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Once again I am having trouble publishing photos.  Oh well.  Here we go anyways.

ALEPPO:  The United States has once again, and for the umpteenth time, violated international law by establishing an airbase south of the city of ‘Ayn Al-‘Arab 30 kms inside northeast Aleppo Province.  When will Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari bring some action in the Security Council to expose the limitless ability of the U.S. to scoff at international norms?

HOMS:  The Syrian Army has expanded its control over oil and gas fields in the Palmyra area by imposing its total control over the Al-Hayl Gas and Oil Field 20kms south of the key ISIS town of Al-Sukhna.  As things are developing now, the Syrian Army will soon be at the Arak-Al-Sukhna Axis, a point not lost on the quivering rodents in Al-Sukhna who now know their destiny is black.  In Dayr El-Zor, army stalwarts are awaiting the retaking of Al-Sukhna with a sense of urgency as the SAAF continues heavy bombing of all ISIS positions

NINEVA PROVINCE IN IRAQ:  The Sawmariyya Terrorist News Service has just announced the death of its Caliph of Cockadoodledoo.  As I have said before, he was killed 2 years ago by a SAAF airstrike near Al-Mayaadeen City.  Like the Taliban, ISIS has kept his death a secret for reasons involving morale.  If he were to be displayed today, it would not be Al-Baghdaadi.  In any case, my analysis tells me he would look like the Picture of Dorian Gray.

GENEVA:  They are meeting again. I announce this with much gloom.  All the opposition has to offer is obeisance.  That’s it.  The Saudis have dulled their appetite for confrontation, now paying more attention to vilifying fellow-terrorist supporter, Qatar, and cutting losses from their bean-brained foray in the Yemen.  The Saudis have also learned that they really have no army or military of which to boast.  They are just a little people, a contemptible herd of baboons, who will wallow in the 4th World for ever and ever.

The issue of Dr. Assad’s presidency is now over.  Even the noxious French have admitted there is no capable replacement for him.  The opposition must now accept democracy as the arbiter of change in government.  With Dr. Assad’s popularity at an all-time high, even Jaysh Al-Islam must start to unravel as the paychecks arrive far too slowly.

To prove all this, the truce in Der’ah is holding.  Even the most violent terrorists have come to grips with their disastrous 6 year war against a country that had the potential to emerge from the 3rd World into a new status.  They are the ones to blame for this unexpected setback which denied the Syrian people their share in the new wealth of their country.  I hope Dr. Assad does not sign any legislation granting “general amnesty” for all combatants.

If you ask anybody who represents the opposition at Geneva, they will, most probably not know.  I just don’t even care to find out.  Muhammad ‘Alloosh will be there, of course, to echo the old Saudi mantras.  Other than that, the Russians will be pleased if the rhetoric is muted and the opposition gives signs that they are spent as a movement.



Vanessa Beeley exposes CNN as a Zionist propaganda and lie factory for terrorism:


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