their ground and died for him an extra 2 slatterns in Heaven although many wondered how he obtained such a license from the Almighty to make such offers.

From this event, we knew the terrorists confirmed the breakdown of all supply lines from the north (Layramoon, Handaraat) and through their tunnels which were either discovered or destroyed by the SAA. We also learned that the terrorists did not take Al-Muhaysini seriously indicating an abandonment of many jihadist doctrines.  Their morale had to be low as they faced the prospect of the city’s entire structure collapsing down on their heads in a short time.  And, of course, they had no plans which could be reasonably expected to create a better situation.  For all of Al-Muhaysini’s bluster, he could draft no army capable of saving the necks of these trapped barbarians.

But, the cease-fires also told us where the sponsoring countries stood.  Although, Turkey was overheard urging the terrorists to hold ground with promises of a “new initiative”, the terrorists clearly read the Turk position as “puffing” – they simply did not trust Ankara to produce any positive results.  The U.S. was silent on this issue.  The Saudis, who have ceded any authority to Turkey in the north, essentially bowed out and bit the bullet preferring to leverage the Jaysh Al-Islam cannibals over whom they held uncontested sway. The withdrawal from Aleppo was a watershed moment in the war – and it wasn’t because Aleppo City was liberated; it was because the sponsoring nations had lost heart.  This made Russia all the more confident.  That made our victory all the more sweet.

The cease-fires were also critical in providing intelligence about where the terrorists were located once they left. Since most had to opt for Idlib, a province now deemed devoid of citizens, the job of pursuing and killing the remnant rodents became more manageable. In addition to this, the SAA-MI and other allied services, had managed throughout the last 3 years to infiltrate terrorist ranks, injecting individuals loyal to the state into the flesh and bones of these terrorist groups enabling the MI to collect accurate information and data about future plans and the state of morale.  That the criminals actually agreed to remove themselves to a province rife with fellow rodents all presenting as legitimate targets was an indication that their counterfeit revolution had been totally spent.  They were convinced that they had no other option.  In planning your next move as a Syrian Army commander, such knowledge is priceless.

These truce agreements also gave the state a chance to invite previously dislocated civilians back to their homes to gauge their loyalty to the state and test their support for the president as part of an effort to predict the outcome of any election in the future.  This factor is extremely important to the Russians and Iranians who have staked everything on the longevity of their ally, Dr. Assad, and who have persisted in promoting a democratic transition process in Syria.  The evidence so far is that repatriated Syrian citizens who have entered their homeland from the Lebanon Mountains overwhelmingly support Dr. Bashar Al-Assad even if they might not have at the start of the disruptions. That supportive countries like China are making good on promises to help restart the building process has been even more encouraging to these returning nationals.

The cease-fires have also, obviously, given the army time to rest, re-train, refresh and relocate.  The huge gains in the Syrian Desert west and north of Palmyra, resulting in significant restoration of economic assets, could not have been accomplished with such speed and efficiency were it not for the truces of Al-Zabadaani and Madhaayaa.  These cessations of lethal fire liberated not only these towns, but, also, liberated battle-hardened Syrian troops and allies to fight elsewhere and it is this grouping of soldiers which will be at the forefront of the battles to annihilate ISIS in both Dayr El-Zor and Al-Raqqa.

The truces have also distanced terrorists and their heavier equipment from critical airbases necessary for the air battle to expel and exterminate these wretched microbes.  Now that all departing terrorists have only left in their green buses with light sidearms, their heavy mortars, rockets both homemade and delivered by the Zionists, inter alia, and Hell Cannons were left behind.  Our airbases are less reliant today on counter-measures because the terrorists existing within artillery range are gone, their weapons handed over to expert members of the Syrian Defense Forces.

These events could not have come at a more opportune time.  With Syrian Army forces now enabled to fight in every remaining front, its ally Hizbollah, is now freer to move its own troops back and forth in Lebanon where a war is brewing between the Lebanese Resistance and the Zionist Plague State.  I can assure all of you, that this next battle in Lebanon will spell the end of this apartheid abomination – the very end of it when you will see tens of thousands of our troops and every right-thinking Arab patriot rushing the Zionist borders and destroying the very fabric of this diseased settler society.

So, if you don’t like these cease-fires, have it your way.  But, try to be more open-minded and look deeply into why the parties which care the most support them and promote them.



New troops seconded to the divisions fighting in the east wiped out whole units of ISIS rodents liberating the following economic assets and oil fields:  Al-Wahhaab, Al-Fahd, Dubaysaan, Al-Kabeer.

And the following oil wells:  Al-Qaseer, Abu Al-Qitat, Abu Qattaash.

The Army liberated the following villages:  Mushayrifa Anbaah, Fillaat Rajab, Khirbat Muhannad, Sooh Al-Bu-Khamees, Mansoorat Shuwayhaan, Haleema, Sumayhaan.

The following equipment and terrorist assets were destroyed:  29 booby-trapped trucks, 5 tanks, 5 C&C, 2 training bases, 2 warehouses for ammunition, 2 armored cars.

The following foreign degenerates were named as killed:  Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Qaader Bin-‘Ays (Tunisian.  Also called “Commander of the Desert”), ‘Abdul-Raheem ‘Abdul-Qaader Ru’aydaan (Saudi child molester and “Morals Commander of the East), Abu Al-Hudaa Al-Baabi (Media official for ISIS).  May they all burn in Hell.



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