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sana.sy_-47-660x330DAMASCUS:  These are not the 300 Spartans who fought off the Immortals commanded by Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae. (Pugnate magnis cum animis, Lacedaemonii hodie apud inferos fortasse cenabimus!)  They’ll be lucky just to dine.  No, they were disgruntled terrorist rodents in Mu’adhdhamiyya City who decided that their country had been destroyed enough and that they had no hope of defeating their own army.  Around 300 of them surrendered their weapons to the security services yesterday and today and all signed a covenant not to revert to terrorism again.  All were granted amnesty and will be allowed to return to their normal lives.  Of interest is that many were overheard talking with other terrorists over the telephone imploring them to surrender and assuring them that the process was both painless and sincere.



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https://i2.wp.com/albaathmedia.sy/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/14224687_1108103209277756_8390653831732371160_n.jpg?quality=80&strip=allChief of Staff of the Syrian Arab Army, Lt. Gen. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, flanked by Brig. Gen. Suhayl Al-Hassan (on the left) and an unidentified member of the general staff to the right, inspects forces in Al-Raamoosa and at the recently deloused military academy complex. 


There is much talk about some cease-fire agreement between the U.S. and the Russian Federation.  The cease-fire only affects those groups which are not considered Takfiri by the Syrian government and Russia.  All others, including the so-called FSA, are outside the scope of the agreement.  Frankly, I don’t think that it will affect the terrorists trapped inside the eastern part of the city because there is no clause in the agreement about opening up doors for resupply.  They will starve to death along with the 12 or more American SF rodents stuck inside with them.  Also, the Syrian government will not admit Jaysh Al-Fath into the accord even though Kerry insisted on that under pressure from the Saudi apes who finance the terrorist group.

There is also talk about a tit-for-tat by which the SAA will be permitted to liberate all Aleppo in exchange for unfettered American efforts to liberate Al-Raqqa so that the imbecile in the White House can have another pin in his lapel before he leaves office as one of the most ineffectual leaders in the history of the United States.  There is also some talk about his wanting to improve Clinton’s chances to beat Trump in November.  Fat chance.



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آخر التطورات الميدانية على جبهات القتال السوريةThe Syrian Army is gobbling up territory at a rapid pace.  Jaysh Al-Fath has lost many experienced field commanders and is recruiting resentful citizens in both Hama and Idlib.  This is a sign that Muhaysini’s phantom army is evaporating under the weight of the SAA’s blood-curdling new weapons provided by the Russian ally.


Hilfaayaa Bridge:  We can confirm the total destruction of 6 pickups and 3 heavy trucks laden with rodents and ammunition.  This was not a convoy.  The terrorists were actually attacking an SAA outpost.  The vehicles were spread in an area backed by a line of cannons, some of which were locally manufactured by Jaysh Al-Fath.  The operation was another disaster for the luckless rodents.  The SAAF, flying SU-34s, swooped down on the profligate serpents and delivered the wall of flames that engulfed the vermin killing over 30.



The SAAF and SAA artillery laid waste to JF positions in the areas of Ma’aan and Sooraan.  It also struck at northwest Ma’ardass, Teebat Al-Imaam, Mork, Hilfaanyaa, Al-Lataamina, Kafr Zaytaa, Tallat Al-Naasiriyya.   According to intercepted terrorist communications, the losses were massive.



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الطيرانIn the area of Al-Shaa’er Mountain and the 3rd Pumping Station, Khunayfees and North Mushayrifa,  the SAA pounced on a moving ISIS convoy destroying a confirmed 13 pickups armed with 23mm cannons.  Aerial assessments were vague describing the deaths of 22 rodents with scores wounded.


DER’AH:  As of September 7, 2016, the SAA was poised to capture the important town of Ibta’.  That operation has been slowed down by previously planned rest for the army.  I am told the operation will start fairly soon.  As of right now, the SAA is only 3kms away and receiving new weapons and ammunition.



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main-0090On September 8, 2016, inside the city, the SAA destroyed 2 command-control centers operated by Nusra.  Another c&c was destroyed by the SAAF at Busraa Al-Shaam.


On the road between Samee’ in Suwaydaa` Province and Al-Maleeha in Der’ah, the SAAF struck at a gas tanker carrying heavy fuel for ISIS.  The attack deep fried all the rodents aboard and created a plume of black smoke which could be seen for 50 miles.


Al-Shaami Farms in Der’ah City:  The SAA invaded a nest of vultures and destroyed 4 pickups with 23mm cannon.   The number of dead terrorists has not been disclosed.


South Daa’el:  SAA artillery hit a cannon operated by 4 rodents killing them all.  It was followed by a frontal assault by the SAA on Nusra/Alqaeda fortifications.


Busraa Al-Shaam and Waadi Zaydi Road:  The Syrian Air Force hovered over a group of moving rats and set upon them killing their malodorous field commanders and 12 others.

‘Abdullah Muhammad A’waaz (a/k/a Abu ‘Awn)

Naasser Ibraaheem Al-Masri




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Samer Hussein sent me this photo showing Turk grey wolves exposing Turkey as an ally of the ISIS group.

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If you want to know what a “Khaazooq” is, look at the print.  Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri. 

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The Myth of the Jewish Race exposed.  An Ashkenazi Zionist, a Yemeni Zionist and an Hindi Zionist

Zionist.  Read the book by Raphael Patai. (Thanks, Khaled) 


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