Aleppo’s liberation is near! Water supply restored, thousands escape to safety of Syrian government (PICS, MAPS, VIDS) – by RusVesna / Fort Russ

The Syrian army has just taken complete control over the Sheikh Khader and Sheikh faris districts of Aleppo. Engineering units have begun de-mining the neighborhoods.

Comment: This R&U vid contains footage from east Aleppo of the massive liberation:

Just look at those evil Russians handing out aid to those terrified civilians! Sarcasm aside, this is a major defeat against not only the terrorists, but their PR presstitutes in the Western media. It turns out, these thousands of civilians WERE held hostage by the terrorists, tried to flee multiple times, but were threatened or shot at to prevent them doing so. You know, exactly what the alternative media and their “Kremlin handlers” have been saying all along!

“The Syrian army and its allies have liberated more than 20 out of the 45 square kilometers of Eastern Aleppo and taken the huge square of blocs east of the city. The SAA already controls almost half of the entire territory of eastern Aleppo,” the press service of the Lebanese Resistance, Hezbollah, has reported in addition to publishing fresh maps.

In the districts taken by the army, sweeping operations and non-intensive firefights are still ongoing. Most likely, a portion of militants were unable to flee the seized districts along with the bulk of bandits.

Another important victory has since been reported: SAA units attacking from two sides have finally met at and retaken the most important water pumping station, Suleiman al-Halabi.

The Syrian Arab Republic’s army has thus liberated the largest water station and its massive water action pumps. Now the problem of the city’s water supply can be resolved, and water will be provided to residents’ apartments 24 hours a day. Earlier, the militants controlling the pumping station blocked the water flow and threatened to blow it up to blackmail the government.

Technicians have already begun repairing the station to restore it to full operation.

Comment: According to the Russian MOD, 80,000 people live in the liberated portion of Aleppo.

According to the statement, another 5,000 residents left the terrorist-controlled southern districts of eastern Aleppo and reached safe zones in the embattled city.

“All refugees were placed in makeshift humanitarian centers receiving all necessary assistance,” the statement said.

Boris Johnson is calling for an immediate ceasefire, which can only mean that either he’s a total idiot, or he wants to protect Al-Qaeda and prevent any more civilians being saved.

Comment: South Front celebrates the good news:

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