General Ghaassem Solaymaani was engulfed in jubilation yesterday after the all-Afghan “Liwaa` Faatimiyyoon”, seconded by the Syrian Army, the PDC, and HZB reached a point on the Syrian-Iraqi border where our Iraqi allies were waiting.   The forces have now linked up despite American efforts to stymie the push toward that critical area which protects the Baghdad-Damascus Highway and through which Iran is able to supply the Lebanese Resistance and over which the natural gas pipeline is expected to traverse.  It is a glorious day of victory for the Syrian government.  And, by the way, it should be no secret why Iran was so heavily invested in this particular operation.  As I have written before, the U.S. is trying to do the impossible in an effort to advance the Zionist program, i.e. block Iran from completing the Fatimid Crescent.

According to sources in Damascus,  Sergei Lavrov, had a not-too-polite conversation with Rex Tillerson 2 days ago during which American interference in Syrian government plans was discussed.  Lavrov was not subtle.  He warned Tillerson that the U.S. must stop encroaching on Syrian sovereignty and violating international law.  Tillerson sent the message off to Mattis and we just saw the link-up with mostly pro-Iranian Iraqi militias take place.

The presence of Solaymaani will have the Zionists scurrying around with bees in their bonnets.  Not only have they failed in assassinating him, they have made him a legend in his own time because he appears to be either invulnerable to their malice or protected by some demi-god on earth.  He is always there with his men goading the Zionist Apartheid State, reminding the mostly Eastern European Jews that their proper place on this planet is an unpopulated jungle somewhere on the coast of Atlantis.

In conclusion, the U.S. plan to hook up with the Kurdish SDF has been put on hold.


The SAA has advanced to the Arak Oil Field east of Palmyra and to the 4th Station.  They destroyed 7 4-wheel drive Toyota pickups with 23mm cannons and killed an estimated 18 rats.






City:  The SAA’s now falcon-eyed artillery units struck and killed one of ISIS’ most renowned terrorist psychopaths, one Abu ‘Umar Al-Baljeeki.  This was accomplished on June 6, 2017.  Our reports indicate the remaining rodents had to piece him back together for burial.  From his name you can tell he carried Belgian papers.  I kind of wished he had been spared such an ignominious ending to that he might have traveled back to Belgium to give the citizens there a taste of what it’s like to have state-sponsored terrorists running amok in their country.


On June 11, 2017, ISIS mounted another somewhat ferocious and audacious assault on SAA Republican Guard positions.  But, the SAA and its allies repelled the attack killing about 20 rodents and seizing an armored car complete with Turk documents.

Al-Saalihiyya in the southern rural area south of DZ, pro-Syrian militia killed “Abu Maryam Al-Shaami” along with another 11 of his favorite catamites in an assault by mostly Shu’aytaat tribesmen.

Panorama, Al-Eemaan Gas Station, Al-Tharda, Tallat ‘Alloosh, Al-Urfi, Al-Junayna Village:  The SAAF swooped down in multiple sorties killing scores of huddling rodents, destroying several vehicles and one tank.

Panorama:  82 rodents killed during the last 48 hours near the Al-Tanmiya Wall, Al-Ta`meenaat Roundabout and the Hifsa Mosque.




أبرز التطورات الميدانية على الساحة السورية  

A major Nusra/Alqaeda official who held German and Jordanian citizenship along with 2 others belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam were blown up by an IED placed just for them in Al-‘Abdali west of Der’ah.  His name is Abu Talha Al-Almaani (The German).  The identity of the heroes who planted the bomb is being kept a secret.  The date of this operation is June 7, 2017.


Tafass:  The SAA has shot down an armed pilotless drone see in the picture below.   It was shot down well before it reached any realistic target.  `



(Photo courtesy of the Syrian National Defense Forces)



Here’s even more about ‘Umraan Daqneesh as the alternative media is having a feeding frenzy over the MSM BS.  Please read this article, it’s important because it’s by Eva Bartlett: