Image result for abdullah al-muhaysiniIDLIB:  They wanted to tar and feather him.  If they had gotten their hands on him, he would have been deboned like a chicken.  Instead, like a chicken, he fled the town of Jarjanaaz with a few of his acolytes toward the North where he is expected to seek sanctuary in Turkish-occupied Syria. ‘Abdullah AlMuhaysini, has not had a good year at all.  Besides being rejected for relocation to his native Saudi Arabia, he has suffered one indignity after another.  According to our sources, this bloated hog was accused by several groups, including Ahraar Al-Shaam, of incompetence, negligence, recklessness and sheer stupidity in the way he commanded those rodents under his control in Aleppo and Hama.  If you remember, he famously offered to add 2 extra “houris” to the 72 already awaiting those vermin who died for him in battle.

According to many sources, he has been prohibited from leading prayers in any mosque in Jarjanaaz, especially the one major mosque of Al-Imaam ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taalib where the Friday prayers are usually convened.  He is now outcast.  One citizen told a terrorist reporter that:  “We have no place here for those who exaggerate (in religion) or commit outrages.”

Of particular interest to my readers, Jarjanaaz is a town to which thousands of enemy roaches headed after deals were struck in Zabadaani, Madhaayaa and Barza, to name but a few.  It is said that these terrorists have an obsession with Al-Muhaysini having heard many stories of his failings through the astute observations of their leaders in “Jaysh Al-Islam”, a purely Saudi-controlled group of cannibals.





(Photo: Almanar)

If you thought it was a bad Saturday for that inflated hippo we just wrote about, think about what is going through the mind of another stalwart of the fake Muslim variety, the late, great,  Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi.  Gee whizz!  I mean, he was once on the A-list of global menaces and now, like that Taliban carcass, Mullah Omar, he has to listen to the plaintive murmurings of his loyal flock, fresh from one defeat after another, from deep inside the subterranean mausoleum which he has infested since the Syrian Air Force put him to death with one cold blow 2 years ago.  Like the late, great cyclopian Taliban leader, Al-Baghdaadi’s death is being kept a secret lest his ragged core of foreign sociopaths start to beat a hasty retreat all the way to Europe.  Even the Americans, who won’t give the Syrian military any credit, is trying to keep it all a secret so that they can lay claim to killing him even if his body has now decomposed and vanished into dust.

And so, we come to the east side of Aleppo City.  The Syrian Army has just polished off another victory over the scurvy-laden cockroaches of ISIS near the last town it holds in Aleppo Province, Maskana.  The whole northeast and central parts of the Al-Tuwayheena Mountains east of Khanaasser/Atharyaa Highway have been liberated completely.  According to SAA sources on the ground who finished a full field assessment, 1274 ISIS carcasses were counted with an estimated 500+ rodents wounded.  These are the names of the leaders identified amongst the dead:

Usaamaa ‘Izzeddeen Burghul

Ziyaad Hassoon      

Abu Hudhayfa Al-Leebi (Libyan Komodo dragon sputum)

Abu Jihaad Al-Soori

Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Badee’ Qinbar

Sayfuddeen Muhannad Jahjaaj

Muhammad ‘Awwaad Al-Kaldaani (Of course he’s not Chaldean.  Iraqi mouse dropping)

Abu Sayyaaf Zayneddeein Al-Tunisi (Tunisian fruit fly)

Qutayba ‘Abdul-Naafi’ Al-Thuqlaan (Saudi Arabian pig snort)

Bassaam Al-Sha’bu


The SAA also confirmed the destruction of 101 vehicles, 63 of which were pickups with 23mm cannons; 4 tanks, 2 BMP APCs, 7 heavy cannons, 1 mortar and 12 command-control centers.

Here are the towns and villages liberated:



Khirbat Al-Fakhkha

North Al-Mazza

Al-Ghaar City

Jubb Al-Hamaam

Maskana’s Grain Silos





Greater Juday’ah

Lesser Juday’ah






Umm Rajul

Umm Hajara


Rasm Al-Ghazaal


.Maskana is the entryway into Al-Raqqa.  With SAA and allied forces now moving toward that much-desired capital of the ISIS empire, the U.S. is doubling efforts to besiege it in order to lay claim to its liberation – if that could ever happen with the pathetically weak Kurdish forces the U.S. is trying to foist upon us as the only group capable of fighting ISIS.  Yawn. With forces now looking down at Al-Tanf on the Jordanian-Iraqi-Syrian border to the south, the U.S. will have an awfully hard time reinforcing the Kurds to the north.  We predict the arrival of thousands of Iranian troops shortly to help with Al-Raqqa so that Trump won’t be able to make one credible claim to contributing to its delousing.




