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“Exclusive to SyrPer” by Canthama

Southwest Aleppo: The open corridor toward eastern Aleppo city has been a fantasy for the terrorists and their supporters. In fact, very little has changed in the past few days on the ground. The Syrian Government’s forces and allies have ‘de facto’ fire control of the narrow corridor. Constant shelling and bombing prevents the terrorists from crossing freely. Battles have been concentrated in two areas lately: the Air Force College, where the SAA has found firm ground and where it controls parts of it, and in the quarries between Umm Al-Qara’ and Al-Shurfa, as well as Qaabliyyah and Tal Al-Mahrooqaat.


Map credited to @C_Military1

Northeast Aleppo: For the past few days we have witnessed the Turkish-backed terrorists’ invasion of the Jaraabulus area under the pretext of attacking ISIS. But, in reality, very little fighting has happened between these two forces so far. ISIS is retreating quickly from the area. The real fight has been taking place between the invading force against the SDF. Amazingly, both forces enjoy US backing which makes the situation very weird, to say the least. (Read Ziad’s article, infra) The invading forces are forcing the SDF to group back to the front lines prior to the Manbij offensive. The map is changing very quickly with a steady and constant advance that enjoys artillery and air support from the Turkish forces on the Turkish side of the border. Sporadic battles were also reported today near Kobaani, which is on the eastern side of the Euphrates. Clearly Turkey is testing the ground to check on the US reaction to it. The current situation has placed the US in a very delicate position against Turkey and against the SDF. Should there be a real fight in Kobaani, then the US position of supporting the Turkish invasion may shift. The latest from this battle front is that the Turkish-backed terrorists have crossed the Sajur river and reportedly captured ‘Awn al-Dadaat village north of Manbij. 

There is a possibility that the Turkish lead invasion is pushing ISIS back to Al-Raqqa, while occupying most of the northeast area of Aleppo Province and inflicting a defeat on the SDF forces. This could indicate that the plan may involve ISIS forces attacking the SDF in

Al-Raqqa toward Kobaani, clearly showing the connection between the Turkish Government and ISIS.


Damascus: The two maps below show clearly how the situation has changed around Damascus since 2013. A very small area,  yet to be liberated in East Ghoutaa, is all that is left for the Syrian Government to clean up.





 Maps credited to @Souria4Syrians


West Ghoutaa: In just two days Daarayyaa was emptied of terrorists. The final numbers have shown the breadth of the lies and the exaggeration from the terrorists’ supporting media in the West. There were 1027 terrorists and 750 civilians.  Most of the civilians were relocated to a new area in Damascus for displaced people while up to 500 terrorists opted for amnesty from the Syrian Government.

East Ghoutaa: Intense fight has been reported in the Al-Rayhaan area for the past two days. Syrian Government forces are attempting to advance and close the narrow corridor still open to Tal Kurdi. Combat is particularly fierce at the army base located southeast of Al-Rayhaan. So far, many small farms were liberated nearby.

Hama: The terrorists have opened a new front line in northern Hama to reduce the pressure in southwest Aleppo. So far the fight has been concentrated in a small area and the terrorist groups: Jund Al-Aqsaa and Jaysh Al-‘Izza have reported taking control of al-Buwaydhah, al-Masaasina and Hilfaayaa villageshours after launching the offensive. No counter-attack has been reported so far, but it is very likely to take place once more Syrian Government forces are sent to this new front line. It all indicates that the terrorist groups are attempting to cut the Salamiyya-Atharyaa highway, the vital route to Aleppo. Maharda has a large Christian community and it is now under threat from the terrorists. The next few hours will be critical for the defense of these villages.


Map credited to @Hamza_780

The following article shares an interesting additional view of the Turkish invasion into Syria.

Note from Canthama: Will be traveling for the next 3 weeks;  will have limitation in posting articles but will be active in commenting.




Image result for joe bidenThis dunderhead is only a heartbeat away from the presidency.  He fancies himself an expert on the Middle East.  If the truth be told, he is an avid follower of the disgraced imbecile, Raymond Tanter.  Joe Biden couldn’t find the State of Delaware on the map. (Photo: The Federalist).  


I am not joking, Biden really sees himself as some all-knowing guru in matters Near Eastern.  Besides following the down-curving career of dumbufski Near East “expert”, Raymond Tanter, he is also an aficionado of humiliated crypto-Kabalah-convert and Neo-Con darling, Joshua Landis, who continues to preach the self-same nonsense which brought him to this point in the history of the Syrian War, to wit:  complete befuddlement.  He can still be heard haranguing those feeble-minded sycophants in Arkansas or Oklahoma, or the vampires hanging from the nitred ceilings of Washington “stinktanks”:  “I’m married to an Alawite!  I’m Dr. Science.  I know more than you!”

Last week, Biden, decided he would bring his curious combination of panache and omniscience to Ankara in order to forge a stronger relationship with another Middle Easterner, the scabrous satrap,  Recep Tayyip Erdoghan.  Well, Erdoghan is miffed.  He, reportedly, viewed Biden’s trip as some kind of “damage control” after the attempted coup d’etat planned by the CIA flopped and the subsequent American refusal to extradite the one man the Erdoghani Turks think was behind the plot to begin with.  Biden, like any typical Ugly American, came with some really bad news for Erdoghan:  First, the U.S. will not turn over Fethullah Gulen, the moderate Islamist cleric who allegedly runs a shadow government in Turkey (from his lair in Pennsylvania) opposed to the present government.  In point of fact, Biden told all the Turks he met that Gulen was going nowhere to face any trial because the Turks have no solid evidence against him – they might against the CIA, but not against Gulen.  Moreover, still reeling from scenes from the movie “Midnight Express” (1978),  Biden was hesitant to send any American over to Asia Minor to face sodomy and bastinado in a Turk prison.  This really rankled the Turks.


Image result for midnight express movieThis is the actor, Paul Smith, who played the malicious warden, Hamidou, at the prison where Billy Hayes (Brad Davis)was sexually molested and beaten about the soles of his feet.  This so called actor, a Zionist piece of Hungarian schkuda, is really a Jewish Zionist freak of nature who moved to the Zionist Apartheid State where he died under the name of Adam Eden in 2012. 

Secondly, and with even greater grimness, Biden told Erdoghan that he wanted the Kurds to advance to the Turk border so that, on the off-chance the Kurds of the PKK wanted to establish a new state along his borders in Syria, they could – with, of course, American help and blessing.  Well!  That really did it.  You see, Biden told Erdoghan that a Kurdish State, a concept akin to French pastries for diabetics, would be good for NATO since it would finally give Western powers the kind of bragging rights they needed in the face of continuous Russian successes both on the ground in Syria and in diplomatic circles.  The U.S. desperately needed something to distract historians from the inevitable conclusion that the White House ran a program so shoddy in the Middle East that Obama and his entourage, Biden included, should have been indicted by some court for negligence, obnoxiousness or outright support for terrorism.  Obama, whose entire affordable medical care regime, his claim to immortality, is being whittled away by successive court decisions and Congressional malfeasance, now faces the ignominy of leaving office in February with nothing but a string of golf vacations and a wife who spent millions of tax payers’ dollars spanning the globe to model her normally tasteless frocks.

Biden could get nowhere with Erdoghan.  Biden, also, has other problems.  The Syrian Air Force had flown some sorties over Al-Hasaka in order to protect SAA troops and PDC militiamen after they were attacked by Asaayish, a paramilitary-police branch of the PKK known for gangsterism and turf warfare.  What caused a problem was the illegal presence of American Special Operations units (SEALs and SF) who were evidently threatened by the Syrian SU-24 bombers.  This led to a bizarre situation where the Pentagon contacted the Kremlin to complain about Syrian aircraft dropping ordnance on parts of northeastern Al-Hasaka and endangering American “advisors”.  American unctuousness was laid bare when they complained about Syrian jets flying in Syrian airspace!  One thing led to another, but,the SAAF flew out of the area only to return again the next day.  Supposedly fearful of bad press due to casualties, the U.S. pulled out its “advisors” and transported them to northern Jordan by helicopter.

