ALEPPO:  As we reported yesterday, the seizure of Rakhm Hill by the Syrian government forces would lead to an expanded capability for targeting the rodents around the military academies in southwest Aleppo City.   Today, the remnant rodents, were seen escaping southward out of the area struggling, all the while, to secure instructions on what to do.  All their communications were monitored by SAA-MI while many were pursued by members of Syria’s Popular Defense Committees.  The group most involved in the abandonment of positions is Nusra/Alqaeda and its takfeeri clone, Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zangi.

Contrary to what some news outlets have been reporting, Jaysh Al-Fath terrorists, deserted their positions yesterday when it became clear there was no hope of remaining in their positions to establish permanent bases to break the siege of East Aleppo.  The abandonment of all positions inside the project was performed in a most cowardly fashion with field commanders seen through binoculars firing at the backs of fleeing rodents.   Once the Syrian Army was able to pound all fortifications set up by the rodents at the project, destroying their front defense lines, from the newly liberated Rakhm Hill, the battle’s end was a foregone conclusion.

This incident has brought into focus the inherently contradictory manner by which the groups, Al-Nusra/Alqaeda and Jaysh Al-Fath, operate.  Some see the problems in the competing personalities of the Saudi witch doctor and child molester, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini and the vainglorious narcissist, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani (real name:  Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi).  Both these monsters envision an exalted place for themselves in both Islamic history and the afterlife – if only they could win a battle!  As it stands, both these rodents will enter, not the hallowed gates of high human achievement, but, instead,  dilapidated caves infested with feral pigs and rabid hyenas.

The Syrian Army’s tried-and-tested Engineering Corps are now scouring the area for IEDs and mines.  Surprisingly, there is evidence the rodents did not expect to stay very long in the area.  The absence of networked IEDs is telling.  It may also indicate a breakdown in morale, or, better yet, the inability to move weapons and ammunition.

The Syrian Army has also, today, fended off another wave of suicide bombers in the western suburbs of New Aleppo and Al-Assad District.  As usual, and without any new tactic to recommend it, the lard-brained smiling oafs were loaded on to a truck, itself loaded with enough military-grade TNT and C-4 to erase the very existence of the vermin driving it.  This time, devoid of fanfare or videos memorializing the pure imbecility of the foreign jackasses driving the trucks, a convoy of 3 emerged out of the darkness of night and into the twilight of dusk, only to find dispassionately professional Kornet operators waiting behind damaged columns of cements to greet them.  There is always the tell-tale “whoosh” of the rocket, the undulating trajectory and the eventual, inevitable marriage of rocket and metal – the offending carcass fried to a crisp, and, then, into silica as though the source never existed – no need for a burial or condolence card to the doubtlessly bereaved or relieved– only the sweep of a broom and the merger of the burnt molecules into the four winds.  So sad.  Really.


HAMA:  The Russian Air Force, now free to pummel rodents wherever they may be hiding, has flown close to 30 sorties yesterday, blasting away at Jaysh Al-Fath supply convoys, warehouses and command-control centers.  They struck at Saraaqib, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Al-Lataamina and so many other places now easily brought to mind.   The Saudi pervert, Al-Muhaysini, must be feeling the same stress as the former leader of ISIS before he was fried by an SAAF rocket.



Heavy Russian Airstrikes Reported over Idlib Targeting TerroristsTERRORIST DEFENSIVE LINES IN COMPLETE COLLAPSE IN WEST ALEPPO!

“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama


After 3 days of fierce battles for the western Aleppo hills, the combined forces of SAA, Republican Guards, Tiger Forces and Hezbollah have broken the defensive lines on Tal Mut’a and Tal Al-Rakhm, thus imposing fire control over AlHikmah School and Al-Raashideen 5th sector and, with that, cutting off the supply routes to the terrorists trapped in the 1070 Apartment complex.

The terrorists had no alternative but to flee at once or face very large losses. They left behind all their weapons and armored vehicles. Two T-62 tanks were left behind intact with no fuel to move them.  The Syrian Army will be glad to refuel them and point their turrets at the fleeing terrorists.


Map credited to @A7_Mirza

First pictures of the terrorist’ free 1070 Apartment complex



This battle was vital for the plan to liberate Aleppo from all terrorists. With the buffer zone in western Aleppo now wider, the security perimeter around Aleppo is the most effective one in the past 5 years thus bringing security to the 1.5 million civilians inside this industrial capital.

Most likely, the SAA and allies will liberate all the areas lost in August and October during the two terrorist offensives.  Terrorist positions in Al-Hikmah, Al- Rashideen 5th sector, ‘Aqrab, Al-Assad Suburb are now under tremendous pressure.  These are the next natural steps for the SAA and allies to advance even more. After that, the terrain will be wide open for more advances.  As in many previous battles in East and West Ghouta, there are no strong defensive lines deep in terrorist-held territory.  With air attacks and effective ground troops, the advance will happen faster than usual.

By the time this article was written, the terrorists had retreated from Al-Hikmah while trying to regroup in Al-Raashideen 5th sector. It will be hard for them to prepare a counter offensive from there having lost the higher ground.  A more likely scenario would be a continuous retreat toward Al-Raashideen 4th sector and Khaan Al-‘Asal under non stop air attacks and relentless artillery fire. It is very likely that the terrorists may create a diversion elsewhere around Aleppo to reduce the pressure off their backs in western Aleppo.

The photoshop below shows the nightmare for NATO, GCC and Israel backed terrorists in Syria. Onward to victory Syria.