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Former NYT Pentagon correspondent, Helene Cooper, smiles the smile of an imbecile for the cameras.  She has never known how dumb she really is.


Ah, the prophetic words of nincompoops!   Reel back to Tuesday, September 20, 2011, and read the article by Helene Cooper (the dork in the picture) titled: “U.S. IS QUIETLY GETTING READY FOR A SYRIA WITHOUT AN ASSAD”.  Te hee hee.  Oh, yeah?  Since that article, we are pleased to inform Madame Cooper that Spain’s president, Zapatero, Italy’s prime minister, Berlusconi, France’s president, Sarkozy, U.K.’s prime minister, Cameron, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Westerwelle, Britain’s Foreign Ministers, Hague and Hammond, Saudi Arabia’s Bandar and Faisal, Qatar’s Hamad, and so many others are atop the rubbish heap of history as PRESIDENT DOCTOR BASHAR AL-ASSAD   CONTINUES TO RULE SYRIA!  Well, dummkopfchen: what do you say to that?

John Kerry, who lost a presidential election and became a competitor to Hillary Clinton for the least impressive secretary of state in American history has struck a deal with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to impose a cease fire in Syria.  The U.S. will not reveal the text of the cease fire because its contents would be so embarrassing that it is best to keep it under wraps lest the Saudis and Zionists charge up their lobbyists in D.C. to try to scupper it.


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“Wait a second, what did Helene Cooper write?  I’m supposed to be out of office in 2011?  Gee whizz.  Nobody told me.”


But Cooper outdid herself.  She also wrote:  “While other countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Damascus, Obama administration officials say they are leaving in place the American ambassador, Robert S. Ford, despite the risks, so he can maintain contact with opposition leaders and the leaders of the country’s myriad sects and religious groups.”  Well, once again, we visit the valedictory issues:  Robert Ford was disgraced and sent back to the United States after participating in igniting a war which has slaughtered tens of thousands of Syrians, and all just to stop the expansion of Iranian influence in the region; all just to end the Confrontation Front led by the Ba’ath Party whose secretary is Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Goodbye, Mr. Ford. See you at the War Crimes trial.

Now that the United States and the Zionist Apartheid republic have created a Frankenstein monster called ISIS out of former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army with the vast Saudi Wahhabist international mosque infrastructure to provide the kooks – all to be trained and armed in Turkey; now that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have established an Alqaeda franchise in Syria by the name of Jabhat Al-Nusra (now called Jabhat Fath Al-Shaam) and now that the FSA has vilified its American allies by calling U.S. Special Forces “infidels” when the poor American stooges were merely trying to help them, Kerry, totally out of control and out of his element, and events moving rapidly over his head, has humbly sought to mitigate all damages by acceding to a major Russian demand: get your terrorist lackeys to halt fighting so humanitarian aid can be distributed in all parts of Syria.

I truly believe that the U.S. sees the monster for what it really is.  The Europeans, quietly, are preparing themselves for what Madame Cooper could not have foreseen:  President Assad is going to remain the president for a much longer time, elections or not.

But, the U.S., trying to preserve some modicum of self-respect continues to cleave to the idea that Nusra is not a terrorist group.  Kerry, under Saudi pressure, perseveres in maintaining the political fiction that Ahraar Al-Shaam is an ally of moderation when everybody, and I mean everybody, knows that it is an ally of Wahhabism – the heresy practiced by the Saudi Arabian Marmosets.  For these reasons, the cease fire cannot last.  The Saudis will not pay salaries to the terrorists if they adhere to any ceasefire.  (The Saudis, in fact, are not even paying salaries to Yemenis fighting the Houthi-led movement in Yemen).  Without the usual montly check, the mercenaries will stop believing there is a Paradise awaiting them. And here is what’s happening.

Groups which are not linked to Saudi Arabia or Qatar, are surrendering by the truckload.  Since almost all are real Syrian citizens operating in areas close to their home towns, they survive by extracting their sustenance from the local populations or from their own work, be it legitimate or criminal.  Yet, this is one segment of the opposition which is not beholden to the Saudi vultures.  SyrPer, can say with utmost confidence that the internal, the real, Syrian opposition no longer exists and is a part of the Amnesty-pro-government/militia constellation.  All the contrite terrorists ask for is (1) Amnesty and (2) non-publication of their surrender to the government in the press.  Thus, the U.S. has no real Syrians left on its side any longer.  It’s over.  The U.S. must make do with mostly foreign terrorists financed by their ally, Saudi Arabia.

What the U.S. must deal with are centrifugal forces acting on its foreign policy – if you can call it that.  Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Slave State will not stop their assistance to these groups: Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Islam, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Jund Al-Aqsaa.  The U.S. is duty-bound to support all these groups except Alqaeda and ISIS for the reason that they are listed by the U.N. as terrorist groups, a vote seconded by the U.S. itself.  However, this has never meant that the U.S. will not turn a blind eye to overt assistance by its oppressive allies in Zionism and Wahhabism.  Quite the contrary, it is only this assistance which gives the U.S. some leverage when it negotiates with the Russians (who own all the trump cards).  And so, once again, we are invited into the “Alice in Wonderland” world of Barack Obama where everything seems real, but, it’s really a figment of his own imagination filtered through flattery from the white Eastern European Jewish neo-con establishment and Arabian promises not to withdraw their money from a United States bent on exacting vengeance for 9/11.  It is a world of childish deceit backed by an amoral news media complex more vicious than General Dynamics, Monsanto or Dow Chemical – a news media now exposed for the lie factory they really are.


DAMASCUS:  Jaysh Al-Islam, whose former chief, Muhammad ‘Alloosh, disported with the Zionist enemy, and was forced to announce his resignation is being slowly decimated in the East Ghoutaa.   Allied to groups like Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, they tried to enter Jawbar, but, were turned back in a torrent of rockets and artillery shells.  Leaders like the cockroach pictured below were fried in their own fat.


Faylaq Al-Rahmaan’s leader dead in Jawbar courtesy of the Syrian Army.  (Thanks, Khaled)



The FSA deems U.S. forces “unbelievers” and kicks them out of town according to MoonofAlabama:

This time from the UPI, Americans get a taste of Islamist “moderate” hospitality: