Russia’s Army Electronic Weapons can easily neutralize the U.S. Air Forces and Warships – By Syrian Free Press


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(English Subtitles) ~ Russia’s Electronic Weapons Can Easily Neutralize the U.S. Air Force And Ships ~ (Credit to VestiNews)






تدمير أوكار ودشم رشاشات للارهابيين والقضاء على اعداد منهم في درعا وريف حمص The terrorists of Jaysh Al-Islam are in a most precarious position today.  This is evinced by their frenzied theft of medical and pharmaceutical items as they prepare for the impending clean-up that is coming.  The SAA is advancing in every location.  Yesterday, the Syrian Army reached the Tishreen Thermal Station killing 12 rodents and wounding scores.  Today, the SAA liberated the area between Al-Barza Farms and  Al-Qaaboon all the way to Western Harastaa and Dhaahiyat Al-Assad.  All main tunnels have been destroyed leaving the rodents with few options to transport their instruments of murder.  We can also say with confidence that Al-Barza has been separated completely from Al-Qaaboon.  The Saudis in Jordan are reporting to their cockroaches in Riyaadh that the campaign is dying.

This is also happening in the south where Americans hoped to stage some coup establishing a new enclave linked to both Jordan and the Zionist Abomination.  That is not going well, at all.  Yesterday, the SAA pounced on a grouping of rodents on the Dam Road and the Naaziheen Camp destroying a fixed anti-aircraft cannon, a pile of machine gun magazines and a mobile satellite communications truck.  The same occurred south of Al-Karak at the water reservoir.

Nusra/Alqaeda, now commanded directly by the Zionist Obscenity, found itself surrounded after it attacked several SAA outposts.  I have been informed that the terrorists took heavy casualties.

At Al-‘Abbaasiyya, Haarat Al-Badw, Haarat Al-Hammaadeen, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed along with one rocket launcher and 19 rodents killed.

At Nasb, the SAAF killed the spokesman for Ahraar Al-Shaam, one Usaamaa Nasrullaah Al-Shareef (a/k/a “Abu Zayd”). 

And at Dayr El-Zor, ISIS has begun to fight itself over territory.  At Al-Maqaabir (Cemeteries), the SAA killed 21 rodents.  At Khashshaan, ISIS has begun a campaign of kidnapping women and children as punishment for not supporting their cause.  It’s becoming a real mess as the U.S. continues to slaughter innocent civilians in Al-Raqqa with barbaric aerial assaults.


So what is going on?  The Russians seem most phlegmatic these days. Imperturbable probably because the war is going their way.  In Afghanistan, it appears that Russia has decided to up the ante on Trump by making the American presence there even more untenable.  Some U.S. Army commander has “suggested” that Russia is now supplying the Taliban with arms, both medium and heavy, to use against the so-called “coalition”.  Is it possible the Cold War is back?  I’m afraid it looks that way.  Donald Trump, even more inept than Obama, is igniting a conflict which is starting to resemble those decades of old when the CIA and KGB were trying to do the other in in novels written by John LeCarre, Len Deighton, Graham Green and Ian Fleming.

Trump’s attack on the airbase at Al-Shu’ayraat will be his last.  Oh, there will be more false flags set up by the French (unless Marine wins) or the British, yet, we don’t suspect Trump will test the upgraded air defenses once more in the airspace over Syria.  Somebody must have told him that the Russians won’t tolerate this again.  Somebody must have told him that his Tomahawks didn’t work terribly well when they hit a backwater airbase used to store bombers in disrepair.  Trump is flirting with disaster as he ramps up the rhetoric over North Korea and Syria and uses meaningless super-bombs over the heads of a few ISIS apes.  This president is as mercurial as we thought, only, he is shifting his policies to such an extent that we can now comfortably call him a liar.

As the war in Syria wears on, so does the landscape change.  The Syrian Army is on its way to Khaan Shaykhoon, that same town where the most recent false flag event was waved.  Despite the balanced opinions of true experts, the U.S. continues with its shenanigans and lies with the unqualified support of the Deep State and the prostituted corporate media.  It is obvious that a lesson must be sent to Mr. Trump who treats his failures like water rolling off a duck’s back.  If he learns a lesson, then, so be it.  If he doesn’t, maybe his lieutenants will have the intestinal fortitude to tell him that he must back off policies which could lead to his own immolation.

The army in Syria has concluded many agreements with former rodents thus releasing tens of thousands of new troops for new fronts which need the full attention of the Ministry of Defense.  With Hizbollah now leaving border posts to the Lebanese Army, expect the fronts in Idlib, Der’ah and East Homs to heat up to critical mass.  And Iran is boosting its presence with new proxies arriving to aid the SAA.  It looks like the war is going to slow down appreciably over the next 4 months as the murderous rodents start to realize that the afterlife may not be worth all this hurly-burly.



Did the Saudi regime offer to pay the United States to invade Syria?  You bet your bippee.  Thanks, John Esq.


ما تصنيف قوة الجيش السوري بين الجيوش العربية والعالمية؟





It stands to reason that the town of Teebat Al-Imaam would be liberated after Sooraan was relieved of its terrorist burden. Forces are now gathering in the area of Mahardaa for the push on Hilfaayaa. The SAA is still trying to get the terrorists to leave the area for Idlib, but, without much luck so far. The Nusra/Alqaeda rodents know their fate is sealed and their commanders, now flush with new fighters from abandoned areas around Damascus, are unwilling to relinquish what they have in northern Hama. Essentially, they have given orders to fight to the last rat. I believe the SAA is trying to get citizens out of Hilfaayaa so the town can be vaporized by thermobaric bombs. You all saw what the Russian Air Force did on Souraan with that tape sent by Silvia. So you know what the plan is now, It is absolutely inconceivable that the rodents will allow citizens to leave any area.

