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Image result for donald trumpBy: Ziad A. Fadel.  Trump is doing a good job of shooting himself in the foot, head and, probably, the haunches.  While I still believe I did the right thing voting for him and urging others to do the same, I did this out of fear that the alternative,  the unctuous, malodorous, noxious Hillary Clinton, would have been much worse.  Was I right?  I certainly think so when it comes to my life’s main focus – Syria.  But, in order to get things into a proper cognitive arrangement, we have to pinch our noses and watch Trump, day-after-day, acting out a farcical script written by Oscar Wilde, directed by John Waters and produced by Mel Brooks.  This is the White House as “objet de dedain”  – an evolving tale of a patented buffoon, no less famous than Emmett Kelly, whose mostly inherited wealth led to a stint on “reality” television during which he proved his “machismo” by firing people for qualities such as sloppiness, recklessness, knuckleheadedness or just plain birdbrainedness – all characteristics he has apparently adopted as his own in a diminishing world populated by sycophants and sewer rats.

What to do with General Mike Flynn?  Why, fire him!  He was in cahoots with the Russians and, he lied to squeaky-clean VP, Mike Pence, whose bible-thumping bubble-headed wife can take comfort in the fact that her hubby, who is only one heartbeat from the White House, will not sit with any woman unless she is present.  This, apparently, is to prevent his boundless sexuality and irresistible virility from running amok and bringing shame and accusations of hypocrisy to their good family escutcheon.  To this date, nobody really knows what Flynn did and he won’t tell unless Congress grants him immunity.  Another class act.

What to do with Jim Comey – a man far more respectable than Mike Pence?  Why, fire him!  He wouldn’t take the hint from Trump and give Flynn a “pass” on the issue of those pesky Russian ties.  Trump, acting like a “Godfather”, ordered all invitees out of the room at the White House, including his own Attorney General, his consiglieri, Jeff Sessions, who actually was trying his best to stay in anticipation that Mr. Trump, a/k/a “Mr. Dodo”, would do something to shoot himself in the foot.  In thinking about the Godfather Trilogy, this is Donald Trump as “Fredo” or Luca-Brazzi.

And when Steve Bannon, who personally masterminded the Trump victory over Madame Serpentine, got in the way of Mr. Trump’s utterly inept son-in-law, the observantly Jewish, Jared Kushner, he fired him, too,  using some lame excuse that had crocodile-skinned skeptics like Yours-Truly rolling their eyeballs in utter belief.  That’s right, Mr. Bannon, who is not an acknowledged Zion-Lover, ran afoul of the Christ-denying, and “Shiksa-marrying” Germano-Polish-Russki “princeling” and was cast out in a fit of pique by Patriarch Trump.  This is Bannon as unwanted Canaanitish Heathen.  This is television produced by Cecil B. DeMille.

And when, Sally Yates, the then-acting Attorney General refused to enforce Trump’s odd-ball order to ban all travel from 7 mostly-Muslim countries, she too was fired.  What many do not know is that she was investigating Mike Flynn also.  That same curse which sits atop each Assad-defiler, evidently, accompanies anybody who flouts the good name of Donald Drump.

After firing all Obama-AGs in a Stalin-like putsch, he met with the highly-regarded Attorney General for the Southern District of New York, “the worthiest of oriental gentlemen”, the avatar of Shiva, the goody-two-shoes of Goa, the illustrious Preet Bharara and implored him to stay; this only to rattle his cobra basket when he was unceremoniously fired a few days later and leaving him blowing his flute under the boardwalk in Coney Island.

And then, of course, the rousing promise of no more foreign entanglements.  Why, words such as “isolationism” and “naturalism” were bandied about in the press as though to confirm that the days of American “exceptionalism” were over.  He would be friends with Assad since the Syrian president was fighting ISIS.  He would be friends with Putin whom he respected.  He would dump on NATO and its members.  He pulled out of the Pacific Treaty.  He vowed to go after China for manipulating its currency.  He vowed revenge for Japan’s selfish manufacturing and trade policies.  He would castigate Germany’s favorite “Schlampe”; build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico; introduce pollution-enhancing fossil fuels to ensure Armageddon’s speediest arrival; unabashedly denied the Greenhouse Effect-Global Warming;  vowed to scrap Obamacare and replace it with something so much better that he can’t even get Reince Priebus to endorse it with a straight face (whatever it the Trump plan is).  His multifarious pronouncements and promises reek of New York City’s most lamentable qualities: display, vulgarity, ostentation, exaggeration, glitz…………punk.

image: https://i2.wp.com/www.rawstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/nbc_mtp_priebus_160828c-800×430.jpg?resize=478%2C257

Image result for reince priebusPriebus, seen here fumbling around for an answer to why his chief principal acts like a Komodo Dragon on Quaaludes, is the son of a German father and Greek mother, born in the Sudan.  He will be fired soon.  Funny, he doesn’t look Sudanese.  


