5 kms northeast of Sooraan, Kawkab is the latest disaster for the misled apes of the British Empire.



Kawkab Village:  This village can be seen clearly if you scroll up to enlarge the area northeast of Sooraan Town.  The terrorist shaman and notorious pedophile, and, even worse, the Saudi Arabian nimrod,  ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, ordered a ferocious assault on this village in the hope it would open the door to further expansion giving the Jaysh Al-Fath the opportunity to expand its control over northern Hama Province eventually leading to the capture of another Syrian capital, to wit: Hama City.  He and his British/American/Zionist/Turkish/Saudi pimps desperately needed to undertake this gambit in order to break the siege of Aleppo by forcing the SAA to reduce troops there and forward them southwest to the Hama theater.  This is a British-concocted plan.  Make no mistake about it.  While Al-Muhaysini will not take direct orders from “dhimmis” or infidel/non-Muslim commanders, he is fully aware that British agents in Gaziantep are conducting his operations for him but using Turks and Saudi heretics as conduits for the detailed instructions.  The Turk Army has been severely disabled by prosecutions of its best officers and there is a disconnect between the military and the government.  In the case of the Saudis, well, you can see how brilliantly they are performing in Yemen.  It has, thus, been left to the British to mishandle the entire front in the north.

Since early September, Jaysh Al-Fath has fortified effectively in areas like Hilfaayaa, Ma’ardass and Teebat Al-Imaam.  But, they have faltered in moving out of their fixed positions.  They have failed also to protect their fortifications which are being assailed every hour by the SAAF and RuAF.  All along the battle lines, at the above-mentioned towns, fires are blazing and rodents are dying.  Convoys carrying weapons and medicine to the crazed jihadists are being destroyed.

Now, at Kawkab Village, yesterday, between 1,500 and 2,000 rodents marched behind a wall of armored cars and over 20 pickups armed with 23mm Doschka anti-aircraft guns modified for anti-personnel and anti-armor purposes.  The Hama Plain is flat and the rodents are able to move across short distances with some ease.  The other side of the coin is that they are exposed to very accurate artillery and aerial attacks even at night since the Syrian Armed Forces have received thousands of night-vision instruments from both Russia and Iran.  As they moved to the south, ostensibly to establish a position allowing them to move even more southward to Qamhaana, they ran afoul of a tempest of fire whose source was the SAAF and SAA artillery units.  I have discussed before the tactics used by the Canaanite/Punic General, Hannibal, at Canae.  The Syrian military has been very adept at applying those kinds of tactics to battles with the seemingly empty-headed degenerates who infest the rank-and-file of terrorist organizations in Syria.

Once the artillery and air bombardment ceased, the rodents continued forward as the very mechanized Syrian armor withdrew giving the terrorists the impression that there was not going to be a confrontation.  As they withdrew more and more,  they allowed the terrorists to enter a killing zone with SAA armor moving on the fringes forming a pincer.  Once the rodents were inside the pincer, crack SAA infantrymen in APCs, trucks and atop T-72 tanks rolled into the mass of confused vermin firing their weapons, mostly AK47s, RPGs and Kornets.  The net result was a catastrophic defeat.

A leader of Jaysh Al-Fath, Hannaan Abu-Al-Layth was blown into pieces along with his 3 bodyguards.  The scene was one of pandemonium with remnant commanders ordering a terribly executed withdrawal back toward Kawkaba.  But, SAA officers would have none of that.  The order was to pursue the fleeing scum and scores were either killed or wounded.  In the aftermath, the SAA counted 58 carcasses and arrested 89 wounded rodents.   And the army continued its pursuit under cover of the SAAF until it reached the surrounding areas of Kawkaba which we expect the army to take any hour now.

Intercepted communications from the area between Idlib and Aleppo recorded Al-Muhaysini lamenting the terrible losses and promising prosecution for the way the attack was handled.  He was also heard responding to a comment about “morale dropping” and said that the Mujaahideen should remember that their defeat was “God’s will”.  I mean, can anyone believe this imbecile?


ALEPPO:   Extremely heavy fighting now at Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Sulaymaan Al-Halabi and Al-Shaykh Sa’eed.  The Republican Guard’s 102 Armored Brigade supported by the Palestinian Liwaa` Al-Quds is fighting an Al-Qaeda-linked group call Harakat Fath Halab at Bustaan Al-Baashaa with reports of hand-to-hand combat and substantial terrorist losses.  The Army has also moved south to the Harakat Nooredden Al-Zangi-controlled water station with inconclusive reports coming in of tenacious terrorist defense.

At Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, the army’s crack 800th Regiment, Hizbollah and the Iraqi Harakat Al-Nujabaa` is locked in combat with Jaysh Al-Fath at the Tal Al-Shaykh Sa’eed hilltop.


SONG OF THE DAY:  (From Rafal, my daughter-in-law)