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During the few weeks of hiatus between the crushing defeat of the NATO/GCC/Israel-backed terrorists in western Aleppo and yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have had incremental and steady gains in eastern Aleppo which have changed the nature of the battle on Thursday!

After a few days of artillery shelling and probing operations by special forces, the Republican Guards, Tiger Forces, Liwaa` Al- Quds and allies have managed to quickly break the terrorists’ defensive lines in the large Hanaanu and Jabal Badru districts. As the battle unfolded during the day, the front line was very fluid with attacks and counter attacks. But, by the end of the day, approximately 50% of Hanaanu district was liberated, while the allied forces managed to deeply penetrate in Jabal Badru, Tallat Al-Baraka and the Ba’eedeen Roundabout.

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The offensive continued overnight and early Friday and more gains were made in Hanaanu, because of which most of this large district was liberated.  There were even deeper incursions inside Jabal Badru.

A New front was initiated at sunrise on Friday, toward the vital Al-Shaykh Lutfi District.  This is the first time in 4 years the SAA has entered this area.


Understanding the latest offensives in eastern Aleppo, one can conclude that there is a slicing strategy underway designed to  reduce the number of contiguous pockets in smaller areas to achieve the complete liberation of this important Syrian city. 

The victory in Hanaanu and Jabal Badru will place the SAA and allies in a position of strength to close the gap at Saakhoor District. This situation will generate panic among the terrorists inside the newly formed cauldron at ‘Ayn Al-Tal, Haydariyya, Shaykh Faaris, Shaykh Khudhr and Saakhoor districts. The whole northeast Aleppo front is about to collapse once the SAA and allies reach the Aleppo international airport motorway and the large highway west of Hanaanu

With today’s initial offensive in Al-Shaykh Lutfi southeast of Aleppo, the SAA is stretching the terrorist forces to a breaking point while creating the possibility of multiple non-contiguous pockets to be annihilated piecemeal.

Aleppo – Northeast

In a new joint offensive with the Kurdish forces from Afreen, the SAA and the Palestinian Liwaa` al Quds have liberated 4 villages  northeast of Al-Shaykh Najjaar, which are Haleesa, Nayrabiyya, Jawba and Shaykh Kif, placing the advancing forces very close to the western outskirts of Al-Baab where the Turks are operating.

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The new Middle East

We have discussed at SyrPer a few weeks ago the strategic alliance between Egypt, Iraq and Syria that also involves Iran, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Russia. The following thread explains the Egyptian view of the reinvigorated alliance with Syria. 

The thread below was copied from Sa’ka @BTelawy, one of the best sources for geopolitics and military information regarding Egypt.

1- People should know that Egypt’s support to Syria is not new or sudden. So let’s start from the beginning:

2- On June, 2013, Morsi ordered the closing of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo and a no fly zone over Syria, while inciting to join the FSA.

3- However, diplomatic relations were restored and the embassies reopened just weeks later by al-Sisi in July 2013 after he removed Morsi.

4- Since then, Egypt was conservative in official statements while insisting in the priority to preserve Syrian territories & fight terrorism.

5- In 2014, al-Sisi tried to bring back the Saudi / Syrian relations with King Abdullah Ben Abdelaziz. It could have worked, but Salman arrived.

6- King Salman reaffirmed the support to terror-groups in Syria with the western and refused any reconciliation with Dr. Bashar al-Assad.

7- 2015 was a very important year where things began to change especially on the diplomatic levels between Egypt and Syria.

8- On September 2015, al-Sisi said to CNN he’s against overthrowing the Syrian Government by force, which would lead to the partition of Syria & the fall of its army.

9- At the same period, sources report that al-Sisi met Ali Mamlouk in Cairo after a meeting with high-ranks Egyptian & Syrian intel in Beirut.

10- On November 25th, Egypt proposed legislation to the UN for the total withdrawal of Israel from the Golan & to restitute with the 1967’s border to Syria

11- On December 2015: Dr. Bashar al Assad said in an interview that the cooperation with the Egyptian Army has never stopped, even during Morsi’s period.

12- It means, that security ties between Egypt & Syria have never been cut over the war. We are talking about intel & military cooperation, but in what way?

13- A cooperation between the Syrian & Egyptian intelligence, ok, but about the military support? Certainly, ammo, equipments, logistic support,

14- An example, how Syrian Gazelle helicopters managed to survive 5 years of war without maintenance and spare parts ?

15- Egypt is the only country in the region that produces its spare parts and has maintenance centers, same for Grad-missile,

16- Now, over the past 2 months things have sped up with 3 important events.

17- Egyptian officials started to reflect in their speeches and foreign policy a very different vision from the Saudis

18- On September 26th 2016: Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shokri, said that KSA wants to change al-Assad’s Government but Egypt wasn’t talking that approach

19- On October 8th 2016, Egypt voted for UNSC Russia’s resolution on Syria & refused to accuse the SAA of war crimes on a letter signed by 62 countries.

20- On November 16th, Egyptian diplomatic source said that steps have been taken to restore cohesion between countries of the region & defend Arab interests,

21- because some countries wanted to eliminate the unity of the region / the ‘Arab Nationalism’ with war in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen.

22- Secondly, October 17th 2016: the 3rd known meeting between high-level Egyptian and Syrian intelligence delegation headed by Ali Mamlouk in Cairo.

23- And finally October 20th 2016, Egypt announced that in coordination with UN & Syria’s government, it would supervise the delivery humanitarian aids & evacuation of wounded

24- We can see the growing involvement of Egypt in the Syrian conflict between 2014 / 2016 that in fact never stopped, including its support.

25- But when politics led nowhere, there is no many options. Now let’s talk about the latest development of Egyptian troops in Syria.

26- Diff sources confirmed to me a month ago that there are Egyptian officers in Syria while Minister of Foreign Affairs denied saying there’s no troops « for fighting ».

27- Yes, there are no troops involved in battles but it means that there could be Egyptian advisers on the ground in Syria.

28- Egyptian officers are present in all fronts over Syria, especially Palmyra, what does it mean ?

29- What’s sure, Egypt militarily support the SAA & its troops are deployed for training. (never forget that the SAA is Egypt’s 1st Army)

30- We can expect an involvement of the Air Force and SOF units on the ground, but the deployment of full armoured division? i don’t think so

31- Egypt is not ready to be fully-engaged in a war outside the country but it can help by other ways. An example, the new 5th Corps

32- i’m pretty sure that Egypt will help to form the 5th Corps, due to its similarity to the Rapid Deployment Forces that Egypt created,

33- and help i mean, exchange of experience on the battlefield with the SAA, unit formation, equipments, tactics to develop etc

34- One can except, an air support on Raqqa / Deir Ezzor fronts but not now. I think it’s a matter of time, and we may see that in 2017.

35- While few weeks ago, Iraq announced that after Mosul they will help the SAA to retake Raqqa, do you see what i mean ?

36- High-rank Egyptian officers travelled to Syria it’s certain, and many good things should be announced soon by both sides

37- One of the option is that Egyptian troops take in charge the protection of some Syrian cities to liberate SAA units in the operations

38-To conclude, Egypt and Syria have historic ties on all levels that no one can break, even with their billion of dollars.

End- Just need time to see it. Syria is a matter of national security for Egypt & represent our 1st Field Army, we can’t let our brothers.

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Watch Kirby humiliate himself publicly discussing the Zionist Apartheid State’s nuclear arsenal.  This is sent by Walid:





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