Well, folks, the love affair with Dr. Assad appears to have faded and was,  in any case, unrequited.  Trump is now so engaged in retaining his office that he’s spun off all responsibility for Syria to the self-same Neo-Con traitors and Zio-agents who infested the Obama regime.  And, as far as no more foreign entanglements are concerned, why, he has increased U.S. forces in compradorist Jordan; has ordered an increase in troops in Afghanistan after 15 years of slugging it out with the indigenous people of that country; increased American involvement is Saudi Arabia’s war of genocide in Yemen; put more American troops on the Russian frontier just to make sure Vlad doesn’t get any ideas about invading the same continent Trump appears to abhor in the first place.  And, all this, while history has made clear that Russia is the one which is invaded – France under Napoleon and German under Hitler – Russia has not invaded Europe no matter what you might think of post –WWII victorious allies divvying up the world.

It didn’t take long for the American Secretary of State and former CEO of Exxon-Mobil to finally spit out the same boring mantra about the longevity of Dr. Assad in Damascus.  “No, he’s got to go.”  Yawn.  In every conversation I have had during the last 6 months, at bars, cafes, parks – everywhere, people are either indifferent to the existence of Syria and its president, or are amazed that the U.S. supports terrorists fighting to unseat him.  It seems that the same model for demonization continues in Trump’s U.S. – it’s like the Trump regime has not addressed any issues of interest to anyone and that the program just self-regenerates everyday with robotic predictability; regenerates with the same consistency as bacteria.  Since he has not even filled one federal judgeship other than Gorsuch at the Supreme Court, how can anybody expect him to deal with nuanced trivialities like the perseverating lying in the mainstream media.  He has attacked the media about how they cover him, but, never has dealt with the continuous slime emanating from the established corporate lie-machines over a constellation of subjects.

With Russia, Trump is loath to underline his respect for Putin.  The Democrat Party and its push-over media supporters would jump all over that using it to further malign the president.  If you think, as I do, that Jared Kushner, a card-carrying Mossad “katsa”, is the greatest Zionist coup since Jonathan Pollard, imagine how the media would be agog to announce the neo-KGB coup of planting in the White House a spy worthy of the title: The Manchurian Candidate.  Zowie.

And, for additional horror, it seems that his Secretary of Defense, Mad Dog Mattis, is actually infected with rabies!  He has participated in a plan to build up terrorist forces just north of the Jordanian border to supposedly fight ISIS.  But, the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.  ISIS is receiving logistical, material and financial help from the United States.  In each and every instance, when the Syrian Army was on the verge of landing a haymaker to the jaw of the Turk-supported cannibals, the U.S. and its allies have interdicted that event by bombarding our forces at Al-Tharda and east of Al-Tanf, among other places.  We have reported numerous times the curious happenchance of British-accented handlers barking out orders to individuals verified as ISIS or Alqaeda terrorist rodents while they were conducting attacks against government forces.  The Anglo-American-French pretense to be fighting terrorism has graduated from outright farce into Grand Guignol 

The U.S. media covered the liberation of Aleppo, not as the victory of a sovereign people over tyranny, but, as the arrival of something worse than ISIS.  Whenever the MSM was caught in outright lying,  they refused to admit their error.  There was never an Addenda et Corrigenda at the NYT, the WP or the WSJ – not when it came to their propaganda about Syria.  As the Mainstream Media wallows in the sordid  bilge water it continues to befoul by practicing what even dogs proverbially never do, the earth revolves as though truth and facticity were principles only applicable to physics – as though mankind cannot profit from acts of integrity, honesty or kindness.  The MSM, completely complicit in the agony of the Syrian people,  conducts itself as though punishment is meted out solely to the weak, the poor and the disenfranchised, whilst the established rich inside the Deep State relax in a solar bath of impunity, invincibility and awe.

