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مواصلاً تقدمه.. الجيش يفشل هجوم للمسلحين عند خط التماس في حي الفرافرة بحلبALEPPO:  The American-trained and sponsored rodents who receive their paychecks from the bankrupt Saudi regime couldn’t stand the idea of losing Al-Faraafira.  So, they tried to infiltrate back into the area.  But, the SAA, now flush with hundreds of thousands of militiamen and volunteers, trained over 5 years of exterminating rats, not only pushed them back, but followed them and surrounded them until 19 were left in the puddles of this ancient district overshadowed by the monumental Citadel of Aleppo.  The rats tried to use a tunnel underneath the Syrian patriots but found that the explosives they were attempting to ignite were too damp.  Once the PDC and other volunteers were informed about the effort to blow up the tunnel, they dug a hole 4 feet down and planted their own explosives.  This was no job for the fainthearted.

The 3 soldiers who rigged the tunnel to explode sent a bigger message than expected as the damp explosives, previously set by the rodents, also exploded giving the rats a good and fiery welcome to Al-Faraafira.   The rodents here were so incompetent they attacked anyways even if 6 of their litter-mates went to a blazing Hell in the bowels of the earth.  They rushed forward behind gutted cars but were quickly surrounded and targeted by snipers overhead who picked them off like ducks.  When they tried to rush away from the scene, they found their withdrawal to be somewhat erratic as Syrian marksmen killed and wounded most of them.  A real mess for the Americans and their British allies.

In the meantime, the SAAF was in the air over Khaan Toomaan, Ma’araata, Kafr Hamra, Huraytaan, Baabees.     


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HOMS:  The SAA pounced on ISIS degenerates today and caught them napping under the shade of Al-Shaa’er Mountain.  The Syrian Army liberated today the Sawwaan Mountain killing every single ISIS rodent who was found in the area.  SAAF helicopters played an important role in controlling the battlefield.  It is of interest that the SAAF has today technology to ward off ISIS anti-aircraft rockets which the terrorist group used to fend off the aerial assault.  But, to no avail.


HAMA:  Oh, the Army of Conquest (te hee hee), or Jaysh Al-Fath, a group of rodents led by the King Rat, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, tried twice to overrun SAA outposts at the villages of Al-Zaghba and Kaaraa.  The terrorists were supported by Jund Al-Aqsaa and Ahraar Al-Shaam.  None fared too well.  In the effort to overpower our forces, the rodents lost close to 30 of their best laboratory animals.  They left in such a hurry, they forgot to pick up the carcasses.  Here are the only Syrians in the entire group identified. The  rest were all foreign mercenaries:

Faayiz ‘Abdullah

Mish’al Sa’eed Abu-Radhwaan

Muhammad ‘Umar Mash’alaani

Sabaah Aaghaa


The SAAF was very active over ‘Atshaan and Zoor Al-Teeba where it is reported that 13 rodent tanks were put to the flames.  In a hilarious aside, the rodents put out a video of their tanks moving into the area of ‘Atshaan, riding over farmers’ fields, destroying crops, all to the tune of something which sounded like “Home on the Range”.  Well, what the video didn’t show was the aftermath when those same tanks were systematically evaporated, their crews of rodents pressure cooked inside.  Evidently, the brilliant mechanics of the FSA failed to repair the rear exit doors and left the poor devils to fry inside.  So sad.

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Heavy fighting in Ma’ardass, ‘Unnayz, Al-Kibaariyya, Tal Al-Za’tar, Qubaybat Abu-Al-Hudaa, Al-Tulaysiyya, Al-Sha’aasa.

SAAF active over this area:  Teebat Al-Imaam, Mork, Tal Bazam.



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