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مقتل 22 مسلحاً من لواء HANDARAAT CAMP:  As of today, Saturday, September 24, 2016, the Palestinian Refugee Camp at Handaraat has been liberated by a combined force of the Syrian Army and allies in Liwaa` Al-Quds, HZB and SSNP.  The Palestinian group, Liwaa` Al-Quds, spearheaded the assault across the Al-Shaaher intersection and the industrial zone to encircle scores of rodents, killing most of them as they tried to escape northwards.   With crowds cheering the liberating army, the SAA Engineering Corps spread out to find and defuse remaining IEDs and mines left behind by the cowardly and murderous terrorists, most of whom belonged to Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zanki,  the same group which publicized its beheading of a 12 year old Palestinian boy whom the terrorists accused of spying for Liwaa` Al-Quds.   I have received a cryptic note from Wael indicating that some Palestinians captured members of the Zanki group and executed them on the spot.


Erdoghan is reportedly furious over this event.  We have news items coming in indicating Saudi Arabia and Turkey are at it again, sending new and more lethal weapons to the terrorists.  It appears Erdoghan’s agreement with Putin was pure fiction.

ALEPPO:  Some of you might have heard that the United States apologized to the Syrian government for bombing SAA positions on Jabal Al-Tharda last week killing between 62-80 active duty soldiers.  This was announced by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian FM.  Apologizing directly to the Syrian government is an act of recognition contradicting established American foreign policy since the withdrawal of the demented oaf and mass murderer, Robert Ford.



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Ma’ar-Das Village:  In what was described as a “major” military operation, the SAA attacked Jaysh Al-Fath positions here killing close to 50 rodents while destroying a confirmed 4 trucks and 7 pickups with 23mm cannons.   This operation included the areas of Al-‘Ibaada, South Jabal Al-Akraad, Hilfaayaa and Al-Khazzaan Farms.


Kawkab Village:  PDC and SAA struck with pin-point accuracy a grouping of JF rodents killing or wounding over 40.  The assessment was based on intercepted terrorist chatter from the area and appears to be reliable and accurate.


Jubayn Village:  The SAA foiled a pathetic attack by JF over open territory, by using artillery and rocket fire to halt the advancing vultures and then following up with a counter-assault using tanks and armored vehicles.  I am told that the combination of Jaysh Al-Fath and Faylaq Al-Rahmaan suffered casualties in excess of 65 killed and scores wounded.


Qamhaanaa Village:  A warning to rodents who are in a position to see events unfold, a substantial number of reinforcements have arrived here for combat in both Hama and Idlib.



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الجيش السوري يبسط سيطرته الكاملة على مخيم حندرات شمال حلبKafr Nibbul:  The SAAF killed 22 rodents from the Liwaa` Fursaan Al-Haqq, another Al-Qaeda clone which includes the American-trained-created “Division 13”, while they were huddled in their command and control center.  I have been told that the SAAF used a bunker-buster bomb provided by Russia.  No rat escaped death in this one.  Good show.


In caves all over Hama and Idlib, the SAA-MI agents are tracking rodents and identifying in which specific caves they are dwelling.  In Sooraan and Teebat Al-Imaam, caves collapsed on cozy dens occupied by bearded vermin killing them all.



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(Thanks, Khaled)  Hundreds of dreaded vultures surrender and accept an Amnesty Program in Suwaydaa`.


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Al-Reehaan Farms:  The SAA is advancing markedly as Jaysh Al-Fath fortifications start to show signs of cracking northeast of Doumaa.  This advance occurred after JI mounted an attack on SAA strongpoints which flopped and which were followed by an SAA counter-offensive killing scores of rodents and seizing the weapons they dropped while scurrying away into the oblivion they so richly deserve.  The SAA discovered tunnels and arsenals filled with remote-controlled IEDs prepared for detonation.


“Exclusive to SyrPer” by Canthama

Aleppo: A nightmare scenario for the NATO/GCC backed terrorists in Aleppo city, their defensive lines are collapsing like a house of cards after the vigorous coordinated attack by air and ground forces inside the city. The main offensive comprised 3 independent actions that have the objective to push the terrorists toward a corner in the eastern side of the city. As it seems by now the 3-pronged attack takes the following shape:

1) The Northeastern Aleppo city attack spearhead:

It has the aim to rid the northeast of Aleppo city completely of terrorists, this operation is focused on liberating the Handaraat camp, Al-Shuqayyif Industrial District, ‘Uwayja district and all the quarries and hills near it, placing the Syrian forces and allies right at the Castillo road, the Jandool and Ba’eedeen roundabouts.  With that move, the SAA and allies would be in a position to storm the very center of terrorist-held ground in the eastern sector of Aleppo, at Hanaanu, Haydariyyah, ‘Ayn Al-Tal and Sheykh Faaris districts.

The current situation of this offensive “spear” is:

Handaraat camp is totally liberated, the attack was lad by the Liwaa` Al-Quds brigade.

Al Kindi Hospital completely liberated by the SAA/NDF.

Al Shuqayyif Industrial district and the Jandoul roundabout are under fire control.

‘Uwaija district under attack.

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Map credit to Islamic World News @A7_Mirza


2) The Central attack “spearhead”:

It has the aim to create a safer buffer zone near the Old Citadel.  This area is rigged with tunnels and the fight here is slow due to building-to-building battles. Faster advances are linked to the success of the western/southern attack “spearhead” below. The possible strategy is to push the terrorists beyond the cemetery further south. 

The current situation of this attack “spearhead” is that few building were liberated with a lot of activities in Bustaan Al-Qasr district.



3) The western/southern attack “spearhead”:

This front is a natural sequence to the battle to seal the Western Aleppo City “corridor”. The aim here is to increase the buffer zone to safely use the Castillo road to supply food and medicines to the large population in the western side of Aleppo city where over 1 million civilians live.

The combined forces of SAA, NDF, Tiger Forces, Republican Guards and Hezbollah are pushing the terrorists from ‘Al- ‘Aamiriyya, Tal Al-Zaraazeer, Al-Sukkari and Shaykh Sa’eed districts. The success of this offensive will create a very tough situation for the terrorists in the Central part of Aleppo, a most likely “Bani Zayd-type” of operation where the terrorists risked being trapped and had to leave this large neighborhood on the double. So for any strategic thinking, the 2nd and 3rd offensives are connected.

The current situation is that most of Al-`’Aamiriyya and a large area between Al-Sukkari and Shaykh Sa’eed were liberated, though it needs confirmation. This is a volatile area and “back & forth” battles may occur over night. The terrorists know well that losing the 3 neighborhoods will create a “checkmate” for their presence in central Aleppo, while concentrating them in the far eastern side of Aleppo city – a cul de sac where they will be pushed toward surrender or utter defeat.



East Ghouta:  Very important advance is on going at Al-Rayhaan Farms. The SAA now has the village of
Al-Rayhaan in its sights and could storm it at any moment. 

The importance of this advance is that once Al-Rayhaan is under the Syrian Government control, the vital Tall Kurdi (high ground) will be completely cut off, losing its strategic importance for the terrorists, as well as vast amount of poorly defended ground will be wide open for the SAA to quickly advance, meaning the Al- Shifooniyyah Village and farms, as well as Hawsh Al-Dawwaariyya.   The consequences are very grave for terrorists, where they would risk losing all the eastern side of East Ghouta in no time as well as the new frontline which would be right in the backyard of their strongholds in Doumaa and other villages, forcing them to surrender or face total annihilation. 


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