ZIADFADELAL-RAQQA:  This is the most exciting front today in Syria.  The U.S., desperate to show its anti-terrorism credentials, despite 5 years of condoning it, funding it, arming and defending it, is racing to establish some position in order to vent the lie that it has contributed to the defeat of ISIS.  Sadly, for the Americans, the Syrian Army backed by its own air force and the ubiquitous air power of the Russian Federation, are not going to give Obama one iota of credit for anything.  In any case, it is clear that the American involvement here has much to do with setting up a counterfeit Kurdish puppet state on Syrian soil as part of the Obama New Middle East project.

The key to this American plan is the takeover of the modern Tabqa Airbase.  The U.S. plans to deploy its own jets there in order to give air support to the Kurds who will soon be defending themselves against a huge Syrian Army offensive designed to disabuse them of any kind of fantasies about their own state on Syrian soil.  It should be obvious that the U.S. will not be allowed to use Turkish airbases to protect the Kurds – that would be too much, even for Obama’s unctuous style of governance.  And so, the U.S. is hoping to use either the Jiraah Airbase or the one at Tabqa.  The latter is, of course, more preferable since it will give the U.S. control over power plants crucial to the restoration of infrastructure in a post-war Syria – or that’s how the Zionist-controlled and NeoCon-influenced CIA is thinking.  The Jirah base is within SAA artillery control and would require much more work to revamp.

The Syrian army’s vanguard force is now a mere 3 kilometers from the Tabqa base having bypassed Bi`r Akhu Hadla where rangers are setting up fortifications for the large armored forced behind them.  We have also received Intel that the SAA has gone past Al-Hawra giving our soldiers a clear view of the airbase.  SyrPer predicts that the ISIS defenders will be ordered out of the base within the next 48 hours only because the terrorist organization has no real use for the base and would prefer to set up strong defenses for the City of Al-Raqqa which is the ultimate prize, anyways.

Harbayaat Village:  Totally liberated.  The last rodent left last night.


Anbaaj Village:  Totally liberated.  We can confirm that the SAA has liberated a total of 60 square kms of desert during the last 3 days along the Atharyaa-AlRusaafa Road.


Al-Safeeh Triangle:  This is found in the face of the Al-Hibaari Gas Field.  It is now under total SAA control.  There was intense fighting to wrest this economically viable cow from the ISIS terrorists, and it cost a great deal in materiel to finally eject the rodents from it.  The SAA reportedly killed 17 vermin with scores seen escaping in various states of poor health.  The SAA also shot down a pilotless ISIS drone with a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile.  It was ostensibly in the air to monitor SAA troop movements anticipating the push to the airbase.


Al-Rusaafa Crossroad:  The SAAF pounced on a convoy of trucks laden with weapons and ammunition killing large numbers of ISIS rodents.  No detailed information because aerial assessments are not terribly accurate, generally.


Atharayya – Tabqa Road at the SyriaTel Tower:  ISIS mounted a counterattack in order to slow down SAA advances toward Tabqa.  The attack was spotted well before it was initiated and the SAA and PDC were quite ready to repel it.  I only know that 11 ISIS rodents surrendered, all of them below the age of 18 years.  All these children were festooned with suicide belts and were expected to blow themselves up with SAA or PDC soldiers.  1 of the kids was only 13 years old.  5 did explode their belts as they were about to be arrested, but, they were not able to hurt any soldiers.  Monzer writes that it is not clear whether 5 ignited their belts or whether the one who did managed to blow up his comrades unintentionally.  No other details about casualties.  (Monzer notes that ISIS terrorists are beginning to show more yellow these days which the SAA interprets as a breakdown in morale).


Here’s one of the arrested suicide terrorists. (Thanks Khaled and thanks to Ivan)




87-630x312Al-Faw’ah:  Just when you thought the agreement to evacuate the town would relieve all this pressure, Jaysh Al-Fath scuppered the whole thing with an attack yesterday that flopped so miserably, it is reported that 3 of the leaders of the rat-packs involved were fragged by their own rodents.  This is not confirmed.  It is the result of intercepted chatter.

The force originated in Binnish Town, still under rodent control.  At sundown, right at the beginning of the Ramadhaan breaking of the daily fast, the terrorists attacked perimeter positions of the SAA, PDC and local defenders.  It is evident that the rodents thought the defenses would be weak with only a skeletal force left to man positions whilst others participated in the merriment.  The rats were dead wrong.

As it turned out, awful rat intelligence failed to detect a reinforced defensive posture around the town.  When the rodents poured in atop various Wahhabist-provided Toyotas, they were utterly flummoxed to find a fully armed defensive force capable of calling in air support if necessary.  When they realized they could not penetrate the defensive lines, even with their usual suicide drivers, they headed for the hills, firing artillery at civilian quarters in a desperate attempt to create a diversion to avoid being pursued.  Wrong, again.

A unit of the SAA was ordered to deploy north of the road which the rodents used, and equipped with Russian-manufactured night vision goggles, caught the sneaking rodents as they tried to disappear into the night.  Early reports indicate over 15 dead rats.




That’s right, folks, it’s none other than the notorious mass-murdering boy-buggerer, Abu Muthannaa Al-Bahrayni.  Yesterday, he and 2 of his playmates, were in a Honda sedan driving to the local bath house in Al-Shaykh Sa’eed Quarter for some warm comfort when an RPG struck them and fried them to perfection.  We wish his survivors “bon appetit!” – and don’t spare the gravy.





الجيش يواصل تقدمه باتجاه الرصافة ويسقط طائرة استطلاع لـ داعش  Tal Araynaba:  This hamlet is right on the border of the Damascene desert.  It wouldn’t normally exist but for an occasional mention in the press over some battle fought in its environs.  Yesterday, the SAA clashed with mobile rodents of ISIS and destroyed 5 pickups armed with 23mm or 14.5mm cannons, not to mention 2 armored vehicles carrying weapons and ammo.  The explosions were very special.  Many rats died in the battle and several were taken prisoner.




(Thanks, Aida)


Our female fighters in the PDC (Thanks, Khaled)




The Humaymeem Airbase which is being expanded. (Thanks, Silvia)



Syrian Army in action near Al-Rubay’ah in northeastern Latakia. (Thanks, Silvia)