The decision to implant American “advisors” with the Kurds is pure Biden.  Biden has the say today on American policy in the Middle East.   Obama has given up on trying to implement his liberal views during his presidency and has abdicated his destiny as Universal Love Child and Nobel Laureate of Peace.  It just cannot happen.  He has relegated the entire portfolio to others and has signed off.  His only red line is the creation of a new foreign conflict for the U.S. that would require a large number of boots on the ground.  Otherwise, Obama is just another screw in the Zionist Screw Factory.

The sole purpose of the American presence in Al-Hasaka, a normally halcyonic city with split Syrian/Kurd jurisdiction devoid of any ISIS infestations, is to get the Syrian government out and to push for the federalization of the country as a prelude to the creation of a Kurdish Republic obedient to the United States.  One of the serious problems facing Biden, besides his congenital inability to interpret history, is that the Kurds are mindful of the American track record in Iraq.  They are fully aware of American abandonment of both the Kurds and the Shi’is to Saddam’s vindictive tribalism.  If the Kurds throw in their lot with the Americans, what happens to them when the White House tells them “Sayonara”?  This is a pressing issue.

Another problem Biden is facing is that the PKK has its ideological roots in Marxism/Leninism similar to FARC in Colombia.  He has to convince tough-skinned commies inside the PKK and the PYG (both considered terrorist groups by Ankara) that the past is just “water under the bridge” and that president Obama can be trusted to oversee their extermination in the event American forces are required to intervene.  Such is the American/Zionist way of thinking.


Image result for PKK in Syria leadershipFahmaan Hussayn, the military leader of the PKK, (a/k/a “Bahoz Erdal”) was killed on Friday, August 27, 2016, by a car bomb as he was heading to Al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria to calm his fighters down and to rebut American claims of Syrian complicity with Erdoghan.  His loss might mean an opportunity for the U.S. to penetrate the PKK and PYG.  The overall leader of the PKK, Jameel Baayik, is viewed as a Casper Milquetoast who might just collapse into the tentacles of Biden and his crew of Neo-Cons. 


The fixation on creating a Kurdish state is not only pure Biden, it is also pure Zionist machination.   Remember what I wrote about Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari’s visit to the Detroit area before the American-Zionist State Department limited his travel to a radius of 10 miles from NYC, when he told his audience that Zionism needed to establish other racist and bigoted states based on religion or ethnicity in order to justify its own reason for existence as a Judenstaat or Jew State?  This plan to take the somewhat gullible and vulnerable Kurds and lead them straight into the heart of Jewish exclusivism is a deranged ideation whose source is nothing other  than the criminal minds of the Zionist Ghetto State in Tel Aviv.  Biden, who is committed to the belief that Zionists are really “hip” when it comes to their “own” region, is playing into the game like a true proselyte – a demented Evangelical with half a brain addicted to the vision of an angry Christ who shall return in a chariot of fire to save all those souls from their original sin as it was told in the Good Book or some American Bible Belt state.

Whatever the case may be, Biden now has to deal with a furious Erdoghan who rules, not by logic or dispassionate judgment, but, by his own vision of himself as Sultan of the Sublime Porte and Defender of the Faith over whom Allah hovers always to protect him from the malodorous infidel.  How to deal with Erdoghan when Biden knows that the very mention of a Kurdish rump state gives his Turkish ally a renal colic, or worse.  What to do to convince Erdoghan to set aside decades of hatred – the classification of the PKK as a terrorist organization – the duties inherent in the NATO charter – the successive humiliations by the EU snubbing his country and his party – relegating Turkey once again to the status of a “sick oriental man” – the murder of Turkish citizens on the Marmara by Zionist thugs……..why, if Biden isn’t careful, it might seem Erdoghan is getting soft on Dr. Assad.

The U.S. is obsessed with stopping the natural gas pipeline from Iran, across Iraq, to Syria’s coastline.  I have written about this subject ad nauseam.  The U.S. would also like to prevent Syria from exploiting  the vast natural gas reservoirs underneath the Mediterranean which will become a billion dollar asset for Gazprom which is already scratching its left palm while waiting for the mayhem to stop.  The only way to bring Syria under control is by breaking it into pieces, as Biden wanted to do with Iraq.  With a Kurdish state reaching from the Turk border down past Al-Hasaka, the projected dimensions of the state might go beyond the natural lines and extend across territory necessary for the pipeline.  With a Kurdish state, the U.S. can have its own military bases to enable the Kurds to protect themselves from the government in Damascus.  Look for the first country at the U.N. to recognize a new Kurdish republic.  It won’t be Nigeria.