The SAA is pushing Nusra/Alqaeda out of areas of Hilfaayaa where the vultures used to lob mortar shells at the citizens of Maharda. News reports from compromised news services about Alqaeda having regained what it lost to the SAA 2 days ago at Teebat Al-Imaam are patently fabricated nonsense. It’s just the opposite as the SAA is bracing to invade Hilfaayaa any hour now. There is a jumble of mutual-vilifications and invective infusing communications between rodent groups, each one accusing the other of incompetence in the face of enormous losses to government forces during the SAA’s campaign to eject these carriers of disease from Hama Province. The SAA has so far killed 233 rodents and wounded hundreds in the battle for Teebat Al-Imaam. It has also destroyed 2 ammunition depots, 6 tanks and an armored car from Turkey.

The last grouping of citizens has now left in 26 buses from Kafrayyaa and Al-Faw’ah to Western Aleppo, specifically government controlled Al-Raashideen. This area was selected as a destination because of the large number of empty apartments available for immediate tenancy. The other grouping made up of rodents from Madhaayaa, Sirghaayaa, Buqqeen and Al-Zabadaani have also arrived in Idlib Province – their final destination, so to speak. The people of the tourist areas in the mountains west of Damascus are elated with many former terrorists now either going back to a normal life or joining the popular militias whose role has been crucial, if not indispensable, in the fight against American-British-Saudi-Turkish terrorism.

One note about the name of the town just liberated. It is best pronounced “Teebat Al-Imaam” (The geniality of the Imaam). Some sites are miswriting it as “Tayyibat Al-Imaam” which makes no sense in Arabic. Just a note.

Another note: It appears that the most accurate way to spell Kafrayyaa is exactly that. The name is indistinguishable from the famous location in Mount Lebanon where one of Ziad’s favorite Araqs is produced: The Kafrayyaa Araq “Thrice Distilled”.

The evacuation of the two towns of Kafarayyaa and Al-Faw’ah devastated Saudi and Turk plans for northern Syria. Interestingly, it was Qatar which played a pivotal role in midwifing the exchange. Don’t think that the Qataris did this out of the goodness of their reptile hearts. They negotiated this deal in order to secure the release of 27 Qatari degenerates held by Iraqi Shi’ite militiamen who took these rodents hostage after they were found hunting in Southern Iraq. In order to obtain their release, Qatar had to engineer the evacuation of the citizens of the two towns in Hama. No doubt this left a bad taste in their mouths seeing that all they have done during the last 6 years has been to promote terrorism and brutality with their dirty loot.



At the United Nations, Nikki Haley, a WOG par excellence, is demonstrating the invincible stupidity of Trump’s mis-administration. Born to a Sikh family from Amritsar, Punjab, India, she has staked out a niche for herself among a pantheon of Republican weasels and what Shakespeare would have called “beetle-headed flap-eared knaves.” She is ignorant beyond belief and will redefine what imbecile Samantha Powers couldn’t quite do while representing the United States at the U.N.: make the people of America seem hopelessly bonded to intractable ignorance. She is so pro-Zionist that she is seen often spasmodically expectorating the chemically self-same toxins which used to fly out of Hillary Clinton’s maw. She has a brother who served as a chemical weapons “expert” with the U.S. Army. No doubt, his vast knowledge of using such weapons on innocent people has contributed to her constant caterwauling about Khaan Shaykhoon. She is a born liar.

Nincompoop Haley seen in this photo brandishing her idea of “peaceful resolution of disputes”. This convert to Methodist Protestantism spends her life humiliating the otherwise fine people of Sikh India. Like Obama before her, she is deeply jealous of Dr. Assad’s bright blue eyes.



ISIS tried to take over SAA positions in areas liberated around the Cemeteries in southern Dayr El-Zor but were stifled by a ferocious firestorm from Syrian Army regulars who had been given advance warning by citizens and army spotters. The SAA confirmed killing 5 rats and wounding scores who could be seen being transported hurriedly to some slimy field hospital. You might be interested to know that ISIS is relocating its administrative dung heap to this area from Al-Raqqa.


DER’AH:  Be advised that the Nusra/Alqaeda murderers supported by the Zionist Cannibal State are about to collapse. This is why the U.S., Jordan, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are moving at double time to put together a new army to battle for Southern Syria.  The Manshiyya Quarter is perilously close to falling into the liberating arms of the Syrian government’s military.  You can see this happening by the number of demonstrations inside Der’ah praising the army and celebrating the evacuation of Kafrayyaa and Al-Faw’ah, something that would have been unthinkable one month ago.



Dr. Assad expertly discusses the false flag at Khaan Shaykhoon with Sputnik News. (Thanks, Alexander Ajay):

Great article written with insight from the Washington Times sent to us by Walid:

Samer Hussein sends his translated article about the criminal French is this one from Fort Russ:




China reaffirms its alliance with Russia as top Chinese officials visit Putin in Moscow – By Alexander Mercouris [The Duran]

Chinese acts to reaffirm alliance with Russia and to quell attempts by Trump administration to make trouble between Russia and China.

The pace of Russian-Chinese contacts has suddenly intensified with Russian President Putin hosting this month no fewer than three senior officials of the Chinese government, each one following the other in quick succession.

The first was Zhang Gaoli, the First Vice-Chairman of China’s State Council (ie. China’s deputy prime minister). He has now been followed by Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (China’s parliament), who met with Putin yesterday.

Now comes news of the pending visit of Li Zhanshu, the Director of the General Office of the Communist Party of China, who the Chinese Foreign Ministry says will visit Moscow on 25th April 2017, where he will meet over several days with President Putin and with various other senior Russian officials.

Of these three officials the most important is Li Zhanshu, whose position approximates to that of Anton Vaino, the head of the Russian President’s Executive Office.

Li and Vaino can be described as the chiefs of the staff of their respective leaders, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. Moreover it has been clear for some time that contact between China and Russia does not take place through the foreign ministries of the two countries (their foreign ministers – Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov – rarely meet), but at some other level, and it is likely that it is conducted by Li and Vaino, who have immediate access to their chiefs, Xi and Putin.

If so then Li’s visit to Moscow is the visit to the Russian capital of the Chinese official in charge of managing China’s relations with its closest ally, Russia.

What explains this visit, coming so soon after the visits of two other high-ranking Chinese officials to Moscow?

At the most basic level it is likely that Li’s visit, like those of Zhang Gaoli and of Zhang Dejiang, is intended to prepare the way for Putin’s visit to China next month. It is clear that this visit is going to be a major visit, and is seen as such by the leaderships of the two countries. It is likely that intense discussions are underway to fine-tune arrangements for this visit, and to complete the details of whatever agreements are expected to be signed during it.

However it is difficult to avoid the impression that at least in Li’s case his visit is in part intended to coordinate with the Russians in light of the Trump administration’s ham-fisted attempts to cause trouble between Beijing and Moscow. What suggests that this is the reason for Li’s visit is that there was so little advanced notice of it, suggesting that unlike the visits by Zhang Gaoli and Zhang Dejiang it was not arranged long ago but was arranged hurriedly at short notice.

That the Trump administration is indeed trying to make trouble between Beijing and Moscow has been all but confirmed by no less a person than President Trump’s National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, who in an interview with ABC television said the following (bold italics added):

What we do know is that, in the midst of responding to the mass murder of the Syrian regime, the president (Trump) and the first lady hosted an extraordinarily successful conference, summit, with President Xi and his team. And not only did they establish a very warm relationship, but… they worked together as well in connection with the response to the mass murder on the part of the Assad regime in connection with the U.N. vote. I think President Xi was courageous in distancing himself from the Russians, isolating really the Russians and the Bolivians… And I think the world saw that, and they (Xi) saw, well, what club do you want to be in? The Russian-Bolivian club? Or the — in the club with the United States, working together on our mutual interests and the interests of peace, security.

This comment serves as a further illustration of the inexperience and naivety of US diplomacy in the age of Trump. It confirms that China abstained in the vote in the UN Security Council on 12th April 2017 following a personal request from Trump to Xi Jinping. However it completely misconstrues the meaning of that act.

The Chinese almost certainly cleared their decision to abstain in the UN Security Council vote ahead of the vote with Moscow. From their point of view and that of the Russians a decision by China to abstain would have meant little. There was no possibility that the draft Resolution would pass because Russia had already made known it would veto it, whilst the US had already removed the most offensive words in the draft of the Resolution before it was put to the vote by deleting wording in the draft which blamed the Khan Sheikhoun incident on the Syrian government before any investigation had taken place.

Why would China hurt and humiliate Trump – whom Xi Jinping had met just days before – by refusing his request and voting against a Resolution which was no longer controversial, which did not concern an issue important to China, and which the Chinese knew the Russians were going to veto anyway?

What was undoubtedly intended by the Chinese as a simple diplomatic courtesy to the new US President over an issue which for China is of secondary importance, is however now being misconstrued by the Trump administration as a big step by China against Russia.

To be clear, it would have been an entirely different matter if China had voted for the Resolution after Russia had made known it would vote against it. In that case it would have been legitimate to speak of a serious rift over the Syrian issue between Beijing and Moscow. However an abstention should not be construed in that way.

China has previously abstained on votes in the UN Security Council on Syria and Ukraine, and it is far from unusual for China to sidestep Western criticism by acting in this way over issues which it regards as being of only secondary importance to itself. The Russians understand this fully, and have never shown any concern about it.

It is however fully understandable that in light of the sort of comments that have been coming out of the Trump administration the Chinese leadership should now be pulling out the stops to make clear that China’s alliance with Russia is unaffected and as strong as always.

The result is a series of articles which have appeared in the Chinese media, which have been strongly critical of the Trump administration’s actions (discussed here and here), a strong statement reaffirming support for Russia’s position in Syria rushed out by the BRICS group, which is unofficially led by China and Russia, and the visits by the three important Chinese dignitaries to Moscow.

The statement by the BRICS group is the most public expression of these Chinese steps. It seems to have been hurriedly put together at a meeting of the BRICS special envoys in Visakhapatnam in India, and was published on 12th April 2017 – the same day as the UN Security Council vote – in a way that was obviously intended to offset any misconception arising from China’s decision to abstain in that vote.

Its full text has been published by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, and was undoubtedly agreed in advance following detailed discussions at the highest levels of the Russian and Chinese governments, but also involving the governments of the three other BRICS states: India, Brazil and South Africa.

The statement reaffirms the primacy of international law in settling disputes in the Middle East and elsewhere, and importantly it reaffirms the primary role of the UN Security Council as the only body empowered to authorize the use of force (bold italics added):

BRICS Special Envoys on Middle East expressed their concern about internal crises that have emerged in a number of states in the region in recent years. They firmly advocated that these crises should be resolved in accordance with the international law and UN Charter, without resorting to force or external interference and through establishing broad national dialogue with due respect for independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the countries of the region…..

….In the course of the meeting, the role of the UN Security Council as the international body bearing the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security was underlined. It was also stressed that military interventions that have not been authorized by the Security Council are incompatible with the UN Charter and unacceptable.

The highlighted words are straightforward criticisms of the US missile strike on Al-Shayrat air base on 6th April 2017, which was carried out without authorization from the UN Security Council, though the statement is careful not to refer to the US by name.

Li Zhanshu’s pending visit to Moscow is almost certainly connected to these steps.

The idea that China can be sweet-talked out of an alliance with Russia it has spent 25 years creating as a result of a single meeting between the US and Chinese Presidents during which nothing of substance was agreed, is fanciful in the extreme. It is a further illustration of the lack of understanding or experience of international diplomacy within the Trump administration.

President Trump is right to believe that establishing good personal relations with foreign leaders is critically important for the successful conduct of diplomacy. The fact that he spent time meeting and talking to Xi Jinping and made a serious effort to establish a personal rapport with him promises well for the future. It contrasts with the arrogant disdain towards foreign leaders of Barack Obama, who as President barely communicated with foreign leaders on a personal level at all.

However President Trump has to be realistic about what such personal diplomacy can do. If he over-invests in it, and thinks he can change the entire foreign policy of a superpower like China by a single meeting and a few phone calls, then he is setting himself up for failure and disappointment.

In the meantime the way President Trump through his officials has misconstrued the habitual courtesy of the Chinese President, and tried to use it to make trouble between Moscow and Beijing, has almost certainly taught the Chinese of the need to handle him carefully. He may find that in future meetings they are not quite so polite.