The State Department has been locked out of decision-making in the capital.  It appears that Pentagon neo-con dwarfs and Zionist stink-tank denizens have pirated American foreign policy.  Trump, who is given over to bluster and display, more than being committed to the academic pursuit of rational goals has defaulted in the face of, what is to him, the murkiness of diplomacy.  He has left his entire foreign affairs platform to his Zionist son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is a “katsa”, by the way.  His injection into American politics may be the greatest Mossad achievement since Jonathan Pollard.

Somewhere in the far northeastern part of Jordan is a military base that swallows all the thousands of Syrian rats the U.S. and Jordanian recruiters have been able to gobble up.  It is Al-Tanf, a border crossing and military training ground on the Syrian-Iraqi border.  Trained at various bases close to the Syrian border, these terrorist traitors are now being groomed to occupy an area that would connect to a planned Kurdish state to the farther north.  That would complete what the U.S. is capable of doing given the few assets Trump is willing to deploy in order to advance a purely Zionist and Saudi project:  A. blocking the Baghdad – Damascus Highway and, B. blocking the planned Iranian gas pipeline to the Syrian coast.

Note that the Trump administration has shifted its priorities from ousting Dr. Assad to a blockade of Iran.  In blocking the gas pipeline, Trump’s henchmen are hoping to squelch an Iranian push deep into the fuel-addicted European continent, complementing Gazprom and forcing the occidentals to look eastward, away from the United States.  The Zionist Abomination and its Saudi partners are eager to thwart this plan for obvious reasons since both terrorist states have an in-built fear of Iranian genius and Iranian commitment to finish off the Zionist Settler State – Saudi Arabia’s only reliable protector left.

There is an uneasy calm near Al-Tanf as hundreds of pro-Syrian reinforcements are starting to take up position to its west.  The U.S. is willing to provide air cover for its creepy-crawly allies if and only if no incidents take place with Russian aircraft.  That is becoming increasingly unlikely seeing that Russian fighter-bombers were immediately scrambled when U.S. jets started to hit the massing pro-Assad forces at the Zhazha Crossing.  Because the forces were mostly assembled from Iranian, HZB and Afghan warriors, it appears the plan to eject the Americans from Syrian soil is one coordinated between Teheran and Moscow with the latter providing the air umbrella.

In truth, the U.S. is adrift with contradictory signs emanating from D.C., a true signal that anarchy reigns.  There is no real plan.  If anything, it appears that the Secretary of Defense, General “Mad Dog” Mattis, is merely conducting a war of “annihilation” against ISIS in Al-Raqqa – not hard to do if all you are doing is shellacking the city with bombs from the air.  And, if the mostly Kurdish SDF took as long as it did to evict ISIS from Tabqa, it will take ten times longer for them to empty Al-Raqqa.  The U.S. has no real options here but to arm its lackeys with everything but anti-aircraft weapons.  I am also told that the U.S. is not vetting its combatants very extensively to the south which means that the ranks of its, so-called allies, may be rife with jihadists.  It’s a mess.  Complicating the situation for the U.S. is the fact that the SDF is not allied with Washington.  The Kurds know that when the dust settles, the monsters which existed before this brouhaha will still be there.  The Kurds cannot go along with Trump or his Zionist handlers; that would be suicide.  The best they are hoping for is an acknowledgement by Baghdad and Damascus that their efforts to dislodge ISIS should, at the very least, result in some federal entity.  The U.S. cannot bring that about.  In point of fact, the Kurds in the PYG, PKK and SDF know absolutely that the U.S. has no presence in this part of the Near East.  They are looking more to Russia, but, will accept American arms for the short term.

We predict a push to the Baghdad-Damascus Highway.  It is inevitable and Iran insists on it.  That represents its endgame.  Does anybody believe Trump can play chess?  ZAF



Sharmine gives us her take on the Trump/Saudi meeting in Riyaadh.  Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Note the tantalizing Qatari leaning to Iran and think about the gas pipeline denied to Doha by Dr. Assad.  Hmmmmmm.: