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It’s now official, the Syrian military has unchallenged control over the Syrian-Iraqi nexus-point at Al-Dhulay’aat on the outskirts of Hameema Village.  Attacking ISIS from the Third Oil Station to the Second Oil Station, the army has done what nobody expected which is to block any attempt by the American-supported cannibals at Al-Tanf to move northward and establish a rump state designed to impede Iran’s effort to extend its natural gas pipeline all the way to Syria’s coast.  The army, as you all know now, has cleared out all obstacles in the way of the Baghdad-Damascus Highway, essential to moving weapons from Iran to Syria, and, provocatively, to HZB.  As I write this note, SAA engineers are dismantling a network of IEDs and land mines planted by the escaping ISIS rodents to slow down the advance of Syria’s legitimate forces.

Trump’s Zionist-conceived plans in Syria appear to be at a crossroads.  With no strategy in sight, Trump is now relying on his instinct while distancing himself from his senior advisors.  It is also quite  clear that the U.S. is in a mess diplomatically.  Just today, for example, WOG of the YEAR, Nikki Haley expressed some fear about Russia substituting in for China in helping North Korea.  Only an idiot like Haley would say something like that while promoting a sanctions regime against the Kremlin.  You impose sanctions on Russia but expect it to collaborate with you on projects such as destroying North Korea?  It’s just amazing.

أبرز التطورات الميدانية على الساحة السورية

Note also the constant clamor over Rex Tillerson’s fall from grace.  It is evident that his style of leadership at Foggy Bottom is leaving Trump and his Zionist cronies unimpressed.  Tillerson is now on the road to oblivion as he navigates a ship without sails or a rudder.  With a depleted budget, it is hard to imagine the Department of State functioning professionally while Trump is in office.

Jared Kushner reportedly returned from Occupied Palestine with little to show for his efforts to bring about Trump’s trumpeted plan to solve the Zionist-Palestinian conflict.  This slimy “katsa” and his companion, some fellow Zionist dude named Greenblatt, visited the useless “president” of the Palestinian Authority and, reportedly, were given the cold shoulder because they presented nothing but Mileikowski’s (a/k/a Netanyahu’s) conditions.  That the U.S. regime would actually send a duo made up of raving Zionist trash, neither one of whom has a whit of diplomatic experience, not to mention the fact that Kushner is the president’s son-in-law, is testament to the witlessness of the sitting idiot in the White House. How could anyone expect a Palestinian leader, even if he is as criminally corrupt as Abbas, to constructively deal with a gang of Jewish thugs like Kushner and Greenblatt?  More diplomatic disasters from the White House.

Besides his much-ballyhooed visit to Hama City, the president dropped by Russian officers at Humaymeem Airbase just south of Latakia and inspected Russian aircraft used to bomb the living daylights out of America’s prized savages.  He was also given the honor of sitting in the cockpit of a Sukhoi bomber.  Dr. Assad served in the Syrian Army Medical Corps, unlike his father, General Haafizh Al-Assad who was a career pilot in the Air Force.

President Assad, seen here inspecting a Russian tank called the “Terminator” at the Humaymeem Base.  This tank is capable of neutralizing an enemy tank at 6 kilometers distance.   

All in all, it’s been a good year for us.  The SAA is on the verge of reaching Dayr El-Zor to relieve the courageous fighters of the Republican Guards led by the legendary “Mad Druze”, Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen.  The army is also bordering on Al-Raqqa where the PKK and YPG are fighting ISIS under the umbrella of a queer looking alliance which tries to balance its commitments between Turkey and the Kurdish establishment.  In the meantime, expect a sudden shift in Saudi policy viz a viz Syria.  Lebanese pro-Syrian entertainer and political columnist, George Qardaahi, has received assurances from the Sudanese president that the new clown prince is intent on changing course.  This is probably to save his bacon (excuse me) when Syria is free to start exterminating the entire House of Saud.



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