Death-eater Samantha Power excuses U.S. war crimes in Syria at UN – Churkin blasts her – By Ricky Wisdale

This isn’t Woodstock, Samantha, it’s the UN.

Samantha Power would not explain how US planes mistakenly bombed hundreds of civilians, but whined about ‘civil society’ groups. Yet she and Obama are total failures at advancing human rights they claim to champion

Samantha Power is a typical hanger-on of the soon to be gone Obama administration.

Like Obama himself, and democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, she is ostensibly a left-wing socialist, fighter for minority and women’s rights, and anti-war, i.e. a “progressive.”

Yet for the last 4 years as ambassador to the UN, she has unwaveringly defended every violent act of aggression and destabilization abroad which her weak-willed boss Barack (which ironically means “peace”) signed off on.

She did what US representatives do best at the last meeting of the UN security council – obfuscate. But Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin wasn’t having it.

How does murdering thousands of women and children in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine – or sponsoring those who do – advance your progressive cause of minority rights Samantha?

How does destroying billions of dollars of infrastructure and the rule of law in these countries, advance “good governance” and “civil society?”

How does it advance the rights of women and children to obliterate the economies of these nations through US-sponsored wars and coups, so millions of women cannot feed their children, have no hope for a living wage, have no hope for a pension in old age, and so thousands of their husbands and fathers are shot and blow to bits in combat?

I personally witnessed the economic (and political) ruin of Ukraine which the United States backed in 2014. As CIA-stooge big mouth Saakashvili blurted out, it will take Ukraine 20 years to repair the damage done and even equal the economic level it had before Maidan – which already wasn’t that great.

Samantha Power is a ludicrous joke at accomplishing anything except death, destruction, impoverishment and suffering. She is an abject failure at her own professed “progressive” goals. And like her boss and everyone else in the US government, she is a damn liar.

The fact is, Barack Obama and his entire administration are and always were bought and paid for stooges of the financial establishment and military-industiral complex, the “neocons” – in other words, the “elite.” The liberal progressive veneer fools only democratic voters willing to be duped – which apparently is most of them.

Hillary Clinton is Samantha Power on steroids. I tremble for the world with the United States under such “progressive” leadership.

After 4 years, Power can be proud of only one distinction apart from being groped by the Ukrainian ambassador: turning the UN into the Woodstock festival – except with lies, threats of violence and bombs.

Has anybody else ever come to a UN security council meeting dressed like a hippie?

Trump says the US is no longer respected by the world. I wonder why.

Power, Obama, Kerry, Rice, and the rest of their miserable band of blood-soaked hacks should immediately resign – even before Obama’s term expires – and turn themselves over to the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Hillary can join them.

That would do far more to advance global human rights and “civil society” than they have managed to do in eight years of mass murder.

Comment: Churkin’s response is right on target. Power blames the lack of access of Syrian ‘civil society groups’ to investigate the U.S. massacre of civilians in Manbij. Newsflash, you power-mad harpy, Manbij is occupied by ISIS, which your government was happy to let loose destroying Syria for the past several years. Now your people – including U.S. special forces – have the town entirely surrounded. Your Kurdish/Arab allies control the entire surrounding region. You should be tried for war crimes, not let free to voice your disgusting lies and propaganda lines from the UN.

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