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He reads absolutely nothing.  He gets his news from Fox or Twitter.  He finds it hard to travel.  He has outsourced his foreign policy to active Zionist infiltrators with mostly Anglo names.  He harbors deep animosity to Moslems for their brazen attack on the Big Apple, his home town.  He has vowed to bring down ISIS by giving it air support whenever the Syrian Army is close to finishing the devil-worshiping group because, you see, he wants to bask in the refulgence of glory, the same exact way George W. Bush did after he declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq.

There can be no question any more about American intentions.  Anchored to the burdensome policies of the Saudi Arabian clown prince, Muhammad bin Salmaan, American soldiers are a mere blink-of-an-eye away from the days when rows of body bags were the icons of death – the sole cynosure of the Pentagon’s addiction to concealment and deceit.  Trump, unable to even affect the mien of  competence, has projected his country right back into the days when the White House played cat-and-mouse with a decidedly unimpressed and jaded public.

I have received information from my sources which prove that the United States is unwilling to cede one inch of sovereignty to Damascus as long as Iran can impose its writ on the Baghdad-Damascus Highway. My source in the capital writes that both Russian and Syrian monitors have recorded statements on unsecured lines between terrorists supported by the Yankee mass-murderers indicating plans to disrupt the deployment of additional Iranian-backed militias to the areas congruent with those of like-minded Iraqi militiamen.  It would appear that the entire Syrian “opposition” is now committed to an American-Zionist-Saudi conclusion to the war.  Whatever is left of the Syrian “opposition” is now being handled by Tel Aviv, Amman and Riyadh. If the “opposition” had any honor left, it is in very scarce supply.

Trump clearly sees himself as a candidate for military immortality.  “Conqueror of the Islamic State”.  “Vanquisher of the Parsees”.  “Liberator of the Arabian Peoples”.  “The Savonarola of Christianity”.  “Arch Arse-Licker of Zionism”.  He dreams of all these titles notwithstanding the ardent promises he made not to enmesh his country in any more costly foreign wars.  Those were his campaign promises.  And voters fell for the puffing and the shilling only to find out their elected executive was a GW Bush wannabe – a fake warrior mostly AWOL from his service requirements and a platform for the on-going conversation between humanity and the Christ.

As American generals look out at the scene from the scorching tundra from which mirages are made, Al-Tanf seems like an unlikely place from which to fight ISIS.  American generals are not privy to the “Master Plan”, because theirs is not to reason why – theirs is but to do or die.  Only in Washington are the brains behind this coming disaster when my readers will be witness to Americans breaking the laws of physics to get out, no matter what the cost, the same way they left Saigon in April 1975.

The highway between Al-Raqqa-Al-Rusaafa-Atharyaa is the scene of substantial SAA advance leading to the SAA’s takeover of the SyriaTel blockade 7 kms east of the Zakiyya Crossroad.  As of this moment, after many hours of fighting with ISIS in battles characterized by push-pull tactics, the SAA has mostly eliminated the enemy in this area.

The Syrian Army is about to close down the ISIS presence in Al-Sukhna, arguably the last refuge held by the ISIS vultures.  I have already written about the recent advances at Al-Dhulay’aat and need not add any more to that theater.  However, it merits reporting that over 70 square kms have been added to the areas now liberated by the SAA which include the Hazm Al-Sawwaana Mountains, only a step away from Al-Sukhna.

All these events are taking place right under the noses of American and Saudi terrorist handlers.  To the north, we are seeing the rapid fragmentation of the American-backed Kurdish SDF forces as more YPG fighters abandon their positions to rejoin the battle against Turkey.  While this is going on, the Western propaganda outlets are touting new “reinforcements” arriving to buttress the SDF at Al-Raqqa, some bandying the 1000+ number to allay the fears of Zionist agents in D.C. who are watching every plan hatched in Tel Aviv vaporize.

Note, by the way, that the command at Humaymeem Airbase has issued a stern warning to the United States about some new CW rant in the East Ghoutaa manufactured by Al-Qaeda and swallowed hook-line-and-sinker by the gullible Pentagon.  The Russians have reiterated their warning to the U.S. This time, Trump’s gamble may be his last.

But,Trump can only learn what Fox News tells him.  If you read between the lines, the story does not have a happy ending.



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