Trump’s polls are competing with those of Hollande’s in France.  Despite the suspicions Americans may have about the goofiness of their chief, (to many he’s an idiot savant, to others he’s just an idiot) they are not apparently very concerned about the loony policies he’s following in the Near East.  The media is pushing a program against him which reflects their own Zionist-designed agenda.  Trump is being thrashed by liberal media, and even to some extent by the so-called “conservative” media like Fox News, only to extort concessions from him and they will not relent until he breaks and hands the government of the United States over to the Zio-Military-Industrial Complex to do what it deems appropriate for itself and the Abominable Apartheid State.  Trump is easy to manipulate; already only 6 months into his first (and last) term, he is struggling to avoid an enervating investigation into whether or not he is the Kremlin’s mole in the White House.  Was his campaign victorious because the Russians wanted it that way? This narrative is so preposterous that it almost begs the question as to whether or not the American people, themselves, are just a laugh-track for a stupid sit-com destined to be cancelled.

While all this fanciful hurly-burly plays out in the compromised American press, the Pentagon, evidently given some kind of carte blanche, has upped the ante again in a war all American generals know they cannot win.  HIMARS rocket launchers have been spotted amidst the myriad terrorist groups the U.S. is now sponsoring north of the Jordanian border.   Iran, determined to quash Washington’s writ on Syrian land, is pouring hundreds more troops into the area armed with newer and better weapons.  Russia has warned the U.S. about the rockets describing them, in “diplospeak”,  as “unhelpful”.  While the American people are being mesmerized by a bland, mediocre and witless television plot in which our own president is the chief butt of all the pitiful jokes, the U.S. and Russia are approaching a Fail-Safe moment which may end civilization and Super Bowl games as we know them.

image: https://i2.wp.com/www.warwheels.net/images/HIMARSlockheed%20%282%29.jpg?resize=478%2C318

Image result for himars rocket systemWhile Trump’s world crumbles all around him; while Muslim-inhabited high rises in London go up in flames; while Europe copes with the ugly reality of terrorists coming home to roost after being trained by pink people in Syria, Iraq or Turkey; while trucking companies in France take a close look at anyone who wants to lease a vehicle just to squish all those comfy, obese, liberal bourgeoisie strolling leisurely up and down scenic bridges, all French-kissing – singing the Marseillaise like a choir of castrati; while Trump persists in his quest to appoint the least competent individuals for cabinet posts – today, his son, Eric’s, wedding planner was appointed head of Housing and Urban Development even though she has never lived in a house (te-hee-hee) much less in an urban setting;  while spaced-out Bernie-supporters get a hankering for Republican blood at charity baseball games;  and while the Kardashians continue to enrapture the world with their infinite uselessness,  American troops in Al-Tanf, Syria, are reportedly losing control of their sphincter muscles just waiting for the Lebanese Resistance to start the war against America’s Reign of Terror.

Jordanian troops just killed over 5 civilians who were trying to approach their positions at the Syrian border town.  The Jordanians simply opened fire thinking they might be suicide bombers trained by the Americans themselves.  The orders are simple: shoot first, ask questions later.  It’s a winning strategy.  The U.S. has been using it for 2 centuries now.

So what do the Americans do now that the Baghdad-Damascus Highway is secure?  Can they move northward?  No. Not a chance.  And, it’s so hot there.  Not as hot as the White House, you probably thought.  Well, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Right?…… What a grand farce!  Mueller is sniffing around Trump’s shabbily erected and lonely cordon sanitaire like a bloodhound.  The Prez is engulfed by a staff of nincompoops, ne’er-do-wells and neophytes.  He doesn’t stand a chance.  But, the band plays on.  The laugh track doesn’t stop.  This sit-com can’t end well.  I don’t want any re-runs of this. ZAF


IDLIB:   Earlier today, a suicide bomber, tried to take the life of the corpulent Saudi porkpot, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, just after he had led prayers at the Abu Dharr Mosque.  If you remember, Muhaysini was booted out of several towns by hostile citizens who did not want the stink of Wahhabism in their midst.  The Saudi roach-fed hog survived with some minor injuries and will have another shot at being assassinated soon enough.   Don’t forget, I have been promised his scorched femur as a memento mori.


HOMS:  Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, paid a visit to our troops in Palmyra after the liberation of the entire Arak Oil Complex.  Syrian Army morale is in the heavens after a stunning series of victories which have the Pentagon and the Zionist Settler State gnashing their molars.

image: https://i2.wp.com/www.sana.sy/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/4-9.gif?w=700



Watch Sharmine on RT’s Crosstalk discussing the Saudi stare-down with Qatar:


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