But, the situation in Al-Hasaka is murky.  The Kurds rarely, if ever, pull the SAA’s or PDC’s chain in the city.  Why there was an eruption of violence can only be attributed to the desire of the Americans to foment conflict.  It must be that the U.S. special forces were tasked with triggering some event that would roil the otherwise placid waters.  That event, as I was informed, was a decision by the Asaayish to confront a unit of PDC volunteers over their control of an intersection.  That resulted in the PDC contacting the SAA and receiving orders not to give up one inch.  When that happened, the Asaayish opened fire on the Syrian militiamen resulting in several casualties and an exacerbation of the agreement for coexistence.   PYG members were called to arms as the Americans began putting out an unfounded rumor that the Syrian Army and Air Force were planning to coordinate their actions with the Turkish and Russian armed forces in Al-Hasaka.

This was actually believed by the Kurds who view Dr. Assad as a Machiavellian leader willing to strike any kind of deal, even with the Turkish devil.   But, the fact that the SAAF did conduct several sorties in defense of the SAA and PDC only confirmed what the Americans were trying to disseminate. Fahmaan Hussayn, the top military commander of the PKK in Syria rushed to Al-Hasaka on Friday, but, was killed suspiciously by an IED planted by someone working, ostensibly, for the United States.   The Americans did not want Hussayn to arrive and scupper their plans.  What happened instead, was the PKK leadership, under intense pressure by the Turkish military at Manbij and Jaraabulus, which is supported by the United States Air Force (of all things), taking the decision not to continue cooperating with the U.S. in Al-Hasaka.  That is the real reason why the Americans left the city.  It wasn’t the aircraft.  It was rational thought that killed the beast.

Biden continues to play stupid, a role for which he is eminently qualified.  That he actually gave the order to support Turk ground troops while playing buddy-buddy with the Kurds only brought into detailed relief the complete breakdown of American foreign policy and its relegation into the hands of trolls.  As of today, Al-Hasaka is tense, but is regressing back to its original atmosphere of cooperation and tolerance.  How this will play out in the future is anyone’s guess.   I predict the Americans will continue to push the Kurd button.  Ziad




(Photo credit:  Al-Akhbar)


Foreign Ministry: Violations and massacres committed by #Turkish regime are condemned aggressions
Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday that the violations and massacres committed by the Turkish regime in the Syrian territories form a crime of aggression and crimes against humanity, adding that combating terrorism on the Syrian territories by any side must be done in coordination with the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian Arab Army.
“The Turkish army’s air and artillery forces, in coordination with the armed terrorist organizations, targeted the villages of Jub al-Kusa and al-Amarneh to the south of Jarabulus city in Aleppo through shelling randomly, leading to a massacre and killing 35 civilians, 20 of them were killed in Jub al-Kusa and 15 others in al-Amarneh village, in addition to dozens wounded persons,” The Foreign Ministry said in two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary-General and President of Security Council about the bloody ugly massacre committed by the Turkish army in the north of Syria.
“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns, with the strongest terms, the repeated crimes, violations, aggression and massacres perpetrated by the regime in Ankara against the Syrian people, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic for more than five years,” the two letters affirmed.


OCCUPIED PALESTINE:  Islam ‘Alloosh, the third member of the ‘Alloosh Three Stooges to shame himself publicly, has borrowed a line from his Daddy Warbucks in Saudi Arabia:  he has declared openly that he is willing to recognize “Israel” as soon as the necessary institutions are set up after the victory of the “revolution”.  He said this from Occupied Palestine.

Even funnier is Saudi Arabia’s now documented enlistment of ISIS to share in the burden of defending its southern border from the Yemeni Houthi fighters who are running roughshod over Saudi troops. Evidently, SA tribes are not willing to die for the House of Saud.  Te hee hee. I’m not joking.











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