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I cling to the belief that the strategy being deployed by the U.S. regime in D.C. is completely incoherent. It seems as though the CIA is pursuing an old plan to oust the president of Syria – a plan, by the way, which almost all visible diplomats now find unrealistic – while the Pentagon is promoting a program designed to create 2 new rump states in Syria which would effectively block Iranian access to the Palestinian front with the Zionist Apartheid State and to interdict the flow of Iranian natural gas to Europe via the Syrian littoral.  The State Department, under Rex Tillerson, has been largely marginalized due to its secretary’s style of leadership.  Mr. Tillerson appears to be using techniques more appropriate for Exxon/Mobil than for Foggy Bottom.  Just as the reigning buffoon in the White House has failed to fill any federal judge vacancies other than one Supreme Court seat, Tillerson has yet to appoint a myriad ambassadors, general consuls or specialized diplomats for posts overseas as his budget is being downgraded right under his nose.

The meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, appears as though it’s going to be more productive than anything before it.  There are several reasons why this conference may deliver on some promising future developments.  The first reason is that Turkey, arguably the most ardent terrorism supporter, now distracted by its obsession with Kurdish revanchism, has effectuated a complete volte face in its policy toward Damascus.  Turkey’s disenchantment with U.S. support for the PKK in the war to collect bragging rights for the liberation of Raqqa has made Dr. Assad and Muslim Brotherhood fanatic, Erdoghan, the strangest of bedfellows.  In this folder, Damascus and Ankara are on the same page. Erdoghan cannot but help to reshape his policies toward Damascus if he is going to be able to thwart Kurdish nationalism while not ostentatiously violating international law by encroaching on Syrian sovereignty.  He needs Dr. Assad’s tacit support.

In an effort to assuage Turkish hurt feelings, General “Mad Dog” Mattis has assured his Turk counterparts that all advanced weapons provided to the Kurdish fighters helping to overwhelm ISIS will be returned to the U.S. once the goals of the “coalition” have been accomplished.  This had me gagging because it presumes that the Syrian Democratic Forces (which are everything but “democratic”) are willing to suffer and die for American aims selflessly and without any demand for recompense.  .

The second reason is the utter breakdown of morale among the “exiled opposition” and the “regional terrorist groups” which are now being exploited by the United States, France and Britain.  The exiled opposition was exposed as a club for hotel vultures, couch potatoes and failed embezzlers.  Most too old to fight or too gentrified to crawl into a trench with “untouchables”, or as with Ghassan Hitto, unabashed draft dodgers, they brought nothing but Saudi and Qatari money to the table.  It is well known, that most of the names bandied about during the last 5 years, have disappeared from the scene, their open-ended credit cards closed down by their rag-headed sponsors. They know they have lost. Many are now busing tables at low-class Turk eateries.

Even more interesting is the fate of the “regional terrorist groups”.  Under Trump, the FSA in whatever form it has taken, is supposedly being developed for use in fighting ISIS; in fighting (eventually) the Syrian government and in establishing a rump state to block the famous gas pipeline, not to mention the aforementioned Bagdhad-Damascus Road which will be used by Iran to both supply Hizbollah and to assist our Syrian Army in devastating the Zionist Settler State.  Believe it or not, the Syrian terrorists being trained at Al-Tanf are also envisioned as security forces needed for the new state.  American plans are to give the new Sunni statelet on the Iraqi border the capability to police its towns and villages with U.S. aircraft at the ready to beat off any threats to its survivability.

This is where Sharmine got it wrong.  She assumed that the U.S. was training these Syrian refugees at Al-Tanf to fight ISIS when, as she said correctly, there were no ISIS combatants around.  This would be an argument that could vex a spokesman for the Pentagon, to be sure.  However, the spokesman would never be able to reveal the real reason why this force is being assembled – i.e. to form the security infrastructure for a new mini-state.

I am delighted to inform all my readers that the chief of all Iraqi “Hashd” forces which have linked up with the SAA and its allies on the Syrian-Iraqi border, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, stated clearly yesterday in Baghdad that no such plan would be permitted to succeed.  Let’s hope he means what he says, after all, he speaks for Iran.  Of note is the fact that he hit the nail right on the head.

The 3rd reason the Astana talks might actually succeed is the fact that Russia has made it clear that no U.S. military assault on Syrian Army positions will be tolerated this time.  The opposition now know that Russia is in for the long haul and is willing to take this world to the threshold of WWIII to protect its interests in Syria.  Those interests, you might jot down, include the durability, survival and flourishing of the Assad government.  If the opposition banked on the short attention span of the Kremlin, it clearly has not read history – especially the history of the Russian peoples. The Kremlin’s determination to see its policies succeed in Syria has been the overarching theme dominating discussions with the terrorists in both Geneva and Astana.  It has been the White Rhinoceros in the living room; the angry Siberian Grizzly with its spine arched and its fangs bared as though to protect its cubs.