See Also:






Do you want to see what it was like for the terrorist grubs of Sooraan? Watch the link above from Silvia Iranova. Using thermobarics, the Russian Air Force paid the United States back in spades for its ridiculously unjustified attack on our base at Al-Shu’ayraat.

All of you know the Tiger Forces alongside the 5th Mechanized Armored Division, armed with the latest Russian and Syrian tank technology, stormed Souraan Town and obliterated every single cockroach there just before liberating the area. With Souraan now secured, the SAA is heading for a final showdown in Hama at the cities of Hilfaayaa and Al-Mawrik (Mork). This will spell the end of Alqaeda and its affiliates in this province. All the miserable efforts of the terrorists to reach the unconquerable Christian towns of Suqaylabiyya and Maharda have come to naught. Wael estimates that over 20,000 rodents have been killed in combat in Hama since the start of the foreign inspired insurgency in Syria.

The groups most affected here have been Jaysh Al-‘Izza and Jaysh Al-Nasr. Both these criminal enterprises were responsible for shaking down citizens pitilessly over the last 3 years. They are now on the verge of extinction.

It has also been made quite clear from the maneuverings of the noisome limey scum in Turkey that the U.K. has all but given up on Hama Province dedicating all its remaining resources to strengthening the rodents in Idlib and south of Der’ah City.

Al-Zaara Power Station: The SAA soundly repelled a terrorist attack on this important facility especially at the area designated for employees to work. The attack originated in Hurr-Bi-Nafsuh village. After trying to engage the SAA in combat, the rodents were ordered back to their village to torment the residents there.



It’s all over the news, so there will be no surprise that the mephitic Hashemite regime of King ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner has joined with its British and American allies to create an appropriate environment to train and equip a new generation of terrorist murderers and nihilists on Jordanian soil to take up the slack left by the defeated Alqaeda whores handled and controlled by their Zionist pimps. I have heard news that the U.S. and Britain will provide these stunted rodents with air cover so that they can conquer Der’ah City and establish a competing state. The Neo-Con Zionist theory is that the implementation of one successful plan in a city of troglodytes, like Der’ah, will see more such independent states rising up to challenge the writ of the central government leading to the ultimate aim of dismembering Syria. Only an imbecile, like Trump, would fall for such a half-baked nonsensical plan like this.

Please try to remember some of the salient points I have made in essays going back 6 years at the time of SyrPer’s inception. The aim of the United States is to maintain its hegemony over Europe by defeating a Russian plan to help Iran to extend its natural gas pipeline across Iraq to ports in Syria where the gas will be used to augment the existing power of Gazprom over Europe and Eurasia. Initially, the plan was simple: overthrow the Damascus-based government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad and install a Sunni puppet who will, like the dwarf king of Jordan, play according to neo-imperialist rules. That came a cropper. The U.S. was unable to develop assets capable of defeating the unified Syrian Army and its allies in Russia, Iran and Lebanon. It was a disastrous policy that has stained the previous president, Obama, with the label of war criminal.

The Obama administration kept to what SyrPer first introduced as the “Obama Doctrine” which outlined a forceful American foreign policy exploiting the needs of proxies. This is what happened in Libya where the U.S. limited its participation to logistical and intelligence support for the criminal regimes in Paris and London. In Libya, the Obama Doctrine successfully overthrew the sitting president of the country only to herald the start of a vicious, anarchic civil war that continues to burn until this very day.

The Zionists, as Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’fari said once in the Detroit area during a visit, were trying to justify their racist apartheid state by creating other mini-states around them who were identifiable by their ethnic or religious character. Hence, there would be a Druze state in Suwaydaa`. An Alawi/Christian state in Latakia and Tartous. There would be an Ismaili state in Hama; An Islamic Caliphate in Dayr El-Zor and Hasaka; 2 Sunni states in Aleppo and Damascus…..and so on and so forth. The plan is preposterous and based on racist and bigoted concepts of what it is to be Syrian. It is almost as though Orientalists of the 19th Century had arisen from the dead to take over the sick Zionist mind. That could be said also of the Americans, British and French. The Zionist settlers, like Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) hoped to justify their own existence as an exclusivist apartheid state by pointing the existence of other states in the same region. They also has an interest in blunting the power of Iran once it was able to extend the pipeline to Europe via Syria.

Russia is fully aware of these plans and has combined with the Syrian government and that of Iran to create a counter-force to this. The Western plan is not appetizing to the Syrian opposition. I can say with some sense of confidence that the hotel-based opposition and the terrorist groups on the ground are not interested in dismembering Syria. They would like to keep it whole. I believe that once the cat is out of the bag, many terrorists will prefer to deal with Dr. Assad than the murdering rodents who are trying to destroy their country.



The Syrian Army has destroyed all tunnels which were used by the murdering hordes of Wahhabist hyenas after receiving precise intelligence from scores of former terrorists in Madhaayaa, Buqqeen and Al-Zabadaani. The western areas of Damascus Province are now rat-free. What is left is the Eastern Ghoutaa. With fresh forces from the west now heading to the east of the capital, it is only a matter of a short time before the ‘Alloosh family of cockroaches is exterminated.

Yesterday, 11 buses left the western Damascus area to ship obdurate terrorist sludge and their stinking issue to Idlib where they will face the full fury of the Syrian Army and its Russian allies. Another tranche of citizens of Al-Faw’ah and Kafaryaa also left for the relative safety of Aleppo in 42 buses.



Interesting interview by Paul Jay of a Trinity College professor steeped in the Middle East:

It has now been exposed as an outright lie. Dr. Postol of MIT does it again. Make this viral:




No ‘Red Lines’ After US-Backed Terrorists Massacre Idlib’s Foua Civilians – By Eva Bartlett []

© U-News
Photo of US-backed terrorist bus bombing against civilians in Syria

There are apparently no ‘red lines’ when it comes to the documented terrorism of death squads in Syria, be they the Free Syrian Army (FSA, who committed some of the most heinous massacres of Syrian civilians in 2011, in 2012, in 2013…), Nour al-Din al-Zenki child-beheaders, or Jaysh al-Islam (with their love of caging civilians to use as human shields and firing mortars on civilian areas of Damascus and outskirts).

