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It is clear Vladimir Putin extracted some meaningful concessions from Donald Trump at the G-20 Conference.  Inasmuch as the Western Media was obsessed with parsing every utterance spewed out by the American president, looking for any intimation of connivance or nonsense in his speech, what came out of the conference was a sense that the United States had donned the cloak of pariah – its policies seemingly hampered by a leader incapable of reading anything but grocery store tabloids while watching only news programs where he might detect some measure of sympathy for his cause, no matter how opaque that cause might be.

It is hard to tell whether Donald Trump is really in control of his own government.  I have written before that the Pentagon, the CIA and the Deep State seem to view him as some kind hindrance, a superfluous appendage, much like a gall stone that occasionally inflates and inflames, so, it is difficult to tell if any agreement he makes on Syria will be followed by the institutions whose cooperation is key to effectuating the president’s pronouncements.

In Der’ah, Jordan is watching carefully as thousands of Iranian-supported fighters become merged with the flora and fauna of the area.  The Jordanians have become expert at entertaining terrorists and, so, for that reason, can tell exactly when the tables are going to be turned on them.  For that reason, King Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner, was in Hamburg in spirit if not in dwarf-attire.  With a new ceasefire having been brokered by the Americans and Russians, the leeches in Amman can breathe a sigh of relief now that Iran has been tempered by non-violence.  Of course, all this means is that there will be thousands more Syrian soldiers freed up to fight elsewhere against both ISIS and Alqaeda.

American propaganda organs are continuously touting the achievements of the Syrian Democratic Forces which they also described as part Kurd and part Arab.  American commanders (illegally in Syria) have also declared that 85% of the forces slated to enter Al-Raqqa will be Arab, an exaggeration so broad as to invite unabashed guffawing since, as we all know, the so-called “Arab” part of the SDF is actually made up of Syriac-speaking non-Arabs whose hatred of Muslims terrifies the inhabitants of the city to be liberated.  I have sources who confirm that the citizens of Al-Raqqa are not pleased with their liberation if the liberators are worse than ISIS.  Oh, well.

In Western Al-Raqqa Province, the SAAF has been demolishing whole areas infested with ISIS vultures.  The aircraft struck hard at Bi`r Abu-Kubraa, the Fahdi Station and north of Al-Zamla Village.

Trrump is desperate to do what Putin did in Palmyra.  He wants a military victory sponsored by the U.S. even if his troops are in Syria illegally.  He wants it so badly he is willing to dump the terrorists in Der’ah, who were so assiduously groomed by former U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, and who are now viewed by most everyone, except the Zionists, as a jukebox with no records.  Somebody must have told Trump that his forces to the south are on the verge of obliteration, not only at Al-Tanf, but, also in Der’ah City where the citizens have been more vocal in their insistence on a terrorist withdrawal than at any time in the past.  Surely, that can’t be good for terrorist morale.

In the meantime, the purse strings are drawing tighter.  Qatar is mindful that everybody is watching how Doha can go on financing various groups in Syria.  The Saudis have already alerted Jaysh Al-Islam that the war has gotten out of hand and that they are now in favor of a “political solution” even if that means swallowing the bitter pill of Dr. Assad’s clinging to power after another successful election.  As the war in Yemen grinds on with Yemeni forces now occupying whole swaths of Saudi territory, and Iran gaining mightily in political and military clout, it should be obvious, even to a Saudi, that the policies they have been pursuing are leading nowhere but to perdition.

Throughout the pageantry of these international conferences, one impression emerges and that is that Putin is in control of his country.  His pledges are honored and woe be unto him who fails to toe the line.  In the United States, the pattern emerging is one of fragmentation, decentralization, gross nepotism, frivolity and superficiality from the very top down to the lower rungs of the hierarchy of power.  The Press, Zionism, Sorosism, CIA hard feelings, State Department jealousies, Pentagon hardliners and all the others are intent on scuttling the entire authority of this otherwise eccentric and clueless president.

The big winners are Iran and Russia.  The U.S. can claim a victory in Mosul, but,nobody at home really cares.  This is what happens with volunteer armies.  When they die in battle, people say they joined up for it.  It’s only when your military is a conscripted one that you get the passion shows and raised fists.  No, the U.S.has blundered into this one again and there will be no ticker-tape parades – no statues and definitely no epic poems.  When you ally yourself to losers like the Saudis, Qataris and Zionists, expect a granule of congratulations.

The SAA is free to pursue ISIS and Alqaeda in Syria.  Just 3 days ago, the army surrounded the Al-Hayl Oil Fields and all the mountains surrounding it.  It is 40 kms northeast of Palmyra and deadly close to the crucial garrison town of Al-Sukhna.  If the SDF cannot beat down the ISIS defenses at Al-Raqqa any time soon, the SAA will beat them to it and steal all Trump’s thunder.  For Mr. Trump, it will have all been done for nothing.






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