“Palestine: The Reality” resurfaces after years of zionist suppression – By ARIYANA LOVE


PALESTINEICONEAGLEJ.M.N. Jeffries “Palestine: The Reality” was first published by Longman Geen’s in 1939, the same year that George Antonius’s “The Arab Awakening” appeared. The work is a classic demolition of Zionist propaganda. It examines in intricate detail, the manoeuvrings behind the Balfour Declaration, showing that the Zionists were its true drafters operating behind the British Lords, Balfour, Milner, Cecil and others.
Over three dozen men on both sides of the Atlantic were involved in its drafting; among them Jan Christian Smuts, Nahum Solokov, Chaim Weizmann, Leo Amery, Benjamin Cohen, Judge Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Jacob de Haas and many others. These men drafted and redrafted until the declaration became a verbal mosaic, beyond the comprehension of the plain man.
“Palestine: The Reality” goes into considerable detail on the workings of the Zionists at the Paris Peace Conference. Frankfurter, Smuts and others were involved in the drafting of the Covenant of the League of Nations and the infamous Article 22. the mandatory system that was enforced upon Palestine in particular – and the means for slipping the Balfour Declaration into the Versailles Peace Treaty.
Jeffries is quite clear that the British Empire did, in fact, include Palestine in their pledge to King Hussein (for Arab Independence) by the British High Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon of Oct. 24, 1915. In another section Jeffries humorously mocks the idea that the Zionists had actually brought the U.S. into the war in return for the Balfour Declaration, noting that the U.S. entered the war in April, six months before the declaration was issued.
Yet, despite this the Zionists boasted of what they had done and, on this occasion at least, seemed to revel in the idea that they indeed possessed the power ascribed to them in such rubbish as the ‘Protocols of Zion.’
In 1922, Jeffries accompanied Lord Northcliffe to Palestine to investigate the workings of the Zionist ‘experiment’ there. Later that month Lord Northcliffe returned to England to publish his findings in Palestine; but alas, within a week he was found dead on the roof of his London home. His sudden death rather than deter Mr. Jeffries from further investigations, had set his mind ablaze, a burning desire to uncover the truth of these Zionist moves on Palestine and which Cabinet Ministers were involved.
Lord Rothermere (Lord Northcliffe’s brother and business partner) feeling much the same way, financed Mr. Jeffries trip back to Palestine with instructions to ‘get to the bottom of it all’ and complete the investigation he had taken up with Lord Northcliffe. Mr. Jefferies, after many years of personal trial’s, completed his investigation’s in 1938, and by the Autumn of 1939, his book ‘Palestine: The Reality’ was published. In Dec. 1940, “the opposition” delivered a ‘death blow’ to the book’s distribution, when the premises of Longmans, Green & Co. and other prominent publishers and printers on Paternoster Row, EC4. were all destroyed in perhaps the fiercest air raid of the London Blitz; certainly the first on a civilian area.
The offices, warehouse, along with all the company’s stock of the book were totally destroyed. The message of the book successfully suppressed, disabled from delivering the necessary impact on ‘public opinion’ that Mr. Jeffries and Lord Northcliffe intended that it should have. In this way then, the first serious challenge to Zionism as a political world-force was mercilessly contained. Therefore, I deliver this book again for your acknowledgement. The investigation into the “Palestine Question” and those people in power, with whom the Political Zionist’s took their first “official” steps in London.
“Palestine: The Reality” is all but impossible to find today. That was too bad because the book reveals so much the Zionists do not want known. It is a long read but an immensely informative one. It allows for a truthful take, on the Palestine Issue and exposes Political Zionists’ intentions for the Middle East. It is then correct, that we deliver once again this book now.
However distasteful in one respect it may be to speak out, in every other respect, and in the overriding respect, not to speak out would be to miss a capital opportunity. Something more than an opportunity indeed is offered. It is a privilege of ours today, that we in England can still tell the truth about ourselves. Only as long as we tell it are we free. When we leave the telling of it to the foreigner our day will be over. (B.S.S.)

“Palestine: The Reality”

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