Scott Morrison – Putting the CON back into eCONomics! – By ROSSLEIGH

Ok, I’m a simple man who doesn’t possess an economics degree …

Still the lack of a science degree has never stopped Andrew Bolt or Bananaby Joyce from commenting on their conviction that climate change isn’t real and is simple part of the marxist social engineering that demands that all men either have a sex change or become gay …

Anyway, I must say that it has been a little confusing this week because I’ve actually tried listening to the Liberal Party and when they explain things I usually end up with a headache.

I mean I’m trying to work out how Labor’s decision not to bring back the schoolkids bonus is a betrayal of the voters while the Liberal’s decision to abolish it demonstrates “sound economic management”.

And I’m trying to work out how Scott Morrison thinks that it’s appropriate to add the $19 billion that Labor said they’d like to restore to foreign aid to Labor’s “black hole”, when they’ve only promised to restore less than a billion. That’s a bit like saying that I’ve blown next year’s family budget because I said that I’d like a beach house one day.

Still the Liberals have been operating in Pollyannaland for quite some time. Scott Morrison’s assertion that iron ore will be $55 a tonne because Treasury said it would be so. The fact that it’s less than that at the moment doesn’t matter. We should trust Treasury … Even though prior to the 2013 election, the Liberals were so distrustful of Treasury that they wouldn’t let it cost their policies.

Remember their promises then? No cuts to things, except tax and then we’ll have a STRONG economy and everything’ll be just fine because we have REAL solutions, and the Budget’ll be back in surplus. Well, maybe not in our first term of government, but shortly after the NBN is completely rolled out in 2016.

And stable government. Not like the Labor Party who got rid of a sitting PM.

But now, we need to understand that they have a plan for jobs and growth. Ok, some unkind people have suggested that they only have a plan for their own jobs after the election and the only growth they want to see is in their bank accounts. But I’d like to think that all politicians are only there to serve.

Take Malcolm Turnbull. In spite of the fact that he’s a multimillionaire, he’s suggested that the only reason that we the people are upset that he’s given himself a tax cut – not to mention a company tax cut – is because we all indulge in the politics of envy and class warfare because Malcolm has sacrificed all to become PM … Well, he certainly gave up everything he ever professed to believe in…

Ah, it’s shooting fish in a barrel. I can’t even pretend to be amused by the stupidity of them any more.