On the afternoon of April 15, terrorist factions attacked buses carrying civilians from the long-besieged western Syria villages of Kafraya and Foua. Thus far, the death toll is reported to be at least 100, with some estimating a much higher number. Earlier Sputnik reported:

“The number of victims [in the explosion] is at least 70; over 130 are injured. It is difficult to say as there are many burnt bodies and body parts around the damaged buses,” noting that “hit the Rashidin area on Aleppo’s outskirts. The bus was waiting for entering the city of Aleppo.”

“The blast supposedly was caused by a suicide attacker who detonated an explosive device. The car with the attacker approached the buses disguised as a vehicle transporting food.”

Al Ikhbaria, Syrian TV, has multiple updates on the carnage wrought by the terrorist attack on these buses that carried civilians, including scenes of the injured civilians in hospital.

“A witness to the massacre told a Syrian journalist (shared by journalist Maytham al-Ashkar):

“”The ‘rebels’ brought a bus full of crisps. They tried to gather as many kids as possible around the vehicle. Then we heard a really loud explosion. A lot of children were killed, many were injured.”

“Our Blood is Cheap”: Why Foua and Kafraya Don’t Merit Fair Media Coverage

A journalist with U-News who sent photos and videos of the massacre of civilians asked the anguished rhetorical question one asks in such repeated situations: “Where are the mainstream media? Why don’t they report the barbaric and cowardly terrorist attack on Foua and Kafraya?”

The answer is that the genuine torment these civilians have endured for years will never be fairly reported, it does not serve the agenda of demonizing the leader of Syria and the national army in order to win western public opinion for yet another ‘humanitarian’ intervention which destroys the Syrian nation and installs chaos in the place of the legitimate government.

None of the people terrorized by these mercenaries of the NATO/Zionist/Gulf/Turkish alliance over the years will be respected or recognized by the Western press, be they women and children victims of rocket attacks, sniping and mortar terrorism in and around Damascus; Syrian and allied journalists assassinated by the ‘moderates’; civilians of Aleppo for years bombed, sniped at and besieged by terrorist factions; or especially liberated civilians from eastern areas of Aleppo whose horrific testimonies directly negate the myth of ‘rebels’, ‘moderates’, or the falsity of Assad as the problem and the Syrian Arab Army as the ‘aggressor’.

As with civilian victims of suicide bombs in Beirut and Homs, Jableh and Tartous, (which I visited in July 2016) the civilians of Foua and Kafraya are rendered by the Western corporate media as either invisible or a sect not worthy of human consideration. Ironically, while Foua and Kafraya may contain a predominate number of Shia Muslims, residents of the villages have told me how they intermarried with their neighbouring Sunni Syrians, and shared the celebrations of other faiths’, as is common in secular Syria.

In August 2015, I began to write about the villages, gaining awareness of their very serious plight via a friend from Foua and journalists and civilians I came to know from both villages.

The villages, less than 10 km northeast of Idlib, had already been suffering an over 4 year long siege by US-backed al-Nusra and affiliates.

“Until late March, residents—although surrounded by militant factions—still had an access road, thus supplies for their survival. With the militants’ occupation of Idlib at the end of March, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had to withdraw forces from bases in the province. Foua and Kafarya became utterly isolated.”

The fact that the people in these villages are fully besieged and near-daily bombed and deprived of critical medicines and essential life needs has been met with the utter silence and disregard of not only the corporate media but also the human rights bodies purporting to care about Syrian civilians.

In January 2016, when the Western media began talking about the village of Madaya (one of the villages from where ‘rebels’ were recently safely evacuated with the full aid and protection of the Syrian government), they pointedly ignored the dire situation of residents of Foua and Kafraya because both of those villages were under siege by al-Nusra, Jaysh al-Fattah (the so-called “Army of Conquest”) and Ahrar al-Sham (Liberation of the Levant Movement) along with other “moderates” of the umbrella organization Jabhat al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Front).

While the Syrian government was accused of mass starvation in Madaya, this was exposed as false in December 2016, when the terrorist factions were exposed as the real culprits, hoarding food (and medicines) and holding civilians hostage. This also occurred in the Old City of Homs, which I visited repeatedly, including one month after the Syrian government enabled safe evacuation of the terrorists who had been occupying the Old City and starving the remaining civilians within.

Parts one and two of my initial reports on the villages of Foua and Kafraya outline the full, debilitating siege that the approximately 20,000 civilians have endured since March 2015 (although the villages were on-off besieged since 2013) and the deliberately sectarian slant of Western media reports in their scant reporting of the situation there. In contrast, as my Kafraya friend told me:

“In that area of Syria there are minorities living together, from about 1,000 years ago. In Kafraya and Foua there are Shia. Before this war, the people of Foua and neighbouring Binnish were very close, they intermarried, celebrated festivals together.

At the time that this all started in Syria, I was home, still a student. We studied at a school in Ma’rat Mesreen, which was a mostly Sunni city—many of them pro-government, by the way—and some Shia. Like with Binnish, our people were friends with those in Ma’rat Mesreen, intermarried with them.

My uncle was working in al-Raqqa, but when the militants took over, he and others went back to Kafraya. The original population of Kafraya was around 10,000. Now, it’s much much more, with IDPs from various areas, like Ma’rat Mesreen, and including many Sunni pro-government Syrians from other villages, but also Shia from surrounding areas.”

Syrian journalist Iyad Khuder told me of the traditional unity of the villages and surrounding area.

“People from these two villages have always had good relations with their neighbors—they used to share the Islamic feasts together. No one used to ask about religion, or even to mention the words ‘Sunni, Shia’. But the extremist minority who controlled northern Syria are indoctrinated by Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi ideology. So, they asked Kafraya and Foua (as a test) to join the ‘revolution’ against the ‘regime’. The people replied, ‘You are free to revolt, it’s your choice. But we also have our choice and we believe it’s a plot targeting the whole country.’ So, the ‘rebels’ consider them targets, have tried to conquer their villages, and have kidnapped many of them.”

© Eva Bartlett
Gas canister bombs, terrorist-fired by Hell Cannons, litter the roads leading to Aleppo. Terrorist factions have for years fired these deadly bombs on civilian areas of Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, to complicit media silence. Aleppo head of Forensics Dr. Zaher Hajo reports 11, 000 civilians dead from such terrorist bombings, snipings, missiles, mortars and more.

