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I wrote an article last week about the imminent demise of Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani and ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini  after their repeated failures in command.  Well, it’s happening right now.  Confirmed reports indicate the escape of ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini to Turkey and his flight to Saudi Arabia.  His flight has been delayed because of wrangling over what to do with him when he arrives in Riyaadh.  Many Saudi clerics have been asked to intercede on his behalf claiming that he is not an incorrigible terrorist, but, instead, a committed fighter of Wahhabism’s mortal enemies (read: Dr. Bashar Al-Assad).  Needless to say, I am upset that he was allowed to escape having been promised his scorched femur as a burnt offering.   Yet, it’s just another example of the rats leaving a sinking ship.

The details are found in yesterday’s report on the convoy of weapons sent from Hama via Highway 45 to resupply the trapped rodents of ISIS in Palmyra.  It has become somewhat evident that the rodents in Hama who belonged to Jaysh Al-Fath were opposed to sending the supply convoy over flat desert which would guarantee SAAF and RuAF interception.  In other words, the rodents in Hama did not want to send much-needed supplies to a city like Palmyra which had become surrounded with no corridors for entry.

The plan to resupply the rodents in Palmyra came on direct orders from a Saudi officer liaised with MI6 contractors in Gaziantep who suddenly realized that the multiple attacks on the Syrian Army defending the city consumed most of their heavy weapons leaving them with lighter ones and a severely reduced amount of ammunition.  Couple that to the fact that RuAF has destroyed most supply trucks which accompanied the attacking rodents and you have  a military disaster no less humiliating for the British than it was for the Nazis at the Battle of the Bulge.  ISIS rodents are now like sardines in a can, unable to move and awaiting the glistening teeth of the cat.

Al-Muhaysini’s direct order from Turkey to send in the resupply column after his meeting with the Saudi officer,  was viewed as pure folly and inconsistent with the decisions of a prudent military commander.  He is now on the list of expendables.  He has been told not to return lest he face execution or assassination as Aleppo falls completely to the Syrian Arab Army.  This disaster is playing out in the very rat nests of Al-Nusra/Alqaeda, Jaysh Al-Fath and especially, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam, which is,  by the way, a collapsing enterprise.

I am still awaiting news of Nusra leader, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani’s Ottoman death by garroting.  With the U.S. government desperate to save its Zionist-inspired murderous plans in Syria, and before president-elect Donald Trump takes office, it is moving quickly to change the course of the fighting by transporting  Ayman Al-Zhawaahiri from his cave in Waziristan to some spider hole in Syria.  It is the belief of the CIA that his personal prestige as “terrorist par excellence” will revitalize the movement to oust Dr. Assad and provide much needed morale to a group of rats so betrayed by their sponsors they are openly calling for mass surrender or the extermination of foreign rodents in their ranks.  There are unconfirmed reports that Al-Jawlaani (real name: Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi from Dayr El-Zor) is being hunted down for assassination by rivals who want to re-establish ties to Alqaeda.



Image result for ayman al-zawahiri“Watch out boys, I’m a comin’”  Yawn.  

Ahraar Al-Shaam is in a much worse position today.  3 of its most prominent leaders have been arrested and charged with “failure to obey orders of the high command” and “delay in executing operational plans”.  This issue is driving the British and American terrorist handlers mad.  It appears they are unable to seal this breach and convince the Ahraar people not to proceed with more actions which will inevitably disembowel the movement.  Ahraar Al-Shaam is viewed by the Brits and the American State Department as “moderate”, if you can believe that.  The 3 rodent leaders are:  Abu Taahaa Haawin (id pending.  His operational name means “Father of Taahaa Mortar”.  He was charged with commanding the movement’s mortar units.);  Abu Islaam Mudarra’aat (Id pending.  His operational name means “Father of Islam Armored Vehicles”.  He was in charge of the movement’s armored units, tanks, cars, ets.);  Abu ‘Abdu ‘Awaassif (Id pending.  His operational name means “Father of ‘Abdu Storms”.  He was in charge of rocket and missile units.)

These three have been transferred to the dock at the group’s “Sharee’ah Courts” where they will tried on the aforementioned crimes by buffoons acting as arbiters of justice.  But, get this:  The new leader of the groups, who was the former leader, is Hashim Al-Shaykh (a/k/a Abu Jaabir).  He is going to change the name of the group to “Jaysh Al-Ahraar”.  With Ahraar Al-Shaam in direct conflict with Nusra/Alqaeda we are happily looking forward to a real Donnybrook worthy of these venomous snakes.

Nusra/Alqaeda rodents have begun a campaign of vilification aimed at the rats who abandoned Aleppo in order to fight with Erdoghan in his folly called “Euphrates Shield”.  They accuse the traitors of leaving Aleppo’s defenses for money.   See the Comments section below and listen carefully to what the reporter says in the video posted by Salman Al-Halaby about that.





Watch the people of Aleppo explode in approbation at the news the city was liberated: (Al-Mayaadeen)



If you want to see the effects of Captagon on a terrorist rodent, see this tape of one from Ahraar Al-Shaam being vetted by our troops in Aleppo courtesy of Silvia Iranova: (In Arabic)



حلب على موعد مع النصر العظيم.. الجيش السوري يطوي صفحة الإرهاب We can confirm the total delousing of these areas:  Bustaan Al-Qasr, Al-Kallaasa, Al-Zaydiyya, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Tal Al-Zaraazeer, Al-Shahhaadeen, Karm Al-Afandi, Karm  Al-Da’da’, Al-Saaliheen all the way to Al-Hajj Bridge, Al-Jalloom, Baab Al-Maqaam, Al-Shareef Citadel, Al-Asseela south of the Citadel.   All areas being combed for huddling rodents, IEDs and mines.


Rats are trapped now in only 2% of Aleppo City.  Only 5 square kms which are being reduced to 2 square kms as I write.  Al-Shaykh Sa’eed has been completely cleared of rats as of today.  The rodents are trapped inside the areas of Firdaws (var: Fardoos) and Al-Sukkari, Al-Mash-had, Al-Ansaari.  Very small areas to be cleansed shortly.  Please pay attention to the fact that 11 or more American spies are in the area and they have not escaped yet.  Unless something was done to evacuate them, they are prized booty.

Altogether, 2,200 rodents have surrendered to the SAA in exchange for amnesty.

The SAA is now moving toward the Sooq Al-Haal for the final maneuver before exterminating the rodents.

NOTE TO READERS:  The bought-and-paid-for prostitutes at the U.N. have begun, once again, to raise the issue of “regime” massacres of young men in Aleppo as the army continues its onslaught.  I have told you before about this game and you all know it when you smell it.  Even that whore, Ban, has joined in expressing horror at reports coming from terrorist sources declaring army executions of innocent young men and citizens in East Aleppo.  All I can say is that the militias operating in Aleppo do not allow foreigners from Chechnya, Daghestan, Albania, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan or any other country but Syria to escape justice.  If that is what they are referring to, then, to Hell with them.  No foreign mercenary will escape.  They will be executed.  No Syrian citizen has been harmed by the army or the militias.  Please look at the tape we posted above of the Ahraar Al-Shaam prisoner who is clearly Syrian.  He was not harmed.  



An absolutely gut-splitting riot sent by John Esq.  Don’t miss this one.  It will have you sending it to all your friends:

Get this foreign reporters take on the Syrian Army moving into Aleppo and how he evaluated the terrorist-enablers’ performances.  This one is great to watch because you really want to see him blown into bit: (Thanks, Salman Al-Halaby)



“Two forces that are unconquerable:  The force of God and the force of the People.” (Thanks, Silvia Iranova)