Arab Parties Reject Intervention in Syria’s Internal Affairs, Urge Popular Front to Confront Takfiri Terrorism – By Basma Qaddour


DAMASCUS, (ST)-Wrapping up its 61st Session in Damascus on Tuesday, the General Secretariat of Arab Parties Conference issued a final statement in which it reiterated support for Syria in fighting terrorism and resisting the war imposed on it.

The statement rejected all forms of mandate, fragmentation projects and intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

It highly appreciated Syrian leadership’ efforts for the success of Syrian-Syrian dialogue, calling on the international community to implement UN resolutions related to counterterrorism.

The participating Arab parties also underlined the need to lift the unjust blockade imposed on the Syrian people. They called on Arab forces, parties, unions and commissions to form a ‘popular front’ to resist Takfiri terrorism and to confront extremism as well as to play a key role in resisting the US-Zionist-Wahhabi project, which used terrorism as a mean to reach its goals that pose threat to the future of countries and generations.

Resistance ‘Strategic choice’

As for resistance, the parties underscored that resistance is the strategic choice of the Arab nation to confront the US and Zionist threats and challenges.

“Resistance is an active factor to liberate occupied lands because enemy understands only the language of force,” the parties’ statement said, calling for supporting resistance, releasing prisoners from Israeli jails and stopping negotiation with the Zionist enemy.

It, in addition, called for cooperation between the Syrian and the Lebanese governments in order to confront terrorism that targets the two countries and to address the issue of the Syrian displaced people.

The statement appealed to Iraqi government to cooperate with the Syrian government to confront terrorism, condemning crimes being perpetrated by the Saudi-led aggression against the Yemeni people.

It voiced support for the peaceful movement in Bahrain that demands political rights, hoping that Egypt will play a pivotal role in enhancing Arab solidarity and joint action.

“The existence of US, British, French and Italian forces in Libya paves the way for the return of foreign colonization to it,” the parties said, calling on Libya’s neighboring countries to double their efforts in supporting Libyan political parties to reach political and economic stability in the country.

They praised Tunisian people’s support for Syria, Palestine and resistance.

The 61st session of the General Secretariat of Arab Parties Conference kicked off on Monday at al-Sham Hotel in Damascus with the participation of Arab politicians.

Basma Qaddour