Completely surrounded by terrorist factions that have been regularly attacking the villages with mortars, Hell Cannon-fired gas canister bombs and snipings of the sort that left 4 and 6 year old boys (deprived of medical care by the terrorists’ siege) on death’s doorstep, the siege has meant civilians with critical, but treatable, illnesses are not able to get appropriate medical care, with families deprived of sustenance, clean water, heating in winter and the essential needs of life.

MSM Reporting on Terrorists Murder of Civilians: ‘Bus Bombing’

The Western corporate media’s reporting on massacres like the recent suicide bombings of several buses full of civilians in Syria deserves some scathing critique. Consider these lines from an article by Lizzie Dearden for the UK Independent:

“A car bomb has hit a convoy of buses carrying civilians evacuated from besieged towns in Syria, killing at least 24 people.

The blast hit the Rashidin area on the outskirts of Aleppo, where dozens of buses carrying mostly Shia Muslim families from pro-government villages were waiting to enter the city.

Photos that were too graphic to publish showed a huge fire raging next to bodies scattered on the ground next to charred buses with blown-out windows, including those of children.”

If the area in question were a terrorist-occupied area, Dearden’s report would read something like this:

“A regime-dropped barrel bomb has killed a convoy of buses carrying innocent civilians, mostly women and children, who were being evacuated from rebel areas of Syria. The deadly 8.0 magntitude Hiroshima barrel bomb hit Sunni Muslim families from freedom-loving rebel areas…” etc. etc.

Do note in the reporting of ‘journalists’ like Dearden and other presstitutes, the downplaying of actual documented Syrian civilian deaths at the hands of terrorists dubbed ‘rebels’. Do note the sectarian language (rejected by most Syrians). Do note the implication that acts of terrorism on Syrians in government secured areas of the country must be considered as not credible (but physics-defying alleged school-bombings or alleged chemical weapons attacks should be believed). Also note the kind of reporting on this attack that was produced by CNN. While stating that “no group has claimed responsibility”, CNN felt the need to get a word from that paragon of immorality, Abdul Rahman of the utterly discredited ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’:

“During a televised interview, Rami Abdul Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said a suicide bomber claimed he was carrying food items and blew himself up in a fuel station. Abdul Rahman said he doesn’t believe the Syrian regime is behind the attack. He said the regime kills scores of people daily using all types of weaponry and doesn’t need to kill its own sympathizers.”

Yes indeed, just in case you were distracted by the US-backed terrorist bombing of buses full of civilians, CNN used the pathetic quisling Rahman to remind you of the ‘evils of the regime’ and to admit that, despite the ‘evil’ of Assad, he has not yet found a need to kill his own sympathiziers.

Regarding the “photos that were too graphic to publish” by the Independent; please explain to the families of these mutilated Syrians why their graphic murders were too distasteful to Western sensitivities when graphic images of dead and injured children are splashed across Western media broadsheets when the alleged author of such attacks is the Syrian or Russian military.

Britain’s state-owned BBC, no stranger to the propagation war porn when it serves the NATO agenda, headlined rather blandly: “Syria war: Huge bomb kills dozens of evacuees in Syria“.

Had the bombing in question been attributed to the Syrian army, or Russians, you can bet the headline would have read something like:

“Murderous Regime Bombs Innocent Civilians in Rebel-held Area Just Days After Worst Chemical Attack in the History of the World”.

Of course, I do not believe for a moment that the allegations of the western-propagated Idlib chemical incident are true, but this is the sort of headline the Western corporate media runs, irrespective of actual evidence, of which they have none as regards the alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun.

Please recall that just days after the US-led coalition murdered anywhere between 60 and 80 Syrian soldiers in Deir ez-Zor, Western governments, their jihadi proxies and the Western press deflected attention by attacking a UN humanitarian convoy and blaming Syria and/or Russia.

A BBC report on the bus bombing states:

“A huge car bomb has blasted a convoy of coaches carrying evacuees from besieged government-held towns in Syria, killing at least 39 people.”

The actual names of the towns Foua and Kafraya aren’t mentioned until paragraph 5, after the BBC had ominously warned of “revenge attacks on a convoy of evacuees from rebel-held towns, being moved under a deal,” implying the big bag Syrian ‘regime’ cannot be trusted.

Despite the BBC’s deliberate anti-Syrian propaganda here, compare how the Syria government and the so-called ‘opposition’ have behaved so far in similar exchange deals.

– December 2016: Civilians and terrorists, including al-Qaeda in Syria (Jabhat al-Nusra…and their re-branded incarnation Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham ) were bused safely (from the eastern areas they terrorized) to Idlib. Sick and wounded residents of Foua and Kafraya were meant to be bused out in exchange but terrorists attacked and burned five or six buses, pledging to ” burn anyone who comes to transport them”.

“4 months ago “rebels” burned evacuation buses meant for Foua/Kafraya and can be heard saying “We will burn anyone who comes to transport them”

– April 2017: Syrian media, SANA, reported on April 14: “60 buses transport more than 2300 gunmen and some of their families from al-Zabadani and Madaya. The link on SANA’s website contains a video showing numerous moving buses, the Syrian Red Crescent, and civilians presumably families of militants also present in the video.

In August 2016, Vanessa Beeley and I met with a number of Foua/Kafraya residents who had been evacuated in a then rather-rare evacuation, December 2015. The horrors they spoke of will never be fairly reported in corporate media.


Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is an independent writer and rights activist with extensive experience in the Gaza Strip, where she lived a cumulative three years (from late 2008 to early 2013),accompanying Palestinian fishers and farmers as they came under intensive fire from the Israeli army. She documented the 2008/9 and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in ambulances and reporting from hospitals. From June-August 2016, she visited Syria for her fifth time. Her writings can be found on her blog, In Gaza

See Also:

Assad: Syria Would Never Use Chemical Weapons Against Civilians. We’re Not the US (VIDEO) – By RI STAFF

Watch and learn

Thu, Apr 13, 2017 | 7733 100

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this video that was just published moments ago by the Syrian government’s YouTube Channel.