The 4th reason should be quite obvious now that the Arabians of the Persian Gulf are embroiled in some inter-tribal brouhaha over Qatar’s financial support of terrorism, its unrelenting verbal assaults on the regimes in the Peninsula by its unceasingly inaccurate and tendentious propaganda organ, Al-Jazeera,  and its open support for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Some of you will laugh when you hear that the Saudis are actually accusing Qatar of sponsoring terrorism when you know, or should know, that the Saudis are, beyond doubt, the single-most generous contributor to terrorism in the whole world.  The very fact that KSA is now ostracizing Qatar for spending money on terrorists does not augur well for the rank-and-file in Syria who anxiously await their cash payments each month.  In other words, folks, the cash cow of a destabilized Syria is on the chopping block with nobody ready to take up any slack.

The 5th reason is the Iraqi government’s announced policy of coordinating with Damascus.  Iran is the victor here.  When George W. Bush bungled his way into Iraq with specious claims of WMDs concealed by Saddam in mobile trucks, all confirmed by internationally acclaimed liar, Curveball, the U.S. handed mostly-Shi’ite Iraq to Teheran.  When imbecile L. Paul Bremer (Iraq’s High Commissioner) dismantled the Iraqi Army – thus creating the officer corps for ISIS – he virtually guaranteed himself a place of honor amongst the long line of discarded savants who have graced the pages of satire and mean-spirited mockeries with which Western and Eastern humor is inundated.  Iraq is now at the center of the Fatimid Crescent whose appearance the Americans and the British are desperately trying to stall.  They cannot succeed.

The 6th reason why the Astana talks might provide some light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that the Syrian president appears willing to forgive and forget.  Notwithstanding the destruction of his country at the hands of devil-worshiping bigots from the lowest tiers of society; their embrace of foreign cannibals and savages; their disporting with Zionism; their hostility to all the Syrians who stood by their flag and country; their cruelty toward Christians, Druze, Alawis, Ismailis and Armenians – despite all this, Dr. Assad has left the door open for his enemies to return to a tranquil and forward-looking Syria.  If some believed they would never return and see the pastures of their Holy Syria, its hospitable coastal mountains and her vast farmlands, they have been proven wrong by the judiciously applied program of amnesty which has not only returned tens of thousands of citizens to a normal life, but, more importantly, has allowed the army to project its power in more fronts than ever before.

The 7th reason is that the opposition is now convinced that they have not reached the minds of the average Syrian citizen, whether Sunni, Shi’i, Christian, Druze, Ismaili or Alawi.  Their revolution was nothing but nihilism and the religion they were touting was nothing more than an occult coven of diseased lechers, pedophiles and deviants – all trying to conjure up their own devils.  The Syrian people have got to deal with the Zionist Devil.  They have no time for devils created by the sickest specimens from their own society. Ziad A. Fadel


HOMS:   There is but one town left to clear before the SAA heads straight to Deir El-Zor and into the history books.  It is the town of Al-Sukhna.  We can confirm the Syrian Army has now taken all the high ground around the city and is bringing forward a phalanx of artillery units all champing at the bit to unload their fiery missives.  We predict ISIS will withdraw within 48 hours after the artillery and air bombings begin.  We also expect mass surrenders.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  The Russian Air Force has been mightily active at Al-Huwayqa, Al-Kanamaat, Al-Husayniyya, and Al-Saalihiyya.  In the meantime, the SAAF and SAA artillery have been shellacking the Panorama area and its bridge, the Electric Company and the Liwaa` Al-Ta`meen all south of the city.  The SAA did not miss an opportunity to bombard the ISIS rodents at the Workers Quarter, Huwayqat Sakr and Al-Bughayliyya with scores of rodents reportedly killed or wounded and their weapons destroyed.

At Tallat Umm ‘Abbood, Southwest of the city, the SAA foiled another pathetically planned assault on SAA positions killing a reported 7 rodents.


DAMASCUS: Alqaeda/Nusra buried in one day 25 of its vultures during a time when the local citizenry is becoming increasingly impatient with its presence.  Their association with Zionism is not helping their brand very much either.

NOTE TO READERS AND TO DANNY:   I am sorry I cannot post any pictures. This is because the minions of Mephistopheles have attacked the host again blocking my ability to paste pictures.  I hope Danny gets this message and puts an end to their shabby and pointless attacks on the truth. Ziad


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