“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama





Complete collapse of of terrorists south of Homs-Palmyra highway. Both ISIS and US/UK/Jordan/GCC/Israel trained terrorists were utterly defeated and expelled from the vital Syrian desert triangle area. The SAA and allies are now securing all key points while clearing them from mines and IEDs. So far the area liberated in the past 3 days accounts to almost 5,000 sq kms, a large and vital area, a fundamental step to free all the Syrian desert from terrorism. Villages, hills and sites that were confirmed liberated so far are listed below:



  • Al Rus hills
  • Khanazir
  • Mount Sawwanat al-Muhassah
  • Mount Qannas
  • Jabal al-Abdah
  • Jabal Butum
  • Mount Unaybah
  • Mount Nasrani
  • Bīr Khān ‘Unaybah
  • Mount Ghanem
  • Mount Khulah
  • Sudaryet al-Bayda Hills
  • Mount Ghantus
  • Mount Rimah
  • Jabal al Bhadah
  • al Bhadah village
  • Mount Busayri
  • Busairy crossroad
  • Jabal Zuqaq Khalayil
  • Jabal Khunayzir
  • Jabal Ruwaq
  • Jabal an Naqnaqiyah
  • Jabal Umm Jurn
  • Jabal Tabaq
  • Jabal Wa‘riyah
  • Jabal al Qal`
  • Jabal at Tabaqah
  • Khunayfis village, phosphate mines and production facilities
  • Mount Suwanet al-Hamra
  • As Sawwanah Ash Sharqiyah village, phosphate mines and production facilities.
  • Al ‘Ulayyaniya villages, hill and surrounds
  • Tall al Fira’i
  • Jabal Furū‘ Ţārāt al ‘Alb
  • Air defense batallion – northwest of Zaza crossroad


It is hard to get a map in such a dynamic environment but this one does a good job in the current situation, red represents safe area under the SAA and allies, lighter pink represents battle zone, green area represents NATO/GCC/Israel/Jordan trained terrorists and dark brownish represents fleeing ISIS.



Map credit to Ian grant@Gjoene


With the Syrian desert triangle secured, the SAA and allies can now expand their advance deep into the desert area and toward the border with Iraq (Anbar Province) and Jordan (al Tanf). The logistics will be much shorter between Damascus, Palmyra and the Syrian desert due to the liberated roads and hills.

The offensive toward the Iraq-Anbar border and Syria-Jordan was announced and is on going as we speak, and is named “Operation Grand Dawn”. Thousands of soldiers will be liberated from maintaining such a large defensive perimeter, and will be sent to the new front lines in the Syrian desert. Expect a very rapid advance toward T3, T2 and Humaymah, this is a large desert area under ISIS and NATO/GCC/Jordan/Israel backed terrorists. With this large and bold move, the SAA and allies will be in a prime position to control the borders with Iraq and Jordan, as well as toward the liberation of Der ez Zor from the desert area (SW of Der ez Zor city).

Meanwhile, the terrorists inside the Dumayr pocket will have to either reconcile with the Syrian Government (very likely) or slowly squeezed by the SAA and allies.

After few days of regrouping and re suppling, a new push is about to start on Suweida and eastern Damascus frontline against the NATO/GCC/Jordan/Israel backed terrorists. The 25 kms gap between the Scientific Military Research facility and Manqa‘ ar Ruḩbah will be closed in no time, thus trapping few hundreds terrorists inside, opening the opportunity for the SAA and allies to consolidate the recent gains in central Homs and Eastern Qalamoun to secure the border with Jordan, thus bringing the war toward al Tanf border crossing with Iraq. This operation will most likely be coordinated with Iraq PMU.

As soon as the NDF and SAA forces approach Jebel Seis (castle and water reservoir) it is the indication the Suweida pocket is sealed or about to be sealed.



During the heat of battle on the night of May 24th to May 25th, ISIS terrorists, inside the Eastern Qalamoun pocket, knew they were doomed and main paved roads were under fire control by the SAA and allies, they had to retreat and they did attempt to do it through the dangerous mountains just southeast of Busayri crossroad, which was the only “open” way out of the tight embrace by the allied forces. It was to no avail, the long terrorist convoy was hit hard by SAAF and RuAF, drones captured the scene of the serious devastation. The video and location of the event can be found below (geolocation done by monitoring‏ @warsmonitoring).






The Tiger Force and allies have broken ISIS’s first defensive line in the outskirt of the town of Maskaneh, with the recent gains the Tiger Force is now in a vantage point to force ISIS retreat from the city or simply encircle it and isolate it, the key is not to lose a single moment in urban warfare. The Tiger Force and allies are currently securing all small villages west of Maskaneh city. The following villages were liberated on May 25th:

  • al-Bouajouz
  • Qasr al-Bouajouz
  • Kharab al-Khadhraf
  • Sakariyah
  • al Ghari
  • Khirbat Madīnat al Fār and train station





It seems based on the last month events, that the Syrian and Allies high command divided their broader Eastern Syrian offensive into parts, so far we have seen actions in 5 areas (below). The consolidation of gains in those areas will help build different phases of this broader offensives, but actions are on going in many of them concomitantly, sometimes coordinated or sometimes isolated. We could say it as the Phase 1 and though the progress has been remarkable so far, there are yet a lot of “Phases” to be seen and Syrian ground to be recaptured until it reaches Der ez Zor Province with Iraq.

  1. Maskaneh plains
  2. Eastern Hama/Central Homs
  3. Suweida/Southeast Damascus
  4. Eastern Qalamoun/Central Homs
  5. Eastern Palmyra