Assad points out the following:

  1. The Syrian army was advancing when the alleged attack in Idlib province took place. Why use chemical weapons when they’re already winning with conventional weapons?
  2. Syria would never use chemical weapons against civilians in an area with no strategic significance. Syria is not the US, it doesn’t dump Agent Orange on everything with two legs.
  3. Syria has no chemical weapons. UN confirmed this. A long time ago.
  4. There were obviously no chemical weapons at the air base attacked by the US, because Syria’s top brass visited the base hours later and didn’t need protective gear.
  5. The first responders to the “sarin gas attack” had no gloves or masks. Are they magic sarin-immune wizards? Probably not.
  6. The attack shows that the deep state in America is alive and well — and that Trump is just a puppet.




Paul Craig Roberts: A government of morons – By Paul Craig Roberts [Institute for Political Economy]

It has become embarrassing to be an American. Our country has had four war criminal presidents in succession. Clinton twice launched military attacks on Serbia, ordering NATO to bomb the former Yugoslavia twice, both in 1995 and in 1999, so that gives Bill two war crimes. George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and attacked provinces of Pakistan and Yemen from the air. That comes to four war crimes for Bush. Obama used NATO to destroy Libya and sent mercenaries to destroy Syria, thereby commiting two war crimes. Trump attacked Syria with US forces, thereby becoming a war criminal early in his regime.

To the extent that the UN participated in these war crimes along with Washington’s European, Canadian and Australian vassals, all are guilty of war crimes. Perhaps the UN itself should be arraigned before the War Crimes Tribunal along with the EU, US, Australia and Canada.

Quite a record. Western Civilization, if civilization it is, is the greatest committer of war crimes in human history.

And there are other crimes—Somalia, and Obama’s coups against Honduras and Ukraine and Washington’s ongoing attempts to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Washington wants to overthrow Ecuador in order to grab and torture Julian Assange, the world’s leading democrat.

These war crimes committed by four US presidents caused millions of civilian deaths and injuries and dispossessed and dislocated millions of peoples, who have now arrived as refugees in Europe, UK, US, Canada, and Australia, bringing their problems with them, some of which become problerms for Europeans, such as gang rapes.

What is the reason for all the death and destruction and the flooding of the West with refugees from the West’s naked violence? We don’t know. We are told lies: Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” which the US government knew for an absolute fact did not exist. “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” an obvious, blatant lie. “Iranian nukes,” another blatant lie. The lies about Gaddafi in Libya are so absurd that it is pointless to repeat them.

What were the lies used to justify bombing tribesmen in Pakistan, to bomb a new government in Yemen? No American knows or cares. Why the US violence against Somalia? Again, no Americans knows or cares.
Or the morons saw a movie.

Violence for its own sake. That is what America has become.

Indeed, violence is what America is. There is nothing else there. Violence is the heart of America.

Consider not only the bombings and destruction of countries, but also the endless gratuitous, outrageous police violence against US citizens. If anyone should be disarmed, it is the US police. The police commit more “gun violence” than anyone else, and unlike drug gangs fighting one another for territory, police violence has no other reason than the love of committing violence against other humans. The American police even shoot down 12-year old American kids prior to asking any question, especially if they are black.

Violence is America. America is violence. The moronic liberals blame it on gun owners, but it is always the government that is the source of violence. That is the reason our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment. It is not gun owners who have destroyed in whole or part eight countries. It is the armed-at-taxpayer-expense US government that commits the violence.

America’s lust for violence is now bringing the Washington morons up against people who can commit violence back: the Russians and Chinese, Iran and North Korea.

Beginning with the Clinton moron every US government has broken or withdrawn from agreements with Russia, agreements that were made in order to reduce tensions and the risk of thermo-nuclear war. Washington initially covered its aggressive steps toward Russia with lies, such as ABM missile sites on Russia’s border are there to protect Europe from (non-existent) Iranian nuclear ICBMs.

The Obama regime still told lies but escalated to false charges against Russia and Russia’s president in order to build tensions between nuclear powers, the antithesis of Ronald Reagan’s policy. Yet moronic liberals love Obama and hate Reagan.

Did you know that Russia is so powerful and the NSA and CIA so weak and helpless that Russia can determine the outcome of US elections? You must know this, because this is all you have heard from the utterly corrupt Democratic Party, the CIA, the FBI, the Amerian whore media, and the morons who listen to CNN, MSNBC, NPR or read the New York Times and Washington Post.

Surely you have heard at least one thousand times that Russia invaded Ukraine; yet Washington’s puppet still sits in Kiev. One doesn’t have to have an IQ above 90 to understand that if Russia invaded Ukraine, Ukraine would not still be there.

Did you know that the president of Russia, which world polls show is the most respected leader in the world, is, according to Hillary Clinton “the new Hitler”?

Did you know that the most respected leader in the world, Vladimir Putin, is a Mafia don, a thug, a tarantula at the center of a spy web, according to members of the US government who are so stupid that they cannot even spell their own names?

Did you know that Putin, who has refrained from responding aggressively to US provocations, not out of fear, but out of respect for human life, is said to be hellbent on reconstructing the Soviet Empire? Yet, when Putin sent a Russian force against the US and Israeli trained and supplied Georgian army that Washington sent to attack South Ossetia, the Russian Army conquered Georgia in five hours; yet withdrew after teaching the morons the lesson. If Putin wanted to reconstruct the Russian Empire, why didn’t he keep Georgia, a Russian province for 300 years prior to Washington’s breakup of the Russian Empire when the Soviet Union collapsed? Washington was powerless to do anything had Putin declared Georgia to be again part of Russia.

And now we have the embarrassment of Trump’s CIA director, Mike Pompeo, possibly the most stupid person in America. Here we have a moron of the lowest grade. I am not sure there is any IQ there at all. Possibly it reads zero.

This moron, if he qualifies to that level, which I doubt, has accused Julian Assange, the world’s Premier Journalist, the person who more than anyone represents the First Amendment of the US Constitution, of being a demon who sides with dictators and endangers the security of American hegemony with the help of Russia. All because Wilileaks publishes material from official sources revealing the criminal behavior of the US government. Wikileaks doesn’t steal the documents. The documents are leaked to Wikileaks by whistleblowers who cannot tolerate the immorality and lies of the US government.

