BREAKING!!! Israel Embedded With ISIS in Mosul – By Ariyana Love

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6 January 2017


Inro by Ariyana Love
I interviewed Iraqi refugees from Mosul, Iraq, right here in Finland, 3 months ago. They were living in a refugee camp which I also visited several times.
Most of the refugees who spoke with me, also reported encountering high ranking ISIS officials on the city streets of Mosul, whom were from many different countries, all over the world and the Middle East, but especially from Western nations.
This news about Israeli secret service being also among the ISIS ranks is not unusual. It could seem strange to you only if you aren’t used to hearing about it. As MSM is owned by the same cabal, whom may have also created ISIS, they would not want us to know they are also linked to ISIS, now would they? Thus the secrecy. Plus, ISIS is a government funded program.
When I heard about the torture techniques being applied by ISIS in Mosul, I recognized immediately that they are far too advanced to be from a newly formed organization of “terrorists” but rather, this was a sophisticated network of governments.
Could ISIS be nothing more than an arm of a “New World Order” one world government cabal?
It has been speculated that Mosul will take until around the end of December to conquer.
Many suspect more than 30,000 deaths will result.  According to an anonymous inside source, Intelligence reports that many of the Isis leaders speak Hebrew!
Members of the Iraqi army are reporting that the first refugees are swearing that at least 10 Isis leaders spoke Hebrew to each other and also had Israeli walkie talkies, guns and cell phones.  Our source says they also spoke Arabic, but with a strong israeli accent. However, none of the mainstream western media is  mentioning any of this.
These “leaders” left 5 days ago, and met no resistance from either Iraqi, Turkish, or US forces.
What nobody knows is that Iran is helping to drive Isis out, and it’s clear Isis is supported and led by Israelis and the CIA, while being helped by Saudis.   Meanwhile, Turks Isis leadership will be situated in Istanbul by mid-December and Kurds and Iraqi’s are so upset by this, they plan to demand Turkey have no part of the Mosul campaign.
We will continue to update as we get more information from our sources.
Source: Victurus Libertas


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