Anyone who tells the truth is by definition against the United States of America. And the moron Pompeo intends to get them.

When I first read Pompeo’s accusation against Assange, I thought it had to be a joke. The CIA director wants to revoke the First Amendment. But the moron Pompeo actually said it.

What are we to do, what is the world to do, when we have utter morons as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as President of the US, as National Security Adviser, as Secretary of Defense, as Secretary of State, as US Ambassador to the UN, as editors of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, MSNBC? How can there be any intelligence when only morons are in charge?

Stupid is as stupid does. The Chinese government has said that the moronic Americans could attack North Korea at any moment. A large US fleet is heading to North Korea. North Korea apparently now has nuclear weapons. One North Korean nuclear weapon can wipe out the entirety of the US fleet. Why is Washington inviting this outcome? The only possible answer is moronic stupidity.

North Korea is not bothering anyone. Why is Washington picking on North Korea? Does Washington want war with China? In which case, is Washinton kissing off the West Coast of the US? Why does the West Coast support policies that imply the demise of the West Coast of the US? Do the morons on the West Coast think that the US can initiate war with China, or North Korea, without any consequesnces to the West Coast? Are even Amerians this utterly stupid?

China or Russia individually can wipe out the US. Together they can make North America uninhabitalbe until the end of time. Why are the Washington morons provoking powerful nuclear powers? Do the Washington morons think Russia and China will submit to threats?

The answer is: Washington is a collection of morons, people stupid below the meaning of stupid. People so far outside of reality that they imagine that their hubris and arrogance elevates them above reality.

When the first Satan 2 hits Washington, the greatest collection of morons in the world will cease to exist.

The world will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Bring it on! Come on morons, eliminate yourselves! The rest of us cannot wait.
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Image result for Yakhont anti-ship missileTARTOUS AND LATAKIA:  In an unusual display of candor, the Syrian military has announced its activation and deployment of its 72+ Yakhont anti-ship missiles operated on the Bastion platform.  Syria has had this system since at least 2007 but has not had to use it.  It is now speculated that Hizbollah has at least 12 such missiles essentially rendering the Zionist navy useless if another war breaks out in the Lebanon.  The Yakhont (Ruby or Gem in English) flies both at the surface of the sea and at higher altitudes.   At surface altitude its speed is between Mach 1.5 and 1.7.  Interestingly, the missile’s radar turns passive once it is within 30kms of its target and it is coated with radar absorbing material.  It’s export name is “Yakhont” but it is known in Russia as P-800 Oniks.

Russia is now convinced that Donald Trump is bonkers.  His unpredictability was noted by the Chinese during their visit to Florida last week.  They were so impressed by his mercurial style that they abstained on the vote at the U.N. over the typically preposterous British-French-American resolution assigning blame to Syria’s government before an investigation had even started.  It is obvious that the Chinese were so concerned about agreements made with the petulant Trump that they decided not to get involved too deeply.

Trump has now dropped a MOAB bomb on supposed ISIS positions in Afghanistan causing 90+ casualties – allegedly all terrorists.  We will have to wait and see since American bombings in the Middle East have proven to be uniformly indifferent to civilian lives.  He is also pushing the envelope at nuclear-armed North Korea.  I genuinely fear that the know-nothing president in Washington may have had his ears massaged by Zionist cutthroats delectating over the promise of millions killed if the U.S. unwisely provokes a nuclear was with Kim Jong Un.  If I were a South Korean living in nearby Seoul, I’d be lobbying this idiot day and night to keep him out of Far Eastern affairs.

Trump promised, during his campaign, to do many things.  One thing which made him an attractive candidate was his determination to keep the U.S. out of foreign entanglements.  Already, since he took office in January 20, 2017, he has rattled his sabre at Syria, North Korea and Iran – all countries endowed with substantial military assets.  He has also reneged on his promise to improve relations with Russia.  Thanks to his stewardship during the last 60 days or so, he has managed to bury any hope of such rapprochement with Moscow.  That the Russians made no gesture of dissuasion toward the Syrian deployment of the Yakhonts is indicative of their seriousness in confronting American aggression.  I also note Russia’s ambassador to the U.N., Vladimir Safronkov’s, mordacious warning to his slimy British opponent at the meeting which dealt with the idiotic resolution to blame Dr. Assad’s government for the use of Sarin gas at Khaan Shaykhoon.  That he told the grubby limey to:  “look at me when I’m talking to you”, meant that the Russian government has had its fill of English chicanery and stupidity.  All bets are off now.  Russia is deeply committed to defeating the NATO-Saudi plan for Syria.






75 حافلة من أهالي كفريا والفوعة وصلت الراشدين وارهابيون يعرقلون عدة حافلات Al-Sawaaghiyya:  This town is controlled by Trump’s rodents.  While over 75 buses carrying 5,000 citizens have made it all the way to Al-Raashideen Quarter in Western Aleppo City, another group was held up as they left Al-Faw’ah and Kafaryaa in violation of the agreement to evacuate the Damascene towns of Al-Zabadaani, Madhaayaa and Buqqeen.  Speculation abounds that Qatar is behind the glitches since the tiny desert emirate of cockroaches is desperate to free Qatari terrorists posing as diplomats in Iraq who were arrested by Iraqi militiamen.

This morning, a suicide driver belonging to Qatar-supported Nusra/Alqaeda blew himself up as he rammed  one bus carrying evacuees from Kafaryyaa and Al-Faw’ah.  Over 60 dead in the explosion.  We will try to get more information about this.




Cemeteries:  The SAA is always following the movements of ISIS hyenas.  As the terrorists were moving about in one of the small areas of the cemeteries which they still control, the SAA hit them with mortar-fire killing an estimated 11, one of whom was:

Safwaan ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Yaaseen (ISIS field commander)


Mu-Hassan:  Civilians clashed with ISIS terrorists killing many.  No other details available.


Faraj Area:  This is just south of the Airbase.  The SAA has successfully deloused this area as of this morning dealing another strategic blow to ISIS.  Fighting also reported in the Al-‘Urfi area of the city.




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